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How Society Can Push Us Forward and/or Pull Us Back


Groups And Identity

A group is a collection of individuals with common interests and by extension a common purpose. This implies that a group has individuals all of whom have some shared identity or intent. Biologically, a group of individuals who abide in the same place and can successfully interbreed is a population, and a collection of populations is a community. Every human on the planet belongs, or at least belonged at some point in time to a community. We may look at society as a community. Since we know society is a group or groups of individuals, we also know by inference that society has one or more common identities. An identity is a defining characteristic of some entity. An example of such can be that a society frequently eats rice and so rice is seen as its cultural dish. Or that individuals ride bikes regularly rather than using automobiles. The point here is that individuals in the society are "pressured", or the cultural upbringing is to participate in the activities that promote or support the group identity.

A Conservative Society

So what of a case where an individual prefers to eat starchy fibrous provision of potatoes and yam instead of the rice. The individual may see his/her preferences overruled by the preferences and mentality of the society. While this may be a trivial example, the situation may get quite a bit more problematic. If instead the identity of the society was defined by a very active extroverted lifestyle. If in this situation there existed an individual was very reserved, there is a direct conflict with the social ideals. Such an individual would be a potential outcast of society. Such an individual would be faced with two choices, either change themselves to conform with societal norms or be a social reject. We see very clearly in this situation that society work as a force to erase the individuality of a person.

A "Balanced" Society

However, if in the same situation the societal norms were not so strictly enforced and individuals in the society had the tact and respect not to force actions and behavior from other individuals in society, the situation may be very different. While this person may be allowed to "be themselves", there would nevertheless exist social pressure for the person to be more outgoing, but in a healthy way. We as humans should strive to be balanced I'm every way so as not to lose out on opportunities life may throw for us. Accordingly, the societal pressure may help this person become more balanced and able to better function "in the real world", facilitating the development of social and interpersonal skills but all the while never truly destroying the uniqueness of this person.

Genetic Vs Environmental Conditioning

We now see that a conservative society may unwittingly remove individuality and create a widespread heard mentality. Differentiation can breed growth and development, instead of always sticking to the status quo. In a negative light however, it can breed intolerance and weak communities that may hinder development. As always, balance is necessary, and a society of balanced ideologies is required . And so, depending on your personality traits and their relativity to social norms, we may be pushed toward to becoming a better person, or pushed away from being ourselves.

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