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Earth/Mars Interstellar Travel Is Not a "Thing"

I am merely a humble citizen watching the news with astonishment as the numbers tick on this insane stopwatch.

Our so-called new home

Our so-called new home

Don't Yell "Fire!" in a Crowded Building

It doesn't necessarily infuriate me, but it bothers me when mega-company CEO's like Elon Musk (who regularly sends exo-atmospheric space vehicles into the near beyond to release 50-gross packs of satellites into the atmosphere,) and Jeff Bezos (who treats his atmosphere-skirting, zero-gravity trips like Disney World monorail rides) talk about human beings traveling to Mars. And possibly immigrating to Mars from our own God-given heavily abused home, as an avenue for politicians to play tumbler shuffle with their obligation as the supposed human scions of this planet, which, as if you may have forgotten if you have been entranced and led astray by these counterfeit achievements, is our only planet. And dreaming about a mass interstellar Exodus followed by a Genesis and revitalization of the human pioneer spirit. I thought the Bible read in the other direction.

A Scenario With No "How"

Some things you might not be aware of: The trip to Mars takes five years, even with with nothing but essential electronics on the vessel carrying the payload. No food, no human waste that needs to be handled and jettisoned. No oxygen reserves: even though the possibility exists—and these men will swear to you that the spacecrafts they will transport us on will have the capacity to manufacture breathable oxygen in the hostile vacuum, yes, I said "vacuum" because that's what it is—of space.

Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live

So here is the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk—pretty much the world's leading producer of exotic electrical vehicles and owner of Space-X, which is giving NASA a run for their money, competent competition in that situation being good for business or not—on Saturday Night Live, posing as the Pied Piper Moses that is going to lead us to the promised land of Mars. I hate to tell you love: not happening. We have one planet and one planet alone, regardless of prejudice or unfair economic disparities.

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Are We There Yet?!!

If you doubt me, do some research about the five-year trip (each way), and the amount of supplies necessary for even a small crew for the five year trip. The effect that said supplies and personnel would have on the velocity of the vehicle. The speculation that the passengers of the ship can be frozen and revived from cryo-sleep so supplies are less of an issue. The non-existent, non-breathable atmosphere of Mars. The impossible amount of equipment and again non-existent technology that would be required to terraform Mars.We've been living here for only the Lord knows how long, and our planetary home is dying from abuse like an aging transmission, fact. It's affirmed by the news or through common sense. If your eyes are open you know it's the truth.


Put That Sunscreen on Real Thick and Enjoy Our Sugary Life-and-Death Carnival Candy

The punchline of the cruel truth is that people are dying all over the planet right now; there's a cover-up veil of apathy coupled with a greedy desire to keep living a standard of life that we arguably don't deserve (myself included). Americans really need to learn what the tickling signature sensation of weed smoke being blown up their ass feels like.

Space exploration, save for experiments conducted in zero gravity, if and only if they serve to preserve our environment, is pointless. Allow me to illustrate this to you with the incredible photon light particle and the concept of the light year. Light travels at 186 thousand miles per second; I didn't say hour, I said second, correct.

The Universe is such a God flex; it's filled with incomprehensible superlatives. If you're going to go to school to learn astronomy or watch the Science channel, get used to it. So this means, long story short, when you gaze at the stars in the night sky, depending on how far away the star is, its like looking at a breathtakingly beautiful movie ... that's like a thousand years old. The beautiful white-hot glow of that luminary is traveling at 186,000 miles a second and it takes so long for the light to reach you that the star emitting it might not even exist anymore.

That's why, although being 93 million miles away, if you believe in God keeping us from freezing or being incinerated, the sun controls the climate of our earth. Given it's volatile nature and constant exploding, sending all types of nasty space turbulence our way, if the earth wasn't thoroughly protected by an above-average magnetic field, for a planet still capable of sustaining life anyway, would blow away our precious cloud atmosphere and turn our sweet Gaea into the hell which is Venus, our celestial twin sister. If we don't kill ourselves off first.

People, very carefully do what you can to fix our planetary home and leave the rest to the Lord. Please. as always, stay frosty.

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