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Deepfakes: The Next Monumental Reckoning

Marko is a political analyst. He has been following the turmoil of political climate and election conditions around the globe.

We are already living a hell-like existence with the disastrous effects that Fake News is having on our everyday life. So, then into the picture walks in the concept of deepfakes. What are they? Deepfakes refer to manipulated videos, or other digital representations produced by sophisticated artificial intelligence, that yield fabricated images and sounds that appear to be real. Just by looking at this definition, we can start to understand how precarious the situation would be if they were used with malicious intent.

The Evolution of Deepfakes

To understand deepfakes, we must go back to the begging of their use. They were championed by the porn industry, which is somewhat surprising. The use they had for this technology is rather simple. It was used to transfer the face of a celebrity onto that of the actors involved in certain porn videos. We could spend paragraphs and paragraphs on how immoral, wrong, and hurtful is this use of deepfakes. Primarily it is an unbelievable, unwarranted, and unprovoked intrusion of privacy of someone who's the only fault is that they're famous because they are good at their profession.

Over the course of a few years, deepfakes have sky-rocketed. Usually, they were used to replace one actor face with on others and so forth. Mostly it had to do with entertainment. Just for laughs, or to make evident that a certain actor could do well in a reboot of some cult movies. This is not that bad nor dangerous some might think, and most people would probably agree. So, shall we shift our focus from entertainment to an area with possibilities for much greater repercussions?

By using this technology the impact could be far greater than simply electing one over another representative. It could pull the whole nation from one path to a totally different one. Deepfakes have the ability do endanger the future of a complete nation. In accordance with that this technology should be deemed as a highly dangerous weapon.

Dangerous of the Use of Deepfakes in Political Life

Firstly, this has the potential to ravage our political climate. Furthermore, the use of deepfakes in political life would be equivalent to waging war on truth. Which let's be honest certain political figures have no trouble with doing. It would be used so to manipulate voters into believing that an individual candidate or a political figure said something which he or she had not said. It should be noted that in the modern world, with the enormous power that sharing platforms have, would be disastrous.

This nefarious use of technology has far-reaching consequences. The candidates who are victims of this technology are forced to take time and justify themselves—effectively pulling them away from promoting their running platforms and making them lose valuable time on the campaign trail. This has the power to destroy the balance and put one political candidate at an unfair advantage.

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Consequently, it has negative consequences on the artificial intelligence industry as well. People are becoming weary and are afraid that some cult horror movies might have been right. Furthermore, they are worried that their way of life will change because of the use of this modern technology. It is hard to assure people that this technology can be beneficial for humanity if it was used the right way. Simply people believe that the adverse effects outweigh the benefits.

The Future of Deepfakes

We need to establish some form of defense against this nuisance. Besides, we cannot count on other people in the pursuit of our privacy. In addition, we must differentiate between a method of defense that can be used by a person who is not a public figure and those who are. The same methods cannot be used by both groups of individuals. However, we cannot penalize someone who is a public figure and live them hanging on their own against this atrocity. We must be united in our efforts to defend our privacy and our reputation. Both are equally important, and our future depends on our ability to put forward some defense mechanisms.

Firstly, let us start with an easier group of individuals in terms of defense. I'm referring to ordinary people who are not public figures, and who also can fall victim to this phenomenon. They can protect themselves by limiting their exposure on social media. By doing this they are making it much harder for the people to make deepfakes of them. This is because it is hard for them to find material, which can be used in productions of deepfakes. Naturally, this is an important thing having in mind that almost everyone is present on social media, and we are all, but addicted to likes, shares, etc. Secondly, we must be serious about our protection and implement all readily available options. Mainly we should be using multi-factor authentication on every account that we own. This would be the main takeaways if you are not a public figure.

On the other hand actors, politicians and other limelight inhabitants have a tougher time defending themselves. Of course, there is a possibility of heart-felt discussions by them via social media in which they can explain how they were the victim of malicious third parties. This method may or may not work, depending on how fast they are and how much belief the public has in them. The next option that is available is a defamation suit. This is a legal method of protection that should always be used In this situation. Alone, or preferably in concert with the first option. These groups are vulnerable and they need stronger protection of the law. There needs to be comprehensive legislation which would forbid the use of deepfakes and punish does who use it in this function

Finally, what can be done by business owners to protect themselves from this form of attack on their livelihood? Their success can provoke different types of pressures and attacks on them. None of these are legitimate practices. They can be used to destabilize the stock market. These attacks rely on using such things as audio and video recordings of prominent leaders of industries and politicians to spread falsehoods and thus plummeting the prices on stock markets. In order to tackle this, businesses must take specific steps in assuring their protection. They need to set up technology that can detect and accordingly prevent this type of activity. Also, it would be advisable for businesses to adopt new security protocols. As well as educating their employees to know what they should be looking for and how to deal with it.

It is evident that we need to protect our society from malicious use of artificial intelligence. However, we must find a balance, because artificial intelligence can be a force of good. We just need to enact legislation that will make it all but impossible for it to be used with malicious intent. Moreover, in those instances when it is being used in that manner we as a society and the system as a whole must swiftly act in order to restore the balance and protect the victims of these intrusions.


This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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