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Are Men in Lingerie Perverted?

As a woman, I write a great deal about men who wear lingerie. To be honest, it has become rather a passion of mine over the past few years.

Does wearing women's lingerie make men perverts?

Does wearing women's lingerie make men perverts?

Men Who Wear Women's Panties

When the issue of men wearing lingerie is discussed, there are two often heard counterpoints or slurs that are thrown in the direction of such men. One of these is that the man in question must be gay.

Suffice to say, most men who wear women's lingerie are straight men. Most cross-dressers, in fact, tend to be straight. When the gay objection is dismissed as being untrue, doubters and haters tend to fall back on the "perverted" argument.

Straight Men Wearing Lingerie—Is It "Wrong"?

"It's just wrong," they say. Wrong for a man to wear, or perhaps to even think about wearing women's lingerie. Let's think about that statement for a moment. Though it might be tempting to dismiss such accusations out of hand for being facile and ignorant, I believe it is worth looking at this issue as it is one that many men cite as the reason for holding back from wearing women's lingerie or the reason that they did hold back for so long.

The Double-Standard

Is it perverted for men to wear lingerie? We can explore this issue by looking at the flip side. Is it wrong for a woman to wear men's underwear? Or outerwear, for that matter? Clearly, this is not a widely held perception in Western society. In fact, the sight of a woman in an oversized T-shirt and men's boxer shorts has become mainstream, cute even. And why not? Women often cite that they enjoy wearing men's boxers due to the comfort factor.

At the all-girl school I attended, men's boxers became a popular fad for a while; every girl owned at least one pair. I doubt a single reader is currently recoiling in disgust at having read that, yet if I related a story of a boy's school where all the boys took to wearing lace panties, the reaction would most likely be notably different.

The fact is that there is an unequal and unfair taboo in our Western society when it comes to men expressing anything remotely feminine. It is considered almost unnatural. How strange that we should have accepted the movement of women into more masculine roles and modes of dress, but that we still so staunchly resist the reverse.

The Taboo Is Part of the Attraction

Of course, perhaps we should not complain too loudly about this fact. For many men, breaking the taboo is exactly what makes wearing women's lingerie so naughty and pleasurable. In fact, one could say that every person staunchly clinging to a thought system that leads them to find the notion of men wearing panties to be perverted actually adds a little to the forbidden, naughty nature of the act itself.

Women's Lingerie—An Awesome Choice for Everyone

Clearly, there is nothing perverted about men wearing women's lingerie. The millions of men around the world who like to wear women's lingerie speak by their sheer volume. This is not an unnatural desire. This is a desire driven (for most) by tactile pleasure first and foremost, and a naughty thrill secondly. Wearing women's lingerie is an activity that certainly hurts no one and adds spice and vigor to the sex and everyday lives of many men and women on a daily basis.

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Clive Cussler on September 20, 2020:

I wish my wife would see me in panties and then make love to me .It is a pipe dream. Spice in our bed ?Kinky stuff, not a chance. Truth is is that I still want panties or pantylike underwear(which I have) I daydream about things I shouldn't and so pathetic I jerk off in her panties often. Panties ,lingerie hosiery are big time with men but hush your mouth! I do not think the desire for panties under MY pants will ever leave me. In secret guys fight and often lose to temptation, if they had a woman who ENCOURAGED them and really wanted them in panties they are stuck and .Could you imagine coming home from work and hear I bought you something come and model these baby!

Gwennethpierson@gmail.com on May 22, 2018:

Love it.

Bobby Landers on March 12, 2018:

Hello men and women out their I'm Bobby and I'm 41yrs old and have been secretly wearing my wifes panties and lingerie outside of the house for about 25yrs or so I thought anyway, but she found out not even 2 weeks after I started wearing them and confronted me about my weird fetish of panty wearing and told me if I was gay it's OK and we can be friends and get a divorce but I said no I just love the feel of them more then men's underwear and she said OK then let's go girly panty shopping for new sexy panties. We now go once or twice and pick out each others sexiest, best feeling and looking panties for fun. but I did tell her after she assumed and thought i was secretly homosexual when she confronted me about her sexy lingerie which she had only about 10 pairs at most at the time and over half was either missing from her drawer and or dirty without her wearing them which she didn't wear sexy lingerie that much back then. She mainly wore boy shorts or regular cotton colored panties and bikini cut panties nothing that sexy unless you were horny as hell and without sex or even seen a woman in just plain regular bra and panties In years kinda look, but it went from her wearing panties and me wearing her sexy lingerie, to now her only owning 4 regular cotton brief panties (now for only her special time of the month for her periods so her lingerie don't get ruined) and now both hers and my drawers are only filled with the sexiest,

hottest, laciest lingerie we can find for each other. I said it's not only just for your eye candy pleasure in the bedroom but for my own just plain comfort and relaxing and not to mention the sexy feeling of wearing her sexy lingerie in public, work, and regular days. But my wife actually does love to look and watch me walk around and play, dance, even lap dance for her in her panties and sexy thongs and G-strings. She is a plus size 8 and I'm a size 40 so it's a little bit tight on me but it's worth it in the bedroom during our sexual stuff we do. but I do like wearing her panties (thongs, g-strings, boy shorts, silk brief panties, nylons, and all other sexy and non sexy (cotton panties) lingerie.

We have many days were we play sexy games, my favorite game other then hey lets just go and foreplay and get into awesome pleasurable sex is, who can pick out the sexiest, funniest, kinkiest, dorkiest, seductivest, best, beautifulest, hottest look in our full underwear suit without touching each other (bras are included even for me, even though her bras are 44DD which I'm not even a mere B cup but do fit the 44 pretty well just no boobies for my show and tell which is no comparison to her beautiful chest size and cup) and then we model it to each other and try to make the other lose from either laughing at ridiculous goofy matches, super horny from extreme sexual appeal, or even to try and get the other to play with themselves from sexy dancing or seductive sexual gestures to pretty much anything sexy enough to make the other masturbate to the other person. We have played that my favorite game thousands of times and I've only ever won but maybe a few times. She always gets me to play with her or I end up getting to turned on its a losing sexy battle for me but it's fun non the less.

Daniel hackles on March 12, 2018:

I very much too love the feeling of thongs, g-strings, nylons, Brazilian boy cuts, bras, and all other females undwear, I don't like much of the female clothes but panties oh yes and I'm not gay either been married to my wife of 9 years and together for almost 20 years. She doesn't really care but also doesn't like it that much but as my wife and I her husband she excepts and supports me even if she dislikes me wearing them out in public. I am more favorable twords the thongs and lacey see throughs and of course any type of sexy bikini panties and bra I only wear when I'm home and my wife does actually like the thought and look of me wearing her lacy panties or thong G-string etc during sexual foreplay. It makes for very good satisfying intimacy during bedroom sexy time as she calls it. I wear them every now and then not all the time but I'm starting now to get rid of all my panties and bras (other than my wife's that she knows I wear) and only keeping my thongs, see through high and low cut briefs and g-strings and she my best friend my wife is the only other person who knows I wear them and excepts me for me not thinking I'm gay or queer but fascinated and love the feeling and comfort and expecily the feel good and sexy sensation of wearing them over wearing men's briefs or boxers. I've also been wearing them since I first seen my elementary school girl crush wear a thong in the 4th grade, which now I look back and thought why would a mother or father let a 8-11 year old girl wear such mature lingerie or why would they even buy it for her. But I finally got the courage about 2 weeks later(at this time though I was 10 and she was 9 and I didn't even know what a thong was at the time, only thinking that boys wear whitey titeys and girls wear plain panties) but anyways I asked her if she would like to be my girlfriend and she said no at first, then about a week later she came up to me after school and said she wants to be with me and I was excited about it but me being me a stupid 4th grader not knowing much as a boy anyway lol I asked her if she was wearing some type of newly made triangle shaped panties and she said no it's been around for a long time. It's called a thong panty. I was very intrigued and asked if she my girlfriend would let me see it and I wasn't ready for what I seen but liked half of it.

Now I'll say this I'm not sure what went through my mind but she said yes and no at the same time. Saying only if I can let her see my penis I agreed lol so we came to my house went to my room and she took off her pants and showed me front and back of her thong but even though I wanted to see it I seen something else I wanted more even at a young age not really knowing or understanding what sex was her vagina my sick got really hard it I was shocked, scared, and kinda happily excited all at the same time. She got really scared looking at me naked with my erection and said what is that I've never seen a boy's "thingy" look like that and she said she has seen her older brothers in the shower after he got out and her little baby brother's from changing his diaper. but nothing could prepare her for what she saw at me. I was very embarrassed and shy and then she said its OK you can go to the Dr and get checked out and after she said that IDK what came over me but it was like I went from a little girl shy 10yr old boy into a 18yr old man and went with my natural male instinct and told her to keep her thong on but take her shirt and T-bra off (I called it her chest piece lol IDK don't ask) and she agreed and I had sex with her for the first time and didn't even know it was sex just had the urge to hump basically but I did the deed got off not inside my little girlfriend but I got up and I did my seamen shot on her thong and that's when I was not a virgin alongside her anymore and didn't have a girlfriend anymore and got my first thong because she didn't want her panties with nasty white clearish goop on her panties and I washed them and wore them to school the following Monday and loved it and have been wearing them since but my ex-girlfriend my first time sexual experience I had with is now my wife about 3 years later after she broke up with me when I told her after studying what I did by getting off all over her and her sexy panties which I wore when telling her it was my seed, seamen, cum, spunk, nut, whatever you want to call it and she was weirdly enough OK about it but of course she and I were much older after finally finding her at middle school and got back together and she still to this day teases me saying don't blow your load in your panties or on her lingerie or it's goodbye once again lol I love my beautiful wife which is also the first and last and only woman I've ever sexual been active with and her too only with me. It was a long weird story of my sexual panty wearing fetish and Evey day still today and in the future will always love to look and google at her in them sexy lingerie. And I too won't stop wearing her panties which her and I are the same size she wears a 9 (yes my wife is a bbw) and I wear men's size 40-42, and her panties fit both her and I great even though her sexy ass looks and fills them out much better.

Richelle on June 16, 2017:

No it is not wrong for a man to wear woman's lingerie I have been wearing it for several years and only twice did I have any one say anything negative about it. To me they are more comfortable than some of the men's clothing. If you wear the things properly no one can tell if you have them on. Some of the names given to us because we do wear them are wrong, and the people that come up with them are just closed minded people and just ignore them. Enjoy what you want,if it is comfortable then it's good. The ladies wear what they wont and feel comfortable in so why can'y we?

Ved on June 21, 2012:

I bought a little x panty girdle. It fitted better and felt better than y fronts. I ask why is that ?

unknown on December 17, 2011:

like one other when i was young i tried on my mothers bra and panties and the feeling was overwhelming. still wear them today 40 yeears later. and am still the only one who knows.

me25andsexy on November 10, 2011:

i think it dosent matter what you wear under your clothes just as long as no one sees guy or girl. unless you want them to. i wear bras and panties and no one cares at all. they say if it fits wear it.

carolisa on September 30, 2011:

The first pair of panties I wore were my sister's when I was 11. All throughout my teens I wore lingerie and secretly wore dresses. When I went to college I slept in nightgowns. Once one of my room mates found some lingerie and a dress of mine. He wrote in very small letters on our desk that his roommate was a queer. I was mortified but very excited. Not too long after that I had my first sexual experience with a man. I fantasized myself as a woman making love to a man. For many years after that I dressed as femininely as possible and satisfied men, beliving I was their "girl". After some time, I did not care if people calle dme a queer, gay or worse. I became a drag queen and had several boyfriends. Eventually after moving out of town due to work, I gravitated away from my "gay" life. I began dating a woman who owned a dress shop where I bought many of my dresses. Eventually she and I satisfied men together. I continued to interject men into our relationship until she tired of it. She gave me an ultimatum and I complied. I loved my female personna and my clothes but as I have grown older I have all but quit dressing. I still fantasize about men and looking like a sexy woman for them.

thelocal on September 16, 2011:

Delighted to say that i also wear lingerie every day and have been for 25 years nothing wrong with it and i enjoy it very much. Oh by the way nothing will stop me from enjoying doing it. One thing puzzles me is why do Women complain about the Bra being uncomfortable i have been wearing one for about 25 years and find it one of the most comfortable garments that i have ever worn.

AGRA on August 11, 2011:


Compared to shaving this is much more secure

AGRA on August 11, 2011:

Paul, I strongly suggest to wax. I do this in a monthly base. After a while you get accustomed. The sensation and pleasure afterwards one cannot describe.

Compared razing it is more secure.

i have never tried LASER

paul on August 10, 2011:

I love to wear girls panties and bras I also love to have a smooth body,do any of you guys no what is the safest way to shave down below if you know what I mean?

Sherman on June 24, 2011:

It's all about comfort and how your clothes feel. Appearance, visual appeal and sensuousness are bonuses.

I have been enjoying silky and lacy lingerie nearly everyday for nearly ten years. I wish I had worn these regularly much earlier. When I wear jeans, the pleasure of pettipants is wonderful. And a nylon camisole helps my shirts feel more comfortable. Even a short full slip feels better on very cool days.

AGRA on May 08, 2011:

Just fyi I am going to by a girdle for men, made in Brasil, which covers your whole back or another which covers also your shoulders. If interested I can send you the brand

AGRA on April 27, 2011:

We are talking of two different issues.

I have learnt that more an more men use mantyhoses, due to confort it gives. This is independent whether you are a female or male. I would recommend to have a look in the net for this point.

In respect to your point, I think it is another issue (not my main is here), which is the focus on the last mile. This naturally is ok for me too for [for the obvious reasons], since is what makes our lifes more happy and more healthy (Dr. Ozz recommmends sex exactly so your body is more sound)

SJ on April 26, 2011:

To each his own, but for me a man's virility is what gets and keeps my attention. It isn't a matter a judging what a person wants to do on their own time--their choice, but for me the sex appeal of a guy in women's lingerie is non-existent.

AGRA on April 10, 2011:

Thanks for all your feedbacks. I am 51. When I was in my teens I went to school with my mother's corset and silk stockings and found the feeling great, despite risky, but highly sexy. I was more or less caught by my mother, that is she knew, but never told. One understands...

The fact is that all these years I have always thought I was gay, so I never tried this again. One advantage of the net is that you may order online and get your goods without anybody knowing. I told my wife of my interests and she was very supportive, even we has help us a lot in our relationship.

But now checking out this hub it has been so stimulating and assuring that many other men have the same interest, feel comfortable using "women's" lingerie, that it has relaxed and increase my interest.

Thanks to all, both men and women, for your feedback and encourage

kingdanc45 on March 10, 2011:

Nylon and satin panties are just way more comfortable then the traditional cotton mens underwear. I have been wearing womens panties 24/7 for almost 30yrs. Were them at the gym to the doctors. No lace just all nylon or satin. I know sometimes others guys are curious but never ask. I am 100% straight. In all my relationships my other half girlfriend or wife liked it and in some cases think it is cool and makes for better sex.

Keri on February 19, 2011:

I had lots of sisters at home back in the 50's and it seemed they lived in their silky slips and nighties, and that had a BIG impact on my adolescent fescination with feminine apparel. My mom also had some beautiful satin nightgowns which, I confess, I "borrowed" along with my sisters' lingerie. It wasn't that I wanted to be female, just that the tactile feel was oh so very pleasurable.

Been maried 40 years now, and my wife and our four kids are aware that I still like wearing silky satin clothing and that I'd NEVER embarass them by doing so publicly. But, in the privacy of our bedroom, whatever facilitates intimacy is encouraged.

My wife calls me a closet "lipstick" lesbian as I like us both to be as feminine as we can. Outside the bedroom I'm as masculine as can be, so I guess I've got two personas. As Matt previously posted, I too would never need to cheat on my wife as, indeed, the "other woman" has been within me most of my life.

Kevin on February 15, 2011:

I don't want to I do wear them 24/7 and will always wear them ... I have so many pairs but I can only wear one at a time ...

sherman on November 27, 2010:

Trish: I hope you check back. What kind of comfort do you want from your underwear? A lot of men ar wiseing up that traditional designed-for-male briefs and boxers are too thick, bulky and UN-comfortable. Why shouldn't men enjoy the comfort of panties? It may be different from the predominant practice but it is not wrong any more than females wearing jeans, bib overalls, coveralls, sweatshirts, tanktops, boots, baseball caps, etc.

Matt on November 11, 2010:

this topic need's to be addressed-i am a male in my late 30's and i love to wear women's lingerie-i dress in sexy bustier's with stocking's and panties and i feel very sexy when doing so-i sleep in sexy gown's and wear panties daily-im not gay-i have a wife who get's very turned on by this and also have 3 children-i see nothing wrong with this-ive read men who wear lingierie wont cheat on there partner because the feel like the other women while wearing lingerie-very true indeed-in fact i feel very eroctic when i wear these sexy item's and my wife agree's the SEX is great-she love's taking my panties off and getting down to buissness-when it comes to being a man-im all there-and she know's this-so to all the other men that wear lingerie-have fun-enjoy-youre normal

Chaos lord on October 28, 2010:

maybe some of us wear lingerie to be kinky. perverted?

Society doesn't allow or like this because not everyone is open minded about this.

pervert isn't an insult from what the dictionary says. pervert is a human with a out of the normal sexual practice.

Bobby on October 15, 2010:

Personally, I've been wearing a bra since high school because of the size of my chest (wear 44c). Some men wear bra's not for sex/sentuality but because makes the chest feel better (research Gynecomastia). I wear my bra everyday w/out anyone noticing and only wear plain tshirts. My wife knows and is ok so I don't have to wory about that. I prefer women's underwear over mens because mens just really don't feel good at all. I buy my bras/underwear from Lane Bryant and have never had a prob from anyone there helping me out w/ sizing.

I do agree that society is very biased that women can wear ANYTHING they want, yet men are "not allowed" to wear womens clothing. I like the tshirt bra, but cannot wear them due to being molded cups -cant exactally hide them, but if society (and my inlaws lol) were more excepting, then wouldn't worry about it as much :) I say good luck to anyone that wears what they want or makes them feel good. If its not hurtting anyone... then why should it make a difference?

Candy ace on October 14, 2010:

Dressing feminine in public will become much more acceptable as soon as a popular straight male actor or public figure starts doing it openly. We need a celebrity champion

Wareham Daley on October 13, 2010:

Jockey make women's underwear that is made to look like Y-Fronts. If a mainstream manufacturer is making them, why do they never dare to go the other way?

(Not that they need to - I have several pairs of women's panties that are much more comfortable than men's underwear)

david on June 28, 2010:

i wear womens underclothing most days even when at work. women wear jeans and get not a second look if it's perverted to wear panties and such lock me up cause i do it's normal for me. i also dress as a women from time to time i like the feel of the whole think putting on the clothing putting on make up having my nails done and i would love to have my hair done by a propper hair dresser but i can only dream of the day. i don't look very prity i know that but i do not dress for pritty just comfortable.

Kevin on May 18, 2010:

Yes , I'm perverted and in my panties !!!!

Kevin on May 18, 2010:

I've been wearing panties about 26 years and lovin it !! Panties have changed but my love of these he's not .. Got to have ,it's all I wear is panties have a drawer full of them

GreatBear on February 20, 2010:

I buy my panties from Victoria Secret, on line. My bras i buy at kohls, in store. I love the rush of energy i first get nervous when i go in but after a few minutes at the Bra rack it seems to fade. Clothes are the hardest part, Pants at Target for sure! Cheap and the Sonoma fit is great. I have a 34 waist jeans so i buy womens 10. Dress's are the hard part because of the size of the upper body. Girls is small upper bone and bigger at the hips, when the fellas have the opposite, big at the top and slimmer at the hip. Summer dresses work well and feel great. Denim skirts work great too, and are exceptable in public. wear the Mini Skirt or you will look as if you are "testing the grounds" to say. A nice Button shirt with sleeves rolled half way up is nice. and put on some Eye Liner on the inside of your lower eye lids. you can lean this one on the internet. Buy some Obsession perfume (womens) at Sears and wear it. even the womon love the smell. you will do fine. Go For It!!

shy one on February 17, 2010:

Perversion ?? Women have been openly crossdressing for decades !!! Slacks, suits, boxers, shirts, all clothing designed for the " man " at the time. Mens clothing is now a uni-sex fashion worn all over the world. Men's bikini underwear is labeled MEN, but have the exact same cut and style as the womens. Guys just don't have the sexy lacy and soft silky stuff that makes a person feel good about them selves. That goes the same for bra's and nylons. I'll wear these at home, sometimes the wifes Slip as well. I just imagine us being intimate in our ligerie items and the items feel even better on me. But when she's home I'll keep it to panties only which she accepts. I really am looking forward to the day / evening when she will want me in lingerie items that make us both feel good. Until the I wear her stuff, she knows it but really doesn't want to see it all - yet.

TIMWILLIAMS on November 30, 2009:

Hi, I am a man that wears lingerie. I wear girls underwear and bras all the time. I feel there is nothing "perverted" about it. I know some people will think that. Guess what, I don't even care. It is personal if men want to wear bras and girls panties. Besides, there are girls that wear mens clothing, I don't even care. Those girls that do, have at it, it is personal choice for them just like some men like me like wearing girls underwear/panties and bras.

thomas on August 06, 2009:

i have been wearing panties,bras and other female clothes now for over 25 years. im a 36 year old man who really enjoys the feel of womanly things and im not gay either.if i could i would wear these things out in public every day but life is not that way especially in large cities. the feel of womans clothes is awsome. i hate having to wear mens clothes. i even got into shaving my legs and wearing stockings every day. so if you want to wear female clothes then what the hell THEN GO FOR IT!!!!!!!! YEA

Hope Alexander (author) on August 03, 2009:

Great points there Geoff!

Geof on August 03, 2009:

Actually, what most people don't realize, for retailers, its easier for them to classify Women's department, and Men's Department, rather than making a huge Unisex department.

Retailers most often, with open arms, welcome any type of sales, regardless of what the customer's belief system is.

A sale is a sale...once you walk out their door with your purchase in hand, they are happy.

Now when consumers walk into a department store, they see that there is a distinct segregation of Men's and Womens...and then childrens. That sets a lightbulb off in their heads thinking that men's stuff is for men only, and women's stuff is for women only.

Its this same type of segregation that lead to Martin Luther King's famous speech about White and Black coexisting.

They see this imaginary line, and think that's the natural way of things, but don't realize that anything in the store is up for grabs, regardless of gender.

And just to note, I have been wearing thigh high stockings for over 10 years, and still very much love women.

panty man on May 21, 2009:

i have been wearing panties for about 50years and i wear panties 24/7 i like the way they feel next to my skin .i wear satin ,naylon and all of sexy women panties buy most of my panties from jc pennys .i have bought a few pairs from other stores and they just don't last very long.i like to wear different color every day and a different style .i think you men should wear what you want to wear. if you like women panties you should wear them . you are not gay because i wear panties and i am not gay and don't have a gay bone in my body.ps. panty man for ever.

steph on May 14, 2009:

I have been wearing panties for several years now. I like women and in no way am i gay. I am 18 and still in high school so i don't wear my panties daily. when i go to college mabey. i Also have been wearing bras for a couple of years and i am actually wearing one right now that a friend gave me along with a pair of brief nylons. eventually i would like to wear them both daily but that has to wait a little while.

Girdle Lover on February 22, 2009:

Hi i love to wear a girdle and do every day plus panty hose and stocking's and slip as well i do not care about the women's lib brigade. I also wear a Brassiere every day. But as i live in a small town i do worry thet i might have to be brought to HOSPITAL (AS A RESULT OF LONG TIME ILLNESS) AND GET CAUGHT OUT OTHERWISE I DO NOT WORRY AND WILL CONTINUE TO WEAR THEN DAILY. I am delighted to be able to find my size Bra on the internet which is difficult to find anywhere. I have tried several shops in my local area and all over the country without success. I wear aa or a cup in size and am unable to find them in the shop's.At present i am looking for another one on line.

Total Tan on February 04, 2009:

I am a man that enjoys wearing Womens panties both because of the way they look and the way they feel. I maintain a strict workout routine and remove all hair from the neck down. What this leaves is a firm smooth body that should not be covered by boxer shorts but instead looks good with just a small amount of coverage.

Truth teller on January 09, 2009:

haha... funny! I've got many friends here with same thought! 1st of all, we should know that even in terms of history, men is mostly wear skirt or skirt-liked garment. Wearing a skirt really doesn't mean that the male user wanna become women!!! Have u ever thought that accient masculine roman warrior who in skirt wanting to become a woman? Haha...how I wish men can also be liberated for their costume!

lingerielover on January 09, 2009:

Most men who wear lingerie, stockings and girdles started at a young age. And in most cases they never gave up this habit. Isn´t it interesting that once you have discovered the wunderfull world of women clothes it becomes part of your daily life? And the desire to wear womens clothes increases. I started decades ago with my mothers stockings and obg. First it was the feeling of stockings on my legs. Then I realised how much I liked to be in a girdle. Years later this fascination is still there. I love the support a girdle gives me. Then out of curiosity I tried a bra. Fantastic. These days I wear a bra and girdle with stockings under my male clothes daily. And I love to fill my cups so I feel the weight and bounce of my boobs. The next step was trying a skirt. I feel so comfortable wearing a skirt. I don´t understand why most women wear trousers these days. What a pity that I can´t go to work wearing skirt and stockings. But as a man in a skirt you get a lot of curious looks. The first thought seems always to be this man is gay. I don´t know where this misunderstanding comes from. It is ok for a woman to show her string and most parts of her naked belly. But a man wearing a skirt breaks a barrier. It is not socially acceptable. What is so wrong wearing a skirt and stockings as a man. Maybe this would change if more man would show the courage to present themselves that way.

sweetcheeksbev on January 05, 2009:

i love wearing any and sll feminine things i'm not gay and don't want to be a women i just love the feeling of

charlie on November 06, 2008:

Iam a male of 54 years old. I find nothing wrong or preverted if a man wants to wear lingerie.I started out wearing panties then tried a girdle i like the way they feel.I still wear girdles.I wear girdles to work every day. I fond that i like extra firm all in ones the best.

Jeffsize8 on October 08, 2008:

I agree that women have been liberated and men have a social expectation placed upon them. I for one do wear panties 24/7 and there have been times I have wished that it were permisable for a guy to wear a skirt without social stigmas. I think that there are a lot of khaki and blue jean skirts with some length to them that appear to be for men and they look like they would be very comfortable especially on a hot summer day. I do know the freedom of wearing knee length and floor length nylon and polyester night shirts in the evening while lounging around and also wearing them to bed and it is great!

lingerielover on September 22, 2008:

I don´t know how many men love wearing lingerie and stockings. As a boy one day I couldn´t resist any longer and tried my moms stockings and girdle. I did it once and was hooked for life. Of course there were days I felt guilty or supposed that there was something wrong with me. This is a matter of the past now. For more than 20 years I´m wearing panties, girdles and stockings. And feel simply very well i it. There is no reason why a man in stockings is perverted or what ever. And today I´m happy about the support I get from my wife. For both of us it is perfectly normal to wear girdles and nice lingerie. I know, a lot of women have problems with the thought of their men in lingerie. But if a guy wears lingerie, he is the same person after all. And a good fitting girdle does the same for a man as for a women. It helps to support one´s shape. Nothing wrong with it.

nylon panties on September 21, 2008:

I have been wearing nylon bikini panties for over 17 years and as a "baby-boomer", I can recall as a youngster how my mom & sisters panties had a double layer of nylon in the crotch area. Which is one of the feelings that I enjoyed the most. Up to this day, as soon as I get my new panties home, the first I do is to remove the cotton fabrick from the crotch area. I have ALWAYS worn panties under my street clothes at my regular job as well as during my military obligation.

pusspuss on June 09, 2008:

I have been wearing panties for about 50 years now, and I enjoy it very much. I am not gay at all. Some day men wearing panties, etc. will become accepted, but for now, I guess we have to pretty much keep it a secret.

marko on May 15, 2008:

all you have to do is have the sexy panty, say mens on it. yes there are more and more sexy mens underware available. but still haven't found any in nylon or silky materials. most largely sold underware in the mens department are cotton or spandex....nothing in nylon, or smooth shiny type. I doesn't make you gay to wear womans underware, its just a choice....

Teri on May 10, 2008:


I love wearing panties, bras and nylons, however that is about as far as I would like to go in public, however I like wearing sexy lady things in private....I like women and would like to hear... what they think of men like me I value their opinion and I would very much like your honest opinion.

Thank you, Teri

robin48 on April 09, 2008:

THANX for sharing

I love my panties and lingerie ..have worn privately for yrs and have worn them to work.One day I wore a beige half slip to work with pink panties. My female boss wore a split skirt that day and I noticed she wore a beige slip with same laced seam as mine.Too Funnny.

I wonder if she shops at the same place.

Paul on March 24, 2008:

I love my panties and bras. Would love my bras even more if I had larger breasts, cuz I love those too. I get a charge out of wearing them to work, on the job site, and no one knows any different. It pays to be discreet, so as not to bring on any macho b.s. drama from the "good ol' boys club"... Either way, I like how I look in women's underthings, I like how they feel, and with respect to boxers or briefs, I can only say "who knows", I don't own any....

Hope Alexander (author) on March 04, 2008:

Hey madeline, that is a good idea, I will look into preparing something on that topic :) Thanks for your kind words and for sharing your own experiences with other readers :)

madeleine from Takoma Park, Maryland on March 04, 2008:

Amen! Women's lingerie is just damn sexzy period. And much more varied and interesting. I will admit to enjoying crossdressing at home and find it a turn on. Been "playing" with womens things since I was 8 or 9 and don't think I could ever stop. Women also have much greater variety in clothes and color, and wearing makeup.

It's only since I've been playing with more complete outfits have I discovered the POWER that women can possess in enhancing their (sexual) appearance and appeal. They have many more options than men do. Could be an interesting subjecta for a blog???

Tina on February 27, 2008:

What does it matter, most men cant become a woman even if they want to, so why not accept them as female anyway, because that's what they crave.

Hope Alexander (author) on January 30, 2008:

Hi trish, thanks for sharing your story, and sorry to hear about your divorce. Not all men who wear lingerie end up as cross dressers however, or want to be women. This will also be a great topic for the blog, and we will see what men have to say. How do you tell the difference between a man who wears lingerie, and a man who wants to be a full blown cross dresser and/or a woman?

The Men In Panties Blog

trish on January 30, 2008:

my husband started out wearing ladies underpants during sex and I accepted it...Then he started wearing them under his clothes....Next it progress to bras, nylons and falsies and bright red lipstick.........I put up with this for 5 years wanting him to be happy, we are now going thru a divorce......At first it didn't bother me but I think my husband really wants to be a woman.....-

satin_lover on January 11, 2008:

i agree with satin jenni , whatever floats your boat , i don't see mself as perverted , i am a very loving person in my own right , i love the feel of lingerei and i do look sexy in front of the mirror as i am not overweight and consider myself good looking , it wouldn't matter if i was overweight or considered unattractive , but that is not the issue , i like and get turned on wearing womans , ive seen many men in sexy lingerei on the net and there is many of us out there so i reckon it is very common for guys to be attracted to this fetish

SatinJenni from Burlington Ontario Canada on December 15, 2007:

Double standards are definitely at play in society. I however have chosen to ignore these false expectations of others and I wear that which pleases me. Don't look for me in a dress and heels at the office anytime soon(although I own both items a few times over).

I believe societal attitudes are changing. Thanks to the Internet and forums such as this one, a guy in a dress or lingerie for that matter is just not as shocking as it once was. Most people are adopting a position of indifference, "hey if it floats your boat...go for it"

Personally, I think I will :)

Hope Alexander (author) on December 13, 2007:

It is very interesting how women have been somewhat 'liberated' from having to dress in solely feminine garments, whereas men remain to all intents and purposes trapped in their male attire. I could wear a suit and and tie to work and not get funny looks, but if a man showed up in a dress.. well... somehow I think he might have some problems at the office that day :)

Wendy Iturrizaga from France on December 13, 2007:

I think it is just a matter of taste whether a man wears masculine or feminine undergarments. You are right, some women wear boxers and other masculine-type pants... so why not?

SatinJenni from Burlington Ontario Canada on November 20, 2007:

Laughing at your analogy of the school in which the boys have taken to wearing panties. All I can think of is .... I want to go, well atleast when I was in high school I would have wanted to transfer there...how cool!

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