Do you really think Modi's government has helped to create more jobs and eradicate poverty from our nation since his coming to power? Are the minorities and poor in India rejoicing in its policies? Are people really gaining from gst and demonetization? Has communal harmony increased due to his governance? Is media free from any political influence?


A typical mind thinks in terms of 'jobs' but in reality, what it means is the earning opportunity. Self-employment is the only ideal answer in a high populous country like India. Even the government has to tighten its belt to operate within the budget. Indian population is around 1300 million and each year about 1 percent (or 13 million) gets added to it. So ideally that many new 'jobs' must be added each year.

Private companies run for profit alone and do their best to employ the least number of people and opt for savings by encouraging part-time jobs. The government can't create so many jobs -- and that in any way it is not the primary role of the government. It must only provide the enabling policy framework for the business and private entrepreneurship to blossom. Modi government's 'Skill India' initiative is the ideal way to help people earn themselves. The 'Start-Up India' program is helping young entrepreneurs to venture towards self earners and employment creators as well. Besides, Modi is also struggling to correct a lot of systemic defects leading to funding leakages in the administration.

'Demonetization' was a harsh but need step to target the deep-rooted corruption mindset -- all those politicians who opposed it the most vociferously are those with the most unaccounted cash! Small traders did face some short term difficulties but there is more hype than substance in its opposition. The GST is the biggest tax reform in the history of independent India! Only Modi could do these two things that were long overdue.

Modi's other mega initiative is the Ayushman Scheme -- aiming to provide health-cover to around 100 million households (or about 500 million people). This largest health cover in the world takes care of medical expenses up to half a million rupees. Sudden or large medical expense is a big cause of people remaining stuck in poverty. There are many other initiatives that are offering targeted benefits to the needy. I have a hub on this topic.

The Minority/majority debate, the 'talk of communal harmony' and 'media freedom' are a standard part of long-running agenda against Modi and his party. You can get to the reality if you can avoid the highly powerful anti-India and anti-Modi lobbies with global reach.

Updated on December 8, 2019

Original Article:

8 Reasons Why India Is so Poor
By Goodpal

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