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Go Green With Wax Paper Instead of Plastic Wrap

C.S. Alexis enjoys fishing, hunting for morel mushrooms, and creating excellent dishes.

Sometimes The Old Way Is The Green Way: Wax Paper vs. Plastic Wrap

It occurred to me about a year ago that using wax paper is probably a better idea than using plastic wrap. Wax paper used to be the go-to wrapping in the kitchen. When I was a youngster, that was what they used. There were no zip lock bags; there were no regular fold-over flap sandwich bags. It was wax paper or nothing. Actually, some conservative, frugal types would pack sandwiches right into the old, empty bread bag itself. In fact, I remember many women who washed the bread bags out for reuse.

Looking back just a few decades, people were generally more conservative than the throw-away culture we have become. It was the way of life to not be wasteful. "Waste not, want not" was more than just an old saying. It was how most people lived. Today we live in a throw-away society that has recently found an awakening to the devastation that our wastefulness is causing. More people are taking pride in discovering ways to help the Earth. Going green is cool, and the state of our environment has become a mainstream concern. There is much we can learn from the wax paper generation.

Wax paper is an old idea with a green reward

Wax paper is an old idea with a green reward

Wax Paper Replaces Many Newer Kitchen Items

I have rediscovered using wax paper and actually like it better than alternative materials that are more commonly used in the kitchen. It can be used for sandwiches and other things that can be placed inside a sandwich bag. It can also be used in the microwave. I can pop my sandwich out of the fridge and straight in to the microwave. Try putting a baggie in the microwave, it's not a pleasant experience. That's not even including anything about the chemicals that are released when that plastic starts melting.

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The paper can be cut off to match the need. I do not have to buy snack bags, sandwich bags, quart size, and gallon size. One paper fits almost all. It just depends on how much you tear off.

Now let's talk about the freezer. Paper is a good insulator against frost. I have been using the waxed paper between layers of meat such as steaks and hamburgers that are pre-made. When I do my pre-breading, for example when I freeze morel mushrooms, the wax paper works fine. I wrap up whatever I have in the wax paper and then reuse the plastic grocery store bags or regular plastic containers with lids. I am very pleased with the way the wax paper performs and I feel good about cutting out the plastic products.

Paper towels can often be replaced in certain situations in today's kitchen. Use waxed paper to stop that splatter in the microwave. It works perfectly. Sometimes I use a paper towel in place of a plate, like for a quick sandwich and a handful of chips. A square of waxed paper will serve as a place mat to eat from. You don't have to use a paper plate, foam plate, paper towel, or dirty a dish that will have to be washed. I am sure this is the conservative way to go.

Go green in the kitchen the old fashioned way and rediscover using wax paper.

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