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The Fall of the Men-Dom

John is a middle-school business teacher, happily married since 1989 and grateful to have been given the gift of life.


The spate of sexual abuse by men in high places is no doubt disgusting and vile. And any other men who treat women as submissive objects must be jerked out of their insensitive ignorance. The historical treatment of women as second-class citizens, as property of men, has been dismantled, but there are still some men making the rest of men vulnerable to destructive stereotyping. Toxic masculinity, they call it, as if it is endemic to being a man. A stand up comedian recently remarked how this is not a good time to be a man. The air just seems thicker with hatred of men in general, not just the abusers. It's somewhat understandable considering that men commit most of the sexual violence against women. The men who let their gonads dictate their morality towards women should be severely punished, but not all men are sociopaths. Surely, misogyny and the violent dominance that some women face is horrible. But could the movement to raise awareness of the plight of women have gone too far?

The hard-core misogynists should be incarcerated. Or be sentenced to rehabilitative education. But the cop-a-feel guys? Really? Fired or chastised for the light stuff? Women do that too! Why aren’t more men coming out with their reports of inappropriate contact by females? There was at least one a few years ago. As I was reading the internet article about the California assemblywoman who had been accused of inappropriate physical contact with a male staffer, a nearby ad bursting with scantily clad women stole my attention. No surprise there, I thought. A sexual misconduct article in the same visual field as an ad encouraging sexual misconduct via fashionable undergarments. So, I guess the ad’s message to women is that provocative dress in public is just fine because “girl power” will protect them from that nasty, pervert, poisonous species known as “men.” But the ad’s message to men is that there are women nearby who will flaunt their “body positivity” but don't you dare try anything or else. Yet, we have female singers like Cardi B and Miley Cyrus who demonstrate female sexuality like the latest fad diet. It’s an interesting assertion being broadcast in our enlightened times: it's just fine for women to view men as creatures to be made aroused yet powerless, who must be enticed then shut-down. A retributive role reversal, maybe. So, guys, come to the fake-feast and then you too can participate in society’s latest news-generating scandal: The Fall of the Men-dom.

At the mall, my wife and I warily wander the proliferation of erotic female images adorning various storefronts. These ads not only make women feel wholly inadequate and make men feel frustratingly aroused, but they also help to codify in men’s minds, the morally corrupt behavior-structure that, as long as they can achieve an erection, women are out there hungrily waiting to be satisfied. That is why some men send pictures of their penises to women; they think that’s all women want. So where are the “Victor’s Secret” stores so mall-goers can see sexy men with their junk stretching teeny underwear, as if “plants” are about to sprout up through the spring thaw? Then, the feminine version of the morally corrupt behavior-structure could be used to equalize the madness. Level the ship just before it sinks.

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If I understand correctly, most women do not report their abuses for fear of reprisals, some not reporting because they accept the abuses as part of their career advancement. I’m guessing that most men do not report theirs because the rest of men and women would judge them as weak, saying that it is not possible for a woman to be inappropriate to a man just like a deer can’t really harass a bear. Feminism’s Rationality, I’ll call it. But since most women do not report their abuses, the unspoken consciousness is that most men are abusers. Men are despicable, having oppressed and compromised the lives of women throughout history, right up to the present moment and probably beyond. Therefore, men must be remediated, just as federal Superfund sites must be made safe and clean. One of the methods used by EPA soil-remediation contractors is called “encapsulation.” And there is the solution! Store men in specially designed life-support containers, ending the blight of toxic masculinity. It would include automatic lobotomy and penile-enhancement drug therapy, until such time as the contents can be proven woman-safe yet virile for re-habitation into the Fem-dom. Or maybe men get to go into free society like prisoners getting daily yard breaks. Neighborhood “storage” facilities hooked up to cell-phone apps would allow women to order up men for companionship or to complete a honey-do-list or even to judge if they looked fat or not in a particular outfit. Check the app box for "hot fun" and your "quick-honey" will arrive with his parts at attention. When done with him, click "return" and load him back into the capsule and complete the customer-satisfaction report.

But that’s just part of the issue. There is, as already mentioned, the chunk of our society that judges men as being sexually despicable towards women. Yet, there is another chunk that simultaneously harangues men for having reduced sexual stamina and heightened dysfunction as they age. Thereby, in this sort of opposite way, men are yet again, oppressing and compromising the lives of women. It was ludicrous, during sponsor breaks on the news station reporting the aforementioned sexual abuse of a man, the sultry female voice acknowledging to the “female” audience that the men in their lives just didn’t have the same “stamina” as when they were young and that this oral supplement would be an amazing fix. Apparently then, men are either sexually abusive or sexually defective.

So, let us simply deny the sexual nature of men in this post-modern world so that steps can be taken to improve the lives of the oppressed gender. But we can’t just store all men in containers! Brute physical routines would take too long. Toilets wouldn’t get installed immediately, for example. So, approaching the problem from the oppressed side, all women should be provided 24/7 tiny, silent, all-weather guard-drones, airborne, armed with air-to-male tranquilizing missiles capable of instantly paralyzing the guy, say, if he attempted an unwelcome kiss or grab. Or if she were just having a bad day. This way, men could still be present in the world, instead of being inconveniently stored like durable goods or eggs. Men could earn reward points for mall coupons or VIP guest tickets to lingerie parties for being good and not ever getting fired on by the drones. Conversely, men with a history of preemptive strikes by the drones would get re-directive encapsulation-therapy, or simply have female-controlled penile-locks installed. Older apathetic men would also be managed by drones. That is, the missile hits would cause instant, lasting erections complete with cerebral-submission, whereby women could avail themselves without worry. That is, the blood would flow away from the male’s brain to his reproductive organ, like a dam breaking and the valley below flooding.

We peddle male enhancement drugs as if restoring the virility of the aging male is more important than core social values or family unity, but more than that, as if it is critically important to creating a new long-term life satisfaction for women. Men must have drug therapy for their crumbling libidos so that women can sexually self-actualize, moving beyond the lowly domain of men simply groping for sexual gratification. Because men are simply in the way of women. Men must be re-made to serve the oppressed gender. We’re moving into the enlightened realm of the post-modern world, where reason and objective truth are slapped at because all those “dead white men” from history have been implicated in the subjugation of women. No mention of the valuable contributions made by those dead guys when they were alive. All men are guilty by gender. Men-control via encapsulation and drone sorties may be the new order of this era.

The subjugation of women, whether statutorily illegal or not, must end. But how ridiculous it is that we live in a society that unabashedly fixates men on their gonads, places men and women into corrupt sexual roles admired by both men and women, and then, bemoans with fake sentiment, men’s sexual “misbehavior” towards women.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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