Top 5 Unsolved Murders of All Time

Updated on January 22, 2019
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There are countless murders that have left investigators and amateur sleuths dumbfounded. While the police may have called it quits on some of these cases, there are some who still continue to hunt for the truth, and hopefully, bring the killer to justice. These are five of the most prolific murders that have happened across the history pages.


Jack the Ripper - London

Definitely one of the most popular and often studied serial killers is Jack the Ripper. London's East End was his hunting ground and the FBI believe that he targeted prostitutes and drunken women because they were easy prey. It's been proven he murdered five women. However, some believe there are more victims. Jack the Ripper was believed to be a doctor or butcher. Multiple departments in the FBI studied this case, but could not discover much. Official investigations were hindered because of the lack of technology. It appears we will never know the true identity of Europe's first serial killer.

The Black Dahlia - Los Angeles

Murder and mystery often plague Hollywood. The case of the "Black Dahlia" is no exception. Elizabeth Short's body was discovered in Leimert Park near Los Angeles. Her murder took the country by storm.

Short was originally from Massachusetts but moved to California to live with her father. She was hoping to make it big in Hollywood. The FBI conducted multiple interviews all across the country, multiple people confessed, but none of them were telling the truth.

The Zodiac Killer - Northern California

The "Zodiac Killer" became one of the most prolific serial killers in the United States. The "Zodiac" is best known for taunting the police with cryptic letters. He ended up murdering five people all over California. In one of those cryptic messages, he claimed to have killed more people.

The Zodiac first killed two teens who were in a parking lot. Several months later, he murdered two people that were sitting in their car, but one ended up surviving. The San Francisco Police Department has said the investigation is still open and they hope to bring the criminal to justice.

Tupac Shakur and B.I.G. Murders - Las Vegas/ Los Angeles

One of the music industry's most famous murders was that of Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. The pair were killed in what many believed was a rivalry between their two record labels.

Tupac was killed in Las Vegas by a drive-by shooting. "B.I.G." was killed in the same way as he was leaving a party in Los Angeles. The FBI investigated the murders but dropped the case in 2005. Nobody knows what led to the murders of these two stars, but family and loved ones are hoping that they can receive closure one day.

JonBenet Ramsey - Boulder, Colorado

JonBenet Ramsey was America's little sweetheart whose death shook the nation. JonBenet Ramsey was discovered in the basement of her family's home. Family members found her strangled and beaten on December 26, 1996. The public and police initially grew suspicious of the family.

JonBenet's mother said she called 911 to report the kidnapping of her child, after The Denver Post later reported that JonBenet died from asphyxiation caused by strangulation. The police are still working on the case and hope to find and arrest the killer.

These are five of the most talked about unsolved murders. These are not the only ones that remain unsolved, and law enforcement reminds anyone who may know anything to call the police. Obviously, the Jack the Ripper case will probably never be solved, I believe police could break open the "Black Dahlia" murder case. The JonBenet Ramsey case I believe will remain unsolved, because those who know anything are keeping their lips sealed. Secrets in a small town can be kept quiet for years. Thank you for reading this article. Leave me your thoughts and any other murders I should have included here.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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