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Malala Yousafzai: Myth-Building as a Weapon of Western Media and Politics

Gilliam Nauman Iqbal is a Brazilian Muslim, political activist, graduated in History, specialist in Sociology of Interpretations of Maranhão

Who has never heard of Malala? The poor girl who many say is Pakistani, others say is Afghan, who was attacked on the way to school, because her father fought for his daughter to have the right to study and she started to follow the same path, supposedly fighting for the right of girls having access to school? She gained notoriety with the support of an American journalist and the rest, I believe everyone knows. She was introduced to the world as a young human rights activist, especially for educating girls in her country. By sharing on a blog, daily life during the Taliban occupation of her locality, Malala gained visibility and was nominated for the International Children's Peace Prize.

I think that Malala's visibility was planted and the alleged Taliban attack was opportune at that moment for the construction of its planned trajectory. In 2012, she suffered the attack and after improvements, she was transferred to the UK. In the meantime, her father creates a large foundation, also with UK support. After the attack, Malala became a prize collector. There are a plethora of beautiful statements by Yousafzai, ranging from thoughts about socialism to self-declared feminist. Donations to major humanitarian causes, up to millions for rebuilding schools in the Gaza Strip.

It would be a beautiful trajectory of struggle and activism were it not for what the Pakistani people have to say about their figure and her origins. In addition, I begin to observe her statements, no longer so discreet, on behavioral and no less political issues, on Muslim society.

On Wikipedia, Malala is ranked as the most prominent citizen of her country... Well, that's what we've been told. Let us now know who Malala was, from the perspective of the people of Pakistan and how to put the pieces of this puzzle together, observing the young woman's dubious positions

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Malala is said to be the daughter of education activist and owner of a network of schools, Ziaunddin Yousafzai. What is known within Pakistani borders and more precisely in Mingora, where this young woman was said to have been born, is that Malala is the adopted daughter of this Pashtun family! That's right! Malala was delivered to this baby family by Christian missionaries and her biological father was a Jew. Along with Malala, a lot of money was also given to build a great myth.
Pakistani activist Ziaunddin forgot, or perhaps never had, a real sense of struggle for education and became an agent of the United States like so many infiltrators around the world. He became the owner of a school network and raised Malala according to the guidelines he received. And he did it masterfully, given that now the world knows Malala Yousafzai, the poor girl who wanted to study but the Taliban wouldn't let her. Obviously, being a US agent, her father suffered Taliban retaliation.

And with that Malala emerged in the world. The details are known to everyone and for sure, people have enough elements to assemble this web in their minds.

Today Malala is being groomed to be a great leader! The empowered activist who dared to challenge the Taliban! She graduated from Oxford, in Philosophy and in Politics and Economics. In the West, it has become an icon of struggle (we have so many who are persecuted and nobody pays attention to these facts).
Malala is the great weapon of Western media and politics to continue to disaggregate the Orient and its culture, values ​​and religion leaving it fragile and fertile to the Zionist/American rule.

Observe Malala's lines and posture. She recently gave an interview to Vogue magazine, which said she doesn't need religious or civil protocols to have a partner. Many non-Muslim people will think it's right and I won't rebut because that's not the analysis. The question that should be asked is: why would a Muslim say this if her values ​​formation direct her to a different attitude about having a partner? Because Malala, little by little, is subtly showing values ​​different from those of Islam? Malala is the West's big bet to reinforce the East's dismantling plan.

One thing I can tell you: here women study, graduate and work if they want to. There are macho men and men carrying the libertarian virus, but like every virus that has its mutations, the libertarian here can be different from the libertarian around, and once again we can't use biscuit molds for anyone, not even for concepts and fights! I also say that around here Malala is persona no grata. But in the eyes of the rest of the world, she is a hero and that could be a huge pressure on Pakistani society.
Perhaps other “Malalas” will be built, because imperialism is a dog with sharp teeth and hungry for domain; and it is not territorial domain, it is the domain of minds.

© 2021 Gilliam Nauman Iqbal

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