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Questions About the Steven Avery Case

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Title screen for "Making a Murderer."

Title screen for "Making a Murderer."

Is Steven Avery Innocent or Guilty?

Millions of people across the globe have gotten into heated debates about the answer to this question. Because Steven Avery is imprisoned, it is important to realize that he was convicted of the crime and is assumed to be guilty until something would happen to clear him of the charges. In my opinion, that can only be done by finding the true killer, if it was not Steven.

He probably does deserve a new trial, but that would be very difficult when you consider that the witnesses gave testimony over a decade ago. His best shot for release would be for his attorney, Kathleen Zellner, to somehow prove that somebody else committed this heinous crime.

Logical Answers to Common Questions

There are a lot of questions that people ask on a daily basis. I'm going to do my best to answer some of the more popular ones here.

1. Why did Inv. Wiegert say that the number 9207558715 was listed to Steven Avery, when in actuality it was listed to Tom Janda?

Detectives and officers don't write reports the exact moment that they are doing an investigation. These are generally done as soon as they have time by using their notes. It's possible that Wiegert found out that this number was given to Auto Trader by Steven Avery to schedule an appointment. He could have originally written it down as Tom Janda but discovered that it was Steven calling prior to writing his report.

2. Why did both Ryan and Scott B. state that Teresa never had a romantic relationship with Scott?

For starters, there is no proof that it was ever romantic. It was Bradley Czech who told the police that Teresa had hooked up with Scott. It's probable that it did indeed happen, but there is a distinct difference between hooking up and having a romantic relationship. In my opinion, this is a question that Scott could answer as "No" in a lie detector situation and not be seen as deceptive.

3. Did Ryan really show up at the Halloween party in Green Bay and see Teresa with Bradley Czech on the Saturday before Halloween, causing him to get angry?

I believe this was a rumor started on Reddit right after the documentary aired, yet it continues to circulate to this day. I have never seen any proof nor heard any rumor to confirm this. In fact, it's far more likely that she didn't go to a party or left early that night because she was calling another male friend. No evidence has ever been found to indicate that Ryan was jealous. In fact, it is widely rumored that Ryan had a girlfriend at the time, but she asked not to be mentioned in the investigation due to her own friendship with some of the parties mentioned in the documentary.

Quote from Kathleen Zellner

Quote from Kathleen Zellner

Tunnel Vision?

4. Why did the police only investigate Steven Avery?

I disagree with this question completely. Despite all of the evidence that was found on the property, the police continued their investigation of other suspects. As late as Mar. 30, 2006, they were still checking into Scott Tadych and speaking to his co-workers at the foundry where he was employed. They were also still interviewing other potential witnesses and checking into tips that were called in.

5. Why would Steven commit a crime when he was so close to getting 36 million dollars?

It is totally illogical to think that he was actually going to get that amount of money. You can sue someone for any amount that you want. However, you are almost certainly going to get considerably less than what you are asking if it is not a reasonable request. More likely, he would get 3–5 million (in my own estimate), which is a still a tremendous amount of money, but it's not an amount that would encourage a police force to stage a murder.

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For those who believe in a theory that Teresa was paid off to go into hiding, you can rest assured that she would have demanded an amount similar to that. It would be more economical to just pay Avery and not risk getting caught.


6. Doesn't Sheriff Peterson's statement that "It would be easier just to kill Steven than to set him up" prove that the police hated him enough to state a murder just to send him to prison?

It absolutely does NOT prove that. Although Sheriff Peterson had obvious bitterness towards Steven, his statement actually makes complete sense. From a logical perspective, they could just have someone murder Steven and save themselves the lawsuit and the trouble of a trial.

7. When Sgt. Colborn was told that Teresa was known to have appointments at both the Avery's and the Zipperer's, why did he automatically choose the Avery property first?

This is a pretty easy one. Earl Avery himself considered Colborn to be his "buddy". Plus, Colborn admitted in his testimony that he has been getting parts from the salvage yard for several years. It would make sense for him to go to the more familiar residence first.

Conspiracy theories?

Conspiracy theories?

Conspiracy Theorists Unite

8. Why did Earl Avery call Steven at 7 a.m. on the morning that the Rav4 was found?

  • Guilty: He was asking Steven about feeding his dog, unfinished work at the salvage yard, etc.
  • Innocent: He was making sure that everyone was gone so the Rav4 could be brought onto the property unseen.

9. Why can't Ryan remember what time he last saw Teresa, when he was "dropping something off to Scott"?

  • Guilty: He honestly couldn't remember and spoke the truth. Or, he was dropping off marijuana and didn't want to admit it in court.
  • Innocent: He was just telling yet another lie and didn't want to admit that he was hanging over there because he was a jealous ex-boyfriend. He didn't really drop anything off at all. He was just spying on Teresa to find out where she would be going.

10. Why was Pam Sturm the only one to be given a camera and a personal number for Sheriff Pagel?

  • Guilty: She asked for a camera and the phone number was given just in case she found anything. It was completely logical.
  • Innocent: She already knew the Rav4 was there, and they wanted to be sure she could take photographs before anyone else got there. Ryan said he gave the direct number because that location had bad reception. How would he know that if he hadn't already been there planting evidence earlier in the week?

The Truth

The truth is that we will probably never know the reality of what happened on October 31, 2005. Until something new develops, we have to accept that Steven Avery is guilty of the crimes for which he has been charged. People will continue to debate this case for as long as it remains in the public eye. In fact, Making a Murderer 2 was released in 2018, and there may even be a third season. This will probably fire up the debates to a fever pitch all over again.

Our prayers go out to the Halbach family as they continue to deal with the loss of a family member.

More Information About the Case

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