Overpopulation Needs a Solution

Updated on May 19, 2017

We Have to Decide What Is More Important

Which one needs to go
Which one needs to go

7 Billion Humans and Counting

Overpopulation of any area puts enormous stress on natural resources, government services, housing, food supplies and employment opportunities. It often leads to famines, wars, crime, forced immigration and plagues. No one truthfully wants to be born into such a situation; much less live in it. The human species cannot protect itself from overpopulation without addressing this pending danger. It needs proper government and education in order to curtail the threat overpopulation has on the global population.

If you think people or society will fix this overpopulation problem before it gets out of hand, you are wrong, because it is already a huge problem; the effects of which are worsening each passing day. Animals in the wild tend to balance out when overpopulation becomes a problem by dying off in large numbers do to a lack of food or water supplies. Nature slows their reproduction and survival rates. Predators increase in proportion with food supplies. Predators also have predators who eat them and so on. This is not the case with humans who are at the top of the food chain.

Religious Influence Is Strong


Religious Charities

Sure, we humans kill other humans at an alarming rate but there are few cannibals remaining in this world. Humans, on average, save and preserve more lives than we destroy. We definitely produce more offspring than we kill by abortion or other means. The simple mathematics of human population growth is real science and not fake news. Overpopulation deniers are as dumb as a bag of hammers. So why is this problem of overpopulation not being addressed by the majority of the world governments save maybe China.
We only need to look at the influence of religion to see the root of the problem. Every organized religion in the world wants and promotes a growing membership. So they encourage their members to reproduce for increased power and revenue. Yeah, they are greedy in that way like a corporation wanting a larger market share. They turn a blind eye to overpopulation caused problems and resist common sense population control measures. Actually, the charitable acts they endorse and perform contributes to the overpopulation problem by saving lives which would be terminated by the influences of overpopulation. Religious organizations by feeding the starving, healing the sick and taking in refugees of war or famine, mitigate the natural effects of overpopulation. It makes these organizations appear to be humanitarian and meritorious. Comparatively, it is like a corporation who profits by destroying the environment and causing the deaths of thousands giving to a charitable organization to get a tax deduction and to improve public relations.

Religion has a positive role in society in many ways. I am not condemning religion but pointing out a flaw in their philosophy and actions in regard to overpopulation. Religious organizations need to promote birth control, family planning and abortion instead of creating holy wars. These organizations need to teach sex education and the risks to society that overpopulation poses.

World Government

Flag of The People's Elysian Existence
Flag of The People's Elysian Existence | Source

Strong Constitutional Government

The People's Elysian Existence (TPEE) Constitution (Download is free) Article 21 gives the government the responsibility of controlling reproductive rights in order to prevent overpopulation which could effect society at large. It also ensures women exclusive control of their bodies and makes their decisions final. It restricts a woman from bearing children under any circumstance before the age of twenty-five years. It also restricts males from impregnating females before the age of twenty-five or marrying them. It is a way to ensure adequate time for couples to learn family planning. It does not forbid sex before marriage but makes child bearing without authorization illegal and birth control mandatory. In addition, polygamy for either sex is legal but subject to family planning rules. Article 21 also allows for euthanasia and assisted suicide under medical supervision without repercussions.

In the TPEE childbearing is a regulated endeavor supported by the government. Prior to female being allowed to conceive, she alone and/or her partner (male or female) must have a billet. A billet is obtained from the family planning department, which certifies the woman has met the criteria for a successful pregnancy and that the offspring will fit the plan for population growth. The criteria will be the woman’s age, health, parenting education and commitment to mothering the child to the age of maturity. The state will provide pre-natal and post natal healthcare, education or vocational schooling for life, paid maternity leave for the mother and/or the spouse (if there is a civil union). Male couples can use a surrogate or adopt a minor child.
Adoption of orphans or children removed from the parent(s) will be a priority for the department of family planning. Citizens meeting the criteria for a birthing billet may adopt up to two children. Adoption will be paid for by the state and the minor children will enjoy the same benefits as a newborn. If no adoptable children exist within the borders of the TPEE, qualified citizens may adopt up to two minor children from foreign places. The state will fund these foreign adoptions in an effort to give these orphans a better life.

These policies would hopefully lead to fewer underage pregnancies, reduce the number of sexually transmitted diseases, address the problem of overpopulation by regulating the number of births within the population, decrease the states burden for caring for orphans, increase the educational and literacy level of population under the age of 25 and over, give women the opportunity to obtain a more equal footing with males, assure that children are not born into poverty and break the cycle of poverty within visible minority populations.

The Constitution of the TPEE is designed to solve many social problems that many of today’s societies are embroiled in. Overpopulation and women’s rights are global problems which need to be resolved if we are to survive as a modern society. Zero population growth, a high standard of living and literacy and a peaceful coexistence are goals to strive for.

Article 21. Family Planning:
"The People's Elysian Existence promotes family planning and the adoption of orphans so that population growth may fit the plans for economic and social development. The People's Elysian Existence encourages and sanctions civil unions with other humans without regard to race, ethnicity, gender or religious beliefs. Any one person may have as many spouses as they can shelter and feed in one house. Civil Unions or cohabitations are not allowed under the age of twenty-five years. All civil unions are subject to family planning regardless of the number of spouses and their ability to produce offspring.
Women have the exclusive right to produce offspring but not before the age of 25 years. A woman may abort any fetus at any time without consulting any authority, in confidence, safely without retribution. Abortion is free, legal and a woman’s decision. Sexing of any offspring is prohibited. Euthanasia of a child under the age of six months for medical reasons in accordance with the law is allowed. Assisted Suicide for mature adults for medical reasons in accordance with the law is allowed."

Free Will or God's Will

Could you live with the government population controls outlined?

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    • drroystarr profile image

      Dr Roy C Starr PhD 10 months ago from Overgaard, AZ

      The world should heed warnings about the danger overpopulation presents to the human species. Orwell was a visionary of a future dystopian world. My vision is for just the opposite; thus an Elysian Existence.

      The vasestomy and sperm banking idea could be a viable option available to the management of the population.

    • Jay C OBrien profile image

      Jay C OBrien 10 months ago from Houston, TX USA

      Generally I agree with the article. I have a simpler plan: have all males make a sperm donation and then get a vasectomy. Women, as always will choose their mate and become impregnated by his sperm from the bank. There would be a limit to how many children a woman could have.

      I would like to see about 100 cities with an average population of one million each. This would still support modern technology.

    • cheaptrick profile image

      cheaptrick 10 months ago from the bridge of sighs

      This article reminds me of a book I read many years ago...Hmm...I think it was by George Orwell...1984 maybe?