Social Issues


Deepfakes: The Next Monumental Reckoning

Deepfakes could be the next political weapon. Let's look into the evolution of this artificial technology and the dangers it poses. Can a political turmoil be created as a result of this technology? How can we prevent malicious attacks using deepfakes and what does the future hold regarding them?


Can Art Be a Crime?

Art is subjective, and thus divisive. Who should say whether a work of art is fit for public consumption or not? When a piece of art is disturbing, should we confront it head on or dismantle it to prevent the corruption of minds?


Health Injustice and COVID-19

Through racist, exclusionary, and oppressive systems, differences in health and safety throughout the United States and the world are inherently unjust. These injustices are amplified through urban issues, especially through segregation.


What is Mental Health Stigma?

Before the 21st century, mental health was not spoken of. Today, society has begun to open its eyes to the importance of acknowledging and supporting mental health. Though it's certainly an improvement to get the conversation on mental health started, stigma around mental health persists.


No One Is Obligated to Accept You

"Your rights end where another's begin" is the most accurate way to describe how acceptance should be viewed. You cannot be accepted if you do not first accept others. Accepting opposing views and understanding them is more important than receiving acceptance.