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3 Unsolved Disappearances That Will Send You Down a Rabbit Hole

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Em is an armchair detective who falls asleep listening to true crime podcasts.

Whether you've gobbled up every last episode of your favorite true crime podcast or just need a new case to mull over on your lunch break, there's nothing more satisfying than stumbling into a perfectly twisty, turny rabbit hole of true crime proportions. Here's three very suspicious disappearances you may not have heard of that'll send you straight down.

And who knows? Maybe you have just the missing piece to solve one of these cases.

The Disappearance of London Teen Andrew Gosden


In mid-September 2007 14 year-old gifted and talented student Andrew Gosden skipped school and bought a one-way ticket to King's Cross railway station, a 170+ mile trip south from his home in South Yorkshire. His last confirmed sighting was captured on CCTV as he exited the train station.

Why Andrew's Case is a Rabbit Hole

Beyond the mystery of the teen's disappearance, neither his family or investigators can put a pin on the why of Andrew choosing to travel solo so far from home on a school day, especially after declining to travel alone to visit his grandmother just that summer.

Key Details

  • At the time of his disappearance, Andrew didn't own a cell phone and didn't appear to use social media. Neither of these things seem 100% iffy though when you consider the year was 2007, a time when social media was mostly just MySpace and cell phones did little more than make phone calls - texting was a lot of work in those days.
  • The teen withdrew two hundred pounds - all that his ATM would allow him to - before hopping the train to Kings Cross.
  • Following his arrival at Kings Cross, Andrew was believed to be seen at a local Pizza Hut but the sighting has never been able to be confirmed.
  • In late 2021 two men were arrested in connection to Andrew's case, but were later released pending investigation. The case remains unsolved.

Though the case grows more bizarre and cold with each passing year, the most popular theories between investigators and internet sleuths are:

  1. Andrew Gosden is still alive. In 2017 someone claimed that an internet user going by the name "Andyroo" beseeched them to give them two hundred pounds, stating that they had run away when they were 14 years-old because they "felt like it." Andrew's father, Kevin Gosden says this lead turned into yet another dead end in the investigation but at least it served to push the case back into the spotlight.
  2. He took a trip to attend live music shows - without informing his family and either met with foul play or fell victim to a fatal accident.
  3. Andrew was groomed by an adult counselor at a sleepaway Gifted and Talented program. In 2019, a now-deleted Reddit user posted to the popular UnresolvedMysteries subreddit that they believed Gosden wasn't groomed on the internet by a stranger, but locally by a counselor over his summer break.

Podcasts That Cover Andrew Gosden's Disappearance

  • Thin Air, a podcast that covers mysterious disappearances has an in-depth interview episode featuring members of Gosden's family.
  • Trace Evidence - Episode 082 -The Vanishing of Andrew Gosden. Host Steven Pacheco does a top notch job running through the facts of the teen's case in an hour and a half long episode.
  • The Generation Why Podcast - Episode 288 - Andrew Gosden. Friends Justin and Aaron dive into the details in this true crime and conspiracy podcast produced by Wondery.

How You Can Help

Andrew's loved ones have created this site to keep the public updated on the investigation into his disappearance with numbers you can contact if you know something that could help them.

Young Father Jacob Cabinaw Never Returns From Spontaneous Road Trip


On a spring evening in 2010, Jacob Cabinaw declined an invitation to go drinking with his buddies after a game of disc golf, saying he needed to go home and study. He allegedly dropped a male friend (the last person who knew him personally to have seen him) off at some volleyball courts nearby. The 31 year-old college student and father of two never went home to study though. Instead, he drove his Chevy Malibu from Traverse City, Michigan straight down to Texas and hasn't been seen or heard from since.

Why Jacob's Case is a Rabbit Hole

Jacob, also known as Jake wasn't without responsibility. On top of being a dad, he worked for a local mechanic only a stone's throw from where he attended college and by all accounts was invested in his life in the Traverse City area without huge motivation to leave it behind.

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Strange Details in Jacob Cabinaw's Case

  • Jake was set to graduate with his degree only a few short weeks after he disappeared.
  • According to his Charley Project, a day and a half after he was last seen by the male friend he dropped off at the volley ball courts, Jacob's plates were run in Hollister, Missouri, a full 840 miles south of his hometown. The person in the car, assumed to be Cabinaw, was asleep in his car at a rest stop.
  • Though law enforcement could never physically locate Cabinaw's vehicle following his disappearance, a CarFax report confirmed that it had made it down to Mexico.

In the decade plus since his family last spent time with him, a handful of theories about where Jacob was going and why have popped up, including:

  • He was going to Texas or Mexico to deliver drugs. Cabinaw's family and close friends vehemently deny that he was using drugs but internet sleuths hypothesize that while he likely wasn't using them he may have been running them for quick cash.
  • The male friend he allegedly dropped off at the volleyball courts is involved with Cabinaw's disappearance. Although the friend told police he had Jacob drop him off at volleyball courts near the beach in Traverse City, there's no confirmed proof of this. What is confirmed to police is that this male friend was known to be missing at the same time Cabinaw initially went missing as told to law enforcement by mutual friends in an official report.
  • Jacob left in a fugue state. There have been some rumblings here and there that Jake split town in a fugue state - a psychological condition that causes people to travel and forget parts of their life following a really stressful situation. However, according to the people who knew him best, Jake wasn't any more stressed out than your average divorced 30-something dad.

Podcasts That Cover Jacob Cabinaw's Disappearance

  • The Vanished Podcast - Jacob Cabinaw. In this hour long episode host Marissa Jones interviews Cabinaw's friends, family and those who have worked the case to try to uncover new clues.
  • Down The Rabbit Holes - Jacob Cabinaw. This episode focuses in on the supposed sightings after his disappearance.
  • Gone Podcast - Episode 44 Missing: Doreen Ann Marfeo and Jacob Cabinaw. Jacob's case is briefly discussed here.

How You Can Help

If you have any information about Jacob Cabinaw or his vehicle you can contact the Grand Traverse County Sheriff's Department at 231-995-5000

The Disappearances of Christopher Dansby, Shane Walker and Andre Bryant

In a five-month span at the end of the '80s, three black boys—Andre Bryant, Shane Walker and Christopher Dansby — disappeared from the boroughs of New York. Decades later authorities and armchair detectives speculate that their cases are connected.

How Their Cases Became an Intertwined Rabbit Hole

In the early spring of 1989 Andre Bryant was only a month old when his mother was murdered following multiple shopping trips with a pair of unknown females, but Andre was nowhere to be found. Skip along to May where toddler Christopher Dansby played at Martin Luther King Jr. Towers playground under the supervision of several family members.

While there he took up with two other children and his family lost track of him and hasn't been seen since. Three months later Shane Walker was playing at the same park with the same two unidentified children when he too disappeared. Some believe Walker and Dansby's cases are connected because of the shared location and recently, independent sleuths believe Bryant's disappearance and the murder of his mother could be part of a larger child trafficking scheme.

Top Clues About The Missing Children

  • All children went missing from the New York boroughs within the same year, and were all young black males who, if still alive today, would have no recollection of their disappearance or life before.
  • Both Christopher and Shane disappeared on the same day of the week, at around the same time, indicating that whoever took them could have been the same person.
  • Rosa Glover, Shane Walker's mother told police that at the playground a man struck up a conversation with her, causing her to lose track of her son.

The common location and timeline of the boys' disappearances have made for a slew of theories like:

  • The boys were abducted to be sold to new families in want of a baby. While there's no hard evidence to support this theory, including any of the boys' DNA being linked to now-grown men, there isn't any evidence against it either. No sign of the boys' remains have been found.
  • That one of the mother's drug use is connected to her son's disappearance. Allison Dansby admitted to police that she was involved in drugs but insisted drugs didn't have to do with his abduction. In 1980's New York drug use was extremely prevalent so the theory that Christopher was singled out on this particular day for this particular reason doesn't hold much weight.
  • The disappearances aren't connected at all and are a simple coincidence. Indeed, another resounding theory is that the young boys' disappearances aren't connected by anything besides coincidence. After all, in a city as huge as New York, thousands of people go missing every single year.

Podcasts That Cover The Children's Disappearance

  • The Trail Went Cold - Episode 63 - Andre Bryant, Christopher Dansby, and Shane Walker. This episode follows all three boys' cases as well as the case of Andre's young mother, Monique Rivera.
  • Uncover True Crime - Episode 2: The Disappearances of Christopher Dansby, Shane Walker, Andrew Bryant... This bite-sized episode briefs the details of the boys' cases.

How You Can Help

If you have information about the disappearance of Shane Anthony Walker contact New York Police Department at 646-610-6914If you have information about the disappearance of Andre Terrence Bryant contact New York Police Department at 718-574-1605If you have information about the disappearance of Christopher Milton Dansby contact New York Housing Police Department at 212-876-7100

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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