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How the System Is Rigged and Why You Can't Win

Growing up in a political family, Tessa joined her first political party at 14. Her interest in progressive politics & economics continues.

Social class still determines your success

The poorest children still have little chance of becoming lawyers, doctors, senior civil servants and financiers, a report published by the Liberal Democrats today shows.

The poorest children still have little chance of becoming lawyers, doctors, senior civil servants and financiers, a report published by the Liberal Democrats today shows.

There are only two reasons why you are struggling and just can’t seem to get anywhere in life. The first is that the system is rigged, and the second is that you don’t understand the system. Worse, not only were you never taught the system, but you were given completely false data on how to win. So what’s the real system? How do you win? And can you win at all? Here’s the real information you want.

The American Upper Ruling Class

The Real System

In the real system, there are only three things that matter – first place, second place, and third place. You either win, or you lose for life. Yes, I know that you were taught that you had to behave nicely, say your prayers, and be positive, but that’s not exactly the truth. The proof of the pudding is in the eating There’s a reason that a high percentage of the guys at the top are all sociopaths. In fact, a fair number of millionaires and billionaires aren’t even nice people, and if being nice mattered all that much, then they wouldn't be in the winner’s seat.

So why do sociopaths win?

They have their bread buttered on both sides.

They understand social intercourse. They know that the people around them need to be flattered, affirmed, and pacified. They do that with great skill, and then behind their backs, they take advantage of the good faith engendered to push themselves ahead.

It could be as simple as a successful salesperson who tells you that he loves your green eyes which match your green dress. He has flattered you, and now you are easy to sell to. It’s called ‘How to win friends and influence people.’

How the System is Rigged

So how is the system rigged?

It’s a system that has been passed down for hundreds of generations – from father to son, and it is only really known to the insiders. If you’re not on the inside, you won’t win. So let me explain it to you.

Winning depends on your existing status. If you don’t have that status, you are automatically overlooked. This is a very subtle form of social conditioning that happens from early childhood. Everybody absorbs it and carries it out without even thinking about it.

The system is rigged by demanding that people have certain attributes before it opens up to them. These are the attributes that win the most points.

How Social Class Rigs the Education System

Alice Sullivan, the main author of the study, said the research showed that "while parenting is important, a policy focus on parenting alone is insufficient to tackle the impacts of social inequalities on children".

Alice Sullivan, the main author of the study, said the research showed that "while parenting is important, a policy focus on parenting alone is insufficient to tackle the impacts of social inequalities on children".

The Attributes that Win the Game

We are all fairly familiar with the first one, and it is changing very, very slowly. However, it still dominates. The most powerful attribute that will push you towards the winning line is that you are a white male.

Thereafter a variety of attributes will add to your status. The more of these you have, the more likely people will respect you and push or pull you upwards.

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The Right School
The next lot includes the right schools. These are generally private schools where the most powerful have been sending their children for hundreds of years. Take Kate Middleton, for example. She comes from a very ordinary upper middle class home, and her parents, in fact, weren’t even upper middle when they started out. She did, however, firstly go to the ‘right’ private school where she learnt the mannerisms that separate her from the ‘losers,’ and by the time she got to university where she met Prince Williams, she had all the invisible attributes that signal others that she was in the leading group.

There’s a reason that a high number of British politicians attended Eton. In America, Harvard opens doors immediately. The right school matters. It’s the school that the children of the rich and powerful have been attending for generations.

The Spoken Word
These signals include the right accent, the right grammar, and the right words spoken in exactly the right tone of voice. You might not grasp that, but simply using the word ‘posh’ for example will put you firmly in the lower classes. The word ‘loo’ is correct whereas the word ‘toilet’ immediately loses you points. There are thousands of these words, and unless you’ve grown up using them, you will never know. It’s the same with grammar, pronunciation of words, and more. How you speak defines you.

Slim and Stylish
Preppy style on a slim body will do it every single time. Having the money to buy the right clothing, the right labels, and eating the right foods which keep one thin, healthy, and with a clear skin put the odds firmly in the court of the already rich and powerful. This is why so many of the upper middle classes and the already rich continue to rear children that are successful. They’re starting from third base. They’re in the game already.

The Right Friends and Family
Yes, who you know is important. However, this is not just about meeting ‘the right people.’ This is about being intimately connected with them. Are you ‘Joe’s boy?” Were you at school with the spawn of the Hamilton family? Was your mother related to the New York socialite or the Hollywood icon? Is your aunt the famous writer? All these things gain you points. They may never be mentioned in your hearing, but behind your back, the conversation is ongoing about who you are authentically connected to.

The Right Address
Yes, where you live matters. Even the rich need a variety of clues as to what your antecedents are. If you come from another country, you will not have attended the schools of the local country or, perhaps, speak the right way. So where you live is a clue as to whether you come from the ‘right stock’ or not.

Ever heard the words ‘the nouveau rich?’ Yes, the newly rich are not given as much status as the generational rich. In some instances, the right friends and the right address mean more than whether much money has been recently attained. Still, if you have money, doors open. It is certainly easier for the doors to open than if you don’t have money.

Talent and Expertise
Much talent is passed down through genes, so it’s no surprise that the children of the talented acquire the talent themselves. Of course, this is one area where if you have the resources (the right training, education, etc.) one can use one’s talent to become upwardly mobile. Unsurprisingly, it’s easier for those who are the children of those who already have high status.

So That’s Why the System is Rigged Against You
It’s no surprise, therefore, that you aren’t successful, or you aren’t as successful as you would like to be. The system is rigged through class, money, and power. You will only be given the opportunity to ascend if your parents are already in those hallowed halls.

You think it’s not true?

Look carefully at the antecedents of those who supposedly succeeded but ‘didn’t come from money.’ Bill Gates came from an upper middle class family. He went to a private school. His parents had enough money to give him computer hardware when he was a young age, and his parents held prestigious positions in the education field.

Make no mistake, class matters.

Your social class is determined by your accent

Using the Law to Benefit the Rich

The interesting thing about the rich and powerful is how many of them go into politics. They then use the political system to write laws that further benefit the rich One of the funniest was that the House of Commons in the UK voted for cheaper food and entertainment expenses. The House of Lords promptly voted against the bill because they didn't want to drink cheap champagne!

In the US, subsidies are given to already rich corporations, small business is penalized so that 80% of the market goes to corporations, and the rich who own coastal property can get goverment recompense when storms damage their property.

Is there anything you can do?

Collective political action is the only solution. It means rewriting the rules – eliminating the tools of power like private schools. Finland did that, and she has held the accolade of the best and most successful education system in the world. Not only do all students graduate with more or less the same degree of knowledge, but special attention is paid (from day one) to those who do not have the natural talent to accomplish the same as others. It is surprising how much we can all achieve when given the right tools to develop who we are.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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