George Zimmerman, Sociopath

Updated on May 31, 2016
One of many mugshots from this criminal.
One of many mugshots from this criminal.

Zimmerman Auctions Gun Used To Murder Trayvon Martin

Just when you thought this creep couldn't stoop any lower, George Zimmerman proves once again just how evil and coldhearted he is. It was not enough that he was aquitted of all charges for the murder of Trayvon Martin. From the time that the trial concluded he has managed to have goofs galore. His constant thirst for attention shows just how callous he truly is. Now the latest stunt he has pulled is to make money from the weapon that he used to murder Trayvon Martin.

If you step back a few years and examine his brushes with the law and his obsession to remain relevant, it is absolutely appalling that he still springs up. The murder of Trayvon Martin will always be remembered in our society. His murder raised issues of race, outdated laws, and raw emotion showing from both sides of the fence. From this the US showed that as a country there are some deep gaping wounds that have not healed. Trayvon's death only poured salt on those wounds. But even if you was a Zimmerman supporter during his trial, it should at least amaze you that he has all of this trouble after being set free. Let's take a look at his journey starting immediately following the acquittal.

July 2013 - Zimmerman is acquitted

July 2013 - Zimmerman "helps" to rescue a family

July 2013 - Zimmerman is stopped for speeding

August 2013 - Zimmerman's wife pleads guilty to perjury

August 2013 - Zimmerman goes to see maker of gun used to murder Trayvon Martin

September 2013 - Zimmerman's wife files for divorce

November 2013 - Zimmerman charged with felony assault and domestic violence against his girlfriend

December 2013 -Girlfriend decides to drop charges

January 2014 - Zimmerman takes to Twitter to slam the prosecutor in his murder trial

February 2014 - Zimmerman asks to fight in "celebrity" boxing

January 2015 - Zimmerman arrested for domestic violence

May 2015 - Zimmerman is shot at

May 2016 - Zimmerman auctions gun that was used to kill Trayvon Martin

From this lengthy list, it is clear that this guy is a true sociopath. He's been acquitted of all charges yet he wants to capitalize from this tragic event. His defense in the murder trial was that it was self defense that caused him to murder Trayvon. But now it seems as if he celebrates the young teen's death. He shows no remorse as he did with his sad and somber expressions in the courtroom during his trial. We are witnessing the true George Zimmerman who is a coldblooded killer.


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