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Anti Bullying Slogans and Quotes

Anti Bullying Posters

Anti Bullying Posters

Stop-Bullying Quotes

Bullying doesn't just stop when you’re a kid it continues even when you’re an adult. Can people get any shadier? What's up with all this bullying and negativity? Some people just don't know how to grow up. Can't we all get along and stop the judging? Bullying has caused so many self-inflicted deaths over the last few years. All of you who pick on people do not even comprehend the damage you are inflicting on those you victimize.

Anti-Bullying Quotes

  1. Try to spread love instead of bullying!
  2. I wish all types of bully incidents always ended up as positive as true respect!
  3. The most important thing for a bully is their “public image”. It means everything to them and they don’t miss a single chance to ruin their image.
  4. You're beautiful in your own way; ignore what other people think about you.
  5. To all my haters out there here's a big Punch for you!
  6. Make a change starting now, not tomorrow, next week, next month or next year just starts now.
  7. Attacking one's personal appearance can kill a soul.
  8. People who actually tell people their flaws in public are bullies and that shouldn't happen.
  9. I march to the beat of my own drum.
  10. Don't be scared to show people your own talent is proud of it, are being everything you want.
  11. Why can we not all grow up and be helpful to everyone?
  12. Don't judge a person by what you hear from others!
  13. What do abortion and cyber bullying have in common? They both have to result in death before the government acknowledges their presence.
  14. Don’t judge her personality, no one knows her most, but God!
  15. My life is all about empowering people about anti-bullying education and love.
  16. Bullies need to know how it feels to be bullied.
  17. Cyber bullying is typically the result of naïve people, hopelessly trying to start debates on the internet that they can't win.
  18. Let’s stop those people that think they are better than us!
  19. If you ignore it they will think it is ok.
  20. It's funny how we are so against the cyber crime law and yet we are guilty of cyberbullying.
  21. Bullies are just cowardly thugs picking on the weaker nearby.
  22. Don't make people miserable because everyone is perfect in their own way!
  23. No more innocent children need to suffer from bullies.
  24. Don't let people bring you down be strong and fight for yourself.
  25. Parents stand up to your kids and tell them Bullying is WRONG!
  26. Cyber bullies prey on helpless people.
  27. Social networking is the epicenter of drama, arguments, and bullying.
  28. Facebook is the biggest platform for cyber bullying where people fish for likes.
  29. It breaks my heart when I see people talk about "stop bullying" and then five seconds later they're bullying someone.
  30. Boycott bullies otherwise you could be contributing to someone's suicide.
  31. Stop bullying & make a difference!
  32. Bullying doesn't solve anything. Love does. Learning what love is will be the first step in turning all of this around.
  33. People have no right to bully others.
  34. You can change yourself in a positive way; you have your own life, be proud of it.
  35. I hate cyber bullying... it's not fair.
  36. Aggressive, scowling and critical attitude in our relations, with our friends or subordinates, is another form of bullying.
  37. Don't judge people for not being perfect when you're not perfect.
  38. Life is too short so do good deeds and be remembered in a positive light.
  39. Don't talk about how you hate bullies when you're the bully.
  40. Cyber bullying is bad as real bullying!
  41. I have NO tolerance for a bully!
  42. Be proud of who you are and everything! Just don't give up your dream and be polite!

I feel like everyone has forgotten the two major rules in life: Treat others how you want to be treated, and if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all. I'm seeing SO much cyber bullying and people being so nasty to each other it makes me so sad. Everyone, please take time out of your day every day to remember these two rules.

Stop Bullying


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Stop Internet Bullying

Internet bullying makes me sick. Taking a photo of a girl you don't know just so you can mock her about her body on the Internet is just wrong. All the people joining in with the abused and liking the picture are all just as bad. Why is it so hard for people to open their mouth about being bullied. Don’t just step back and let it happen! Bullying has got too far and its leading people do bad things to themselves and it's not OK, so help me in showing everyone it’s time to stop the bullying and grow up.

Millions of people are bullied every year. Some get it from their peers others from their own family. Whether it is physical or mental none of it should be happening. There are some of us that have overcome it. But sadly for others it overcomes them, and unfortunately, we lose beautiful people. No one has the right to make you feel like you don't matter because in the end it’s your life and they have no say. Things need to change, but it takes more than just one to spread the word.

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I think it is important to remember that there are two sides to the issue. On one side you have the person who is being bullied. They have been targeted by another person or group of people and are treated poorly, often on a daily basis. Then you have the person or group of people who are the perpetrators. They, too, are suffering: low self-esteem, the pressure to fit in with the bullies for fear that they will be bullied too, and minimal natural supports. I understand the need to address the issue on both sides; that is the only way to help all parties involved.

Stop Bullying: Speak Up Slogans

Why is it so many people in this world speak provocatively and vulgar. Is it because bullies don’t respect themselves anymore? Is it because bullies were not taught respect and manners by family and loved ones or is it because they are hurting inside from all of the abuse they have endured and don’t want anyone to reach their heart or is it because bullies were hurt before and because of the pain they shut people out of their life. We were all young and innocent once. We used to make our own decisions instead of following what the world wanted of us .What has happened where is the respect and caring for one another. For these people, I feel sorry for because they will never progress in life learn from pain and experiences and understand that if bad things did not happen in our life we would not realize the good. The world would be so much better if more people could see with their hearts, not their eyes. We can’t change how others feel what they say or however, we can change how we react and how they affect us and our lives. You can use the following anti-bullying slogans on posters of your high school or in your office and give a peace message in a nice way.

  • Bullying behavior is not okay! Those that participate in or condone it should be ashamed of themselves. It only reveals their level of immaturity and they are the ones who are left hurting in the end. I have witnessed karma result in the worst possible ways!! People need to learn from their mistakes, not continue to make the same ones.
  • All people are born weak. They only get stronger and better as they grow. On another hand, there is no such person born as a bully. They are probably the people who had been bullied, pressured, and intimidated which in return developed the mindset of being superior, have the goal of having others bend to their will, and have the same bad experience as theirs.
  • The mindset of some of these people is just ridiculous. It's a good thing to know that these old farts can still bully people when they have a different opinion. Watch out the world they might come after you next.
  • Be mindful of how you treat other people. One's mentality can be fragile at certain points of their lives. Breaking someone else down to build yourself up is the most selfish thing you can do to another person. Bring back humanity and compassion.
  • We tell kids it's wrong to bully then we hate because of the job someone does. We say we want peace but we fight when someone is caught doing wrong.

For us, one way to stop bullying is to stand up and speak up. Have a smart conversation with the people who's bullying you to let them know that you’re not as weak as they thought. If that doesn't work, you can report them to your leads and/or HR. In addition to that, we should also identify the people who are part of the bullying department as they could be the weakest link. We should never ignore these types of people. We should help them by identifying who they are and where they are coming from. With all that said, we conclude that understanding the root cause and both sides of the story will end this bullying problem.

Bullies find ways in which to be in charge of a social or work group. Bullies then find weak-minded people, other bullies, those who acquiesce to bullying or those willing to sacrifice their pride or ethics to be afforded things - position, money, and etc.

Bullies are Cowards

It should come as no surprise that bullies are cowards. Their "safety in numbers approach" is derived from primal fears unlocked by events in their lives. They want desperately to be in charge of the events that led to their behavior. They also want to control their immediate circumstances. Bullies are indeed tragic figures. However, that does not mean that those who they seek to bully, who understand some of the circumstances, should give them a free pass. One of the best things that can happen to many bullies is being brought to a position of realization that they cannot control everything and everybody.

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