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Bloods and Crips: Is There a Way Out of Gangs?

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Self-Hatred:  KKK Successful

Self-Hatred: KKK Successful

Bloods vs. Crips

The Bloods and Crips street gangs originated in Los Angeles, California, and spread out to other states and cities. Some gang members are as young as 11 years old; most of these children are living in low-income neighborhoods. Some boys join street gangs because that's all they see around them and they think there is nothing else better to do.

Chances are, children that are left alone after school or fatherless might join a gang just to have a sense of belonging. This is why children should have after school activities that will keep their minds busy doing something constructive and positive.

There are different reasons why a child may participate in a street gang. Some boys or girls will join the Bloods or Crips because they were bullied into joining due to living in that particular neighborhood.

Teenagers that become gang members are certainly not making their parents proud of them. There are many young people that want to get out of being in a gang. But they have been told that there is no way out of being a gang member: once you're in it, you are stuck. That is a lie. No one is stuck into being a gang member, and there is a way out.

The Vicious Cycle

Young people that are in gangs have to begin to change their thinking process from negative to positive. Gang members that are still thugging at the age of 30 and over are considered foolish due to their age. The older a person gets, the more it's better to gain personal wisdom and knowledge, because no one wants to be an old fool. Younger people look up to older people for guidance and wisdom.

But misery does love company, and the older OGs (original gangsters) want to attract new, younger members to begin where the OGs left off. This is the OG's way of handing the baton to the younger gang member after he himself ran the streets (literally), which is not a good look. Why they can't hand the younger generation a baton of a good life, encouragement, or a positive message?

The Bloods and Crips did have a truce movement in 1991. One truce party was held at Lueders Park in Compton, California. Maxine Waters was one of the speakers at the Bloods and Crips Truce Party Movement; she was a great supporter of "Stopping the Violence."

That day and a few days after, the Crips and Bloods tied their blue and red bandannas together and formed a truce. They gave each other a hand-pond and some gang members were giving hugs, and some were crying and asking their so-called rivals for forgiveness. But as we all know, the media did not give this historic truce much attention because of the positive message it had for Black men.

Most gang bangers tell each other, "I got your back, Homie." But the reality of it is that the cycle keeps repeating itself when there are drive-bys. Unfortunately, this is when innocent bystanders get caught in the crossfire of gunshots. When Homeys really have each other's back, they will lead each other on a positive path of life which is constructive, not destructive.

Street Gang Names in Los Angeles, California

These gangs were started in South Central Los Angeles, California, with primarily African American young men.


  • Swan Gang
  • Bounty Hunters
  • Blood Stone Piru
  • Blood Stone Villains
  • Others


  • Hoover Crips
  • Grape Street Crips
  • Rolling 60s Crips
  • East Coast Crips
  • Others

Benefits of Being in a Gang

Some gang members don't want to leave their gang, because they think it's all they have. Some gang members need to do better, and get to know that there's a better life for them to live. Some gang members will turn on each other and harm each other due to distrust or snitching.

Many gang members stay in the gang due to fear, threats, false love, twisted brotherhood, drugs, attention from silly women, the chance to feel important, or for other reasons. The benefits of being in a gang are:

  • Getting stabbed
  • Getting beat down
  • Getting stomped-out
  • Being in a wheelchair
  • Your innocent family member getting hurt
  • Not being "free" to go to other gang-related neighborhoods
  • Giving dudes in your gang more respect than you give to your mother
  • Breaking your mother's heart
  • Going to jail or prison for a long time
  • Becoming a drug addict
  • Becoming an alcoholic
  • Getting shot
  • Getting killed

Drug Dealers

One of the main things that kept these gangs was the selling of drugs: crack cocaine. Now this is a label the media automatically adds to the gang member: "drug dealer." Come on now, they can't be serious. The media and the police can't possibly want people to believe that gang bangers are the primary cause of drugs being brought into America.

Gangs are not the people that are bringing drugs over to the United States via airplanes, boats, trains or any other way. The young Black man seems to be the only primary suspect when it comes to being caught with drugs; it keeps the police and the FBI very busy with crime busts and arrests. A "war on drugs" is used to justify the highest possible targeting of gang members.

"The Right Person"

Dear Bloods & Crips

The real enemy of the Crips and Bloods is not each other. The real enemy is within the gang member himself; the gang banger can choose whether to be destructive or constructive.

The negative thoughts and influences of any person, whether they are a gang member or not, do not come from the Heavenly Father. Those negative actions and thoughts come from the Enemy—the Devil. The Enemy's main purpose is to kill and destroy.

There were other gangs or groups that were based on the goodness of helping others: the Black Panthers, and the followers of other Civil Rights Leaders, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and many others.

Also the ancestors of African Americans have paved the way for a better life of the generations to come. Our ancestors were beaten, whipped, raped, disrespected, kidnapped, deprived, mocked, bought and sold, and murdered. They went through all of those extreme situations to pave the way for so called gang members and everyone else to be "free."

Stand for a Good Cause not a Cause of Hatred

Stand for a Good Cause not a Cause of Hatred

The Los Angeles gang truce of 1992 was renewed by Snoop Dogg in 2016.

The Los Angeles gang truce of 1992 was renewed by Snoop Dogg in 2016.

The "Slave Mind" of an Elephant

To keep a baby elephant from escaping, a zoo keeper attached the elephant's neck rope to a stake in the ground. As the elephant got older and stronger, he still would not escape, because of the appearance of the stake in the ground attached to the rope that held him. The full-grown elephant that grew from a baby did not know his own strength and didn't attempt to break away from the slave mentality.

Do you know your own strength? Are you still stuck in the slave mentality of the media and all the stereotypes of a Black American?

Try and break away from the negative traditions you are used to; find out what your positive strengths are, and then exercise them. Avoid going by the appearance of what's keeping you in your situation. You are more than your environment. Know your strengths, gain knowledge and wisdom, and break away from the slave mentality.

There is a way out of gang activities; let go of the graffiti, drugs, alcohol, womanizing, disrespects, murdering, fear, anger, branding (tattoos), and other things you're letting the Devil drive you to do.

A real man is not doing these negative things; a real man is the opposite of those negative things. A real man is gentle, kind, patience, compassionate, willing to learn, positive in his action, willing to teach, and most of all he serves the Heavenly Father.

Gang activity is definitely not foolproof protection. The Bloods will turn on another Blood member in many instances, especially if they snitch on them. And the Crips turn on each other to hurt other members as well.

Parents sending their child out of town might be a good ideal for helping them to get out of a gang, but make sure the ex-gang member doesn't go out of town to find the same trouble but different faces. Always believe that there is a way out of gang activity and you will rise above it all.


Gang members believe they are fighting their so-called rivals over territory, but the gangs do not own any of the houses in the neighborhoods. In fact the property value of homes goes down because of the infestation of gangs and drugs. If gangs really "own the streets," how is it that the police can come in and do any and everything they want to do to gang members?

There is an exit from the gang life, but there are no exits in Hell.

Negative people have to choose to be a part of the solution and not the problem. New gang members think that what they are doing is new, but it's all a "rerun." They believe that they are in too deep to turn around, but that's a lie, Christ hung on the cross to free us all from any captivity, especially captivity of our minds.

Gang-Affiliated Rappers

There are Rappers on television that are glorifying gang affiliation. These famous Rappers show the blue or red bandannas in their back pockets: Snoop Dogg, T.I., Lil Wayne, The Game, Jim Jones, and many other Rappers. This is sending a poisonous message to young boys and girls that are watching them on TV.

Although we like their music, they can stop glorifying red or blue bandannas in public on TV. We can't afford for the cycle to keep repeating itself, because there is hurting: mothers, fathers, grandmothers, sister, aunts, uncles, friends, daughters, sons, the whole family suffers from the actions of gang bangers.

Message From A Black Funeral Director

Together You Stand; Divided You Fall

The drive-bys that gang members do make it easy for people that are prejudiced against Blacks, such as the Klu Klux Klan. Black-on-Black crime is not the answer for our pain, stopping the violence is the answer, and it's the healing. It's time to set good examples for younger children that are watching, led by example and not just talk a good talk.

Our ancestors made crucial sacrifices for our freedom, education, financial independence, and equality. Many gang members think it's better to be a "living hero than a dead buster," but this is not true.

It's time to see the world in a new light, pull up the sagging pants, put on a smile, become a mentor, and lead by example. Basically walk the walk, and not be a menace to society. Black-on-Black crime is terrorism. Our ancestors helped to bring us far for freedom, not for a new generation to help take us two steps backward.

We all have to die one day, and no one wants people looking over their casket thinking of all the dirty and rotten things that person has done.

Righteous Mentors

It's a good idea for gang members who want to get out of gangs to have a couple of righteous mentors in their life. I agree that men should bond with each other at least once a week, but the bonding can be from a group of men that are spirit driven and out to save souls for Christ. A thug looks for someone to respect him, but in fact no one really respects him, because he's not respecting himself due to his lifestyle.

There are other men in church that are willing to be a mentor to ex-gang members if they ask them. Actually there may be men that have been going to church for years that used to be from gangs also.

Avoid thinking that you have to get them before they get you. Renew your mind to be a difference like Tupac was. Tupac (a famous rapper) made a change for the better in his music in the midst of the fire. He was best friends with Crips even though people say he was a Blood; him and Snoop Dogg was best friends.

Re-invent Yourself

If you like living life on the edge, join the military. At least you will be fighting for the whole country, and not just for your so-called "neighborhood." In the military you will learn a professional trade to get a good job when you finish the military. With a skilled trade you will have potential to take care of yourself financially and your immediate family, or possibly start a new family of your own.

Avoid the negative influences that you used to keep company with; gain new relationships with people that are really out for your best interest spiritually, mentally, and physically. Stop wearing the clothing you used to wear; dress like a man of honor and you will be treated like one.

Try to change the way you talk, communicate like a person that has a new vision for their life. The only hood you should be claiming is your immediate family and your last name.

Just please re-invent yourself. One way to do that is to join a community college or vocational school and obtain some knowledge. You already know that power comes from having some knowledge in at least two or more areas where you have talents, gifts, and skills.

Get as much knowledge as possible, in a trade that you're good at. Many successful men are self-taught, they get books on how to be better as a small business owner. Create your own job, start your own small business.

Your new positive mind-set will definitely help you to re-invent yourself. To become a whole new person in the same physical body, you would have to change the foods you eat, the company you keep, the clothes you wear, your communication style, your mind-set about life, the way you treat women and other people in your life, and most importantly feed your spiritual life.

Don't be a "loser puppet," killing someone that looks like you, but rather be successful in changing your environment for the better. We all are going to die one day; we should be successful in making people remember that we wanted a better world around us.

There are fans that are picking up where Tupac left off, by spreading the message about the real haters of Black people (the media). Some fans and rappers are on the same page as 2Pac in writing rap music that will help the Black community.

Why point a gun at another Black man, when there are other guns pointed at all of you, by the police and by prejudiced people? We see what happened with the Black Panthers and what happened to Trayvon Martin.

Stand for Christ or fall for anything.

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