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Discussing Climate Change and the President Who Didn't Believe It Existed

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Will we lose some of the most beautiful animals on earth to climate change?

Will we lose some of the most beautiful animals on earth to climate change?

Dealing with a Major Upset and Learning to go Forward

I was hopelessly continuing to be a part of the world's extreme anger and sadness back in 2016. I was reeling from a Donald Trump win to run our country here in America. The extreme anxiety I felt was hard to take, and I know I was certainly not alone that day. The world was protesting, signing petitions, and letters of rejection. No, not that it did any good, but there was a need to feel united. I believe we all needed to find some hope at the end of the day. It was hard to grasp the reality of it all.

Therefore, I was hard-pressed to think about writing here, especially something of importance. The complete divide I felt at that time in America had made the days dreary with no outlook on what could be a positive outcome in the future. For the most part, I was still feeling sullen -- in a state of confusion. Even so, I could not, with a clear conscience, sit back and let the absurd reasons Donald Trump got elected hinder me from finding my fight for other things that needed to be brought to light. We all needed to push forward the reality of some things we face that are important not only to America but also to the world. One of those things we are faced with is CLIMATE CHANGE.

The Issue I now Choose to Focus on: Climate Change

Recently, this issue has become more significant to me. And I don’t mean to say that as if it never was important to me, but the fact is, I didn’t completely understand the urgency of it. I did get that we become more affected by this change every day, but to what extent, I did not know. It wasn't until I watched the very deeply informative documentary that the actor Leonardo DiCaprio and his friend Fisher Stevens put together called, “Before the Flood,” about the growing concern of global warming and how it is drastically moving along at a fast pace, did I realize how this issue is threatening all of humanity and nature alike. We are losing some of the world’s most volatile spots across the globe that are home to many animals and sea life. If it does not stop, a growing number of animals will become extinct.

Besides our oceans, rising sea levels, and thermal expansion that is causing our glaciers to melt at rapid speeds, places like the tropical rain-forests are continuously threatened by deforestation, which releases a high amount of carbon dioxide into the air. Scientists confirmed that carbon dioxide is the main gas distributed throughout the atmosphere that is killing planet Earth.

What About Us?

How is this going to affect us on a human level? Well, let’s start with the biggest issue; our food. If the atmosphere continues to bring us excessive weather events, that, in my opinion, started being very frequent in these last ten years, then how will our food be grown in a way that is healthy for us, or in another way, will we find drought in our food supply? Extreme heat could cause a shortage of water to irrigate crops. Then, take a flood; a major flood could drown outcrops and kill the product. This has happened in parts of India already.

The unicorns of the sea: narwhals

The unicorns of the sea: narwhals

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How Do These Big Corporations Factor Into the Problem

Now, what about the big businesses, the industrial part of the world? Well, they are a problem. These big corporations are the ones who are going into tropical forests and destroying our habitats. Not only do they cause a major amount of carbon dioxide to go up there, but they bring it back to the states to burn. Companies like Exxon and Chevron are the two main ones. These are the double standards of this world because we have grown accustomed to needing these fossil fuels to survive. We power our cars with them; we cook with them, and we use the electricity fueled by them.

Spider monkeys are threatened by loss of habitat.

Spider monkeys are threatened by loss of habitat.

Finding a Solution

What is the answer? We must now all come together to step out of our comfort zones and find different ways to reduce deforestation and fossil-fuel usage. However, we cannot do this without help from our government. We can do our best to make the small changes in our own lives, but what about helping others completely understand the reality of this problem, and matter-of-fact, I can honestly say that would still include me. I do not know everything there is to know of the effects of global warming, and I certainly could benefit from some help on how to refrain from using the products that contribute to it. However, I’m doing my best to learn, and I have grasped the information I have been studying. It is a crucial time to try to make a change. We all should research, realize, and start recycling every part of our everyday lives.


This Man Is the Whole World's Problem

And now, back to the beginning of why it has been harder with a President like Trump. He does not believe we have this type of problem. Whether it’s his sheer illiteracy of realizing what the world is going through, or if he is such a big-business tycoon that he will not believe what is in front of his face. I don’t know, but I know that we all are smart enough to stop, listen, and observe for ourselves what is going on. He hasn’t done that and never has through his four years in office. Thankfully, we have a new President Biden coming in on January 20, 2021, and he has made the issue of climate change a priority.

We Must Continue to Move Forward With the Climate Change Issue

As we all prepare for our future under new leadership, let’s not forget that we all should continue to work to make a better world for ourselves. I think there are a million ways we could change to save our home here on Earth, and it will not be simple or learned overnight. However, it needs to be addressed, and a solid plan from Congress needs to be in place. President Biden has promised to do join the world's effort in doing so.

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