Poverty Alleviation as a Cooperate Social Responsibility Issue?

Updated on May 4, 2017

Poverty alleviation in oppressive communities should certainly be a cooperate social responsibility issue. Successful organizations have the necessary tools and resources to help build strong communities. Relying on government legislation and policies isn’t enough to eliminate poverty from struggling neighborhoods. Some progress has been made but nothing has been dramatically effective enough to eliminate poverty from U.S. cities.

However, a combined cooperate effort can make a tremendous difference in transforming environments.

The opportunity for organizations to assist in producing communities which thrive with strength and prosperity is extremely significant. Such communities will increase the quality of life, business and productivity for all partners involved. Thriving communities means greater business growth and customer loyalty for the surrounding cooperative organizations.

The Needs of Struggling Communities

  • Food and shelter
  • Safety programs
  • New Start-ups
  • Jobs
  • Employment programs
  • Youth programs
  • Clean environments
  • Education programs to tackle illiteracy
  • Affordable or free education (scholarships, grants)
  • Training programs for creating business leaders

Barriers to successful community building

  • Drugs and gangs
  • Unwillingness of the residents to work together
  • A sense of hopelessness and despair
  • Distrust among the people of the community

Opportunities for building a thriving community

  • A variety of needs that demand fulfillment
  • Sufficient resources to initiate transformation
  • Established community programs
  • Willing partnerships within community
  • Honest community leaders

Considering the information above, we all can agree that community building isn’t a cakewalk across the street. The project requires great commitment, collaboration and knowledge of the needs of people and programs.

Connecting with the Establishment of the Community

The Significance of Cooperate Social Responsibility

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The first step for cooperative entrepreneurs is to make themselves known to the community. There should be a face-to-face encounter with established programs which are already making a slight difference as well as with local community organizers.

Building a relationship with people who know the ups and downs and ins and outs of the community will go a long way toward mobilizing the necessary resources to bring the initiative into reality. Cooperative change makers who fail to first connect with the community leadership will have a tough time reaching the people who most need the help: the oppressed.

Once a connection has been established in the community, cooperative entrepreneurs must communicate the vision based on the needs of the citizens. Emphasizes must be placed on eradicating unemployment, increasing opportunities for affordable education, establishing start-ups, pushing environmental awareness and creating a common unity.

Importance of Maintaining a Constant Presence

A onetime face to face contact isn’t enough to drive a community toward greatness. Cooperative sponsors must maintain a continuous presence via communication. Although face to face contact will not always be possible, other forms of communication must be in effect. The important thing is to keep constant communication channels open. strategies include:

  • Flyers and letters
  • Press releases
  • Community meetings
  • Bulletins
  • Social networks: Face book page
  • Community announcements: milestones

Volunteer representatives

Organizations must maintain an aggressive initiative. Press releases should go out as soon as a goal is achieved. Community meetings should occur at least once a month. Volunteers should be active in the community on a regular basis.

Dealing with Uncooperative Factors

Initiatives don’t go smoothly as we would expect. There are always those who put up enough opposition that we may have second thoughts regarding our vision for a community building venture.

However, organizations must train well-meaning residents how to create safety within their neighborhoods. Teaching residents to stand up for their community will, in some cases, be difficult because standing up takes courage.

However, a community cannot grow when drug dealing and gang activity play a dominate role in the everyday life of residents. In many oppressed areas of a city, gang members call the shots. Residents stay inside of their homes for fear of some hurt, harm or danger occurring.

Cooperative pathfinders must inspire and encourage caring residents to resist the counterproductive activities happening around them. Establishing a neighborhood watch is an effective way to keep crime at bay. Participating residents must keep a watchful eye out for suspicious activities and report it to local law enforcement as soon as possible. As was stated earlier, this strategy will take courage but there are always heroes who are ready to stand up to the plate.

When cooperative entrepreneurs take on the responsibility community building, everyone has an opportunity to benefit. thriving communities means increased value, accelerated growth and deep collaboration with the residential population. For organizations, successful communities can mean a dynamic customer base, growing revenue, and healthy tax write-offs.


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