Should I Represent Myself in Court?

Updated on March 1, 2019

Some Tips to Help you Make Preparations for Your Court Appearance.

This hub contains information on court procedures, and was not written with the intent on it being a manual or an exact guide of instructions. Its intent is to educate you in a short and simple format about the very basics of requirements and procedures you will need to know before going to court.

My recommendation is that you should consult a lawyer. Even though there is no requirement that you do, if you wish you may represent yourself. If you want to be represented by a lawyer or not is entirely your decision. If you represent yourself you need to understand that the Judge and the Clerk of Court cannot provide you with any legal advice.


Any time you are required to appear in court it is quite a serious matter, and it is conducted in a formal setting. Always dress appropriately when making a court appearance. Do not arrive late for the procedures. There is no food or drinks allowed in a courtroom. You should not bring your children to court with you, unless they are mature enough to behave and not disrupt the court proceedings. Never use a cell phone or other device in a courtroom.

You must understand that you will not be the only one that is required to appear in court on any given day. Have patience, there may take some time before the court calls your case. there are many reasons why court cases are delayed. The court may have scheduled several cases for the same time as yours. Sometimes people do not show up for their court date, so the court plans ahead to make the most use of the court's time. There are other times that the court must deal with very urgent matters which might take precedent over other proceedings.

How To Represent Yourself In Court

Some Things to Consider Before Representing Yourself.

Are you aware of all the options available to you? Is it possible for you to make an educated decision about which course of action you should take?

Do you have the time and desire to learn and understand all the applicable laws? Do you know or are you willing to learn all the rules of the court so you can be qualified to represent yourself?

Do you have the time that will be necessary to competently prepare your case? Will you have the ability to follow written instructions, and can you work by yourself to prepare your case?

If your answer to these questions was "Yes" then you should be competent enough to be your own representative in a courtroom.

There are other things to consider besides the questions just raised. This does not mean that you can easily handle your own case.

Consultation with an attorney is highly recommended before your court date.

Resources that are Available to You.

There are forms that are provided to you at the office of the Clerk of Court if needed for a Protection Order or a Small Claim case. These should be helpful to you to understand what your options are in the court.

Very rarely will any of the staff of the court help you in any way in filling out the forms, although in limited instances some help could be provided.

There is probably a Law Library in your County Courthouse, this could prove a very valuable source of information while doing your research. Things such as case law, statutes, rules and legal procedure information may be available in the Law Library. There is a limit to the books that are available depending on your County.

Another tremendous source of information can be found online at

One of your fundamental rights is your Right to consult with an attorney. If you are involved in a criminal case and you cannot afford to hire an attorney, then upon YOUR request the court will appoint one for you. You will have to fill out the proper forms to verify that you are financially unable to afford a lawyer. You might be required to pay back the costs of your court-appointed attorney at a later date?

Going to Court on Your Own

What is the Best Way to Prepare Yourself for a Court Appearance?

  • There are multiple things you should do to prepare yourself for a court appearance. Here are some of the things you should consider prior to your court date.
  • Study all aspects of the Laws that are applicable to your case.
  • You may want to try to mediate your case instead of pursuing it through litigation. It may be easier and less stressful to sit down with a mediator.
  • Before your court date try to sit in on other proceedings that will be similar to yours. Some of the things to make yourself aware of is where people sit or stand, in what way do they present evidence, how much time is allotted to each side, and what kinds of arguments are allowed. If you want a schedule of upcoming cases you can inquire at the office of the Clerk of Court.
  • Keep a calender to make notes on any deadlines that might apply to your case. Be sure to file all all your papers in a timely manner, also make sure that all papers that need to be served are done on time. Also even though this may sound silly, make sure you are in the court on the right date and at the correct time.
  • Have enough copies available of all your pleadings and evidence so you can present a complete set to the parties on the other side of the court. If you have witnesses, make sure they are ready and available to testify.
  • When in court make sure that you act in a professional manner. A courtroom is not a venue to personally attack the other party. State your positions in a clear and concise way. Always show respect towards all members of the court and anyone else you meet in the courtroom.


Representing yourself can be detrimental to your case if you are not informed and prepared at the time your case is to be heard. A court appearance is a serious endeavor, if you do not feel comfortable representing yourself, you should seek the advice, if not the representation of an Attorney.

This hub was written to give you a foundation to start your research into whether or not it is a wise decision to represent yourself. I am not advocating self representation, I am simply providing some necessary thoughts prior to your decision to represent yourself in court.

You are responsible for your own life and your own decisions. If you have any aprehension about standing in court by yourself then seek the representation of a competent attorney.


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      You should never go to court unless its absolutely necessary. The cost is not worth it and if you think that justice will be served, you will be sadly mistaken. The legal system is a racket and a complete joke that serves no one but a system to make money. There is no such thing as a fair trial. No one should be required to swear to tell the truth after all they just lie any way and you can take the 5th any way. Half the evidence will be thrown out and most of it will never be told. My beliefs should excuse me from all jury duty because my faith in the legal system tells me to vote not guilty on all trials, unless I am convinced that there is any truth.

    • Reality Bytes profile imageAUTHOR

      Reality Bytes 

      8 years ago from Freeman On The Land United States of America.

      I am not a lawyer Debby! I can give you advice from another human beings perspective. First, NEVER agree to something you do not fully understand. Second, is there an appeal process and have you filed an appeal? Third, always when speaking to a Judge, have the utmost courtesy and tell them your story with complete honesty. The Judges know how to handle the rest. You have already begun research which is vital to self representation. You should learn all the relevant Laws that pertain to you before entering the courtroom. If you fail to understand anything during your hearing, Speak Up. that may be your only chance. I hope this helps, anything else should involve a consultation with an Attorney.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      i;m going to represent myself in court.the reason is.i;ve been thru the whole child support procedings w/my ex and the out come was okay (we;ll receive support until she;s 18)but i made a crucial mistake..u see i was confused when it was time for me to answer if i wanted arrearages,,i was;nt sure what that i answered no..that back support ! as i now know..i;m so mad at myself..anyone have any advice for me when i go in front of a judge?

    • ginalily profile image

      Gina Montoya 

      9 years ago from Miami, FL

      Very useful! Could save myself a few lawyer fees :) Thanks!

    • Dada_Phil profile image


      9 years ago from Texas

      Informative. It would do well to follow through with this as if you intended to represent yourself even if you do hire counsel. There is nothing better than involving yourself in the process just for the ability to make informed decisions.

    • Reality Bytes profile imageAUTHOR

      Reality Bytes 

      9 years ago from Freeman On The Land United States of America.

      debugs I hope this advice could be useful if you are bringing a claim against another party as well. Such as a small claims case etc...

      Thanks for the comment :)

    • debugs profile image


      9 years ago from Odessey777, Umbris

      Great blog, will bookmark til I think of a crime.. lol!


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