Are Liberals Too Intolerant?

Updated on July 25, 2017
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Grew up on Cape Cod, Mass, Army Vet., Fmr. Director of Energy Conservation programs, RE Agent, current residence the Space Coast, FL

A recent survey by the Pew Research Center found that nearly half (47 percent) of those who described themselves as “liberal” Democrats said their friendship would suffer with someone who favored Trump. Among white liberal Democrats, the figure is even higher, with over half saying that they would have trouble maintaining a friendship with someone who supported Trump.

"White Democrats and Democratic leaners are more likely than Black and Hispanic Democrats to say it is stressful and frustrating to talk to people with different opinions of Trump. About three quarters of white Democrats (74%) say it is frustrating, compared with 56% of black Democrats and 61% of Hispanic Democrats." See Referenced Article Below.

In contrast the amount of Republicans who say that someone’s vote for Clinton would strain their relationship was only 13 percent.

Adrian Vermeule, the Ralph S. Tyler professor of Constitutional Law at Harvard Law School, tweeted (see Reference below) that white college grads that identified themselves as liberal were “the least tolerant” in society. In essence they have no room for opposing political views.

Liberalism, he said, “makes an idol of politics,” thus, political dissent is looked upon as heresy. Surprisingly it is the Republicans that seem to have thicker skins, and more open minds. “The data show that Republicans are more politically tolerant,” Vermuele stated, because “politics isn’t as likely to be an idol [for Republicans]”

Currently, what we see today is this 'alternate reality' that is pieced together by the likes of CNN, the Post, MSNBC, and the like, which filters out anything that doesn't fit their viewpoint/politics from the news, while using every hyperbolic means at their disposal to slander every move Trump makes. Democrats live in this fabricated bubble and, therefore, are more hostile to contrary opinions. Even the Washington Post in a recent article said that “Democrats tend to be more insulated from dissenting political voices,” and therefore, “they don’t hear and don’t want to hear those voices coming from [opposing views even if they be from friends].”

Sadly I see this in some of my own family and friends, a near fanatical and sometimes emotional angst against anyone who does not support their position, and see how truly awful (to put it mildly for them) Trump is. The willingness to believe every terrible thing said or written about Trump (and by extension the Republicans, for they are they 'enemy' always and forever), as if it is gospel, as if the Democratic Party and those media sources supporting it, were to be taken on faith, and not to be questioned.


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    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 8 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Ken....Yes, yes, Ditto, Ditto. If I actually COULD say this all as eloquently as you, I would! Your matter-of-FACT information, honesty & accuracy is a wonderful breath of fresh air. I read ALL your work, even when I haven't time to comment! PJ.

    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 8 months ago from Florida


      "Do you really think the rot is so pervasive?"

      Absolutely, the more research one does into D.C. from the politicians who have been there for over 30 years, to the people running things like the FDA, FBI, etc. who have also been there for 30 years or more, its a system totally corrupt, beyond repair.

      Your take on Trump is inaccurate, he was opposed by most of the billionaire/trillionaire D.C. players... one example, Soros, spent hundreds of millions in ads and campaign costs against Trump, and is now spending hundreds of millions funding nearly every non-profit and political organization opposing Trump.

      I am not saying Trump is a great guy, I'm not saying he isn't in it for himself (that is a different topic), what I am saying is that those who have had control of D.C. for decades now (those who control the politicians and positions that matter in D.C.) do not, and never did support Trump.

      The government IS a dictatorship right now, one of corrupt politicians and D.C./Pentagon bureaucrats, so long as there are enough corrupt Congressmen/women who will do the wrong things for Americans, and for America's future, it is just as bad as any dictatorship... the only difference is there is an illusion of 'democracy'.

      That illusion is taking us down a dangerous path, as a majority of people ‘pick sides’ and choose to blame one side for all the woes we face today. And as the pressure builds, the politicians seem to stoke these animosities ever higher, so that people hate each other, blame each other, based on race or religion or political party, rather than focusing their blame on the real source of our problems, an out of control corrupt establishment/federal government.

      With a dictatorship you can identify the evil, and work to overthrow it. With a false 'democracy' most of the people remain ignorant of the truth, and will fight those who are trying to expose the corruption and criminal activity being done.

      For example the ACA (Obamacare) was written to make the Insurance and Pharma companies even richer. It was well known by those who wrote it, and those politicians most in support of it, that it was a new way to control people, take more of their money, increasing costs and taxes, both the government and corporations win… the people lose.

      Another example of this, look who is running the FDA, a lawyer who defended Monsanto. The person who may be responsible for more food-related illness and death than anyone in history, Michael Taylor was appointed to the FDA by Bush, then the senior advisor to the commissioner of the FDA by Obama and the Principal Deputy Commissioner of the FDA by Trump.

      Among some of the things he is responsible for, is the removal of warning labels for meat products laced with carcinogens, which had been around since the late 50s, and striking from labeling, informing consumers of known cancer causing poisons being in various food products.

      The SEC… the same type of corruption exists there.

      The people in control, don’t answer to, or do anything on behalf of the best interests of the citizens of America, if anything, they work in direct opposition to what is best for America, and all Americans.

    • profile image

      Jack freeland 8 months ago

      Ken...wait a second. You are pre-determining whatever garbage(evidence) the investigation turns up will be fabricated because there is no one or institution in our federal government who can fairly adjudicate this? Do you really think the rot is so pervasive? Do you really buy the notion that Trump was going to drain the swamp and replace it with the billionaire class who until this election were funding your so called swamp? Let me offer you an alternative reality: Trump and the money who backed him decided that the swamp wasn't really doing the job they were paid to do. Trump and friends decided that their investment wasn't really giving them the return they sought. Trump hasn't and won't drain the swamp. He'll just manage it directly. I'd argue that Trump isn't the symptom of something terribly wrong but that he and the billionaire class ARE what's terribly wrong.

      Let's assume what you say is correct. Is Trump really the guy to fix Washington? Was he really a good businessman? Can he run the country like the Trump organization? Do we want him to? Does he have the temperament to be the leader of the free world. Is he worth the risk given his behavior the last 6 months? Please don't tell me that an unpredictable leader is what we need right now to shake things up, because it is not. The world is and always has been a dangerous place for the USA. As long as we are the greatest military and economic power in the world, don't we deserve someone more competent than a man as thin-skinned as Trump?

      I do not advocate a coup. If Trump broke the law and it can be proven, he needs to go. Unless you advocate for the constitution to be suspended and congress dismissed and for us to become a dictatorship, don't you think we should let the government do their job? Or, maybe you just want to blow it up and start all over again which may not work out the way you think it might?

    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 8 months ago from Florida


      I think your view of him is the extreme, but I'm not going to argue the points as you are close to the mark on most of it.

      As for what they find in their 'investigation' whatever it is will be garbage, you have the most corrupt individuals in the world overseeing an 'investigation' into a President, whom was put into that position by people who are fed up with the corruption in D.C. and want to 'drain the swamp'... how do you think the 'swamp' is going to react to that?

      What type of 'investigation' do you think these people, the folks who have wormed their way into D.C. for decades, like the worst form of parasite or disease known to man, will conduct?

      Sadly, people's hatred is being fixated on Trump, by our loving and honest media, and by groups funded by Open Society Foundation. Yes Trump may be a less than ideal representative for our Country, but he is there because the 'establishment' politicians produced no better choice, no better alternative.

      The people who hate him don't seem to realize that he is a symptom of something terribly wrong, not the cause.

    • profile image

      Jack freeland 8 months ago

      I judge Trump on his words and actions to date. I watch his lies on a variety of media outlets. I see him contradict himself in the same day let alone those who try to communicate his message. I observe that he has no sense of history, no concept that a president's words matter more than anyone else's words.

      Most of my friends are conservatives or leaning right republicans. We don't talk about Trump, not because I'm not willing to. I suspect that most of my friends and family are waiting to see if Trump self-destructs. I don't hate Trump because he's a republican or conservative...he's neither. I despise him because he's a con man. He hasn't built a damn thing other than his brand. He only cares about himself. He's a narcissist, a liar, and a bully. He has proven over and over that anyone is expendable. Loyalty is a one way street for him. If you support him because you can look past his faults because you think he'll be good for the country, well, good luck with that. So, lets see what this investigation turns up. Maybe an innocent man lets the thing run its course. After all, if he hasn't done anything illegal, there isn't anything to be worried about.

    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 9 months ago from Florida

      Thanks Grace, glad you liked it.

    • gmwilliams profile image

      Grace Marguerite Williams 9 months ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      This was an INSIGHTFUL read. The concept of liberalism has become more extreme in scope. The idea of traditional liberalism has died to be replaced by a liberalism which is synonymous with leftism, even communism. Liberals have become more authoritarian in their discourse. Anyone who disagrees with their rhetoric even if it has an intelligent & a logical premise, is promptly denigrated as a right-winger.