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A Woman's Guide to Surviving Air Force Basic Training

Updated on August 17, 2016

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Basic Training Tips for Women

This is for the women out there that are going into the Air Force. Basic training can be difficult but there are some things you can do to make it easier.

How to Prepare and Train for Basic Training

  • Months in advance, start running and doing push-ups and sit-ups. You want to be able to do at least 20 push-ups and 30 sit-ups and be able to run a mile without too much effort. If you don't, basic training will be a lot more difficult as you run for 30 minutes at a time, sometimes sprinting for at least a minute. You will constantly be doing push-ups as a punishment for anyone in your flight doing anything wrong. There is physical training every day unless there is a thunderstorm.
  • Get yourself mentally prepared by doing as much research as possible. There are many videos out there to help you. They will show what it is like.
  • You will also want to learn to be organized. Your locker will have everything in its specific place, folded in a certain way, buttoned a certain way which will all be taught when you get there.
  • Cut all sodas and juices out of your diet. Have you ever heard someone yell, "hydrate"? You will at basic. They have a water monitor in some flights that every once in a while will yell that and you all have to drink from your canteen. At meals, you have to down a small glass of water, drink another while you eat, and then down another after you're done. There's a ton of water and it's better if you already know how to drink nothing but water.
  • Learn to eat fast. You have very little time. Some people in my flight resorted to eating small packets of peanut butter as that was all they had time for. You have to stuff your mouth very quickly and a lot of the time you go hungry because you didn't eat enough. Your stomach will shrink by the time you are done with basic.

What to Do Right Before You Leave for Basic Training

  • A lot of women ignored this next bit of advice but later regretted it. Before I went to basic, I asked my mom and aunt who were both in the military what they would have done differently. Without skipping a beat, they both said that they wished they had cut their hair. So I cut my hair short. I am glad I did. Girls spent sometimes hours at night getting their hair put up correctly and perfectly. You have very little time to shower and get dressed so it's nice to not have to worry about your hair. I got some valuable sleep while they fixed their hair.
  • Get a list of what to bring. There are no aerosol cans allowed. Some lists tell you to bring the spray deodorant. You will end up just throwing it out. There are no weapons allowed and most medication is not allowed. No Tylenol, Motrin, or things like that. Birth control is allowed but you will most likely forget to take it. If you get sick, they will send you to the clinic and you will get medication from them.
  • Prepare your family for a shocking phone call. Have them hold a piece of paper and pencil by the phone and expect a rude call from you. We were told to tell our parents, "Shut up and listen." Let them know that you don't mean it before you go to basic so that you feel OK to tell them that at basic. I was terrified to have to tell my stepmom that.

This Is How I Cut My Hair

For those that were wondering, this was taken right before basic.
For those that were wondering, this was taken right before basic.

How Basic Training Works

  • You arrive in your civilian clothes. If you have a shirt on that says anything on it, they will make you turn it inside out so bring plain shirts. It will be a few days before you will get uniforms. These first few days are the roughest because you will constantly be yelled at for not doing things you are supposed to but didn't know you needed to.
  • Keep quiet and don't make yourself known. If you stand out, you will get a nickname and be picked on for the remainder of basic training.
  • It's best if you get a watch with an alarm when you are sent to the store. Every morning you wake up and have very little time to get dressed. I set an alarm for 10 minutes earlier. It gave me enough time to use the restroom, get dressed, and even start making my bed. You will head downstairs and do roll call. After that, you will go back upstairs and make your bed. You are supposed to be doing this with your partner. However, most come to realize that it is best if you learn to do it yourself as you tend to get into trouble for them not paying enough attention.
  • Double and triple check everything.
  • The rest of the day consists of the meals, physical training, and training on learning how to make beds or fold something. It can also be learning military bearing and things that you will have to know throughout your military career.
  • About the second or third week, you will be taken in to do a urine sample in which they will test to see if you are pregnant. We had two girls sent home because they were. Don't get pregnant if you are going into basic. Otherwise, you endured three weeks of hell just to be sent back home.
  • There will be shots and yes, there are multiple ones at a time. You stand in a line and get a shot in each arm at a time. You also get the lovely penicillin shot (unless your allergic) in your bottom and it hurts, trust me, it hurts. It had some men crying.
  • Do not talk to your brother flight. There were many females that were sent back a week or two just for flirting with some of the brother flight.
  • You will be a trainee until you go through the Airman's ceremony. You will have to report like this, "Ma'am/Sir, trainee (your last name) reports as ordered." You have to say that before you say a word other than "Yes Ma'am" or "No sir." You will get the hang of it.
  • There is a warrior week. It can be fun as this is when you will get to fire your weapon. It is also where you will eat the MREs (meal ready to eat) which do have candy in them. You are not allowed to have the coffee that comes in some of them. This is an outdoor thing. You will shower in sand filled showers after you go through the courses. You will get very dirty as you will be doing low crawls in dirt and other things. It can be exhausting because you run in your uniform a lot and do a lot of physical activities.
  • This is also when you will go into the gas chamber and take off your mask. It isn't all that bad. It will sting and be hard to breathe. People's noses will run and some even slobber.
  • After you survive warrior week, you will then go through another week or two of basic before your Airman's ceremony. You will first have the Airman's run. Now they say it is only 2.5 miles but afterwards, they informed us that it was 3.5 miles. Be prepared for it as you all run at the pace of the flight in front of you.
  • The Airman's ceremony is special. You will get your first coin. From that point on, you wear your blues and are treated differently. Don't get too comfortable because there is still a big chance of getting yelled at. Graduation isn't that far off from that point.

I wish you the best. Basic training will be hard but take each day one step at a time. If I can survive it, you can. Just remember one thing, you will be living with about 40 females. Keep your mouth shut or there will be a lot more stress than you need. Girls can be vicious and you don't want to get on the wrong side of one. I had someone untie and re-lace my shoes incorrectly so that I got into trouble. Try not to cause problems.


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    • mrsSPCGuzman 7 years ago

      I want to THANK YOU so much for writing about Air Force BMT from a woman's point of view. These reviews/advice columns I'm finding are slim to none and it helps so much to have a first hand account of how things are. My husband is in the National Guard, and recently we have been talking about me joining the Air Force as a 4NOX1. Thank you again, sincerely!

    • Jennifer 7 years ago

      Yes. I'm thinking about joining the Air Force too and this information is valuable. Thanks so much.

    • Ursula 6 years ago

      Thanks so much for the helpful information. This is a new world for me and the more I read about the women that has survivied BMT before me the more excited I am. I'm still on the fence about cutting my hair but, you gave some great information, thanks again.

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 6 years ago from England

      I know how that was. I just kept thinking that I would rather have sleep than to get yelled at for my hair. Your hair has to be perfect and sometimes you don't have time to fix it. You barely have time to go to the restroom lol.

    • Tara 6 years ago

      I would like to know how exactly did you cut your hair? I mean like how short should i get it because i'm thinkning about joinging and i would like to be completely prepared.

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 6 years ago from England

      I cut it very short. I will add the picture to the hub.

    • Chaotic Chica profile image

      Chaotic Chica 6 years ago

      I laughed the whole way through this because Navy bootcamp is very similar, although my Air Force friends talked of a slightly more relaxed boot camp than you did but even Navy bootcamp has changed since I went through. And yes, I tearfully cut my hair prior to bootcamp and was glad I did, those that didn't got it cut for them and it was a very quick chop job (we were required to get it cut).

    • Katie 6 years ago

      Thank you for the insight. I am joining the Air Force this fall. I was not planning on cutting my hair but I think I will just to get the extra sleep. I will be sure to revisit this article before I leave for TX.

    • Jamie 6 years ago

      This has definitely helped me. Thank you so much. I am thinking about joining this fall and needed some guidance. I need to start running now.

    • AFWingMom - Lisa 6 years ago

      Thanks so much for sharing! I enjoyed your story and am grateful for your service.

      Have a blessed day!

    • shaunie25 6 years ago

      thanks i am so thinking about joining and you gave me so much to think about...thank you so much...great information

    • Elizabeth 6 years ago

      I know i shouldn't be askig this but what about when a girl has her period and she gets cramps?

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 6 years ago from England

      It is a legitimate question. I am one to have horrible cramps but you are constantly on the move and your period will be all out of whack when you go there. My normally 5 day long period only lasted 2 days and then I didn't have another one for quite a bit of time later. My roommate during tech school didn't get hers for about 6 months. If it does get too bad, you can always go to sick call and they can give you some medication but my cramps were not anywhere how they normally are.

    • Amy 6 years ago

      Im a very soft hearted person when someone yells at me and when i get nervous i tend to miss information, i was never smart in school, but im already signed to go in july, anything that can help me?

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 6 years ago from England

      @Amy- just remember that their job is to yell at you. Keep yourself hidden at first because those that stand out right away are the ones that get picked on the most. Other than that, just remember that they will yell and everything is simple so don't worry about missing information. They won't yell at you when its important information.

    • Ashley 6 years ago

      I am nineteen and looking into joining the Air Force... I am not that fit and I have no clue how to prepare for it. Do you have any advice? The main thing I am afraid of is not passing the PC, because I don't run and I hardly have time to workout with all of my schooling.

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 6 years ago from England

      @Ashley. Try to run whenever you have time and start doing pushups and situps right before you go to bed. No matter what you do, its going to get you fit. There were very few people that did not pass and most were closer to the overweight side and those that did not try hard during basic. Just start doing a little now, maybe even waking up earlier to go for a run. Any little bit will help.

    • ashley 6 years ago

      From the beginning through now, how did you keep yourself motivated when things got rough?

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 6 years ago from England

      I just remembered that it wasn't about me. I was doing something greater than myself and I took it one day at a time. Soon it becomes your way of life and becomes normal for you.

    • Chrys 6 years ago

      I was REALLY curious.. What do you do when/if you get your period? I mean tampon/pad wise.. Do you just change it then and there on the field or do they allow you to go to the bathroom??

    • alisha 6 years ago

      @ chrys's comment... I was wondering the same thing.

    • Leena 6 years ago

      good question chrys.

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 6 years ago from England

      You will have plenty of room in your ABUs to hide tampons or pads and you get very quick bathroom breaks. So they will let you go to the bathroom. I would suggest going even if you don't have to.

    • Danielle 6 years ago

      I am 19, slightly overweight, have a horible diet, barely exercise, and just got kicked out of my house. I see AF as a future for myself. I know I will have to kick my butt into shape before BMT, do you know when the starting dates are so I can be prepared

    • Chrys 6 years ago

      Thank You.

    • Lara 6 years ago

      Do women have some privacy when taking showers?

    • Ashley 6 years ago

      Nice article. Had a few questions.

      1. How much of the Air Force song "Into the Wild Blue Yonder" do you need to memorize?

      2. What happens to those who come into basic out of shape? Do they go into "Fit Flight" right away?

      3. Is it ok to wear contact lenses to basic?

      Thanks for any help :)

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 6 years ago from England

      @Danielle- It depends on the job you choose. I joined in November and was shipped out in March. Some people go faster, some go later.

      @Lara- That was my biggest fear going in. No you don't. I was always very private. However, once you get there, there is soooo much going on that it probably won't be an issue. I had my TI screaming at me and so I forgot about it lol.

      @Ashley- We sand that all the time at tech school. Such as every morning lol. I believe it was all of it that we had to know. For those that are out of shape, they will not go into that flight right away. In fact, most of my flight was out of shape and only 1 person ended up going around 5th week. No contact lenses at all. They show you pictures of what happens in the field and its nasty. You get the ugly glasses but there are soooo many people that have them, that no one cares. Later after tech school, you can get better looking ones and since they require you getting 2, you can get the ugly ones as sunglasses which is what I did.

    • Anna 6 years ago

      your article gave me a lot of information. im 17 and i'm deciding if i want to go to college before the air force, or just go straight to the air force out of high school. do you have any suggestions?

    • Liz 6 years ago

      Thank you so much for your insight on BMT. I was wondering, because your article is a little outdated what with the new training program, did you have any comments on the longer, harder BMT and the more rigorous fitness test?

      I'm thinking of joining the Air Force this fall and since I'm a shy, sensitive woman, I'm wondering if it's right for me.

      Thanks again.

    • ScopeDope 6 years ago from Cape Cod,Ma.

      Big change in AF Basic Train. since my day 1954,

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 6 years ago from England

      @Anna, I waited to go in until about 2 years after high school. I think it might be good to get to know yourself away from high school first however, only you can make that decision. My husband went in less than a year after high school and that was right for him.

      @Liz- They changed it about a month after I got out of basic. The new fitness test actually is easier from what I had to do. You now have an extra minute for your mile and a half, you only have to do 18 pushups instead of 27 and 38 situps instead of 50. It has actually become easier. Yes it is longer, but now they spend more time teaching you everything that we had to learn in less time. Some of the new airman we talk to said it was easy to get through as long as you dealt with the yelling. There were a lot of shy girls that joined. All of them made it through. You will learn your own strengths when you go through it. Is it right for you? I can't say. Only you will know that.

    • jessica 6 years ago

      How was the whole signing up process? I'm going to take the practice asvab and do the questionnaire in a few long do you have to wait to go back and take the real asvab test and can you enlist right after? Thanks for this article very informative trust me it helps a lot!!

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 6 years ago from England

      I never took the practice ASVAB but I do recommend doing it. When I signed up, I was actually going with my then boyfriend's meeting with the recruiter. I told him that I wanted to go in and I come from an Air Force family so I knew what to expect. That was on a Monday, that weekend I was shipped over to the next island to take the ASVAB. So it depends on the recruiter. After that, I just waited on the results of which job I got and was supposed to leave about a month after I took my ASVAB but they sent me a month after that. It was all pretty quick but it all depends on the recruiter and the job you choose.

    • Jess 6 years ago

      I am going to join the air force in august and i will be going in at 17(graduating a semester early from high school) so i have to have my parents sign all the paper,needed.(they have agreed) but at the same time they are very upset with telling me im wasting my life and how its not right for do i talk to them? this is what i want to do!

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 6 years ago from England

      @ Jess, I would explain to them the benefits of joining the Air Force. You will have medical care, steady pay, a place to live and they will continuously push you to get college done as well as community service. Depending on the job, even though you will be deployed, you are safer than most of the other branches. Just an example on medical care, I got pregnant when I was in with my son and was diagnosed with severe pre-eclampsia. I was hospitalized for 2 weeks as a high risk patient. The medical bills came up to over $300,000. I did not pay anything. My mom was in the Air Force when she gave birth to my younger brother. He was early and was in the hospital in and out for a year. The bills came up to over $900,000 and she didn't pay for anything either. You cannot get that type of medical coverage anywhere else. You will be trained and the experience will be life changing.

    • becca 6 years ago

      This might sound like a weird question but is there a separate shower for women on their period?

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 6 years ago from England

      @ becca, nope there is not. Most wore a tampon though when going in.

    • Chelle 6 years ago

      I'm a 18 (will be 19 week 1 of my basic) I leave for basic 7 Sept. 2010 just 17 days away. i have know almost every thing i should for basic I'm good with my sit-ups & push-ups. I can only run half a mile with out stopping or anything but i know that i will get better with that in basic. QUESTION is what all do we learn in the classes that i should know? I know most of the ranks & the creed but not the air force song.

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 6 years ago from England

      @Chelle, you will learn all of it in basic. There is a lot that you are taught and there is no way I can remember everything that they taught me. They will give you everything you need and teach you everything you should know. Just make sure you study when they have designated study times.

    • Chelle 6 years ago

      ok thanks, I just asked cause I like to be prepared but I guess Im as prepared as i can get lol

    • candice baugh 6 years ago

      hi im leavin sept 20 2010 and im a little neverous i hear it goes by fast im just a little worried about the first day u get there

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 6 years ago from England

      @Candice. Expect a lot of yelling. It will be nonstop. Just listen to what they are saying and keep yourself on the downlow. You'll be fine.

    • julia09 6 years ago

      Thank you for writing this lol it answered a lot of my questions.. but i wanted to know i have a bad knee and i plan on going into the air force. should i tell my recruiter?

      it doesn't hurt that bad but sometimes when i run it tightens up and kind of hurts afterwards.

    • TT 6 years ago

      are there women of all ages in basic or are they usually between 18 and 20?

    • Anna Lee 6 years ago

      Hey thanks a lot. I'm joining the Air Force soon, and my brother gave me the bright idea to start preparing myself for what's ahead. Guess he was right!

      I'm listing to your advice. I'm doing the pushups, running, and I'll eventually learn to keep my mouth shut. If I get sent home for flirting, I'll be pissed. Ahahaha, just kidding, I can resist blurting out my geeky pick up lines.

      Thanks again, this really helped!

    • kym 6 years ago

      are you kidding me? that is too much as compared to what i was told by my recriuter, tell me there are some changes being done before july next year? coz am tensing right here.

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 6 years ago from England

      @julia, yes I would tell them and they will let you know what to do about it.

      @TT, the youngest in my flight was 16 and the oldest was 29 so it ranges. I believe there was a 32 year old with a waiver in the brother flight.

      @kym, just relax. You will do fine. Basic training is not meant to be easy (although if you get passed the yelling and living with females, it was pretty easy). You just take it one day at a time. Just remember that the recruiter sugar coats everything. If you have a question, talk to someone in the Air Force, not a recruiter. They have quotas they have to meet.

    • Lilly 6 years ago

      3 random questions:

      1. I'm going into the AF in a month and right now my hair is short with straight short bangs. Would I have to bobby pin my bangs up during basic?

      2. Did you know anyone who joined AFROTC instead of enlisting? What difference is it?

      3. I sort of have a problem with gray hairs.. would I ever have time to dye my hair at all?

      I'm sorry these are random questions.. but I just wanted to know since i'm quite self-conscious about some minor problems..otherwise, I'm so damn glad that I found your post! :D

    • Krystal 6 years ago

      I'm joining in about 8 months to give my family (husband and baby) a better future. I feel a lot of pressure as I try my hardest to prepare so this really helped a lot thank you for sharing your information. My hair is naturally wavyish curly and I'd like to cut it short but I'm worried it will be a huge mess. Any suggestions?

    • JWall 6 years ago

      Like most my biggest concern is cutting my hair, i have hair down to the middle of my back so fairly long. i am willing to cut it if they are going to do a "chop job" for me when i get there, but if not id rather keep it because i usually wear my hair up anyway so i am pro at the "bun"

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 6 years ago from England

      @ Lilly- 1- I would bring bobby pins if it'll make you feel better. I did wear them at times but most of the time I just pushed them off to the side. 2- I do not know anyone that has done AFROTC. 3-You will not get to dye your hair nor will you be able to bring any dye. Don't worry, no one looks great during basic.

      @Krystal- I had someone with hair like yours, she cut it really short and as long as it doesn't touch your collar, you are fine.

      @JWall- It's up to you what you want to do. You will have to sleep in your bun and fix your hair in the morning. So it depends on how you want to do it. They will not give you a chop job when you get there but will give you an opportunity to go to the hair salon.

    • EmilyA 6 years ago

      Do you get to shave? Like you legs is there even time?would you recommend just getting waxed before heading out?

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 6 years ago from England

      If your worried about it, I'd get it waxed. You do not get to shave until you start wearing your blues.

    • AshleyT 6 years ago

      This post and some of the questions are great. I have plans of joining in Feb. giving my self time to papare like get in shape and stopping some bad habits. I started in late july. My biggest concern is that i have a two year old son and at the time I am a single mother.I know that BMT is about 2 months, but what happens after that,I hear about tech school.After BMT will i be able to visit home or at lease have my family visit me?

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 6 years ago from England

      After Basic your family can visit you. You will get different levels of freedom. If you follow the rules, after about a month, you can stay out friday and saturday night. You do have a curfew on week nights. After tech school, you are free to do whatever.

    • Fionna 6 years ago

      I would like to get some clarification on the initial fitness requirements for Air BMT. I am entering as a Reservist. During the last DEP meeting, one of the speakers mentioned that if you do not meet the initial requirements set forth on the paper the recruiter have you to sign each month at the DEP meeting (the requirements are the initial requirements pre-graduation) you will be sent home the following day. I over heard a guy asking a recruiter was that true, the recruiter replied no. Someone else who served in the Military told me that was not true as well, they are only trying to instill fear in us and weed the weak one out. Is this true. I can run 1.5, but my run time is slow and I also struggle with the push ups. I cannot do no more than 21 at this point.

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 6 years ago from England

      It is a scare tactic. There were many that couldn't do a single push up nor run that I went to basic with.

    • ren 6 years ago

      I am taking my asvab tonight. (Air force). I heard after your asvab, the process goes fairly quickly. Can you give any insight on how MEPS goes for a female? I am contemplating either getting the shot or getting on birth control, as I do not want to deal with the extra worries and stress of being on your period at bmt (hygiene, bathroom breaks, cramps, shower etc). Having my period is my biggest stress right now about heading off to bmt. Also, what job do you do in the air force?

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 6 years ago from England

      The process goes as fast as your job allows. MEPS is pretty easy. They take some blood, do a physical (you will have to be in a bra and underwear. As for the period, we all had it right at the beginning. I normally have REALLY bad cramps (still do to this day) but mine were very minimal and a lot of girls talk about that. With sooooo many females in your barracks, Everyone ended getting it at the same time in the beginning then none of us got it again. I'd do the shot if you would like to but pills, you will forget about. I was a Dental Technician in the Air Force. I enjoyed it for the most part. I mostly enjoyed being Medical.

    • Kathrinusa 6 years ago

      I wished I would have found your site earlier. My daughter is at Basic right now. She is in her 4th week. She always wanted to do that. She grew up with it. My husband is retired AF. We had the chance to talk to her three times now and couple of letters. The letters didn't sound so bad. She is of course home sick and she is saying it is hard. She has problems dealing with the attitude of some of her dorm mates. She really wants to say something. Her troop is getting into problems because of them. She didn't sound very good last Sunday. What really worries me. She sounded really down, almost like she is ready to give up. My husband said that is normal. She is still struggling with meeting the standard for the PT ( push ups ). This week there are doing the warrior week. She was kind of excite about that, not the gas part. I'm sitting here now and can't do anything about that. Thinking will she be alright, will she be sent home or recycled back. i know she can do it if she just sets her mind to it. She knows we are very proud of her. We telling her all the time. Nothing else we can do right. Well thank you for listening. And Thank you very much for all the advice you give here.

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 6 years ago from England

      Yes, they tear us down pretty hard. I didn't start to feel better till we had the airman's ceremony. She is also probably sick too since so many of us were lol. I was sick a good four weeks worth. If she's made it this far, I don't think she will get recycled back. Next letter or time you talk to her, tell her to start doing pushups and situps right before she goes to bed. I know she is tired but it'll help her meet the requirements. Tell her to do more than the minimum. I tried to do 15 or 20 more pushups or situps. It helped a lot when the time came to do the testing and I was able to pass the men's requirements.

    • AshleyT 6 years ago

      Hello again, Do you have any advise for studying for the ASVAB,I need to brush up on my math i bought a study guide, and it's ok with some tips but not so much with math. Also I was told just the other day by a friend of mine that is in the army,that its getting harder to join the AF he said that a lot of jobs with the airforce are not offering bonuses or very small ones. Also that if you have any tattoos you can not get in with out a waiver. Is it true? Because I have tattoos and I dont want that to be the reason I dont get in.

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 6 years ago from England

      You do have to get a waiver. They are more strict on tattoos. All branches of the military are cutting back so they are now getting picky on who they bring in but from all of my military friends and the people I talk to, the army is actually the one that is more difficult to get into now. They are letting a lot of people go and people trying to join the army are now joining the air force. It really depends on the job. As for the ASVAB, if you want help with your math, go to I believe it is. It is an awesome site and worth the fee. It will show you what you did wrong in your problem and help you move up.

    • Leiiden 6 years ago

      reading your article really helped a lot.

      BUT i have a serious, serious question.

      for girls that have facial hair are we issued with a razor then? or can we bring tweezers for that?

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 6 years ago from England

      I believe I brought a razor with me or bought one there so I could shave my legs lol, however, we were not allowed to use it whatsoever, so I would bring tweezers or get it waxed.

    • tlmckay 6 years ago

      so are you not allowed to shave under your arms? can u bring mousse or anything like that to help keep your hair in place i have really nappy hair..

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 6 years ago from England

      You can bring anything for your hair that is not in an aerosol can. Our TI did not let us use the razor for anything. Every TI is different though.

    • ck1216 6 years ago

      I'm thinking of joining the Air Force...going to talk to the recruiter in a few short hours actually. I am very disappointed to learn about the "no shaving" So not looking forward to that! Otherwise...I think I can survive. Thanks so much for all your posts! It's helping make the decision a little easier.

    • Cherie Post 6 years ago

      A frens of my son's ia thinking about joining the Air Force. She has not graduated high school and thinks by joining she can have free medical, meals and a place to stay. I tried to tell her that she has to have a diploma or G.E.D. but, she said the recruiter said it wasn't necessary. She was in the program at school but, has dropped out only finishing the 9th grade. Is there any hope for her?

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 6 years ago from England

      I am pretty sure you have to have a high schol diploma or equivalent. However, the military would straighten her out pretty fast. I do find though that people joining the military for those reasons tend to have issues with the authority and it is harder on them. The military might make her get her GED. I hope they do so that she can have a future. I have some college and it is difficult even for me to get a job now so I can imagine how it is for someone who has not finished high school.

    • Tiffany. 6 years ago

      I'm 18 and im interested in joining, my mom was in the airforce.

      Im not a strong runner at all, and i was wondering do you run as a squad or whatever "flight" i think yall said? or do you run alone?

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 6 years ago from England

      Both, your actual test will be alone and physical training throughout is alone most of the time. You will also run in formation, especially for the airman's run.

    • Liz 6 years ago

      I am thinking about joining the Air Force and I want to thank you so much for your post! I was wondering if you truly did enjoy your experience with them, if it was worth it? I am asking this because I thought about joining for a while but everyone keeps down talking it, I know I should be doing it for me but I'm interested in hearing what life is like for an actual person who was part of something I might potentially become part of.

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 6 years ago from England

      I enjoyed it. I always have the outlook of looking at the positive things. If you do that, then no matter what base or situation you are in, you will enjoy it. If I didn't have kids and married and Air Force man, I would still be in.

    • lily 6 years ago

      First off I want to thank you for having the patience to answer all these questions! You're really helping a lot of people out. My leave date is coming up and I just wanted to clear something up about the bangs. Do they have to be bobby pinned up or can we leave them down? And I have fair skin...I dont mind waking up earlier but please tell me they'll allow me to put sunscreen on!

    • Mel 6 years ago

      This is all such great information! I'm been looking to going in to the AF Reserve, but am getting a lot of crap from my husband about it. He says he'll have to quit his job to take care of the kids(a little dramatic). Do you have any suggestions on how to get some support from the spouse, and have you heard how the mother's did that had to leave their kids while they were in basic, and then tech?

      Another question...I've always been super shy about bowel movements in public restrooms...I take it the restrooms are public, but do they at least have doors for privacy??

      I'm 29 years old, and have been struggling with what to do in my life. AF feels right, even if it's Reserve. But it seems like I'm running in to a lot of personal obstacles.

      I'm curious about the sunscreen that Lily asked about too.

      Thank you!

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 6 years ago from England

      @lily- I don't remember anyone putting on any sunscreen at all, nor do I remember anyone getting burned. A lot of the main part of the day was actually indoors. The physical training was early in the morning, the rest of the day was medical appointments or classroom learning. The only time it was outdoors was during warrior week although I was constantly covered in dirt and mud or we were under some sort of cover, plus you have your hat by then as well. I do remember some people with bobby pins for their hair so I am sure you can pin them up.

      @Mel- Your husband will not have to quit his job although being a spouse does mean your ability to move for a job is out of the question. If you do not have them in daycare right now, I would suggest saving up and then the pay you get from basic, have your hubby use that for daycare. It's not the easiest thing but it is the only constant paycheck in our economy right now. I am now a stay at home mom and my husband is deployed. It is not easy being the spouse but you do what you need to. Being reserve is not as bad as active. People actually volunteer to deploy so sometimes you might actually get out of deployment. Once you graduate basic, your hubby can get a military ID card and will be allowed on base. If you live near a base, you can use daycare (pay is by rank), commissary, and the bx. I think overall he would be happy knowing he has that ability. Just tell him there's no sales tax on electronics. That's one of my husband's favorite things about being on base (and they price match too). We were able to get a dyson vacuum which was $450 on the outside after taxes for $380. So lots of savings. There is also a lot of support for the family too.

      The restrooms are like a mall restroom. There are stalls in each of them so there is privacy on that.

      I think your hubby might have an issue deeper than what he is letting you know. Some feel intimidated by a military gal. I don't know if you have kids or not but if you are on, they have a great military group called military moms. You can probably still go on there and ask for some advice. The group is filled with lots of military members, spouses, and parents of military. Here's the link

    • steph88 6 years ago

      I recently joined and will be leaving for basic in january. I have 93 college hours and I was wondering if during my enlistment I would have time to finish my bachelors online? I wasn't sure if I'd be waaaay too busy or if it just depended on my job? Thank you!

    • Melissa 6 years ago

      Hello, I'm 17 years old and a senior in highschool. I am planning on joining the airforce, I can do sit ups and run fairly well. Push ups on the other hand, I can't even do 1! Can someone help me by telling me how I can build up to actually doing push ups? Thanks.

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 6 years ago from England

      @ Steph, I think it depends on the job but the Air Force actually pushes you to take college. My husband has been able to get his associates while in the military. I have not been to college myself, but if you are already getting close to your bachelors, I'd say get it first then go in as an officer.

      @Melissa, put your feet up on your bed or chair and arms on the ground and attempt push ups. It's going to be hard but it will build up those muscles. Just keep trying and working on it constantly and you will soon be able to do them. If those don't work, you can do a search on muscle exercises for the shoulders. Make sure you have someone that knows how to do pushups watching you at first. Sometimes it's not that you can't do a pushup but that you are doing them wrong.

    • Tanika 6 years ago

      I am from a military family and my father is in Afghanistan right now (airforce) and my family has been pushing me to join the military so I can get my school paid for. I have been thinking long and hard for a few months now and I have decided that I am going to talk to a recruiter to be enlisted.

      Now I know that after you sign and stuff the process goes fast but what happens if you're in a middle of a semester during school? Do they make you drop out?

      I also wanted to know do you HAVE to be at a certain weight range forsure in your height because im 5'2 but I am a pretty muscular girl. Will they allow you to have time to lose it during Basic or you have to lose it before hand?

      I have been looking around for information like this and so far yours is the most helpful! Thank you so much!!

    • Heather 6 years ago

      I was wondering if you can have any piercings in during basic? Like small little studs in your ears? And I have my belly button pierced and it will close up real fast if I don't have anything in it, so am I going to be allowed to have anything in it to keep it from closing?

    • Alison 6 years ago


      I know that 34 is the cut off age for joining, I'm 32 and been contemplating joining for a while but feel that I may be too old too. I'm in good shape and from a military family, but just curious what your opinion was on older people joining?

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 6 years ago from England

      @Tanika- i'd finish your semesters first then get the process rolling They have waivers for everything but I'd start working on losing weight now. One of the girls in my flight was really overweight but she still was able to complete everything.

      @Heather- Sorry, but we all were told to take them out during the entire time. With how much stuff you'll be doing physically, its probably a good thing.

      @Alison- In our brother flight there was a 35 year old guy (he had a waiver) and he did better than most of the younger ones. I'm all for it. If it is something you want to do, go for it!

    • Nicole 6 years ago

      Very helpful! I am 17 and leaving for BMT in six weeks.

      anyone else leaving Nov. 30?

    • Renee 6 years ago

      What are some of the best bases in your opinion? And I am also looking into doing the dental assistant job. What did you think of it overall? What exactly were your duties and responsibilities? Your article was really helpful, thank you!

    • lohi 6 years ago

      Thank you so much for your perspective and advice! It helped me learn more about it compared to all the other advice i got.

      do you think we can bring headbands instead of bobby pins?

      to me its easier to keep my bangs out of my face.

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 6 years ago from England

      I loved lackland, although I was only there for basic. Hated Sheppard, and I love travis since its close to home for me and close to san francisco. I was only at three bases.

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 6 years ago from England

      Headbands were not allowed at all

    • Cooper 6 years ago

      Thank you so much for this post. I'm 16 and going into the Air Force. I was so nervous until I read your post. It's going to help me a lot.

    • KMurphy 6 years ago

      Thank so much for this! Super helpful! Just wondering... what kind of ASVAB score do you have to get to be in the AF? Does it differ for different AFSCs? Looking into still photography... know anything about it?

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 6 years ago from England

      Photography is almost impossible to get as a job. It's worth a shot though. I believe you have to score at least a 38 on your ASVAB to be eligible for the Air Force but each job requires a different ASVAB score to be eligible for the job.

    • kayonna linder 6 years ago

      wow that was really awesome im only 15 years old and i look up too you guys thanks for telling me and also giving me great advise about the Air Force i really look forward to hearing more about woman in the Air force because i would truly love to do something that would not only help me but help our nation1


    • Ashley 6 years ago

      Thanks so much for the info, you made me feel so much better! I'm currently in the DEP and am number one for the pick this month. My recruiter predicts I'll be in Lackland in February. I think you answered most of my questions but I currently have a bf and were wondering if it'd be best to marry before basic or afterwards? It's something we've thought about for years now and didn't know if it'd be easier to do now or later b/c of the time strain after BMT. Also, I know this isn't a normal question but kids? I plan on not having kids until after my 6 years I've signed up but I'm pretty sure I'm going to love being a Linguist so I was thinking about career. When did you have kids? And how was that considering your career? I understand it's a personal subject so if you would rather not I completely understand! And thanks for the hair tip, bye bye lovely locks :)

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 6 years ago from England


      I would suggest getting married before. It makes the paperwork much easier and you will start getting dependent pay.

      I got pregnant only 4 months after basic. It was great that the military paid for everything because I was diagnosed with severe pre-eclampsia and was hospitalized for two weeks and he was in the NICU for a week and a half. It was only hard because we lived over an hour away. If we had lived on base, things would have been ok. We were both military though. I got pregnant with #2 (my son only being 2.5 months old) and I didn't think it would be good for the kids to have two parents in the military and since he was higher ranking and wanted to go career, he stayed in and I got out. Had I been married to a civilian, I would have stayed in. The Air Force is pretty family friendly.

    • Ashley 6 years ago

      Agreed. You're probably right. Hopefully if I get the paperwork all set ASAP it won't mess up when I get my date! Gotta talk to the recruiter about this one :) But I'm glad things all worked out with your family and kids! My recruiter was actually trying to get my bf to go in as well with all the benefits and whatnot of us both going in. I plan on doing 6 and then having kids but I plan on being the lifer so I dunno what would happen? Anyway, thanks for the great advice/info!

    • Jayla 6 years ago

      Does the Air Force make women cut their hair?

    • Jenna 6 years ago

      i leave jan 25th anyone else out there leaving then?

    • Kenzie 6 years ago

      Im going into the Air Force and im so scared to cut my hair. i hate it when its short cuz i look funny. will it be that big of a deal if i just grow my bangs out all the way ?

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 6 years ago from England

      @ Jayla- no they do not force you to cut your hair

      @Kenzie- I don't see that as a problem. I just suggest cutting it because your hair has to be perfect when put up and it can take a while to do that.

    • aNGEL 6 years ago

      Thank you very much for doing this! I wondered about the period thing too - Didn't care if i showered in front of a bunch of other women - not shy - but just didn't want to end up on my period showering in front of a bunch of other women...eewww. I have thick wavy hair that will definitely be chopped off! It grows back so why worry!! Getting yelled at is no big deal as long as i don't get the whole flight in trouble i won't take it personally - the TI is just doing her/his job. I know i would not want to be surrounded by a bunch of women out in the field who couln't take the stress and that is what the TI is trying to put you through. Thank you again!!

    • clare 6 years ago

      I just got married and me and my husband are both joining the Air Force. I leave for basic in 6 days so i should graduate in Feb, my husband leaves for basic in march. Am i going to be able to come home during AIT weekends to see him or should i not get my hopes up? Also my running sucks, do you have any tips for running distances with out getting tired quick? Thanks for answering all these questions

    • Ashley M 6 years ago

      hey i hav a question..if you need to use the restroom during bmt will they let you and how much time do they give you?

    • Tracy 6 years ago

      Hi. Thanks for all this q and a. I'm leaving for basic march 14, 2011 as open general. What is dating like in the AF? I know you can't even talk to the men in basic, but once I get to my first base assignment . Do enlisted men usually date enlisted women or do they tend to date civilians? Thanks.

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 6 years ago from England

      Clare- I don't think you will get a chance to see him unless tech school is in your city. The good news is, (although not really good news) you'll be prepared for deployment. As for running, you will build up stamina. Just watch your breathing. Breathe in through your nose and out of your mouth.

      Ashley, they have set times where you get to go to the bathroom. Go when they let you.

      Tracy- I am warning you, you are more than likely going to be security forces. Every single person that went open general that I have met are all security forces. As for dating, please take my advice and wait till you get to your base. There are many tech school marriages that get started...they are NOT good to get in to. Just focus on getting through tech school. I was one of those tech school dating people and thankfully I didn't marry him. He turned out to be verbally abusive. BUT yes, enlisted men do date enlisted women as well as civilian. I married a military man while I was military myself and we have a wonderful marriage, going on almost 3 years now. Be very picky/choosy. There are many great men in the military but there are many bad apples as well. Best advice I can give you is don't date in your work someone from another squadron.

    • clare 6 years ago

      I'm going in the air force as open general,and i don't want to do security forces. My recruiter told me I will most likely get a medical job, but i know he's trying to meet his quota so he says whatever i want to hear. my question is if i don't put security forces down at basic can they still force that job on me? Thanks again for the Q and A.

    • Kathleen 6 years ago

      I bought a car about 6 months ago and am still making payments on it. If I join the AF, what happens to the car? Will I still have to make payments while in Basic Training somehow? Same goes with the other regular monthly bills like the mortgage and current tuition loans.

    • steph88 6 years ago

      i am leaving jan. 11th for basic..starting to get nervous!! what all do you recommend taking to basic? ive heard a few changes of clothes and some old tennis shoes, but nothing else. what did you take?

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 6 years ago from England

      @clare...Yeah, its possible to get a medical job but honestly, I have yet to meet one that was open general. You will get whatever job you get unfortunately. If they give you a choice, make sure to not put it down but there is always a risk of it if they need it.

      @kathleen, many places have military clauses. Call up whoever you finance your car through and talk to them. They may put it on hold while in basic. The military will ship you your car for free once you get to the base. I think there is also clauses for mortgage and tuition loans. I'd also check into that.

      @steph- Ask your recruiter for a list. They provide it for you. Just the necessities. Brush/shampoo and so forth.

    • conerned 6 years ago

      I am thinking about joining the AF for the simple fact to help me finish school and get my B.A. I have over 95 credits. I have had problem receiving aid for school and this seems like my last option. Receiving my degree is very important to me. Do you think this is the best route and is it worth it?

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 6 years ago from England

      My husband had no college and received his associates while in. The Air Force is big on you going to college. There is financial aid while your in, and then the GI bill when you get out. I would definitely do it if you cannot finish college on your own.

    • Heidi 6 years ago

      This is probably weird but do you ever get to shave during basic? It sounds like you are so rushed there would be no time! I sure hope we don't have to stay hairy for 8.5 weeks...

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 6 years ago from England

      No we were not allowed to shave until the last week.

    • Mollie 6 years ago

      I've read all your comments and was wondering if they

      Changed anything since then? I am thinking about joining, I am pretty close to be in touch with a recruiter, I need to lose weight before I am contacted with them. I am not very good at running and push ups, what is your advice for that? I am really scared about Basic Training and that I may not make it, but I have always wanted to join the military. I'd like to be Air national Guard, do you tell your recruiter that when you talk with them? And do you have the choice of what job you want?

    • Tigerlilly2 6 years ago

      Do you know what personnel and admin job holders do in the air force? What are some really good jobs if you can get them? Thanks!

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 6 years ago from England

      Anything Medical is a great job because you can use it on the outside and they are more relaxed. I would just consider which ones are good if you have to get out of the military and go from there :D

    • brenda 6 years ago


      i have decided to join the air force I am 26,

      i wanted to know if having bad credit affects you when you are trying to enlist?

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 6 years ago from England

      @Brenda- it does for top secret clearance so it will affect the jobs you can go for but those should be minimal. You should be able to do most jobs.

    • Jen 6 years ago

      Thanks for all the info!! Do we have to do more medical tests or anything when we arrive to BMT? Or is MEPS it? I know we have to get a ton of shots... oh joy!


    • brenda 6 years ago

      thank you, very much for your help all your information is so helpful....

      about how long does the whole enlisting process take?

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 6 years ago from England

      @ Jen, I remember going constantly throughout basic for different things from shots to pregnancy tests. Most will be done during MEPS but you still have some during basic.

      @Brenda- It depends on the job. Mine took about 3 months. My ex who signed up at the same time took 7 months.

    • erin 6 years ago

      im probably going into the USAFA do you have to go into the gas chamber there too?

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 6 years ago from England

      As far as I know, yes you have to do the gas chamber there. It isn't as bad as it seems ;)

    • Lyn 6 years ago

      Thank you for all this information!

      I was wondering though, when they issue you you're uniforms, do they give you a sports bra as well or will you have to bring your own? I'm seriously considering joining the AF and I'm just trying to get the little details down.

    • Michelle 6 years ago

      So, I know you had a question about contacts already, but I just wanted to like double check I guess. Should I wear my glasses when I go to basic training & not even worry about bringing my contacts? Im leaving on March 29th, so Im trying to get everything ready & Im trying to figure anything out. :)

    • Tisha 6 years ago

      So I want to get a clarification, does the showers have stales. So that I wont be taking a shower with all these females watching?

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 6 years ago from England

      @Lyn- bring your own sports bras. You'll get a chance to go to the bx but its worth bringing your own.

      @Michelle- Bring glasses and don't bring the contacts. It's one less thing to worry about

      @Tisha- the only stalls are on the toilets. Yes you have to shower with all the females. It was horrifying but you do get used to it. Honestly, you have very little time so it's just run in and run out and get dressed quickly.

    • lauran 6 years ago

      I've signed up and Im currently in DEP. Your blog really helped me get an idea of what to look forward too but at the same time it has scared me. I am horrible at running and any other physical activity. I also smoke. I've cut back and Im definitely trying to quit but its been a challenge. I just feel like maybe Im not cut out for military. I'm not really sure what to do right now. The benefits sound great but I honestly don't think ill be able to make it through basic. I did pt the other day and nearly threw up. Should I just dropout now or suck it up because basic isn't that bad?

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 6 years ago from England

      @Lauran, there were many smokers as there has always been. This may be what works great for you to help you kick the habit and to get back to being healthier. I say go for it. With enough push, you can definitely do it.

    • Jessica 6 years ago

      Hi, I've read a lot your postings, I want to join the airforce, but have been getting some slightly bad vibes from my mom and stepdad, they think I'm too emotional which is true, but I want to try anyway, will joining do you think help me be a stronger person, I mean more outspoken? Also I'm a nurse I wanted to see if joining will help me go back to college and become an RN? Thanks in advance.

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 5 years ago from England

      Jessica- It will definitely toughen you up a bit. If it's something you want to do, go for it. As for joining to become an RN, definitely. My husband is on that track right now. Request the Surgical Technician job when you go in. :D Tuition assistance is a wonderful well as the GI bill :D

    • Jessica  5 years ago

      Ok thanks for the advance, my goal hopefully is to join this Oct. Thanks again. :D

    • Jessica Danielle 5 years ago

      So I'm 22 years old, about to graduate from college with a degree in education, but my dream has always been to be a pilot and join the AF. However, I am very girly and have severe OCD and anxiety. I am medicated for this. I'm nervous that I might not be able to make it through basic and especially if i couldn't take my pills. I was also a dancer for 15 years so I am physically fit, but I still have all of those other concerns. Are any of these things something I should worry about?

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 5 years ago from England

      @Jessica, you may not qualify. Anxiety is a serious issue and one that if mentioned, they may not allow you into the military. OCD is no issue. My hubby is OCD and the Air Force is a good job for that. As for being very girly...I am a pageant competitor...I am as girly as they come lol. But I do think the Anxiety is going to cause issues and may keep you from joining. As for a pilot, it is extremely hard to get that job and they take only those that are 100% healthy both physically and mentally. My husband doesn't have some hearing in one of his ears...nothing bad, but it disqualified him quickly.

    • ssosso 5 years ago

      I greatly appriciate this so much.

      I'm looking to join the AF very soon and I'm very excited yet extremely scared. hehe.

      My biggiest problem is that, I can't even do 1push up.. I've been trying and it just won't get me anywhere. Will it disqualify me right on the spot? I'm about 5'4/108~110. I'm not an athelete at all, to be honest but I really really want to try and make this happen.

      And Will i be allowed to bring some of my skincare products? like body lotion, face toner,sun screen, and face cream..etc. i know that i won't have time to use them but i feel that i will have to make time somehow to take care of my skin as often as i can because i have very sensitive,red/break out prone skin if i don't take care of my skin. and on top of that, i have psoriasis which drives me up the wall on daily basis.

      thanks you so much and have a great day!

    • HeatherG 5 years ago

      I've been in DEP since last April and my recruiter finally landed me a job in December. I leave on March 22 for BMT. I'm excited, but also nervous and scared. I've been working on my running as well as my pushups and situps. One of the girls who is in DEP with me is leaving on the same day and her brother told her about this site called that is supposed to help you build up to doing 100 by the end of six weeks. There are also some links on the site that can lead you to several other helpful sites, like one for situps a well.

      I've been debating about whether or not to cut my hair, and one of my recrutiers says not to, and I don't think I will. I want to, but it becomes such a hassle while it's growing back out.

      Since I've been working out, I've noticed I've gained a few pounds. I'm not sure whether it's muscle building up or what. I'm 5'8" and about 140. My range is 125-180 I believe, so I'm not concerned about being too close to my max or min.

      Do you have any advice for an eighteen year old going out on her own?

    • Danni 5 years ago

      Im 20 yrs. old and thinking about joining the AF but I have a few questions, I know you hear this a lot but im really nervous about bmt. I just want to know if it gets any easiler. Also what is the weight required for 5'2 height? My only problem right now is the weight so do you have any suggestions on how to lose the weight I want to be able to do at least the min. requirement.


    • Shane 5 years ago

      So I'm going to sign up when I'm 17 and I was wondering... Can u bring pads and tampons with you or can you buy them there???

    • Shanoa 5 years ago

      I'm planning on signing up when I'm 17 and I wanted to know if you can take pads and tampons with you or can you buy them there?

    • Ashley L. 5 years ago

      So I've been on here and asked my questions and whatnot but I was excited to see that someone else was heading out to BMT on the same day: March 22nd. I wanted to thank you Heather G. for the website. Pushups were the only thing I was worried about and I looked it up and it's simple and I feel like something I could easily stick to doing after my cardio everyday. Thanks for the website and goodluck!

    • Brittany 5 years ago

      Excellent article! My husband was active duty af and is now in the reserves. I'm thinking about joining the reserves. I'm not really afraid of much because I know that basic is not the "real af". My biggest issue is that I have a terribly shy bladder (like ridiculous). I would like a woman's point of view on this one because I know that they do the drug test at MEPS and I'm afraid I won't be able to pee in front of them (ridiculous right?). How bad is that part?

    • Heather G 5 years ago

      @Ashley L. if you're on facebook there is a group for people leaving in March. The name is USAF BMT March 2011.

    • sarah4 5 years ago

      Thanks for all the comments! Do u start getting paid as soon as you enlist/ leave for bmt? And I have student loans I need to figure out defer plans..How do I do that!? Hairy armpits r gonna drive me crazy!!!

    • Ashley L. 5 years ago

      Thanks Heather!

    • Heather G 5 years ago

      @Brittany I was really nervous about the drug test part in MEPs too. What I did was drink A lot of water before I got there so by the time it was my turn for the test, I had to go really badly lol. And it's a woman in there with you, no guys around. If you need to, you can ask her to turn on the tap and maybe the sound of running water will help if you still can't do it.

    • Ashley L 5 years ago

      @ Sarah... Def talk to your recruiter about CLRP, if you haven't already. They will pay up to about $7000 of your college loans for you. I'm in the process of getting my promissory note so it's definitely something you would want to look into. And defer plans? Easily done online where you pay your monthly bill OR I'd go ahead and give them a call and they'll have a representative that can help you. And for CLRP they have to be Federal Student loans, not personal loans. Just so ya know! Goodluck and I'm freaking out about the shaving part too Ahh! lol

    • Unknown 5 years ago

      Hey, your website is inspirational. I just wanted to ask how many shots you had to take. I am really catious about that, I hate needles. Also is the ASVAB hard to take because I have huge test anxiety. Plus what topics does the ASVAB cover directly?

      Thankyou so much for serving our country and god bless you!!!!

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 5 years ago from England

      @ Unknown...yeah, there were lots of shots...I'm terrified of needles so if I can do it, you can too. There are practice testing material that you can get for the ASVAB

    • Shanoa 5 years ago

      Wats the ASVAB

    • RunnerGirl 5 years ago

      Any advice on dorm-mates messing with you while sleeping/having to defend yourself from pranks? Is it common for dorm-mates to gang up on other members? I don't mind working hard and being yelled at by instructors but I don't want to deal with that type of BS, especially being older (34), which I feel could make me a target. Or is there more respect if you are older? Thoughts? Thanks...

    • Trin 5 years ago

      I'm 19, almost twenty, and definitely joining the AF here in a couple of months. However, I'm worried about my tattoo. I've done research on it, but can't find anything on them really. I have a barcode, not very big, on the back of my neck. Does the AF allow neck tattoos? A collared shirt completely covers it

    • Heather G. 5 years ago

      @Trin you'll have to check with your recruiter because they are now required to send in pics and locations of any tattoos to make sure it's all in regulation

    • JMo 5 years ago

      Thank you so much for sharing your story and answering so many questions.

      I'm 29 and considering the AF Reserve. I have a great day job, but I also have the desire to serve. I work in law enforcement and I have a graduate degree. Did your TI's seem to know any background information about the trainees in their flights? I would worry about being a target if they found out about my education or occupation.

      Also, can you tell me how coed the training is? I see that there are male and female flights that live separately, but do they do most other training together? (ie: marching, firearms, PT, etc.)

      Thanks in advance!

    • Angie 5 years ago

      Thank you for your post and for the q and a's. I have read most of them and 1 question I still have is about what to bring like undergarment wise. What kind of underware do I bring? What color should it be? What about bras? Can you bring a regular bra and a sports bra? Are you allowed to wear a regular bra and a sports bra while working out? And do you bring your own socks?

      Thanks I leave soon and these are the only questions I have left.

    • Heather G. 5 years ago

      @Angie I'm planning on taking some regular white underwear, a few white sports bras, a few neutral colored bras, and some regular socks for when we are in our civilian clothes before we get everything issued to us. They will definitely issue you socks so no worries about that. They might make you buy their underwear and sports bras at the bx so everyone will have the same things. But I'm taking some just in case. I'm pretty sure you won't want to work out in your nice bras, save those for once you have to wear your blues or for church.

    • Angie 5 years ago

      @Heather. Thank you for your advice and I only say I want to wear a nice bra while working out because I (for some reason) prefer it over a sports bra so when I wear both its very comfortable...I know weird. I heard that you were thinking about cutting your hair. I talked to my recruiter who is a man he actually called a friend who is a women who said that it really doesn't matter if you had longer hair because even if it is shorter you still have to make sure it isn't in your face.I do agree that it probably would save a lot of time but if your concerned or second guessing then I would cut your hair so that its an even length so the bun will be easier. That way it is sorta a win/win situation. But let me know if you do decide to cut your hair and if it works for you. You are leaving soon so best of luck looks like you did every bit of research possible so you are extremly prepared!

      Thanks again!

    • teiasha 5 years ago

      Def like this thread, can't wait til March 22nd n get this all behind me.... :-)

    • Heather G. 5 years ago

      @teiasha I'm leaving the 22nd too!! Heading out from Knoxville, Tennessee :)

    • teiasha 5 years ago

      @Heather, I have met another girl leaving out from your location also....hopefully, we'll run into each other

    • Alex 5 years ago

      Hi pageantgirl 31413! Reading this page was very helpful! I have been searching the web to get some sort of insight from a women about being in the USAF. I am joining the reserves and I am going to take my ASVAB next week. What would you say was the most difficult part of BMT for you and what was the part you enjoyed the most (if any)? What job did you do in the AF?

    • Amy W. 5 years ago

      This article is really helpful! Is anyone leaving April 12th?

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 5 years ago from England

      Here's to answer some of the previous questions

      Underwear: only white. White sports bras and underwear. No thongs or nice underwear. The want you to wear the granny panties lol. When your in your blues, you can wear a nice bra but they give you a list of what to buy when you first get there.

      As for the hair, you don't have to cut it if you don't want to but I will tell you, our TI was a hair nazi. I was the only one not getting into trouble over it while the others would stay up later to make sure their hair was perfect. You get very little sleep and you work out so much so even 30 minutes is much needed time. Hair grows back but you only go through basic once.

      As for my job in the AF, I was a Dental Technician. The most difficult part of basic was running because I am not a runner at all.

    • butterfly_stream 5 years ago

      I'm going to basic training in July, and this was so helpful! I'm adding it to my favorites. :) Thank you!

    • Lauren 5 years ago

      I guess what I'm most worried about, and this sounds silly, but when we are out there during the physical training and they are yelling commands, I think I'm freaking out because I'm worried I wont understand what they are telling me to do. I watched some videos on bmt. I'm the one that would be in the middle of everybody yelling huh? what'd he say? and gettin shot with a pellet gun lol. Is this something I should be freaking out about?

    • alyson 5 years ago

      i am thinking about joining Air Force..but had a few questions....are women in the air force put into combat??? how often do women get deployed??

      Im considering either being a dietary therapist, or some kind of service?

      And this post was really helpful

    • Anon 5 years ago

      1. Do you get paid for basic?

      2. can I become a nurse while in the Air Force?

      3. If I get my associates degree in Nursing, can I join the Air Force and further my education to be a Nurse Practitioner?

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 5 years ago from England

      Alyson- It depends on the job. You WILL be deployed just as often as men in the same career field. For my husband and me, it was every 2 years (his first deployment was after 4 years in service). They normally wait until you are well trained in your career field.

      Anon- Yes you get paid as an E1. You can become a nurse while in the Air Force. That is exactly what my husband is doing. He is letting the military pay for the school using the tuition assistance so yes, you can further your education. In fact, the Air Force stresses education.

    • darlean 5 years ago

      Nice article! One grammatical comment, though: You have misused apostrophes in some words. You don't use apostrophes in plural capitalized abbreviations, even though it looks odd not to. MRE's should be MREs. Soda's should have been sodas, also. Apostrophes are used to show where letters are missing in contractions like don't and doesn't, and they are used to show possession. The word soda's doesn't make sense, then. (One word many people misspell is its when using it in possession. The word its does not have an apostrophe when used possessively.)

      Other than that you write better than most of the idiots on the internet, and I totally applaud both your helping of others and cuteness. Good for you for getting through, and thank you for your service.

      I think you're great.

    • Sarah 5 years ago

      Hey, this helped me a lot! Thank you for posting it. I just have one question about the hair thing. My hair is almost to my butt. I love my hair and it would be extremely hard to part with it. Do i really have to cut it? I can french braid my hair and put it up within three minutes.. is that enough time?

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 5 years ago from England

      Sarah, you don't have to cut it but they don't allow french braids either, at least not when I went through. It was only buns.

    • SMcRae 5 years ago

      I'm 18 and considering joining the AF to go into cyber security (if I can secure that job). I've been reading countless articles, and I understand that BMT is hell, but it's necessary. I'm pretty timid and I tend to stay in the background anyways, but I read that that in itself can bring you some flak. I guess my point is: I'm still teetering on the fence, and I'm not sure how to tell if my reasons for wanting to join are substantial, or if I would be making a mistake and putting myself through hell only to regret it later... what helped you to decide?

    • AshleyB 5 years ago

      Thank you so much for taking time and helping all of us out! I have two questions... In a couple of your posts you mentioned bangs and how you can put them up. Well are we allowed to keep them down as long as they are above your eyebrows? And in terms of PT, I have been working my butt off, but I am still in not great shape and I'm leaving in about a month. I am extremely nervous about passing PT and not getting washed back. How common was it to get washed back?

    • SMcRae 5 years ago

      AshleyB, the AF website provides a 14 week pre-BMT training program to help you get started. I started on it this week. (:

    • SMcRae 5 years ago

      Sorry, misread your comment... I know you're leaving soon but if you've been working hard and can at least reach the Liberator standard, I'm sure you'll be fine.

    • NATALIE 5 years ago

      Thank you for all the info! I have one question what if you have a heavy period; do they let you go to the restroom during pt?


    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 5 years ago from England

      You can have bangs but they get annoying. I used bobby pins and put them up.

      As for heavy periods. They designate times for you to use the restroom and it depends on what is going on. You don't ASK to go to the restroom unless you are in the bay.

    • Whitney  5 years ago

      -the advice was great. It really helped. I have a question, will i be able to write to my parents, boyfriend, ect while in BMT?

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 5 years ago from England

      We didn't get a lot of time but yes, you will get to write them. Probably not for the first few weeks though.

    • Miranda 5 years ago

      Thank you for your post!...I'm worried about my fitness testing and am afraid I will fail miserably...I'm usually pretty pessimistic when it comes to self confidence...what are some tips to keep my head high and still stay low enough to go unnoticed?...

    • Jan 5 years ago

      Hello. I've read each and every single post on here, thank you so much for the great advice people can use! Anyway, I'm planning to talk to a recruiter mid-august. 1) I'm 5'0 and 146. Maximin weight for my height is 141. 2) I'll give myself two months to be in the standard weight. 3) I can practice my push ups since i can't even do ten!

      What exactly is the airman ceremony? 3.5 jog!? geez. What happens if you can't jog after a mile?

      Do girls who are on their period while in BMT use the same shower stall as the rest of the girls?

      What happens if you can't do the minimum push ups during bmt? or pull ups.. sit ups.. 1.5 mile run.. etc.

      I'm planning to get a medical job. a medical lab technician to be more specific. if you can give me more info on that .. thank you!

    • Krystal 5 years ago

      This helped so much thanks!

      I'm going to BMT Aug 9th and was wondering if anyone can tell me if i have to reach the standers before bmt or during?

      Like running a mile and a half in 13 mins. 57 sit ups and 27 push ups. Also it says watch simple on the list ... what does simple mean? i just bought a watch and was wondering if it was simple. Do we at-less have time to shave your armpits? Oh and another thing is are we aloud to wear studs in our ears?

    • Krystal 5 years ago

      Sorry i looked at the other comments. you don't have to answer the shaving or the earrings. shaving you cant so and earrings are a no :D

    • Tara 5 years ago

      Ok, anyone who is curious: buy a small manicure kit, take out one of the implements, put your tweezers in there. Voila! You've got tweezers in BMT ;) That's what I did, and it worked quite well.

    • Brian morris 5 years ago

      hello. my girlfriend left for basic on june 14th and comes back next week. i have sent letters of encouragementand love. her first letter she sent me, said things were good, she missed me and home a lot, and she was really tired of the yelling. she also ended up getting STAPH INFECTION because they dont have enough time to properly clean themselves. the last letter she sent me sounded like she was having an identity crisis and she was venting to me that she feels lost and she sees herself as a different person.

      does air force basic training change a person?

      i was wondering if anyone can give me advice about this. thanks

    • AJ.  5 years ago

      Hi, I am currently very interested in joining the air force. i am a sr. in high school and hope to start recruiting very soon. I am a little worried about getting in shape to run (which i've been doing). I can only run like 3/4 of a mile constant. However, I've been following the air force standards for pushups and sit ups i can do 40 pushups in a minute. and 44 sit ups in a minute. Do you have any tips for me. Also any for the ASFAB? Thx :)

    • AJ.  5 years ago

      Oh, I forgot to meniton i'm a female 5'3 and 135 lbs.

    • Morgan  5 years ago

      I am 17 I will be 18 next April. But I am debating on if i should go to college and play lacrosse like i had originally planned first or going straight into the air force. But what i really want to do is fly the planes,i was just wondering if women could do that.

    • Chelyna 5 years ago


      I was wondering if any body has any experience being a dental technician in the Air Force? I have looked stuff up on the internet but wanted to see if any one could tell me what its like first hand. Thanks!

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 5 years ago from England

      Chelyna- I was a Dental tech when I was in. If you or anyone else has any questions, feel free to email me. The contact button is up top to the right under my daughters picture

    • Helena 5 years ago

      I don't understand the 'rude phone call' part. I've never heard of that and not sure what you meant if someone could explain that to me please? I hope I can get a wavier for my tattoos. I only have two very small ones, but one is on my finger.. :/

    • Lindsay 5 years ago

      What are some jobs in the AF that deal specifically with working with the planes? Can women obtain these jobs? Is there much discrimination against women?

    • Samantha 5 years ago

      Going to talk to a recruiter within the next week. I have a question about jobs and being mil-to-mil. My husband is in as a fighter jet crew chief and I really want to go in and be medical. I am considering aerospace medical service or surgical service. I was wondering how often surg service deploy and also if they have this at every base, I was told the career I go into needs to be almost everywhere to give the AF a better chance of stationing us together. Can you tell me how its worked out for you and the hubby being mil-to-mil?

    • Katia 5 years ago

      Hi. I am really interested in joining. I'm 24 and I am worried that at my age it might not be a good thing to join. What is your opinion?

    • beth 5 years ago

      Iam thinking about joining the af but I have a STD from an old bf I am 26 and also am concerned aboit my age.Since my bf left me with this I have felt like my options are limited. I am looking at the af as a way to make myslef happy and bring meaning.

    • Jana 5 years ago

      My husband is in the Marine Corps, I am debating joining the Air Force but I was just wondering if it is guaranteed that we will be stationed at the same place or if there is a chance we will be stationed different places? He it's stationed at Camp Lejeune, NC if that makes any difference.

    • Josie 5 years ago


      I'm 26, married and have a 13 month old son. I've really been thinking about joining...since I've graduated high school. My license is suspended and I have a medium sized tatoo on my lower back. I know I have to get my license, but do you think my tattoo will be an issue. Also, I really appreciate your posts. I would have joined a long time ago, but my parent swore something bad would happen. Also, I been reading a lot of different articles on the internet about the military. Did you experience any sexual harrassment or worse will you where in?

      Thanks again and God bless!

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 5 years ago from England

      @Jana, honestly, they have a hard time stationing the same branch together. It is unlikely that you will be stationed in the same place. They will try to get you close but most live hours away from each other.

      @Josie- I would work on getting the license back. The tatoo shouldn't be an issue. Also, I have never had any issues with sexual harassment at all. Does it happen? Just as much as it would anywhere else and sometimes more so in a deployed setting. However, you have lots of men that are VERY protective of women. People like my husband or my brother and all of my former coworkers. They wouldn't of let me or any other woman get into any harm.

    • Samantha 5 years ago

      Going to talk to a recruiter within the next week. I have a question about jobs and being mil-to-mil. My husband is in as a fighter jet crew chief and I really want to go in and be medical. I am considering aerospace medical service or surgical service. I was wondering how often surg service deploy and also if they have this at every base, I was told the career I go into needs to be almost everywhere to give the AF a better chance of stationing us together. Can you tell me how its worked out for you and the hubby being mil-to-mil?

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 5 years ago from England

      Surgical flight is where my husband is. He loves it. They don't deploy for the first 4 years and then it *can* be every two years. The same goes for all medical fields. Deployments are only 6 months. I ended up getting out when our second child was born. Only because I didn't want us both deploying and the kids left behind. I miss it and it was nice being mil to mil. The only issue is the deploying. If you don't have kids and don't plan to have any for a while, it can be good for you to go in for maybe 4 to 6 years. I grew up in a mil to mil home however, my mom rarely deployed.

    • Jordan 5 years ago

      So, my question is if you are pregnant, how can they deploy you? Will you get into trouble? Thank you for all the help

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 5 years ago from England

      You cannot be deployed while pregnant and up to 6 months after you give birth. They can have you deploy the day you hit that six months postpartum. Also, if you are deployed and get pregnant, you can and will be subjected to punishment as well as the other person that got you pregnant.

    • Jaleen 5 years ago

      Hey I'm 18 and been thinking about joining airforce reserves. I've been asking questions around. I have family and family friends that have been and are in it and I just emailed a recruiter. My boyfriend and I are planning to join military. We were thinking to do 2 years of community college then transfer to state college in order to qualify for officer. What else is qualified for becoming an officer? Having a four year loan of college will it all be paid off when I'm in military. If we get married right after getting our bachelor's degree will we be able to station together? My boyfriend is asking if a half sleeve tattoo is allowed? What if I become pregnant after four years in service will I still be able to serve in the military? I want to become a dental hygienist. What is the score to master in ASVAB to become a dental hygienist?

    • keoni 5 years ago

      Will there be peanut butter at bootcamp because I seriously can't go a day without it. ps this is not a joke

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 5 years ago from England

      You have to have a bachelors to become an officer if I remember correctly. The full degree is required for whatever you will be going in for. In other words, you have to be a dental hygienist to join in as one. You have to be a doctor, in order to join in as a doctor and so forth. They will pay for your past loans. The tattoo shouldn't be a problem. You could get pregnant right away (which I did, only a couple months after getting to my base). That won't cause a problem as long as it is once you get to your main base. So if you want to go in as a hygienist, you need to have that degree already. Or, go in enlisted and hope that you can get into the military program that will put you through it (hard to get into).

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 5 years ago from England

      There will be peanut butter. Sometimes, that is the only thing people ate.

    • Stefanie 5 years ago

      Thank you so much for posting this! This helps a lot (I am going to BMT next year) I want to become a nurse is it hard to get into that once you finish basic training?

    • jordan 5 years ago

      From the day you get married, can you live together. What do you have to do before you get married?

    • Hannah H 5 years ago

      Wow, I just read your entire article and all of the comments. That was definitely time well-spent. Now I don't have to ask my male recruiter about shaving or girly things. ;) Lol

      I am 17 and thinking of joining the Security Forces since there's a spot open for me thanks to the high school recruiting program I would be entering. I've put about a year of thought into this decision, and I believe it's the right thing for me.

      I have a few more questions, though (since you obviously haven't answered enough already ;D):

      1.) My dad is supporting my decision, but my mom is a little more hesitant. In fact, she laughs at me when I say I seriously want to join. What are some key points I can tell her about the AF that may sway her opinion in my favor?

      2.) I am a "people pleaser," and when I do something wrong, I take it pretty personally. What can I do to not take the criticisms of the drill sergeants so personally?

      3.) About how much time do you get to write letters to your family?

      4.) I read in another article that, on Sundays, you have the option of cleaning or going to church. Is this true? And if your living space is clean, can you take that time to write letters? (I like to plan ahead as far as keeping in touch goes because I don't know just how homesick I will become.)

      5.)Just as a refresher, what does a typical day in Basic look like?

      6.) What do the uniforms look like? Are they long sleeves with pants? That would really suck in the Texas heat. >.< But, of course, I'd deal with it.

      7.) Last one, promise. I saw a comment about bringing lotion that wasn't answered. Can you bring hand lotion? How about chapstick? I get suuuuper dry and cracked hands (and lips) to the point where they start to hurt and bleed.

      Thank you so much for all your help. You had the most informative article out of everything I searched on the Internet.

      P.S. Don't pay attention to the lady who corrected your grammar. Sure, I'm a grammar nazi, but you're helping so many women in this article that it's just rude to correct your grammar. Who really freakin' cares??

      Thank you again and in advance! Much love!

    • swathy 5 years ago

      can we join air force after engineering like do they check which stream v had studied like can biotech students join ?

    • ryan 5 years ago

      I'm guessing it wouldn't matter, but my girlfriend is going to BCT in the next month and a half and I came across the weight chart. She's 4'10 and weighs about 135-140ish. She's not fat but the weight chart says non prior is 122lbs. Will this effect her chance of being accepted into BCT

    • Erika 5 years ago

      I will be 28 years old in 2 weeks, can I still join the airforce? It's something I always wanted to do but being a mom is what has stopped me in the past. I feel that if the age is not an issue that it is something I am ready to do now. Thanks in advance!

    • Elford 5 years ago

      JROTC cadet Elford Rank Sgt 16

      Ive always wanted to be a Marine but i was told to look into the Air Force and i can handle everything (mostly) except for the running. That will be taken care of soon. but a real personal question coming from a 16yr old is: ive never wore a tampon before no im not a virgin. is wearing one easier than a pad? im just trying to get as much info on the Air Force before i choose which branch to be in. i know you have many questions to answer but id like to know this becuz i want to be prepared

    • BeeMarie 5 years ago

      I'm really glad I found this even though it was written a while back! My mother and I have been fighting over this a lot and the only option left for me seems to be the air force because I don't think we can afford for me to finish my senior year of college. Not to mention paying back the loan I took out! :( I'm really..scared I guess? I don't know if that is the right word. I'm nervous that I won't be able to keep up and that I won't be able to keep quiet when someone is yelling in my face. I'm also concerned that I won't be able to bring my acne products with me. I've had acne for a long time and now that it's finally been clear I work hard to keep it that way for it to just all come back. Do you know if people are allowed to bring certain facial cleansers?

    • JoAnn M. 5 years ago

      HI!! Ok, I’m going to talk to a recruiter next week; I would like to do diet therapy do I have a choice as to what I want to do?? I know I have to score so high. My son’s father is active duty in the navy (hes been in 8 yrs) and he and his wife have custody, will that affect my chances of being able to join?? Also I know you have to stay in barracks until you reach a certain rank or married. How does it work for those parents that get visitation?? I know kids are not to be in barracks nor are civilians

    • Cynthia S. 5 years ago

      Hello ur article is amazing! it helped with some questions..& i have 1 to ask if it doesn't bother you..

      After you done & u go back to college,Do they still pay for ur schooling if

      like right now im majoring in int. merchandising..does it matter what u are majoring in?

      or does it have to be something the AF have (limited jobs) listed for you?

      thanks for ur blog.. & it would really really help if u answered this!

    • Cynthia Saldivar profile image

      Cynthia Saldivar 5 years ago from El Paso, Texas

      Hello ur article is amazing! it helped with some questions..& i have 1 to ask if it doesn't bother you..

      After you done & u go back to college,Do they still pay for ur schooling if

      like right now im majoring in int. merchandising..does it matter what u are majoring in?

      or does it have to be something the AF have (limited jobs) listed for you?

      thanks for ur blog.. & it would really really help if u answered this!

    • F.Francis 5 years ago

      This is the best information i have read. everybody asked the same questions i wanted to know. im kind of excited, i scored a 70 on my ASVAB and they called me... recruiter hasn't been calling me back. im a bit worried. i've started going to the gym and working out (i need help on push ups).

      i have questions though...

      1. im african american so i have that kind of hair. if i do cut my hair which is now permed.... do i get a chance to perm it sometime during those 8 weeks?

      2. will my recruiter give me a list of things i have to bring along.

      3. can i be a load master(my mom wants me to do an office job for fear of me being deployed)?????

      4. my friend who is a loadmaster told me that my training may take 10 months. is there a point in between where i can take leave??

      5.I ALREADY MEMORIZED MY AIRMEN CREED.... do i need to know all of them such as first sgt creed NCO creed etc?\

      6. do you know the tattoo policy???

      I'm excited, but my biggest fear is failure :(.. anything i can do to wipe that fear out.

    • IMANI 5 years ago

      Hi i was wondering since the airforce doesn't allow razors can we bring nair?

      And another thing what ASVAB score do u need to get a good job? Is the test difficult?? Can i take it another time to get and better score?

      Thanks in advance and id also like to add that this article and the q&a's has been extremly helpful to me since im considering joining when i turn 18. I graduate in 2012. I think im ready to see a recruiter now since i have most of my questions answered that i can't ask him. U should make a whole website.

      That is all (:

    • Denise 5 years ago

      Going to the AF office which is about 3 blocks from my house tomorrow! I am 21 and I took up college this spring but now I have to take out loans which is something I do not want to do. When I first graduated HS I was going to join but the new job I found had me stuck on all the great money I was making. Lol Anyway now that i'm a bit older I know what I want in life, I know the AF isn't going to be all fun and games but I do know that I want to become something in life and have my parents be very proud of me. I am always looked down upon and I hope this is the chance that I can prove others wrong and have more confidence in myself. Thanks for the article!!!

    • Hannah 5 years ago

      I am married and my husband and am expecting a baby in a month. I would really like to join the air guard in a year. I will have be a degree as dietitian technician (DTR) which is an associates equivalent as an RD registered dietitian by end of summer and the baby will be a year. I would like to do diet therapy. Will my degree help me or is the ASVAB all that matters for example what if my ASVAB score is not high enough?

      Also my husband is interested in joining the military too most likely airforce. He has a PhD in aerospace engineering and wants to have a military career. If he gets in will having a parent active duty and a parent guard be a good thing for our family? In case of deployment will they try and space out our deployment so we are not gone at the same time?

      If he stays civilian and we have to move for his job over the course of my service will I able to transfer to a different unit close to his job?

      What if I want to have another baby a year and a half after joining the air guard? Sorry for all the questions . Thanks for what you do you site is really great and you are helping so many women :)

    • Shelby 5 years ago

      Hi. im 17 and a sr in h.s. Im thinking bout A.F. but im worried about my hair and dress. For Religious reasons i cant cut my hair, and i dont wear pants, though i can probably make exceptions for the pant thing. I was wondering what they would say for my religious beliefs.

      Oh, and how would i be able to convince parents who dont want me going that im serious and its something i want to do, if im able?

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 5 years ago from England

      @Hannah...I got out because we were both military and it was going to be hard for our kids. Your husband would be an officer and I think you might be as well. You would have to check with that. If that is the case, I don't think there is an ASVAB. Officer basic training is much different than enlisted. I would check to see what requirements are needed to become an officer. That is a great way to go if you can do it.

      Shelby: The uniforms, other than blues are pants and boots. There are no skirts for ABUs. In the blues, you can wear a skirt but there is no exception for the ABUs. For your hair, as long as you can put it up in a bun, you should be ok.

    • Dallas 5 years ago

      I'm signing my papers here in a few. It looks like I'll be going in as a linguist if all goes well. I know that Tech Training will differ according to the job but I also know it can range from four weeks to a year (on average). I realize my probable line of work will likely require a little more training. I'm wondering, how often will I get to see my husband that has to stay at home?

    • YataMa 5 years ago

      I plan to join very soon and I have a question regarding Tech training.... If Tech Training last more than a month or so can your spouse and chils come to stay with you or not? If so how long does Tech training have to be for them to come?

    • Tina 5 years ago

      Im thinking about joining but im a little nervous because I am 4"10, will they tell me im too short to join? I love my height it has never prevented me to do anything over all im a sports girl

    • Mel S. 5 years ago

      Like so many people have said previously - thanks SO much for your article, it certainly clears quite a bit up!

      However I have a couple of questions:

      1. I want to be a ER/Critcial Care Nurse, and am currently taking college prereqs to get into nursing school, however haven't actually taken any nursing classes or have a degree of any kind.

      If I enlist in the airforce, which I'm really considering, can I bypass Technical training and go ahead and keep going to school before deployment, or will I have to go through technical training, get deployed, and THEN go back to school? If deployed I would prefer to work as a field nurse rather than anything else.

      2. Is there a minimum weight requirement for the USAF? I am 5'3" and weigh 105lbs - I'm little, but have pretty good strength, and am confident that with a little training I can far exceed the PT requirements. I don't have a hard time building strength, but it is really hard for me to put on weight, and am just concerned that I might be "to small" to join.

      3. I have far from perfect vision, but I do not wear contacts or glasses, (except sometimes when reading) and get along fine. Is it mandatory in BT that you wear the glasses if you don't have 20/20 vision?

      Again, thanks so much!

    • Esther 5 years ago

      hello, great article here. atleast u say the truth unlike other people. I'm looking forward to join the AF and just wanted to know if its a requirement to learn how to swim cos i'm a bad swimmer. i dont even know how to swim. WHich is better, AF or the AF reserve. I have 52credits, do you think i should join soon so i could get my studies paid for. WHat you think is best for me now cos i really want to join.....And what you think of coast guards cos those are my two choices

    • Rachel 5 years ago

      Hi , I was just wondering, after basic training how much free time do you have before you have to go to technical school? Because I want to visit a friend in France I just don't know if I should go before or after basic training.

    • Samantha 5 years ago

      I'm so curious... Do women get to shave at all in basic?... It's gross but i have an embarrassing facial hair problem haha... advice? smuggling tweezers perhaps?

    • Kasey 5 years ago

      I recently moved to nc and I had to get power of attorney papers to live with my bf I'm highly considering doing AF but I'm being forced to take my ged since I can not go to high school due to the power of attorney papers do not work in nc. So do I still have a good chance of getting in? I know the military is trying to thin out a little so I heard that there only going to let a few ged people in at a time.

    • Chelsea 5 years ago

      First of all, thank you so much for your willingness to help answer questions. I was wondering if any woman on this fourm is leaving for basic training on December 13th? Thank you for your service.

    • Jessica 5 years ago

      I have a question, odd I suppose coming from a female, but its about the graduation ceremony. Do women have to wear the skirt with the dress uniform or can you wear pants? I hate wearing skirts/dresses of any kind, I dont even have a single one in my closet.

    • Jess 5 years ago

      Hi I need some input on getting married. Me and my boyfriend have been together for 3 years and he leaves for basic next summer. I was just wondering, (Im sure you get this question a lot) if its better financially to get married before or after basic.

    • ToriMae 5 years ago

      Hey!! I'm going in next summer. I'm talking to my doctor about an eating and exercising plan to get in perfect shape before basic. I was just wondering if there was anything you wish you'd done before and to get ready? Also, were there any Women who earned the Warhawk?

    • sandra 5 years ago

      I have a question, hopefully you can help me out here since your a girl. Ok, so I'm thinking of joining the army and I heard hoy take shower with girls is that true? What if I'm on my period? How will I get in the shower? I know some people maybe thinking put on a tampon but what if you don't wear tamps. Is it the same with the bathrooms? Thank you so much. I just need to know.

    • Paola 5 years ago

      Thank you this really help me :)

    • yanii 5 years ago

      i have a question ! is the asvab test hard to pass ??

    • nina 5 years ago

      hi! i was wondering if you need to learn how to fly a plane before going into the airforce? thanks!

    • Tine 5 years ago

      hi! my question is what's really beeter for a women to join? a navy or an airforce?

      Thanks !

    • Rae 5 years ago

      First thank you for writing this and answering all the questions asked here. I found it most informative. I would like to know if I get the job of 'mental health specialist' what are my chances of being deployed? I am the most nervous about that

    • Jane 5 years ago

      What is the AFQT requirement as of 2011? I've heard 36 and 50. Any help would be great!

    • Sarah 5 years ago

      I am only 14, but I really want to go into he air force/air force academy....but you had said that thing about shots. I am TERRIFIED of needles (talking kicking everyone in the room not to get one). Is there anything you would recommend for this? about how many shots do they give you?

    • Sammie 5 years ago

      Thanks for the very helpful article it has really made me think bout my decision with joining the airforce. i know they let you take bathroom breaks and you can bring pads and tampons, but im wondering if i can bring my medication for my cramps because my cramps are extremely severe and if i dont take my medication i will pass out. do you know if im allowed to or if i shuldnt be worried bout my cramps because of the physical changes you will go thru?

    • Alandra Julius 5 years ago

      This was very helpful i have finally set my mind to go all the way with the Airforce, I just must get in shape and drop about 10 pound. Do you have time to socialize and at least make a buddy/friend in basic training, because im going to be so home sick

    • Dee 5 years ago

      Hello and thank you so very much this very informative post. My question is, I am a single 29 year old mother of 2. Can I still join. I've inquired with other branches of the military and it doesn't look like they want to be bothered in my situation. Would the AF be willing to work with me?

    • jen 5 years ago


      Im 4"10/4"11 (petite female, do you think it would be hard for me.. i know that it is also about mental/physical things but would that be an issue (would that be more hard on training?) Is there a lot of girls who is same height as me?

      And i read alots of comments on how you need to be good on running/situps/pushups..but other than what is the specific AF basic trainings..i saw few videos and there were hangings/chin-ups,,which i am worry about

      i saw few comments from somewhere that you need to know how you swim, is that true? or is there anything related to water that you might see on the basic training?

      if you have to go to restroom do you have to ask them,while your on training? do they let you go anytime when you HAVE to go?

      Thanks in advance!!

    • Michelle 5 years ago


      Hey. I just graduated from Basic training on Oct 7th and I'm in tech school now-

      I had at least 4 girls in my flight under 5 feet, so you'll be okay. To pass your PT test you have to do at leasat 18 push-ups, 38 sit-ups and less then 16:26 mile and a half run, if you can do a chin up cuddos to you, that'll help you if you suck at something.

      Nope, don't need to know how to swim. the only water you'll see is in the shower and at the opsticle course. the water's not that high, you can doggy paddle or something. it's really not deep.

      the restroom- we had frequent "latrine" breaks. during break time during every class. after "chow" they have porta potties outside when you're doing drill. you'll be fine.

    • MICHELLE 5 years ago

      @Alandra: of course! there are times you'll be in your dorm hours on end folding t-shirts and rolling socks you'll have to socialize to keep sane. lol, but in all seriousness, it's 8 1/2 weeks together in one dorm under high pressure, of course you'll make friends... or enemies. your next door bed neighbor will be your bestest friend. (but I hated the one on my left. element leaders...)

    • phdast7 profile image

      Theresa Ast 5 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Great advice, very helpful. My father was Air Force and my brother was Army. I never joined the military, but preparation and the right mind set can make all the difference. You have done women, and probably some men, a great service. Thank you.

    • crystal 5 years ago

      I am considering going into the airforce but I'm concerned about the cases of sexual assault and harrassment I've heard about. How much of this actually happens and what does the military do to protect you from it?

    • Brenna10145 5 years ago from trafalgar, indiana

      i'm only 13 now, but going into the U.S.A.F. is my dream. my cousin kyle was my inspiration. one of the reasons is because, i want to fight for our country, the other is because people have told me before that women cannot rank as high as men.

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 5 years ago from England

      Crystal- I never saw any and there were lots of meetings about what to do. They teach you what to do to protect yourself as well as if you report anything, it is handled VERY seriously.

      Brenna- The military happens to be one of the few jobs that women get paid the exact same as men. Unfortunately, it is proven that in Civilian jobs, women are actually paid less for the same job. Women can still be at the top though.

    • Steph 5 years ago

      Thanks so much for this thread! Great info. I am 18 and will be graduating HS in May and hope to join the AF right after. Two questions:

      1) I have a theft charge that was dismissed and expunged from when I was 16. Me and 3 other friends stole bras. Stupid, I know. Will this effect me getting into the AF? Do I need to talk with my recruiter about it since it was expunged?

      2) Is your job in your contract? Do most people know their job before they leave for basic?

      Thanks so much!

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 5 years ago from England

      Steph, that shouldn't be a problem and before you go in, you have the choice to choose a job. They give you a top 5 and then they will put you in one of those. I would suggest not going open general (any job) because more than likely you will become Security Forces (cops)

    • Sam 5 years ago

      I've spent a couple days reading this and it has been very helpful. I am however curious, as to how long the shortest air force stint is. Could you give me a rough estimate of the least amount of years I could do?

    • Kim 5 years ago

      i'll be joining next fall. every bit of this helped very much! i had no idea what to expect until i read this.

      but i seen where you said above that they tell you the five main jobs. what are they?

    • Erika Lee 5 years ago

      Im 13 and i have been looking for information on the Air Force because i know i have some time still to think about it but i want to be prepared incase i do join . I have about 2-3 question , be preapared to type lol . I know when your in any of the Armed Forces you only have so much time with loved ones so would i be aloud to write letters and/or phone home when i need to hear my partents and siblings , or do they have rules agenst it ? And if i cut my hair , how short should i go , i have very naturally frizzy hair , any tips on frizzy hair ? And lastly , if i join the Air Force like in general is it bad like is it too hard or too much to handle and if so , would you be aloud to quit ? Not sayen i will but can you actually quit the Air Force ? Thanks , please try and answer this .

    • crystal 5 years ago

      Me and my boyfriend are thinking about getting married and joining the airforce using the buddy system but im unsure about it. I like all the benefits but im a little scared about being deployed to Iraq or something. How many women actually get deployed? How much would I actulally be able to see him compared to not joining? Also would buddying up with him make it more likely for me to get deployed? And is there any jobs that are less likely to be depoyed? Thankyou for all the help!

    • alezis245 5 years ago

      do you have to jump out of the airplane? I'm terrified of heights

    • Amber Lee 5 years ago

      I had to ask you this. I'm 20 years old and I'm not a very good runner. I can do about 25 sit ups at the moment, but not very many push ups at all.

      I want to go into the air force so bad that it kills me.. I catch my self thinking about it, when nothing calls for it. I have constant dreams about being in some sort of military branch. I didn't know what was going on with me... But anyways... The main thing that is scaring me... It take I won't meet their standards. That i will Fail.

      I am a very sensitive person. I stand about 5'2 and I am very fit looking, but actually, I'm not all that much in shape. But I'm sure that I could lose the Sensitive crap because of how bad I want this.

      I just need to confidence and alittle bit of advice. I know that I should really start running a little bit every day to get my self prepared and I need to do atleast 40 push up and 30 sit ups just before bed or when ever I have time too.

      Another thing.. I got into a car accident a while back and I have some minor back and neck issues... Will this be a problem and will they no let me in?

    • Xenonlit profile image

      Xenonlit 5 years ago

      Here's a tip: NEVER do a jody call that begins with this...

      Two old ladies lyin' in bed

      One rolled over to the other and said...

      This is a fantastic and much needed hub! I tweeted it.

    • Courtney 5 years ago

      So, I've read all of these comments but, I still have a few questions for you.. My Husband is due to EAS from the USMC in Aug of 2012 and I am thinking about joining. My questions are - 1) What is the policy for married women after all of the training i.e. would we get government quarters after getting assigned to a base?

      And 2) Do you know anyone that had children when they went through basic? What happens if (Goodness forbid) the get really sick, or in a car accident? (Same for spouses)

    • Abby 5 years ago

      Thank you so much for writing about this! I've been searching the internet for days trying to find something like this. This will be a big help when i enlist for training.

    • Kayla 5 years ago

      Everything your saying is helping so much. I was suppose to join the air force not too long ago but as I was signing up and my dad ended up passing away out of no where. I ended up getting a tattoo behind my ear for him that I believe would not be covered by my uniform. My brother, who just graduated from the air force, said I would have to get a waiver but I'm still pretty terrified to get turned away. Do you have an idea if their more lenient?

    • missytay 5 years ago

      I have been interestin in going to tha AF for a while now.. Cause i would get the ability to follow in my grandpa's footsteps..

      - But i was wonding if i would still be able to go to college and get my degree of my choice.???

      - Also how long does your contract keep you with the airforce??

      /Thanks much for the article :)

    • Britt 5 years ago

      I want to join after high school, but I have a small about one inch bald spot on my head from a hemangioma surgery from when I was a baby, will this prevent me from being able to join???

    • Jacqueline Felton 5 years ago

      Ive been considering going into the airforce for awhile now this article really helps. Ive been completely terrified that ill go in and completely fail in the physical part of it and it scares the crap out of me.I can run 2 miles straight and do about 15 sit-ups but push-ups no way. Any advice??

    • newly enlisted 5 years ago

      This thread is great! I started my recruiting process about 2 months ago and this has really helped me decide. It is good to see other girls who have the same concerns as I did about joining. Im in the DEP program as of 11/22; just waiting on a job. Im so excited and I can hardly wait!

    • Lina20 profile image

      Lina20 5 years ago

      Well, I'm thinking to join the military.Does height requires?I'm like 5'0 or 5'1.I'm short.I can be really shy.I know you have to speak up loud+clear in the military, so it might be a problem for me(maybe).Do boys/girls have to sleep in the same room?or is it both in a separate rooms??Oh and I can do push ups, and i can run, but i cant do sit ups.advice please?oh and one more question, can you bring books, or something to do?Sorry, for a ton of questions.I'm just concerned thats all.

    • marissa 5 years ago

      i am leaving for basic in January. i am very excited and believe i am prepared, though i do not wish to cut my hair i have been thinking about it...i found your article very helpful. thanks!

    • 5 years ago

      wow!!!! i have read these posts and its so awesome that you are answering ALL these questions for all these people. i just have one question, mainly cause i dont want to ask my recruter cause it may keep me from going into the AF. MY QUESTION: If you have a history of an eating disorder but are now in the recovering stages, while they not let you be in the AF? i am willing to slowly go off my meds with my doc. what is your opinion? what should i do?? i REALLY want to go into the AF

    • Elizabeth 5 years ago

      How often do you get mail? I've heard every three days and once a week, which is it? Thanks so much for this, it has helped a lot!

    • ktlin 5 years ago

      awkward question. It's bothering me and i would just like to know. Do you know if there Is ever any time for waxing, ie an upper lip? Will they allow a small wax container that melts in a microwave?

    • jane 5 years ago

      @ktlin 6 words...laser hair removal before you go!

    • Kayla 5 years ago

      My husband is leaving in January and I'll be leaving after that. I'm curious if our recruiter blew smoke up our butts or if we will end up getting stationed together on the same base.

    • Racheal 5 years ago

      I have a question about BMT. Mainly the running. I'm fairly in shape, and can the push ups and all. But on the Air Force website, it says be able to run 35-40 min straight. I don't think I'll ever be able to do that. Do you really run that much at a time? and how much time a day does one actually spend working out? Thanks for all your advice!:)

    • Taylor 5 years ago

      I have a question if any one has experience in Security Forces or Aerial Gunnar that is what I am interested in. Did you like it? What are the advantages/disadvantages? Are there women in this field?

    • Jess 5 years ago

      Hi! I am 23 years old and am considering joining. I have a few questions/concerns. First, even though I am 23, I have very controlling and critical parents that when I tried discussing military with them before, completely blew me off with a NO! Wouldn't even talk about it. Any advice?

      Second, I have 2 associates degrees. 1 in Health Information Technology and the other in Baking and Pastry. I do not want to go into either. I am not interested in medical or food/diet. But I have about $90,000 in student loans and am wondering if the military will be able to help me with that and help me find a new career.

      Third, I have always wanted to fly a plane, but am not sure I will be able to get to do that or will they allow my 2 degrees to be combined into something like a bachelor's to be an officer?

      My main concern is that I am in a very bad place. I am working a dead end job and even after all the deferments on my loans, still can't afford the monthly payments. I have tried looking for a new job but am finding it impossible. So I am wondering if this is for me. This has actually been extremely helpful.

      Also, what are the chances of getting stationed in another country? I have always wanted to live in another country and would love that opportunity.

      Lastly (hopefully), I am actually a very intelligent person that has a learning ability typically greater than others. Would the air force actually use me to my full potential or will I get pushed aside like I normally do?

      Thanks for any answers, I really appreciate it!

    • kaylee 5 years ago

      hi i have read almost all the comments an i read your post. i am thinking about joining the AF next summer i am courrently pregnant right now and will be due at the end of march.. will they still lt me join or will i need to wait longer.. in all honesty military is not my first choice i am very sensitive and very emotional... i cry if someone yells at me. lol but my husband cant get in so i decided that i will join.. im very very scared but i know it will save my family.. we dont have much money and want to get out of our town.. the only thing that is keeping me from not backing out my daughter and my husband. we want a better life... i didn't do great in highschool and really dont consider myself smart im scared once i get to basic that i will let my family down by not being able to do it... both physically and mentally. obviously by being pregnant i cant work out but i am slim fit and i can easily get in shape.. but i have really thick curly hair and wear glasses... i know i haven't asked any questions but if i could get you to comment back and maybe just calm my nerves or something i would really appreciate it..thank you and your post was truly helpful

    • BritBrat 5 years ago

      Hi im 16 and im going to join right when i get out of highschool. I was wondering if we can shave our legs and underarms?

      And can we bring unscented lotion?

    • Lee 5 years ago

      I am 5'1, how much would i at least need to weigh?

    • Myinn 5 years ago

      Great great advice reading this thanks!

      I am a 23 yr old female with my BA in liberal arts and about 90k of student loan debt. I am seeing a recruiter next week and I am interested in being an officer and also persuing a career in the AF in broadcast journalism. Do you know anything about this job?


    • Dave 5 years ago

      My Army Drill Sergeant in 1975 would have said to some of these comments "are we going to beat the soviets with warriors like this?

    • Jen 5 years ago

      I've wanted to join for a long time, but recently realized I have an intollerance to dairy and gluten. Having these foods in my diet make me bloated, crampy, and have gas. Do you think I could survive BMT this way? Also, should I tell my recruiter or no since it has never been offically been diagnosed by a doctor?

    • haysha20 5 years ago

      Hi, I wanted to know if you can answer my question im thinking of joining the af but I have two children and no one to take care of them do you think the af can help me out wit that because I am very interested in joining I love all the info im learning and its getting me very motivated to join. Thanks =)

    • Carly 5 years ago

      This site is amazing! Thank you so much for writing about your experience, its been extremely helpful! I'm in the process of getting ready to join and I am 100% thankful that I found this site. One small question, if you're a single woman, will you be in barracks? Also, I have a dog that will be taken care of while I'm in basic but I worry about whether she'll be able to come with me to a base afterwards. Any insight that you could provide would be much appreciated. Thank you!!!

    • erika 5 years ago

      i have a 2 year old and im married we want to join in as a team but we have hear a lot of so many people that i know i just just go in that to a recruter but my worry is do you travel a lot do you constently need to work when your done with basic do do you have a schedule that works right for you.. i want to be able to raise my chield and be with my husbend... thank you for your time sorry is my writing sucks lol.hope you understand my point.

    • Lucy 5 years ago

      If you are five pounds overweight before you ship out can you still go

    • teiasha 4 years ago

      I graduated BMT May 19th, 2011...320th Gator Pride n it wasn't easy esp. being 26...half my flight were younger...I probably was the 4/5th oldest in my flight n constantly would get in arguments with the younger females esp. the element leaders who abused their power...u young females (that's what ur name will be in boot camp or trainee) r the worse when it comes to being on ur own n cleaning up...females r so nasty ughhhh....after reading several posts, I have a few comments: u can't have anything in ur face during bmt so no bangs, ur hair must be basically glued to ur damn head with this gel they have in the BX n don't be cutting ur hair bc u don't want to deal with the hassle of a bun (donut style from high school)...some females cut theirs too short n got in trouble bc it was out if regs n others couldn't maintain it short when it grew out...I wore cornrolls but if ur not blk I suggest u not think abt wearing them bc u will get embarrassed by other MTIs...some MTIs don't allow it, mine allowed me to get my braids taken out n a new style but that was only during 7th so I could look good in my blues...some MTIs will allow u to get ur hair done at the salon in the BX but they might jack ur hair up n r very expensive...I paid 45/50 for a wash, treatment n flat iron...I can't say she French braided my hair bc it came out after 3 days of the lady that was talking abt her husband being at the marine base in NC....Idk if they work with diff branches unless ur reserve...they have Seymour Johnson where I'm at n Pope which is basically owned by Ft Bragg...there's a few active duty there still but its basically a reserve n army base now....Shaw AFB is the next closest I know in SC...u can get set up with a joint base in the air force if there's room for the both of u but it night bot happen esp if one gets sent out the flight mate is still stuck at her tech school now waiting on an opening for the past 2 mths now...don't go to tech school n marry the 1st dude u claim ur in love with, I seen it happen even with DEP ppl but the young girls always fall for it anyways...its depending on ur MTI if u can shave n we didn't til beast week (6th week)...we won beast excellence might I say...they don't give out awards for PT warhawks n all that other stuff anymore...if ur MTI is nice u may get a printed out version...we got one female recycled for talking to boys n failing her wall locker inspections so no boyssss young hot tail ladies...make sure u have good wingmen on both sides...I failed once n passed all my other ones...I was not trying to be seen in that flight office again...of course I tried to blend in but its hard to do with only 7 blk females so u know I still stood the 7th week ur gonna hate ur flight members...its known that females come together quicker then the brother flight due to their egos but they always bond better afterwards...when ur in the chow hall: head n eyes str8 fwd, side step, sit, eat, n get out...I've gotten in trouble once for laughing so def don't do it...know ur memory work when going in there bc u can get called to the snake pit....I've only been called once but that's bc I gave my MTI attitude when he tried to correct me on my right flank....always look confident but not too confident bc they will call u over to drill that azz...get used to eating peanut butter 3x a day, I'm hooked to P&J's now n peanut butter by itself...some ppl do change a lot, I'm glad my flight didn't look like zombies like the others did but its easier to change younger ppls mindsets n ways of thinking...I changed but not drastically...I did it to the point that I blended with everyone, I'm older so its kinda harder to manipulate me...I'm going Officer after I finish my Masters, its a diff process changing from enlisted to officer n can be somewhat more harder...I know u need recommendations from ppl in ur unit n add. stuff n they only pay off 10k in loans that u already have prior to joining which will be paid off during the remainder of ur enlistment...u CANNOT join the military with sleeve tats...its not considered a professional look in ur blues which I agree...a lot of branches r cutting down on letting ppl in based off their tats, I have one on my lower back n shoulder blade...I know one girl who had a ring tat that said Shhh in my flight but it was tiny...wait til tech school for tats if u don't have any, ppl that r in now had sleeve tats before they passed that to the female parents I've been told that u can not join active duty military without either giving up full custody to the father or a family member that's y most just go reserve...the military is concerned abt the well-being of ur child if u r called to war or TDY, showers on ur period r nasty esp with a lot of other ppl around in the latrine showers...we just wore tampons but most ppl took the shot in my flight or never got it that heavy or a period during our 9 wks....I didn't start cramping up til I finished tech school n it was BAD...I never paid attention to anyone showering since I faced the showerhead...I just hated when the girls would wash their hair next to me n all that nasty gel would fall out...that irked my damn nerves but what can u do with 10min n less showers "car wash style"...make sure to hit ur hot spots when cleaning like ur armpits, private, butt n esp ur feet bc u will get a foot fungus...they have these hand wash clothes in the BX that worked good...a lot females didn't use rags, just their hands n soap which is just nasty....please wash up bc plenty of girls didn't bc they wanted to be ready in time for inspections...that's y ppl got vaginal infections, fungus or other infections...I took the longest shower meaning with both A n B bay, I don't play that not washing up right...when u go to beast it will be worse n just pray its not hot...we went in May but for some reason it was lips n hands could never stay not ashy...the sand was every damn where but that's what to expect when n if u deploy to the sands...I kind of can't wait to go but I'm crazy like that....anyways I'm done, thought I see what I missed out on the board in almost a yr....just know it all gets better in the operational world n be prepared to live Sunday to Sunday....chapel was the best thing ever esp that grilled cheese on Sundays n I've never been a fan.

    • LaPorsche Meyers 4 years ago

      How long do u think a woman should wait to go into the air force is she is about to have a baby?

    • Belle 4 years ago

      What happens if you are allergic to penecillin? You just mentioned that you didn't get the shot in your butt but do you get an alternative shot?

    • Michelle 4 years ago

      Thanks for this post it helped a lot!

      I been thinking about joining the Air Force since my senior year which was 2 yrs ago! I think i have finally made my decision and im gonna go through with it! Im just afraid that i wont make it ! Im not very fit but i can run do push up and sit ups minimum 15 run a mile in like 12 min or so

      i have never been away from home for more than 2 weeks nd that made me feel home sick :/

      also i can't stand it when people yell at me i always tend to talk back

      i dont get my period but once a year and have HORRIBLE CRAMPS i mean HORRIBLE to where i sometimes cant move or get up!! will they give me medicine or a shot for it?? im also allergic to penecillin will i get an alternative shot???

      im also not very book smart i have been in college since i graduated and i have dropped all my classes because i cant keep up with my homework :/ will i get help???

      i think all i need is some motivation ! I want to do this to prove my family wrong that i will be someone in life! Please any other advise ???

      im going next week to taLK to a recruiter !

    • lindasilva profile image

      lindasilva 4 years ago

      I have been thinking about joining too. I was going to join the army, but I feel more attracted to the air force. I was going to do the AFROTC but I'm not so sure about it now.

      I've been reading this post for a while and I wish some of the girls that have already done it would post back as well, like teiasha did. Thanks, by the way.

      I guess we won't really know until we do it. Is the AF reserves a better option or a good option at all? I tend to get homesick too, does it get better once you're there or is it VERY hard at first?

      Michelle made some pretty good questions. I'd like to see the answers as most are my concerns too.

    • Air Force Mom to be 4 years ago

      This is truly wonderful. Thank you so much for doing this. My daughter is leaving April 3, 2012. I am so proud of her and yet super nervous. Reading these posts and questions has eased my mind a bit. I am going to pass this on to my daughter.

    • bri 4 years ago

      I was in basic training in August. I got sent home because of scoliosis two weeks in. The home sick didn't get better for me but them yelling all the time didn't bother me. I got yelled at all the time for smiling. I wish i made it through but hey I tried it was probably best for me to wait anyway maybe ill try to go back after college.

    • Dynasty 4 years ago

      Im thinking about joining and I used to wear braces and now have to wear retainers every night. Can I still do that if I join?

    • eliciou 4 years ago

      Hi Bri,

      i been always wanting to join the air force. I am 24 years old. I have sciolosis and my fear is that I will not be able to qualify. Is your sciolosis really bad?

      I know my back and shoulder hurt after I do exercise soemtimes esp. in one specific shoulder. Would tis restrain me from qualifying?

    • ASH916 4 years ago

      I have lighweight psoriasis and want to join SF. if MEPS thinks its not too serious will they let me join?

    • lynsey 4 years ago

      I don't know if any one is still answering questions but heres hoping, my only question is when do you get your first paycheck and how long does it take to become an e4, for housing reasons,.I just have had this dog for 8. Years and I don't want to give him up, so I need to know how long I will need a doggy sitter before I can have him with me again?

    • Allie 4 years ago

      U said they allowed birth control? I have an iud should I get it removed prior to BMT in may?

    • Tammy 4 years ago

      Do they write prescriptions for burth control at BMT?

    • Tori 4 years ago

      I am looking to join the Air National Guard and had a lot of questions before reading your post! Thank you! (:

    • Roni 4 years ago

      I was in the Navy many years ago and I'm sure a lot has changed.  One thing I noticed was the weight maximum limit has gone up drastically from when I enlisted.  When I first started the process of joining the Navy I was given a recruiter that helped me through the initial process which required a test to see your academic level and a physical to ensure you are not suffering from anything that is not allowed.  With things like scoliosis they will actually perform an X-ray to see if you are within what they allow.  I didn't have tattoo's when I first joined but at the time I believe the only thing was they didn't want any new tattoo's for fear of infection with like Hepatitis.  Getting tattoo's while in the military is deemed ok because its sad to say but it helps them identify body parts.  Any conditions you may have will be discussed and decided on BEFORE you are shipped off to boot camp.  You will also have a swear in ceremony and that is when you will receive your first card that will lust your enlistment date.  I choose not to enlist immediately and waited 2 months before going to my boot camp @ Chicago.  Prior to enlistment you will be treated like royalty but everything changes once you arrive.  Since I was Navy I can only tell you about my experience.  From the first step onto base you will have someone in your face telling you what to do and what not to do.  If you can't handle that you better learn or not join the military because once they declare you active duty you will physically be punished with exercise. If you somehow don't make weight when you arrive you will be placed on a strict diet and you will have to exercise more.  The first 72 hours of your arrival will be spent being processed and you will not be allowed to sleep.  You will be taken through all the different stations which include things like uniform, hair cut, and enlistment paperwork.  At this point you will be given your Recruit Commander and assigned to your "ship" or "barracks."  During these 72 hours they will show you around the base and also the basics of marching, folding your clothes, making your bed, and some basic etiquette.  During these 72 hours you are not considered "active duty" so the only physical activity is marching every where.  Before you are approved for active duty you will be tested on your eyes and ears and will go through the tag team vaccinations.  If you are allergic to penicillin you will be given some pills instead of the shot in your bootie.  Showers are in a open area that just has shower heads and time is very limited to shower and brush your teeth.  In the Navy there is not "bare feet on deck" so in the shower you wear flip flops which must be cleaned in a bucket of bleach afterwards or you'll fail inspection.  During boot camp (in the Navy at least) the recruit assigned to be your lead carries a small bag that carries everyone's medicines and feminine products for your period.  You can't carry them yourself.  If you become sick or have severe debilitating cramps you will be sent to the med clinic for assistance.  You are not allowed to lay in your rack unless in rare cases the Dr. gives you a note.  You don't want to have any time away from your group because you will be knocked down to a different group and your training will start over and your boot camp will be extended.  Also there is no talking allowed while in the canteen, during march, or every other time unless your RDC says it is ok.  Never look them in the eye and always salute.  After you are declared active that is when the majority of the training happens; both physical and academic.  You will not pass boot camp if you cannot pass the major physical tests at the end and pass your academic studies that include learning necessary things like military rank and procedures.  Once you graduate boot in the Navy you are shipped out for at least 6 months even if your enlisted job requires further school.  Generally after you have proven you are going to stay in the military then they will invest the time and money to further your education.  If for some reason you don't make it through boot camp you will be placed in SEPS (seperations) for an undetermined amount of time.  Generally it is quite a long time and during that time you will be assessed to see if they want to keep you in the military or discharge you. It is not your choice anymore unless you go AWOL and are willing to serve time in the Brig.  It is very hard to be away from your family; especially, in the beginning when your contact is limited to a 15 minute phone call once.  As for pay it will go in via direct deposit and you won't have to worry about it too much while in basic so once you move on from basic you have a little bit of savings.  Promotions are not on a set schedule and varies based on job and how well you do.  I personally started as an E2 because I had college experience.  So basically you will have to pass some tests and physical before you are even accepted by the military so you don't need to quit your job or give notice until you are accepted and then you can choose your date which are frequently available.  It is also best if you start physical activity prior to boot camp but either way they will whip you into shape while there.  Also once you decide on what branch of the service there is plenty of information on the web to give you a leg up on learning things ahead of time like how to identify rank and the officer creed, etc..  Hope this helped a little.  I only really did the first part of the process because an earlier response talked a lot about once boot camp actually starts and I also think the beginning is probably the toughest part because you are deprived of your loved ones and sleep plus their initial process is to break you down so they can rebuild you into the soldier they want.  Good luck and be safe. Sorry it's so long.

    • lindasilva profile image

      lindasilva 4 years ago

      Roni, thank you so much for that. It's really helpful. I wanted to join back in 2009 and ended up not doing it while an ex-boyfriend and a friend did. I'm scared to death about missing my loved ones but now I want to do it before the year ends. I have to meet the weight requirement, I already started exercising. So, hopefully, I won't be scared by then... I look on YouTube for videos, but none really show what really goes up there.

    • christina 4 years ago

      Thanks for putting this up! I plan to go in the AF once i graduate. Im a senior in high school. This answered several questions i had but my main question is when i go in will i still be able to get my depo shot (birthcontrol). Also what about showering with the other females while their on there period? Mines not that heavy any more thanks to my shot but im worried about being around the other girls and how embarresed they will be.

    • christina 4 years ago

      just thought of another q... how neat does our hair have to be like the bun does it have to be like a dancers sock bun or what?

    • CarleyP888 4 years ago

      Hello! Thank you so much for writing this. It has really been such a big help. I have a question about tattoos. Hoping you could help. I have a very small.. half an inch tall maybe three inches wide tattoo on my left hand wrist. It is not degrading or offensive in anyway. It is a script from a book I read when I was young. I understand that tattoos are allowed but I am afraid that I will be turned away because it is on my wrist. Do you have any insight on this? Thanks!

    • teiasha 4 years ago

      This scrolling down to reply is a killer but I know the Air Force just recently started not accepting ppl with sleeve tats...Idk if urs is considered one Carley but try to have someone (I.e. a commander on a base or medical professional) determine if its acceptable....ur recruiter will tell u anything to get u in n I when u get to Lackland it will be a different story when ur MTI has to take pics of the tat for approval...I wouldn't get any tats until after u join. I know a few guys currently with sleeve tats that have to always wear long sleeve shirts to work n that's not comfortable in a hot area during the Summers. Now as for BC, I know plenty of females went to medical to get their butt shots n its ur responsibility to keep up with ur dates...ur MTI is not gonna prevent u from getting ur BC b/c they don't want to have to deal with ur mode changes (esp if its a maLe flight was the 1st females our MTI pushed) for the BC's u insert in urself I believe one of our girls had to have it ordered from home n she went to the Doc to get it inserted...our maybe she just preferred to order hers...all I know is I remember our MTI coming to the door with a nuva ring n the EC monitor saying "1 nuva ring, verifying 1 nuva ring NO" lol I was crying lol INSIDE...I see most of the females r skeptical abt joining bc of ur attitudes....stop trying to find excuses n do it before the AF stops letting ppl in...I have one of the worse attitudes n I joined...for you young females they will straighten u out...I didn't need anybody to tell me how to act since I went in at 26...I know when to turn on/off my attitude esp when trying to move forward...I'm reserves but currently active reserve until I get my 5 level...hopefully, after training I can get a ART position to be fully time on my reserve base...from March 22, 2011 til today I, have advanced to an E-4...reserves promotes faster....I know a MSGt who made his position w/I 6 yrs from an E-4....again I'm talking reserve, not will take them abt 10 yrs to make E-6....that should answer the female with the dog question...however, u might want to have a reliable pet sitter BECAUSE U never know if u will get recycled in bmt or tech school...just pic a job with a tech school of no more then 8wks...I'm knowledge ops n its 8....personnel n ARMS is 6...mostly admin have short schools n services

    • HotPinkCombtBoots profile image

      HotPinkCombtBoots 4 years ago from Washington

      Hi Pageant Girl - did you get my email? I've been in the Air Force for 21 years and would love to interview you for my upcoming book on women in the Air Force.

      You can email me @ - I would love to include you and your experiences. If you're not interested - would you please let me know that as well so I'm not bugging you?



    • LotusFlowerBOmb 4 years ago

      I have been wanting to join the Air Force for a while, the only couple of things concerning me are the officers yelling at me ( I have a temper and when i don't get my way I tend to cry) and also where do you live when you're not out of the country? And also what do you do? Do you still get paid or do you have to get a job?

    • gumshoe 4 years ago

      how okay would it be to join the airforce if im a little afraid of the water? my brother was in the airforce and he said that you work with water during warrior week. but how much is it? how long do you work with water? what do you do in the water exzactly?

    • Dizrae 4 years ago

      I just recently got accepted in the air force as a dental tech and leaving in July. I was just wondering how you like your job and is it a good job in the air force?

    • Jenni 4 years ago

      Teiasha, as an active duty Air Force member, it should not take anything more then 3 years to achieve the rank of an E-4, and thats on a 4 year enlistment. If you opt for the 6-year enlistment though, within 2 years you can make an E-4. I apologize for sounding like a know it all, but I didn't want anyone's hopes to get shot down due to mis-information :)

    • Michelle 4 years ago

      Hi do you have any advice on how to start doing pull ups? i cant even do 1 please help. :)

    • HeatherFeather 4 years ago

      I ship out June 19th. I've been thinking and thinking about joining for two years and now I'm taking the plunge. I've been working out like a mad woman, I'm already in decent shape, I can sock bun my hair pretty well especially if I have gel product in it, and even if I'll be homesick I know that it's time for me to get out of the house and live my own life. The only fear I really have is that on my last day at MEPS before I get on the bus to go to the airport they'll tell me somethings wrong and that I can't ship out that day. I've met girls while at MEPS who went through that. I'm definitely not going to get pregnant, I don't have any strange piercings or tattoos, never done any drugs, don't smoke, and I've already been medically cleared...I think. I would surmise that getting a ship date means I've been medically cleared. I have pretty crummy luck so is there any reason to be worried? This page has been so helpful to me and I thank you so much for it! I've been doing a lot of research leading up to my departure and this has been another giant leap towards being informed and as ready as I could possibly be!

    • Nikks_music 4 years ago

      I've been thinking about the Air Fore for quite some time, but I'm also torn between just going to college instead. Basically, if I can get into shape by the fall, I plan on signing, but the trouble is getting there. What kind of exercise routine do you reccamend?

    • F.Francis 4 years ago

      @Nikks_music... i had that same problem... look at it this way. the airforce is big on college, if you can get in, the GI bill covers all of your college expenses, where as you would have to do that on your own... it may take you more time to finish college but hey! debt free lol... and usually even after signing to the airforce they tell you that you have a 6-9 month wait period. so getting in shape by fall doesnt guarantee you will leave by fall. the key thing is getting your stamina up(run) and work on push ups and stomach crunches thats basically what you really need to focus on. so think about it. see if the airforce is really what you want... if it is go for it! good luck.


    • TONYA 4 years ago

      Love, love, love this blog post! Anyway, I can't seem to get in contact with a recruiter! After meeting with one in '09 and going to school, Im ready to go and now I can't speak to anyone regarding enlistment! LOL. Good Luck to those of you that are on your way to an AWESOME ADVENTURE! I hope to join you soon!

    • Katie 4 years ago

      Do you have to know what you want to do before you join or is there a test that tells you what your more suitable for?

    • Nickie 4 years ago

      How long was basic training?

      Isn't there a week at the end that u have to stay awake for 2 days straight and finish a course?

    • Corinna 4 years ago

      I plan on joining the force after I graduate from high school. &' I wanna know what was your job in the force.?

    • Aquarius0809 4 years ago

      I plan to join the AF next year after I graduate with my associates in psychology ...I talked to a recruiter but he told me I have to lose weight then I can sign up...I live in Greensboro NC and I was wondering if anyone lives close who is planning to leave around that time also

    • Gina 4 years ago

      I am 26 and will be graduating with a BS in Biology this coming semester. I am interested in joining the AF, but I would like to know more about the job selection process. I know that with my degree, I can enter as an officer. I am interested in either becoming a pilot or working as a scientist. I have been taking the practice ASVAB tests online and scoring well. I have read that scoring high helps ensure the job of your choice. However, my biggest fear is that I will join and then be sent to another area that I have no interest in. I know it is not about me, but I feel that I could contribute more in a field that I actually want to do. Also, when my father joined the Navy he said that he was lied to by his recruiter and ended up doing something he hated. Do you know of anybody that was able to select their job? Also, if it is in your contract, does that really mean that it will be your job? Or can they still place you anywhere?

    • Karina 4 years ago

      I'm very glad I came across this, it really has helped me out ALOT. I am about to be 19 and I'm con siding going into the AirForce. I went to the Air Force Recruiting place and I had to take the practice asvab, I made a 48 in reading and 47 in math but got a 30/50. How does that work? What happens after I pass the practice asvab?

    • Martie 4 years ago

      I'm a Marine Corps wife and really considering joining the airforce. I take medicine daily for hypothyroidism but have always been pretty active. Does anyone know if I can even join with it? And will they allow me to take my medicine at BMT? Another thing, I have 25 college credits. Does that mean that I will enlist as an E-2? What contracts do they offer as far as time wise? Is it 2,4,6, and 8? or what?

    • Michelle 3 years ago

      It is a dream of mine to join the Air Force! I have taken the ASVAB once for the Air Force and once for the Army and did not pass the requirements for either one. I know you have to get a 50 on the ASVAB to join the Air Force. I have a couple ASVAB study books to help me along the way. Math is not my strongest subject. My question is, what is the best way to get that 50 or above on the ASVAB?

    • norah davex 3 years ago

      I have so many questions about BMT. For starters I used to run the week before this week and I used

      to run for an hour but lately because of the hot weather outside I have been putting off running

      and I was wondering if that is a hindrance for me for when I go to basic training which doesnot start

      until novemeber. however I am going to UAT this weekend and was wondering if I need to be

      physically prepared at UAT. Also I have a question about lifestyle at BMT at the moment

      I lead a very lazy life where I basically eat everything so I am a little overweight would

      that mean they would put me on a diet in basic training and I Would not enjoy eating anything

      and do more exercise which would be hard for me since I am lazy to begin with. I enjoy watching tv

      and being lazy at home would that mean bmt would be hard for me.Also I have a question about

      the air force obstacle course I saw in a video that we would be climbing monkey bars which I do

      not know how to do at all because my hands are weak and I could hardly do them as a kid would I have

      to do them at basic training? Also I saw a part where we climb under an obstacle and it looks like we

      have to hold onto the post and climb under each post without any ground under us so that each post is higher

      and I cant do that at all and would basically fall on the ground. How can I surive bmt?

      thank you

    • Lindsey 3 years ago

      So, I am not really that concerned about showering with other females but I will admit, I have DD breasts, and they aren't exactly perky! :-( Will I be harassed about this? I know its been said that showers are extremely short and no one pays attention but I have boobs big enough to shock anyone walking by! lol

    • Alana 3 years ago

      Question. I'm a vegetarian!! What kind of food do they serve you at basic?!?!?

    • jessica 3 years ago

      does that mean no make-up, cologne or perfume, or any beauty products? what about facial washes and creams and clarifying lotions? scrubs and all that.... cause i am acne prone.... do we choose what shampoo and conditioner to use or do they pick out almost everything for you?....

    • Tikeya 3 years ago

      I am currently a softball player in my second year of college. I have recently decided to enlist into the Air Force. A friend of mind just got back from basic and she said its not that bad. My dad was in the Army and he feels like I have a good chance of making it. As I stated before, I am an athlete, so I am fairly fit. I am very strong willed and I feel like I can accomplish anything that I put my mind to, but I am still a bit nervous. Your article was very helpful and so were the comments. I am looking to do a job in diagnostic imaging and I was wondering if you had any advice on that? Or any other advice for that matter, that would be helpful.

    • Amanda 3 years ago

      Thank you so much for all of the advice and tips on this article! Anyone leaving April 1st, 2014?

    • Figs 2 years ago

      When do you choose what job you want in the air force? When I join the Air Force I want to be a Loadmaster or a search and rescue but do you pick your job before, during or after your BMT? Also, are you allowed to take classes while in the air force for when you decide you no longer want to be in it? I'm sorry, I have yet to talk to a recruiter but I know they say almost anything to get you to join and I don't want to go in filled with nothing but lies and no job opportunities if I decide to leave the force or when I retire. ( I personally want to stay in the air force as long as I can but who knows I might change my mind and want to just go back home and work)

    • Rhea 2 years ago

      I absolutely like your blog, for it is very informative and descriptive. I am joining the Air Force also not just because of its benefits, but to fulfill my dream to serve. I wanted to join the Army, but the hubby did not allow me, but he agreed on the Air Force. I am going to talk to a recruiter next month (April), and hopefully I can get it. I am very excited.

      Thank you for writing this awesome blog.


    • Johnk95 2 years ago

      I've long suggested that people seeking to gett a good understanding of this speciific topic spread their research acrooss many blogs dggeggdbbdka

    • Rachel 2 years ago

      Terrible question to ask I know but I REALLY want to join but it's been hard because of so many family obligations. If I go in, I'll be Medical (EMT/Paramedic), I wanted to go Active Duty but can't since I can't be away too long...So I'm planning on Reserves. There is a Base very close to me though...what are the chances of ending up at a base close to home?

    • Violet 2 years ago

      Would you recommend going to college before or after serving? Also, the most recent info I have seen says you can't have any dependents (spouse/partner or kids) you have to be single and the standards are getting tougher?

    • Chloe 23 months ago

      Training yourself to be able to run long distances is going to benefit you so so so much. I cannot stress that enough!! Also.. lifting weights & trying to bulk up will help you as well. You dont want to stand out but standing out in your physical abilities will get u some nicely earned respect! Good luck ladies!!

    • Kelly 23 months ago

      With you hair that short did you still have to pull it up in a bun?

    • karisma 21 months ago

      Im very concerned. I goto meps next week and i was wondering, which is best? Tampons or pads?

    • Adeline 10 months ago

      I know the last comment was almost a year ago, but oh well. What did you mean by you have to call your parents "Shut up and listen"?

    • Lucy 7 months ago

      Hi so im currently 23 and im trying to get my Masters in Information Networking and Telecommunication and join the officer program. my girl friend has Crohn's and i plan on getting engage to her before i go to basics . when i get married would the Air Force help treat pre existing disease such as crohn's for my wife even though im in the Air Force and not her?

    • Karla 5 weeks ago

      I join the Air Guard at the age of 17,my grandparents had to sign for me, but this was the best thing I have ever done and yes I recommend all females go through basic in any branch of service. I am 36 now and still in and let me tell you lady's something,take every kind of class that's comes up, it helps you on rank,cause when I got the opportunity to go through flight training and warrant officer school I jumped at it. so yes you can make a great career out of the armed services,I never thought I would have, but I did,and I wouldn't have done anything less. I have done 3 tours for operation enduring freedom and will do a forth of we get our orders. If I can do it,I know any female out there can. Its life changing and it was for the best.

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