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Does Technology Hinder or Help Us?

Do our computers help or hinder us?

Do our computers help or hinder us?

Technology: Friend or Foe?

As most of you may know, technology has been growing at a dramatic rate since the nineties with the invention of the internet as well as both computers and the internet becoming accessible to the public and not just to the military and scientists. Cellular and wireless technology have helped people communicate whilst on the go, which has made some changes to daily life.

Technology has especially been effective in both the music industry and the phone industry, with Apple being the market leader when it comes to both hardware and software. Apple also changed the way in which people purchase music with its own music store, iTunes. In terms of phones, Apple helped pave the way for smartphones. It has revolutionized the industry and made hardware developers like HTC and Nokia think about how they are going to develop the best new phone to rival the iPhone. Software developers like Microsoft and Google (the makers of the Android Operating System) now think about how their software is going to be a better experience for users than Apple's own operating system, iOS.

The problem I have with all of this is that whilst there are benefits to technology advancements, there are also drawbacks. For example, cybercrime has been on the rise, especially hacking. There have been more incidents of hacking than ever before. The two main groups of hackers that have been behind this recent spurge call themselves Anonymous and LulzSec (which is short for Lulz Security). They call themselves political hacktivists and hack the sites of major companies, as well as the sites of the MoD & the CIA.

These two groups have also been accused of hacking into several Sony servers to access personal information such as credit card details and addresses. They were partly responsible for PlayStation's online gaming servers to be offline for several months in 2011.

From a personal perspective, I think that the current technological advancements are great, as long as there is more done to help improve security for the average consumer.

How Technology Has Affected Our Lives in a Positive Way?

As I mentioned above, technology dramatically changed during the late 20th century and 21st century. There have been prevalent changes with wireless internet, the use of smartphones, and how they have developed to make our lives easier.

Since the internet was opened to the public, people have been using it to download films, music, and games, send emails to family and friends, and purchase and sell clothes on sites like eBay. Businesses have used the internet to market themselves and effectively reach customers they may not have reached otherwise.

As I write this, I am sitting in my dining room on my laptop and following the latest football transfer stories on the internet and looking at cinema times.

I have also got my iPod on as I listen to an old Eminem album, which I recently downloaded off iTunes for £8.99. It has helped me write this article for the past hour and a half.

Other than personal usage of the internet, businesses have been using the internet so employees in different departments are able to keep in contact with each other, as well as have their own websites to show potential customers their products and/or services.

One of the best uses of the internet is being able to keep in contact with family and friends that are in other parts of the country and possibly other parts of the world. They may not have been able to do this previously because of time differences and the cost of calling other countries while sending an email costs nothing.

Gaming is another area that has been boosted by the internet because people are able to play with their friends while each of them is sitting in their own homes.

Negative Effects of the Increase of Technology

One major way that technology has had a negative effect on our lives is cyber crime. Because criminals have now got the opportunity to access our personal information like credit card numbers and email addresses, then they can commit crimes without being caught before it's too late. Because most of us aren't very technologically savvy, we won't find out about some crimes until they have been carried out, sometimes even months afterward. Some crimes that are easily committed on the internet are identity theft, credit card fraud, and the hacking of email addresses and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Because most of our personal information is held in the cloud, most of us can't really be sure how secure our information can actually be, no matter what our service provider and the major conglomerates actually tell us.

How We Can Improve Technology

In my opinion, I think that for the day-to-day running of businesses and general tasks done in people's lives, I think the improvement of technology has been beneficial because it has improved the way we can communicate with each other. But you will also need to ensure that all your data is safely backed up in case the technology does break, then you won't need to worry about whether or not you have lost any important information. It is also good to have anti-virus software to ensure that you don't get viruses on your computer.

After weighing up the pros and cons of how technology is increasing, I feel that its improvement has been important for certain aspects, like for national security and for businesses to develop the way they work. However, I also feel that we probably don't need as much advanced technology as we have been given at the moment.

If used in the right way, the current technology we have got can be used in more advanced ways than it is currently used for. If you work in a profession that allows you to be able to work from home, this this in itself can be hugely beneficial in a load of different ways.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.