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Dental and Vison Insurance for Seniors

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When I turned 65 I qualified for Medicare. I was under the false impression that all my healthcare insurance will be provided by our government. To my surprise and shock, I learned that there are no dental and vision plans. These must be obtained privately.

Why Is This not the Focus of Washington?

I have worked a long career in the private sector. I always had good health insurance through my employer. When I retire, I was told the government Medicare will take care of my needs.

Imagine my surprise when I turned 65 this year and actually applied for Medicare. As it turned out, the basic part of Medicare is not that great. You must pay for additional coverage to reduce your liabilities when you get sick. You also have to pay for drug prescription coverage (Plan D). Finally, the surprise is there is no Dental or Vision coverage. Why?

It seems to me when you get old, you will need dental care and vision correction even more than when you are young.

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Call to Action

I am proposing a call to action. We should write to our Congressmen and Senators. When they repeal the ACA, make sure they consider adding Dental and Vision coverage for seniors.




I am a conservative and have always supported a limited government. Our Constitution is very clear. The federal government have enumerated powers. However, if we are to have a well cared for citizens, and have provided Social Security benefits for our seniors, and Medicare for their healthcare, it seems to me, the natural extension of these plans should include Dental and Vision.

I would have preferred a more local approach at the State level to deal with some of these issues. That is not where our country is at. If we are to have a national discussion on healthcare, let's include the whole package. It is just common sense.

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