I knew KL was corrupt, but do you have any proof about any of this?


Good question.

It's true. I don't have a videotape of Brent Turner or Dave Dube sitting down with Paul Antoniazzi at the Federal Tavern in Kirkland Lake, discussing how they're going to swindle people and use their powers as police officers to cover it up.

However, one only need look at the evidence.

Paul's late wife, Nadine, took her own life in 2008.

Paul resigned from his CEO position with RT Minerals and Opawica Exploration on April 1, 2018, after their shares had lost almost all over their value. Close to 100 percent. Each company previously had continuously sold more shares at lower and lower prices.

Before that, Paul had been involved with another company, Affinity Gold, with shares that also lost almost 100 percent of their value.

Investors who have dealt with Paul claim that he has "swindled" others and "flat out lied." Some suspect that he used bogus Twitter accounts to promote RT Minerals and Opawica stocks.

While I don't have concrete proof of Brent Turner's and Dave Dube's wives' relations with the Antoniazzis, this is pretty much public knowledge in Kirkland Lake. It is easily verifiable.

That Paul and Wayne appear to have been involved with fraudulent stocks while Nadine took her own life, particularly considering the make up of the staff at the IDA Pharmacy during the time, is suspicious.

Further, though the coroner's report isn't publicly available, there is a good chance that Paul and Wayne Antoniazzi knew the coroner on a personal basis, owing to what a small town Kirkland Lake is. I believe there is a good chance that Dr. Mark Spiller served as the coroner in Ms. Antoniazzi's case.

There is other circumstantial evidence: abuse suffered by other investors on social media, questionable criminal libel charges in a country that guarantees freedom of speech, other stocks down 99-plus percent, and the actions of other individuals. Take a look through some of my other writing. There are piles of evidence available for all who care to consider it.

While I believe it is questionable whether or not Nadine Antoniazzi took her own life in the circumstances outlined in the official report, it seems clear to me that there is a group, which appears to include police officers, politicians, and people in positions of authority, involved in stock market fraud. While this group is active in the Kirkland Lake area, I don't believe its activities are limited there. I am amazed that other media outlets remain silent on this issue.

Updated on July 15, 2018

Original Article:

If OPP Officers Brent Turner and Dave Dube Are Fleecing Canadians, Why Haven't They Been Fired?
By Stephen Sinclair

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