The Blue Falcon of V.A. Reform

Updated on May 9, 2019


Politicians have been saying they'll reform the V.A. for decades. Its become standard political pander applause line.

— Paul Rieckhoff, C.E.O. of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America

V.A. Reformation

If any thing is for sure Donald Trump is a man of many words. He has a plan for reforming the V.A. which is in desperate need of reformation. His plans for expanding the V.A. include hiring O.B.-G.Y.N. doctors to help provide for needs of female veterans and increasing technology like telehealth along with satellites so that the funds for post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, and suicide prevention services are increased. He wants to start a pilot project making it so that a veteran can get medical care at any medical facility that accepts Medicare so that the V.A. is not the only option. Although many think that his intentions are good, many question whether or not his plans will actually work.

Privatizing the V.A.

Donald Trump promised real reform for the Veteran's Administration. People are accusing him of wanting to dismantle the entire system and have veterans' medical care privatized. The V.A. has been a source of serious trouble for Veterans because there are long wait lists and lack of medical care that is needed. However, most veterans want to see improvement and not a complete breakdown of the V.A. Obviously the V.A. has short staffing problems. The group, "Paralyzed Veterans of America" challenged senior V.A. leaders and congress to abide by the 1986 legislative rule to keep inpatient beds available for veterans with injury to the spinal cord, mental illness, blindness, and amputations. There is a growing need for patient care for older veterans as well as veterans who are seriously injured. The problem that they see with sending veterans to private doctors and not the V.A. is that the V.A. will downsize and have even longer waiting lists and fewer beds.

"Encouraging all veterans to seek care in the private sector, which lacks the expertise to treat military and combat injuries and illnesses, and which does not typically provide integrated or coordinated care would lead to worse health outcomes for many veterans."---AMVETS spokesman John Huellworth

Blue Falcon


The V.A. had a recent scandal in which the employee's made fake waiting lists to hide the reality that veterans were not getting medical care when they needed it. As a result many veterans died. People complained that the V.A. is not not holding the people that work there accountable and not fulfilling the needs of veterans. In 19 different states and Puerto Rico it was revealed that forty employees at the V.A. "zeroed out" waiting times. At the V.A. in Phoenix it was revealed that several veterans died while waiting for care. Investigations were soon launched into over 100 facilities. The investigations revealed that supervisors in several states told the schedulers to falsify wait times.

"Until the V.A. decides it truly wants to change its corrupt and poor culture, those who work on the front lines and possess the true knowledge relating to the V.A.'s continued data manipulation will remain quiet and in hiding because of fear of work place harassment and retaliation/"--- Wilkes, a social worker at a V.A. medical center

The Game of Lying

How do people know Donald Trump is telling the truth? He is being sued for fraud and racketeering. Previously, Donald Trump announced on the campaign trail that he topped six million dollars that went to veterans' charities. He claimed that he had given away 5.6 million that had been raised four months prior at an event for Veterans' causes in Iowa. The media wanted verification that those funds were really raised. He was announcing at the event and for days afterwards that they raised 6 million. The people who made donations made them to the Donald J. Trump Foundation thinking that the money would be distributed to veterans.The night the fundraiser was held, Trump claimed he gave away one million of his own money. The campaign manager for Trump said previously that the money had already been distributed. However, on May 23, 2016, the Post made inquiries on Twitter asking if anyone had received money from Trump and no one had. That very night, Trump gave a million to the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation. This group helps with educational grants to children of deceased Marines and federal officers. When Trump was asked if the only reason he made the donation was because the media questioned it, he commented, "You know, you're a nasty guy. You're a really nasty guy." Donald Trump claimed that the reason it took so long to distribute the money was because of all the vetting that his team did to see if the charity was legitimate. However, one of the charities Trump donated $75,000 to has an "F" rating from Charity Watch. Very little of the money actually went to veterans.

Veterans are Not Props for Hate

Things Trump Lied About

  • contributing one million himself before being hounded by the media
  • raising six million total
  • he didn't want credit for the money raised
  • his team was vetting the charities

Charities that Received Money from Trump

  • Achilles International received $100,000. It is a charity that helps veterans train for athletic events.
  • Racing for Heroes received $100,000 in the first few weeks after the event in Iowa. They reported that they received another big check from the Trump Foundation but did not reveal the amount. They use auto racing to try to help veterans who suffer from brain injuries and post traumatic-stress disorder.
  • The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund got a $75,000 check from Trump's Foundation. They hold an annual motorcycle ride to raise money to assist disabled veterans.
  • The Bod Woodruff Foundation got a check for $75,000. The group raises funds for wounded veterans.

The Ultimate Insult

An American soldier named Humayun Kham was killed in a car bombing in 2004 in Iraq while he was trying to save other troops. His father, Mr. Khizr Khan claimed that Trump constantly smeared the reputations of Muslims, his deceased son being a Muslim. Trump criticized the mother of the fallen soldier because she didn't speak at the convention and reiterated the idea that infringes upon the freedom of religion that Muslims should not be allowed into our country. He was insulting the family of someone who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

"It is really despicable that anyone, let alone a presidential candidate would choose to dishonor the services of an American who gave his life for our nation."--Ibrahim Hooper, Spokesman for the Counsel on American-Islamic Relations

Degrading Things Trump Said of the Military

  • After five draft deferments, avoiding serving in Vietnam Trump said, " I know more about I.S.I.S. than the generals do........The generals have been reduced to rubble. They have been reduced to a point where it is embarrassing to our nation."
  • On Senator Jon McCain he said, "He's not a war hero. I like people who weren't captured."
  • Trump said that because he went to a military themed boarding school he got, "more military training than a lot of guys who go into the military."
  • He talked about the dangers of improvised explosive devices saying, "If a bomb goes off...they're OK. They go for a little ride upward and they come down."
  • When talking about soldiers distributing money in Iraq and Afghanistan, he suggested that the soldiers stole the money saying, "I think they're living very well right now, wherever they may be...those soldiers -I wouldn't be that surprised if the cash didn't get there."
  • When talking about torturing detainees and targeting the family members of terrorists (these things are illegal) he said, "If I say do it, they're going to do it."
  • He put down the Gold Star Family whose son was killed in Iraq.
  • His comment on P.T.S.D. which people have put down and said that what he was saying was a misconception of the illness and that his comments would lead veterans to not seek treatment for fear of being seen as "weak" was, "When people go to war and combat, and they see things that maybe a lot of the folks in this room have seen many times over, and you're strong and you can handle it. But a lot of people can't handle it."

Joe Biden on Trump

Donald Trump

Who is Donald Trump?

What kind of a person is Donald Trump? In three decades he has had 4,095 lawsuits against him. He is a man of many words. But, does he actually follow through with what the says he is going to do? "Trump University" was opened up and charged over 5,000 people up to $35,000 each to take classes and seminars on how to become wealthy the same way he did. He promised to teach sales tactics. Over forty million dollars were paid by people to attend, Trump University (which Trump did not get licensed by the state of New York as an educational institution) ended up in a civil lawsuit where 5,000 people sued him for fraud and racketeering. Donald Trump was forced to pay one million in penalties to the state of New York for being in violation of state education laws. The people who were scammed by Trump received half of what they paid to Trump University. The rest of the money Donald Trump kept. This was just one of 4,095 law suits. It appears he promises to reform the V.A. the same way he scammed people to attend his University. In conclusion, it is very scary that Donald Trump was elected President.

Do you believe Donald Trump is going to reform the V.A.?

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