I'm a Person With a Pre-Existing Condition and I'm Scared

Updated on May 12, 2017

I Have Multiple Sclerosis, a Pre-Existing Condition

The face of pre-existing condtion
The face of pre-existing condtion | Source

People With Pre-Existing Conditions Will Be Forced Into Risk Pools.

The House just passed the GOP bill that will throw large numbers of American's into "Special" risk pools because they have pre-existing health conditions. My condition is Multiple Sclerosis and I could be put into one of these "Special" risk pools. It doesn't sound too special and it will make my medical payments go up. When you are living on disability you don't have a lot of extra money left at the end of the month. So most likely I won't be going to the doctor as much and won't be filling my prescriptions as often as I am now.

The mostly men of the GOP went on buses to the White House Rose Garden and celebrated with Donald Trump, celebrated, yes, celebrated. This bill could deny health care to 24 million people, people who were given health care under the Affordable Care Act. And they want to cut benefits to people on Medicaid.

Did you ever hear of the term "Punch the Hippie?" It's what is going on right now. The values of the baby boomer generation that started so many movements like the environmental push for clean air and water, equality for people of color and women, the organic production of our food, and the rise of alternative energy production are being turned back. Trump and his band of followers are trying to undo every good thing President Obama did. They are rolling back EPA regulations, so now we will have dirtier water and air. They are returning to coal and oil production and slowing down alternative energies. So much of the baby boomer generation's progress is being reversed. And all out of sheer meanness. The equality of people of color is being threatened by immigration policies that will deport millions of Hispanic's. The peace and love generation's values are being slashed and dashed.

And now they want to attack our health care. People who hadn't been able to see a doctor for decades were finally getting good preventative care that would reduce future diseases. People will die and yet they are celebrating in the Rose Garden.

People in "Special" Risk Pools will Incur Higher Premiums

And now they want to attack our health care. People will die and yet they are celebrating in the Rose Garden.

It's never a good thing when you lump people who are sick and people with disabilities all into one group and pull them out of the general population to put them in special sick people pools with different rules and regulations. This only makes it possible for insurance companies to raise their rates on people who can't afford it.

The only way to stop this is to write to every one of your senators and congressional representatives and demand that they stop this madness. Write letters to editors of your local newspapers. And when it comes to the next round of elections in 2018, vote them out!

We must resist, we must voice our opinion. No one is going to change this except the people of the Untied States. And if you are a young adult and don't think you need insurance, just wait until you feel that lump in your breast or you get cancer, then you will hope you have some. The elderly and disabled need young people to buy into this system, it's what pays for your grandmother's insurance costs. So that when you grow old, you too will have health care that will provide for you in your moment of need.

People Have to Come Together and Do The Right Thing

The divisiveness that this country is going through is similar to the divisiveness during the Vietnam War. Each side is bristling on many issues. When the storm is brewing everyone must think to themselves "What would be the kind and loving thing to do".

24 Million people are going to lose their insurance isn't that enough to change your mind? To take the side that includes more people. Keep the love alive and call your representatives in Washington.

Girlpower Protesting Outside Eugene Federal Building

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.


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