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Civilian Guns: A Peculiar Feature in American Mentality


Val is a life-long practically oriented student of effective emotional and attitudinal responses to the many challenges of life.

Guns for Confidence

Guns for Confidence

Imaginary Oppressors

According to some believable sources, nearly half of all civilian guns in the entire world are in America, which inspires to look at it as a world phenomenon, if not something at least odd in the mentality of the American folks. As a matter of fact, out of 195 countries on this planet only in three of them are civilians granted constitutional permit for firearms---the US, Mexico and Guatemala.

Something may instantly appear as a strong argument against the popular explanation for that peculiar massive armament---like somehow "protecting them from possible domestic or foreign oppression".

Really? For, we are not hearing from the global news anything about those gun-less westernized societies suffering from any form of oppression. Now, truth be told, "oppression" is actually a little tricky word, because it's not any secret in most of the so called "free world" that democracies are merely a "tranquilizing" front behind which those richest and their political puppets are doing whatever they please.

So, we could talk about different forms of "oppression", which would raise the question pertinent to our topic at hand---how do you figure that handguns would be a match to the force of a hypothetical oppressive, even fascistic rule, if it ever came to that need to defend yourselves from it?

Let's see, what would be the strategy? The scenario that comes to mind is a sort of pathetically humorous---a bunch of overweight dads and grandpas with their pistols against the "mightiest military in the world". Of course, again, we are talking about hypotheticals, and yet, they have their realistic note in people's explanations for why they buy guns.

O.K., so that would be only a part of the boogieman story, but there is more to it, as we are about to see.

Those Mighty Spartan Warriors---History Too Glorious Not to Be Repeated

Those Mighty Spartan Warriors---History Too Glorious Not to Be Repeated

Sparta the Greatest

What next comes to mind is the old adage---not necessarily universally correct: "Like father like son". Playing with symbolisms a little, why not see "father" as a Big Daddy the government, and "son" as Us-the-People.

Well, whether it has become obvious by now or not, but for quite a number of years, say rather some decades, America has been turning into a modern day Sparta---a warring nation. Sorry folks, I don't really mean you-the-people, but the Big Daddy.

However, before we start drawing some saintly glowing circles around your heads, we can't deny that the Big Daddy's image somehow affects the Kids. I think that's why the ancient Spartans kept their arms at home in a constant state of readiness---their kings inventing all kinds of "sinister forces conspiring to kick their proud asses".

Of course, paranoia was strong enough to overshadow the fact of the kings' ambitions to spread their influence and to fill their royal sacks with gold pieces. Can you make a little conversion in your head by seeing a black, sticky liquid instead of the yellow metallic crap?

O.K., you don't have to thank me for a little lecture in ancient history, which---after all so reminds of these present political times that we can only say it along with that smart dude:

"History only teaches us one thing---that it has never taught us anything".

Some Kids Play with Toy Guns---Others Survive by Real Ones

Some Kids Play with Toy Guns---Others Survive by Real Ones

Killing Season Never Stops

And it could all be quite funny if it was not so sad. For, there we go bombing the crap out of those Middle East folks, and then we call them "terrorists" when they dare to retaliate by killing a few of our own innocent people. So the paranoia perpetuates itself by its prophecy being fulfilled with each side "getting even" in a never ending lunacy.

What do we do about it---We-the-People? What else, we arm ourselves, and as the paranoia rises, handguns are not enough, assault rifles with scopes are so much more promising to protect us from that Eastern Evil. Hey, that super-paranoid militia even purchases those M-16s and tanks from the military surplus. NOW they are really safe, naïve bastards!

As for the rest of them armed folks, some of those trigger fingers get over-itchy, so every now and then we hear about a deranged individual slaughtering some school kids, movie-goers, church-goers, concert attenders, bar guests...well, does it really matter who gets to be the target when someone goes nuts?

And, as if that was not enough, those nasty accidents happen---kids find guns in the house, and they kill their siblings, parents, friends, themselves...again, does it really matter who gets to be the target when a pre-school kid has a gun in his hands? That for no other reason but---because the gun was right there and available as a toy.

Do We Need That Cold Touch of Steel to Feel Secure?

Do We Need That Cold Touch of Steel to Feel Secure?

Another Emotional Crutch to Lean On?

Now, there are those things that we want to buy which we don't use very often, but they'd better be around for "just in case". Like, it's O.K. to buy a plunger, for "just in case" that toilet can't accommodate a big family that's full of it. Or a flashlight, for "just in case" of an electrical storm hitting a nearby transformer.

But, "just in case" of what do we buy a gun? Who are we kidding anyway? Most of those who would potentially be after our ass are almost as a rule more experienced and proficient at attacking than the most of us are experienced and proficient at defending.

Indeed, as statistics are showing, even a skinny kid can seriously hurt you if desperate for his drug money. And that gun on top of your closet will help you just like your wife's old hat that's covering it from the eyes of kids.

I am not kidding either. I don't read about any instances where someone's gun came handy in all those cases of muggings, rapes, home invasions, forced entries, molestations, dog attacks...you name it.

Maybe we should address it as a mental defense mechanism at work---along with smoking, alcohol and drug abuse, over-eating...that kind of stuff, because the possession of a gun gives us that extra sense of security, or readiness to face the world.

Indeed, stresses of life can be overwhelming. Some experiments with rats that were placed in an overcrowded environment showed them displaying massive symptoms ranging from discomfort to arrogance. So, every little emotional crutch helps when we have to face again our boss, traffic, or our mother-in-law.

Then, on top of this already over-demanding life that's throwing us daily in the den with lions, we get inspired by our governments to go for that heightened sense of power---so we buy guns, rifles, what's next, just to feel safer, and somehow "powerful".

Thinking of Good Times Inspires Security

Thinking of Good Times Inspires Security

How About Some Deep Breathing Instead?

During my frequent walks at huge malls I entertain myself casually observing faces. O.K., if a young and good looking chick passes by, I may not stay at the face---you know, at this age of 73 I have to replenish my testosterone, and any inspiration helps.

But then, not every of those faces will raise my testosterone levels. Not because some folks are downright ugly, but because many of them have that facial expression of a tight "readiness for the worst".

Honest to goodness, they look like life has been doing nothing to them but continually hitting them from all sides, so that the very presence of the crowd feels like life-threatening.

That would include those macho-types with stern faces which you just can't imagine smiling---like the whole life is a battlefield and they have to win one battle at a time, still sweating from the last one.

I have just described---although in a caricature form those folks who need guns. Hey, dudes, we were not born with a tattooed guarantee on our little asses for our life-long safety. Just about anything or anyone can do it to you, from a microscopic bug to a tractor trailer humping your little Toyota on a freeway.

What kind of life is it anyway to constantly be in a state of readiness? Ever heard about something like letting go, about dropping your guards, about stress management?

You don't have to believe me---and somehow I don't think you are quite ready to---but a little habit of a deep and regular belly breathing can do more for your sense of security than that gun. And by the way, that Magnum doesn't make you "more of a man" than a water pistol would.

Recently, at our last visit to our Californian family someone displeased with my calm and relaxed reading a book in psychology said: "You know, I am not a psychologist, I am John Wayne with guns". Well, he is also a fellow whose chronic self-inflicted stresses were probably contributing to the cancer that he luckily beat.

Peace of Mind Makes Guns Unnecessary

Peace of Mind Makes Guns Unnecessary

To Each Their Own

Certain kinds of articles need something that would sound like a disclaimer, and to some eyes this could be one of them.

So, for my finishing words, let me assure you that I have absolutely nothing against the American folks. Actually, I find them quite nice and interesting people---just with a peculiar mentality when it comes to this obsession with guns.

Since I am not a normative dude, I don't really care what others choose for themselves, because nobody really needs my approval and blessing for their choices. Just like I don't need theirs.

At this point I would really like some of those gun owners to use the comment space below and educate me about their need to have a gun. Of course, I don't mean jewelry stores owners, or anyone who for any rational reason is a potential target of a violent attack.

I mean those ordinary folks running a normal clean life, not attending night clubs or living in bad neighborhoods---why they opt for having a gun. I need that explanation to maybe correct my present view, or maybe to reaffirm it.

© 2017 Val Karas


Val Karas on November 14, 2017:

MizBejabbers---The deeper you go "down the rabbit hole" of quantum---which is the "mother of Law of Attraction"---the more you start seeing yourself as a conscious or unconscious source of everything that ever "happened" to you.

Please note, I also said "unconscious". Our memory tends to be quite selective, and we may like to think of ourselves as "mostly positive" individuals.

What we often overlook is that 90+ percent of thoughts and attitudes going on below our awareness, while so many of them might be of a strong negativistic frequency attracting to us equivalents in outer experiencing.

Our ego's censor always filters out what doesn't belong to its precious structure, defending itself from the unconscious input, so we even can't be aware of that mess deep inside.

That's basically how some innocent kids attract their fate---by something in their nature, whether orchestrated there by their genetic inheritance with an over-accentuated flaw of ancestors, or by an unconscious sensitivity to something which stirs up powerful negative frequencies.

One way or another, however, we are the magnets of ALL our experiencing. Like some of those braininac in quantum field, biocentrism, or even in ancient nihilistic teachings are telling us---if we really knew how powerful our mind is, we would be VERY careful what thoughts, attitudes and emotions are prevalent in our intimate reality.

But then again, we could also dismiss all this and simply say that "crap happens", and it's good to have a gun when it does.

Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on November 14, 2017:

"I think that for every one of you who have experienced a need to use a gun you may find dozens of others who will spend their entire life never getting in a situation to need it."

Val, that's a very true statement. However, I did not go looking for the situations, they came to me in my own home. I've met lots of people who, so far, have had no use for a gun. But for those of us who did have a need, I'm thankful that I had one available, otherwise I might not be sitting here chatting with you. What I do find to be a pity is that there was a need in the first place. I would prefer our country to be a nation of love, not guns. BTW, you brought up the Law of Attraction, I was just following up on it.

Val Karas (author) from Canada on November 13, 2017:

Bradmaster---A little twist of my words doesn't make for a good argument---my friend.

I said: since I don't live there, your guns are not my problem. While I was curious to hear the gun-owners explanation---which refers to "educate me", that didn't mean that I would agree with your "educational" explanation.

In the context of my obviously satirical style of writing the article, "educate me" was an exaggerated expression meaning my anticipation of a big resistance to my ideas, which was bound to resemble "educating", "lecturing a Canadian about what he should know about American life."

I hope no further misunderstandings are on the way.

Brad on November 13, 2017:

Val as you have said, you don't live in the US and you don't need to know why we keep guns. Why then do you ask us to educate you?

Val Karas (author) from Canada on November 12, 2017:

MizBejabbers----Since you are mentioning metaphysics, I like to think of myself as an intuitive rather than scooping into an established fund of "knowledge" in that field.

So, I am not really buying into the concept of "evil" which, to me, is merely an intellectual echo of existential fear---incredibly abused by the religious establishment for manipulation of the masses.

Side by side with religionists, mainstream media is using fear to sell their product. So, since they are the only source of the public "knowing" what's going on, it appears like "everything" in America is going down the drain.

Which of course is a silly alarmist lie. It is a big nation, and in every big nation you can go cherry picking all the crap happening---while leaving all normal flow of life out of your scope.

People work, raise kids, entertain, go for vacations, marry, businesses bloom---while cameras are only focusing on the crap. Young and horny don't care, while old and impotent, facing their mortality obsess over what is going to hit them first.

When I raised this question about guns in America, I didn't mean to add anything to the fatalistic mood of those prophets with doomsdays on their overactive minds. I don't think it's a big deal, America is O.K. with or without guns---but I just keep wondering why the hell they need them so much. And then I wrote my article, offering a few ideas. It seems like no one is really buying them much, but hey---it was fun writing what I believe.

Then a bunch of you almost did a good job convincing me that guns are a crucial part of "normal life" in your America.

So be it---I am still not convinced, but who cares what I think, I don't live there anyway to see it as a "problem".

Here is another of my thoughts that you may want to discard while you are busy not taking me seriously. I think that for every one of you who have experienced a need to use a gun you may find dozens of others who will spend their entire life never getting in a situation to need it.

But don't mind me, it's my relativistic style of thinking, I always like seeing things from different angles. And my angle in this case tells me that---just like all those 192 gun-less societies---Americans could save their asses without their noisy toy.

Just stop watching the news so much. Law of Attraction is making every passionate viewer the potential "next" victim.

And then your god is nowhere to be seen to help them, because they are not really helping themselves first.

Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on November 12, 2017:

Val, you may have a point about the Law of Attraction and guns, however, I don't see any point in getting into a metaphysical discussion of guns. My metaphysical beliefs are some of the reasons that I won't carry a gun in public . However, with the experiences that I've had in the past of criminals wanting to invade my home or actually invading it and taking what I worked hard to acquire (twice) I certainly am not going to get rid of my physical protections. Where were my guardian angels when my home was burglarized? I've always heard that God helps those who help themselves, and in my experience that is true.

But I also think that the rise in gun consciousness, if you can call it that, stems evil's last desperate hurrah. If the U.S. is the new Atlantis, we will just have to wait and see who wins this time, the Law of One or the Sons of Belial.

Val Karas (author) from Canada on November 12, 2017:

Bradmaster---The fact that I don't agree with some of your points doesn't mean that I am "ignoring" them---as you are putting it.

As for this new one about Canada and Australia "hating America or Americans"---I honestly don't know where you pulled that one. I understand being paranoid about some sword-waving ISIS savages, but when that paranoia spreads over two politically neutral countries, that becomes a little of a problem.

Especially when you add to it your statement that America is hated "because it is generously giving aids all over the world". Now, with that one you went just a bit too far, my friend. I never heard of such a thing that ANYBODY would be hated for their generosity.

If you meant specifically Israel, that would be a different kind of "aid"--like those couple of hundred nukes which make the whole region nervous. None of my business if America wants to fight Israel's wars, but that's how enemies get created. Again, I don't give a rat's ass what American government is doing in the world, I like the American people, they are just people like any other---so, let's be a little more selective with that paranoia, my friend.

You are right about Canadian weather, and yet, there are folks who would never go for the climatic sameness of California. At Christmas we like our snowfall, and in California Santa Claus looks ridiculous being dressed up like that. He probably hides a Magnum on him, just to make "love for the world"--- which he is advertising--- a little more convincing.

Let me be honest with you, "Bradmaster" (I wish I knew your real name---I don't know what's the paranoia over displaying real name). I am perfectly comfortable with you keeping your position about the topic of my article. I won't call your opinion "wrong", just different than mine.

Moreover, there are probably millions of your fellow Americans who are sharing my opinion, so let's not ascribe it to my being a Canadian, or John being an Australian.

Thus, let us stay in peace over all this---in democratic way allowing each other to use our own respective minds.

So, I am done here. Be well.

Brad on November 12, 2017:


Your argument here is totally ignoring my comment.

BTW, it seems that the common thread between Canada and Australia is they just don't like America or Americans as a general rule.

I have visited Vancouver and Toronto and the visits were great, but I would never move to Canada for the same reason that I left NY in my 20s. That reason is the weather and Southern California has its share of Canadian Snowbirds.

Canada is more restrictive and protective of people coming into the country then we are in the US. Over $25 billion of drugs, contraband including illegal weapons and human trafficking happen every year.

My point is that the average NRA gun owner is a good citizen and not a criminal. The criminals are the ones that are the big gun shooters in the US, and the second are those committing suicide. The suicide issue is more of a problem than gun control.

The population of California is almost that of the entire country of Canada, and nine times that of Australia. Don't you think that the larger the population the more problems can arise?

As for your comment on the infidels of other countries not being attacked like 911. My answer is that the US gives aid and support all around the world, and that is the basis of hatred towards America. No good deed goes unpunished.

Also the US government policy is to stick their nose into other countries and manipulate them. The US has been in almost continuous state of war for the last one hundred years. That appears to be a part of the two major political parties who can't agree on what is good for America and Americans while agreeing on war.

I don't see where guns are a major issue and it takes the focus off the real issue, and that is the people. The weapons they choose are red herrings to the main problem is why are they willing to commit crimes?

Again, I still don't understand your point. When Canada reaches a population of over 300 million people, let us talk again.


Val Karas on November 12, 2017:

Bradmaster---I appreciate your elaborate and interesting comment, and yet, don't mind my sticking to my view in this matter.

For one thing, guns were massively in use in the US already way before 911, when the paranoia was much less explainable.

Yes, "anything can happen", but that's the uncertainty which all the unarmed civilians of so many countries are sharing.

Crime is hitting them as well, and a strong argument to be made here is that their number of gun-related crimes in relation to their population is NOT higher than it is in the US and its population---"because they are unarmed and more vulnerable".

Read the comment by our friend John Hansen from Australia, and you'll see what a drastic difference in mentalities I am talking about. Here in Canada we have our share of crimes, and those in prison, you are not the only ones having to practice some street-wisdom. We have bad neighborhoods, shootings, stabbings, rapes...but that is not prompting us to buy guns. Not because we are "stupid-not-to", but because we can cope with uncertainties of survival without panicking over all possible case-scenarios.

American civilians are so well informed and so politically involving themselves in all imaginable ways---instead of giving some focus to the fact that their government keeps creating enemies. Like so many sober American politicians have said it---nobody hates America "just because you have MacDonalds, strip-joints, and your women can wear bikinis". 911 certainly didn't happen because of that---hey, it didn't happen in any other westernized country with "infidels". Those other countries got hit by terrorists ONLY AFTER they got blackmailed into joining Bush's War.

So, all-in-all, this thing with civilian guns could certainly see a remedy, not another excuse.

Brad on November 11, 2017:


The United States has the biggest, and most expensive military in the world, yet on 911, terrorists outwitted the entire US defensive department. At least the attack on Pearl Harbor was done with a real military attacker using all of its trained forces to accomplish it.

No one in the US making military decisions thought a 911 attack was possible, at least they didn't prepare for it.

So applying that fact to paranoia about US Civilian guns, anything is possible. Meaning, at some point in time the 2nd Amendment goal would be important. How many of those 192 counties are people flocking to as they do daily crossing the US border.

Today, after 911, the scenario of the movie "Red Dawn" is not outside realistic possibility.

The US has over 330 million people and there are 2 million people in our jails and prisons. We have a heritage of guns in our country. In the Old West everyone could be armed, and as civilization came with its law and order, people for the most part left their defense to the police. But today is a lot like the Old West in that the police can not effectively protect the people.

You can use a knife for good things, but it can also be a deadly device. It is not the knife that kills, it is the person holding it. As we have seen lately, a vehicle can be used for transportation or it can be deadly. What is the common denominator here, it is the person, not the instrument that is the problem.

With guns as is true with vehicles, the government requires some basic skills be demonstrated, as well as the ability to understand the device. Guns are registered as are vehicles but the owners are investigated more thoroughly.

Knives don't have to registered?

Half of the gun deaths in the US are attributed to suicide. Proof that the deadly action is the person and not the gun. There are other methods of committing suicide too numerous to mention here. The point here is there are criminals out there that don't care about the law or its punishment.

And just as ineffective was Abolishing Liquor, the same would be true of abolishing personal gun ownership. The Mafia supplied illegal bootleg liquor to bypass the law, which in this case was a powerful amendment. That amendment had to eventually be repealed.

We already have contraband including illegal guns crossing our border everyday. Yet, the gun control people want open borders?

Taking away guns or overly restricting gun owners is not going to make America and Americans any safer because the criminals will always be there. They will not only get the guns, they will not hesitate to use them.

I guess I don't know your point.

Val Karas (author) from Canada on November 10, 2017:

Ahorseback---I like comparing the mentality of a nation with mentality of an individual. So, when someone is torn between many conflicting tendencies, they lose a sense of direction in life.

Likewise, I do have something like a heart, and I do empathize with homeless folks---but that doesn't mean that I will open my door wide and invite a bunch of them to live with me, eat my food, sleep in my bedroom, and otherwise behave like everything belongs to them. From what I read, that would also include raping some of my family members---in the name of "gratitude", of course.

I have no idea what's in those overly altruistic (?) minds of European leaders, but at least those news are not indicative of something very prudent--if prudence would suggest first taking a good care of your own people's burning needs.

But, all this has really nothing to do with my article, and I am merely being a little talkative here responding to your somewhat irrelevant comment.

ahorseback on November 10, 2017:

It is a good thing that popular opinion cannot instantly change the law, primarily because ALL the laws would be changed like a maniquin changes clothes in a storefront window. Anyone that knows the American culture /society knows that.

I also know that there are more instant experts in the world today than ever before since social media was invented. How is that open immigration thing working in the UK.?

Val Karas (author) from Canada on November 10, 2017:

MizBejabbers----All-American-girl with all-American-experience. These comments are piling up more and more evidence about this peculiar fact about guns being a survival necessity in America.

Please, don't anybody mind my somewhat satirical response to the whole matter, but my mind just can't yank itself from the ridiculous reality of it. Twenty first century---times of satellites guiding our cars and computers that fit on top of a finger ring...and behaviors not basically changing from times of Attila the Hun, with killings and fascination about weaponry going on.

Well, in response to your comment, my dear friend, I have no doubt in my mind that this is the way American society works---people's level of awareness, political tag-of-war, business, materialistic orientation, all factors imaginable and still to be discovered making guns a "must" in that way of life.

"Why not just let it be?"--you say, along with so many others to whom a change from the status quo seems like a naïve attempt. In a society where just about anything goes, and national "discipline and pursuit of harmony" sounds like a verdict of deprivation from so many immature and abused freedoms.

If there is anything at all true about that Law of Attraction---and you just might be a person who believes in it--- don't you think that guns are attracting the reasons to use them? "With sword you wave, from sword you will die". In a national reality where guns take a big and important place, there will be no end of wars, no end of inner discord and divide---because it's a part of their consciousness that affects all other parts.

Or it all just seems to me to be the case.

Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on November 09, 2017:

Val, I see that so far all of your replies are from men, so let me bring a woman's perspective to your question. First, my qualifications. My dad had me shooting at age 3, I was a crack shot at age 6, and he bought me my first gun at age 9. I hunted with him, and I still own that antique shotgun. As a young pregnant wife whose husband worked a night shift, I chased off a prowler one night by threatening him with that gun. We lived in one of the nicest neighborhoods in Lubbock, Texas. It was near Texas Tech and Methodist Hospital.

Second, as a single mom living in a not-so-nice, but all I could afford, neighborhood. I came home from work at midnight one night and heard what I thought was a prowler outside but I wasn't sure. I knew if it was a prowler, he would be long gone at the sound of the first police siren, so I got out my little chrome pistol and set it on the table while I ate supper. It was visible through the blinds. The next night my house was broken into while I was at work. Did the pistol prevent a break-in while I was home or was the noise a figment of my imagination? To this day I don't know. I have to answer that I feel safer having a shootin' iron around the house.

Now, we're not NRA supporters or deer hunters. My husband is former military and blackbelt Akido, and he keeps a Samurai sword by the bed, so one who succeeds in breaking in would be more in danger of the sword than a gun.

Now having said that, during my years as a legal editor for the State of Arkansas, I saw more foolish gun laws proposed than I ever imagined would be drafted. Some were put on the books. From that standpoint, I believe that all this gun hoopla is a backlash from the less confident, perhaps even paranoid crowd because the paranoids on the other side keep trying to propose laws to make guns unavailable or illegal. I just wish everybody would calm down, go home and shut their mouths and let everything be. Carrying a gun into a mall, a church, a college, or even the state capitol to me is both foolish and dangerous. These carry laws probably will end up costing more lives than saving them. I see this as just more polarized paranoia. So I think I can safely conclude that this argument is just another way of polarizing the U.S.A.

ahorseback on November 09, 2017:

There is very little originality in Hubpage articles , cut and paste is the new original thought . I have been here seven years and when I began Hubs was a community of good writers and artists , even the occasional instructional author.......kind of downhill for the participants since then unless you are here to make money at home - it has grown pretty boring . Other start up sights have taken many , many better writers from here .

Val Karas (author) from Canada on November 09, 2017:

Larry---Forgive my ignorance, I honestly didn't know that in the United States there are still people who have to hunt for their food.

As an army drill sergeant I did my share of shooting, but that's what I had to do---also got a medal for excellent marksman in all disciplines including machine gun and hand grenade, day and night conditions...but never developed an affection for guns.

Sorry, buddy, I just don't see shooting as the only way to "blow off steam", as you call it. But again, no one needs my approval, and I am simply expressing myself here.

Larry Rankin from Oklahoma on November 09, 2017:

This topic is so unnerving to me. On one hand there are legitimate reasons to own guns, at least certain types of guns. If you live in the country and its how you get your food, for example.

In Addition, I understand that guns can be fun to play with. Go out with some friends and shoot at a target, blow off steam.

Where guns aren't effective is home protection and self defense and then all these crazy idiots going out and killing people.

Personally, I'm all for getting rid of assault rifles.

Val Karas (author) from Canada on November 09, 2017:

Mike---Bringing from my brain's files the Candice Pert Noble Prize study of negative emotions becoming addictions---it seems quite likely that guns attached to paranoia became an addictive item.

And I appreciate your elaborate input about the marketing aspect of it, with lobbyists playing their own part---a complete vicious cycle of gun producers catering to fear and fear creating the demand for more guns on the market.

At one point it all becomes so clear, and my question so futile, because it's the same like asking a kid why he likes ice cream. With the only difference that kid is not so articulate to rationalize his taste for ice cream as grownups are to rationalize their passion for guns.

Val Karas (author) from Canada on November 09, 2017:

Ahorseback---I appreciate your advice about not participating at Forums. Don't mind my innocent humor---I don't have guns like you "to give me a good intuition", but let's say I had a "nose" never to participate there.

I also agree with you about topics that seem to sell. Those initial instructions might be somewhat confusing because they seem to insist on "originality"---but it turns out that all you have to do is bring from library some how-to books and re-word those instructions and recipes. Then your score is close to 100, and your number of views skyrockets. So much for "originality".

Readmikenow on November 09, 2017:

Vladimir, I believe your views are based on living in an intellectual world. You base it on your logic and ability to analyze facts you read and study. I will tell you, if you have a gun pointed at you by a drugged up man about to kill you and being shot at by drugged up idiots...I believe you would have an entirely different point of view. It's real world experience vs intellectual understanding. I grew up with guns in the house and lived my life with guns and to me they're no big deal. A person came to visit once and left when I started to clean my pistol because I had been to the range that day. He left because he saw an unloaded gun. That's just ignorance.

Mike Russo from Placentia California on November 09, 2017:

I really enjoyed the satirical sense of your article. To answer your question,"is it paranoia or protection?" Simply put, in my view it is both. Guns are big business in this country. Like any business, there has to be a need for the product. The need for guns is multi-faceted depending on the person's need. The 2nd amendment has become the vehicle that services that need, along with the NRA, gun manufactures, and all the associated ancillary products, like bump stocks and high capacity magazines. Just like any commercial, the need is based on creating a continuum of fear that goes from paranoia to gun collectors not getting the gun they want to have. Once that need is filled, they are happy.

There is a triangle of influence that feeds the fear. It is based on the NRA, gun manufactures, and congress. The gun manufactures fund, the NRA, which in turn funds congress, for re-election, and congress in turn does not pass any legislation for any type of gun legislation. There are also lobbyist that add even more influence.

As far as mass shootings go, there is a lack of empathy in this country by those who rationalize the killings of innocent people by stating, "Our thoughts and prayers are with you, but whatever you do, don't take away my guns." And the money continues to flow, and the mentally ill, and terrorist continue to kill innocent people. And the gun people continue to say, "there are more people killed by other means than guns, and our thoughts and prayers our with you."

ahorseback on November 09, 2017:

Hub Scores are as you know , based on what articles sell for Hubpages . How to make better brownies , how to fix a computer , how to raise a better child , How about letting your learning curve here at Hubs afford you the realization that a Hub score is based on monetary contribution . Not forum participation . That's all I'm here for these days. Better go back to writing info hubs and stay away from the forums or you'll see your score drop . I was once in the high ninties for your childish information .

Val Karas (author) from Canada on November 09, 2017:

Ahorseback---Thank you for exceptionally intelligent comment. Actually, it's beyond my brain's capacity, as I could not figure out what "my wife, my nephew, and my kitchen cabinet" have to do with my article---but you probably know.

Being curious I visited your profile, and to my astonishment, "they" gave you only a score of 43---exactly half of mine.

Well, there is a lot of "injustice" in this world and I am not surprised you just love your walnut finish cabined with your guns. It does make me wonder how those guns helped you with your "intuition", but that's a part of psychology I still have to learn about.

Val Karas (author) from Canada on November 09, 2017:

Readmikenow---I am willing to believe that there are many cases like the ones you are mentioning. I also believe that in those gun-less societies there is a lot of crime---which is logical because every country has a justice system.

My article was not about an absence of crime and its victims, but about the phenomenon of a national need to have guns in almost every household in America.

Try to see it with my eyes. With a simple logic, Americans can't be said to be the only ones among 195 world countries with brains. On the contrary, there are quite a few societies with a higher "civilization quotient", I mean with a more advanced consciousness that is not based on materialistic principles as is the case in America. ("American Dream")They have their social problems too, but those problems never prompted them to arm every single family with guns.

With my logic---to say that the mere presence of crime makes guns a necessity would mean that 192 countries are full of idiots---which I, as a born European with European culture in my bones won't agree with. (To make the math straight-- beside America, guns are also constitutionally allowed in Mexico and Guatemala).

With all national pride displayed by Americans, I don't think they would be willing to say how their level of consciousness is still back there in the Wild West era, which would make guns a "normal" item beside forks and spoons in their house.

Readmikenow on November 09, 2017:

Lets talk about life experiences. It would have been nice to always live in neighborhood where there is no crime and people have good jobs and nice houses. Not all of us have had such experiences. Immigrants to this country often have to live in bad neighborhoods. Guns and shootings are often a way of life. I am alive today because good men with guns stopped a bad men with a gun who were going to shoot me. Once, a drugged up individual came into a friends house and demanded money. There was a showdown and once the guy with the gun realized he was outgunned...he left. Other incidents include going to a store and hearing bullets whizz past my head and through a street sign as I was walking and other experiences with guns have formed my opinion. These armed people got their guns on the street, I know, because I testified in court. So, NO gun laws would have stopped these stupid, ignorant drugged-up pieces of human trash from getting a gun. NOTHING. The ONLY reason many people are alive is because of licensed gun owners. How many countries in Europe have to deal with the Mexican drug cartel on their boarder? The government can't guarantee your protection. People who have lived in tough neighborhoods know what I'm talking about and those who haven't, won't understand.

You have to be able to defend yourself. In many neighborhoods around this country; that is reality.

ahorseback on November 08, 2017:

What you need and could actually acquire from a gun owner and never actually will , is more than likely irrelevant . Why does your nephew need cocaine , what does your wife get that you can't give her ,out of watching soap opera's ?

Intuition for one thing , I get intuition out of owning guns , the intuition that allows me to read four sentences of an article and know the writers bias'. Security ? No one of the things I get from guns is equal to why you have an antique china cabinate in your dining room , I love walnut stocks , there I said it , the smooth walnut finish of a rifle stock is why I love guns , I build them you see.

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