Immigration: Good or Evil?

Updated on March 24, 2018
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Daniela is a current student who aspires to make a change with her words by writing about the world around her and everything in between.

"Today, I am going to talk about immigration, and whether it is good or evil."

Today I will tell you a story. Actually, I am going to tell you several stories. I am going to tell you about people who had hopes and dreams. I am going to tell you about men, women, children who gave up their entire lives just for the sake of their future. Today, I will tell you a part of my story, as well as the story of many of those around me.

Today, I am going to talk about immigration, and whether it is good or evil.

The Beginning

First of all, let us get one thing straight- immigration is not something that just began to happen recently. Actually, immigration was what inevitably led to the creation of this nation. It all began more than many centuries ago, when people from many different parts of the world began to conquer other places. The first case of immigration in what would later become the USA would be the Pilgrims, who migrated around the 17th century. And just to refresh your memory, these people basically brought misery and tragedy upon tragedy to the natives, who no longer had any control over their land. Since then, many people have begun to travel to other places in search of better opportunities, which was the case of the Pilgrims. However, while it was beneficial for the ones coming over, the opposite could be said about the natives, who were driven away from their own homes.

Ask Yourself This...

As I mentioned before, immigration has been happening since the beginning of time, however, it is in our current times when this issue was given a bad name. So before you begin to judge any immigrant simply because of the word immigrant, and immediately label them as job stealers or abusers, ask yourself these questions. What would you do if you were in your shoes? How would you feel if people all around you, even the leaders of your safe haven, threw insults at you, discriminated you, simply because you wanted to follow your dreams? I don’t know about you, but every time I become the subject to racism, I feel bad. I feel humiliated, and sometimes I even feel ashamed of my own culture. And at this point, don’t you think it’s horrible to make a person feel bad about their heritage, about their cultural identities? My point remains that before you judge a person, and in this case an immigrant, think before you do anything. And always think about how they feel right now. Because really, how would you feel if your identity was violated simply because you wanted to be happy?

Current Times

Immigration in these current times is seen as many different things, depending on the perspective of the person that is looking at it. For example, I believe that immigration is a wonderful opportunity to develop the nation while still helping other people gain a better life. And yet, many others, such as some certain leaders of important nations, call immigrants as lazy, and that we are just here to steal jobs from the citizens. So once again, the decision on whether immigration is a good or a bad thing lies within the morals of a person, and what their beliefs tell them to follow.

Honestly, there are many things that can be done to begin to solve this problem. Judd Gregg, a former governor and senator from New Hampshire, has stated before a clear plan of various steps that can be done to fix the broken immigration laws. Some of the things he mentioned where to begin improving the guest-worker program, as well as to implement certain commodities that attracts foreigners, who can bring their abilities to this country; there are many things that can be done to start fixing this problem, but as always, the choice remains within the hands of the citizens.

A Part Of My Story

Before I finish, I just want to say this: I was given the label of “immigrant” around 5 years ago, when I first moved to the USA. My family and I decided to leave Mexico, and come here because we all had big dreams that we wanted to achieve, which we knew that we would not be able to achieve in our old home. However, compared to other individuals, I have been extremely lucky, since I am safe and legal in this nation, while many others are always seeking shelter, or escaping the forces that are trying to take them back to their old homes.

Yet, just like me, there are many others who also decided to take the risk of losing everything just because they wanted to be happy. And so, I just want you to know that immigrants do not come here because we want to make others miserable. It is actually the opposite. We want to improve, not only our lives, but also the lives of those around us. We want to show others the true wonders of diversity, and open their eyes to the world around. We want to inspire younger kids, and show them that your dreams have no boundaries, and that everything is possible if you just never give up.

And that, I think, is what makes immigration a truly beautiful thing.

Thank You!

Thank you for reading this piece about my opinions. I just want to remind all the readers of that fact- this is simply MY OPINION. It is completely fine if you disagree with it or agree, however, it is not fine to portray your own opinions in a disrespectful and improper manner.

At the end of the day, it is important that we remember, immigrant or not, we all stand under the USA flag, which means we all have the freedom to believe in our own choices.

I would love to hear the opinions of everyone, but as I said before, we need to respect each other.

Once again, thank you for reading this article. I really appreciate it! Thank you!

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