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Can Men Wear Women's Lingerie?

Is it "perverted" to want to wear women's clothes?

Is it "perverted" to want to wear women's clothes?

Men Who Wear Women's Panties

Men wearing women's lingerie is sure to throw some people into a tizzy. Is he gay? Is he a pervert?

Suffice to say, most men who wear women's lingerie are straight men. Most cross-dressers, in fact, tend to be straight. When the gay objection is dismissed as being untrue, doubters and haters tend to fall back on the "perverted" argument.

Is It "Wrong"?

"It's just wrong," they say. Wrong for a man to wear, or perhaps to even think about wearing women's lingerie. Let's think about that statement for a moment. Though it might be tempting to dismiss such accusations out of hand for being facile and ignorant, I believe it is worth looking at this issue as it is one that many men cite as the reason for holding back from wearing women's lingerie or the reason that they did hold back for so long.

The Double-Standard

Is it perverted for men to wear lingerie? We can explore this issue by looking at the flip side. Is it wrong for a woman to wear men's underwear? Or outerwear, for that matter? Clearly, this is not a widely held perception in Western society. In fact, the sight of a woman in an oversized T-shirt and men's boxer shorts has become mainstream, cute even. And why not? Women often cite that they enjoy wearing men's boxers due to the comfort factor.

At the all-girl school I attended, men's boxers became a popular fad for a while; every girl owned at least one pair. I doubt a single reader is currently recoiling in disgust at having read that, yet if I related a story of a boy's school where all the boys took to wearing lace panties, the reaction would most likely be notably different.

The fact is that there is an unequal and unfair taboo in our Western society when it comes to men expressing anything remotely feminine. It is considered almost unnatural. How strange that we should have accepted the movement of women into more masculine roles and modes of dress, but that we still so staunchly resist the reverse.

The Taboo Is Part of the Attraction

Of course, perhaps we should not complain too loudly about this fact. For many men, breaking the taboo is exactly what makes wearing women's lingerie so naughty and pleasurable. In fact, one could say that every person staunchly clinging to a thought system that leads them to find the notion of men wearing panties to be perverted actually adds a little to the forbidden, naughty nature of the act itself.

Women's Lingerie—An Awesome Choice for Everyone

Clearly, there is nothing perverted about men wearing women's lingerie. The millions of men around the world who like to wear women's lingerie speak by their sheer volume. This is not an unnatural desire. This is a desire driven (for most) by tactile pleasure first and foremost, and a naughty thrill secondly. Wearing women's lingerie is an activity that certainly hurts no one and adds spice and vigor to the sex and everyday lives of many men and women on a daily basis.

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