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Orwellian Newspeak and the Six Conundrums of Socialism

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Marchers holding a "Democratic Socialists of America" flag

Marchers holding a "Democratic Socialists of America" flag

Commentary From Your Libertarian Opinionizer

A blow-by-blow narrative called "The Six Conundrums of Socialism" has been making the rounds online at least since 2014 in the form of articles, article responses, memes, blog posts, discussion forums, Facebook pages and even a video.

The Six Conundrums have been "debunked" by socialists, collectivists, class warriors, conservatives, and traditional and anarcho-capitalists.

This time around, they’re not so much being debunked as totally junked by a Libertarian Opinionizer.

(Note that debunking opinions is a purely subjective activity in that the thing being debunked is debunked only in the mind of the debunker and not in the minds of those who hunker down in their bunkum bunkers, insisting that their own original bunk is an absolute undebunked slam dunk.)

Book Break: Your Libertarian Opinionizer’s Pick

Beating the Conning Drums

The following source for these half dozen dilemmas is the online FrontPage Mag with its catchy catchphrase, "Inside Every Progressive Is A Totalitarian Screaming To Get Out," which not only discloses its conservative stance but reveals its stone-cold deafness toward every conservative totalitarian screaming to get out.

Here, then, is the six-pack of conundrums accompanied by discussions and observations but preceded by this one important note:

The definition of the word conundrum, not to be confused with "condom," is simply "a confusing and difficult problem or question" (Oxford Dictionary).

1. America Is Capitalist and Greedy, Yet Half of the Population Is Subsidized


Let’s get really real here. The only problem libertarians see with “capitalism” is that throughout its history, it has always been deeply in bed with the psychopaths who create or conquer and rule over nation-states. When creative individuals who produce wealth collude with those who wield monopolistic power, the nation’s populations become their subjugated servants.

It is why libertarians insist on the total separation of economy and state, the creation of “true” capitalism as expounded by the likes of Adam Smith and Frédéric Bastiat.

Collectivists insist that the “problem” with capitalism is still the private ownership of property. But that is just another manifestation of the collectivist’s own greed, the desire to seize collectively what they’re incapable of earning individually. Since all rights are individual, that’s why, without property rights, no other rights are possible.

By disassociating monopolistic power from society—abolishing the state and all other forms of coercion, intimidation and fraud in favor of voluntary forms of private sector “governance”—the result is a free marketplace for all people in all things from goods and services to ideas and opinions.

Libertarians reject corrupt corporatist capitalism in favor of laissez-faire free markets.

As for that "Greedy" part, here's the definition of greed: "Intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power, or food […or property or belongings or anything someone else has that you want]."

All definitions of “greed” are based on purely personal subjective value judgments used against anyone who has more than the accuser has. If a person has one more dollar than the accuser, then that person is greedy. If a billionaire doubles his wealth, he’s obviously greedy, but if a poor person with only a dollar to his name works hard and doubles his money, he’s … well … he can’t be greedy because he’s poor! The only rules about who is or isn’t greedy are the ones invented by the accuser.

So how do collectivists determine what your “needs” are? You? Your group? Your community? Your betters? Your rulers? All those petty little people in your immediate collectivist clique who happen to hate you?

There is, however, one objective definition of greed: “In Objectivism, greed is the desire for the unearned.”

This is one of the endless reasons why collectivists hate Ayn Rand; collectivist ideologies appeal to people’s sense of envy and promote a desire for the unearned, a desire that can easily be manipulated by the psychopaths in power.

2. Half of the Population Is Subsidized, Yet They Think They Are Victims


Actually not half but virtually all of our population is subsidized in one way or another, almost universally through forced taxation. Individuals, corporations, workers, retirees, rich, poor, disadvantaged, everyone in one form or another end up getting something they didn’t earn at the expense of someone who earned it.

America has a socialist domestic policy, a corporatist economic policy and a colonialist foreign policy. Everything is subsidized by forcibly extracted taxes.

Politically, to “subsidize” means stealing from the productive and giving to the non-productive. The stealing is carried out by society’s ruling classes who control a monopoly on power. They decide for their own reasons—which always include getting and expanding their own wealth, power and egos—who will be looted and who will be the recipients of the loot.

In reality, the very people who receive the loot are the same ones who are ignorantly being looted. That’s because the ruling classes never loot each other. Politicians, corporatists and banksters divvy up the loot stolen from their citizens and parcel out just enough of it to make the subsidized think they’re somehow getting more than they’re losing. They’ve been convinced that they can all live at the expense of all.

Through coerced redistribution collectivist ideologies create a permanently powerful ruling class and a permanently powerless dependent class.

3. They Think They Are Victims, Yet Their Representatives Run the Government


People who claim to be victims of the system nonetheless keep voting for their own victimizers—the politicians who own and are owned by the corporations and the banksters—and thereby sanction their own victimhood.

They’ve bought the idea that by voting for the political victimizers of their choice they will somehow get more of the loot than what is looted from them. These are the people who think their vote means something. These are the people who think that getting a tax refund means they outsmarted the system. These are the people who think that getting a few crumbs from the looters is worth giving up the whole loaf of bread they earned in the first place.

These are the people convinced that everyone can live at the expense of everyone else in defiance of reality. These are the advocates of Democratic Socialist Republics who think that consensus looting somehow makes looting right and fair and moral.

These are the people who live in the Orwellian doublespeak world of contradictions and deliberate reversals of fact where love is hate, peace is war, ignorance is strength and freedom is slavery.

These are the worst kinds of victims, the kind who victimize themselves and never know it.

4. Their Representatives Run the Government, Yet the Poor Keep Getting Poorer

This is the nation-state government you get no matter who you vote for or where in the world you vote.

This is the nation-state government you get no matter who you vote for or where in the world you vote.

So of course the poor will keep getting poorer. But it’s not how all nation-states are designed, it’s the inevitable consequence of how all nation-states are designed.

No matter how they are conceived or formed, from the earliest extended families, clans, tribes, ethnic groups, countries, nations to the greatest realms and empires, the result is always the same. Nation-states are designed to keep the rich rich, the powerful powerful and the arrogant arrogant. That means looting the ruled for the benefit of the rulers.

Only libertarians seek to break this sinister old moldy mold.

All collectivist ideologies, from the left’s socialism and communism to the right’s Naziism and fascism, have their roots in tribalism. But libertarianism is the natural logical continuation of the Reformation, the Renaissance, and the Enlightenment or Age of Reason. Those great traditions didn’t happen overnight. They’ve been ongoing for a mere 500 years and will likely take another 500 years or more for humanity to finally evolve and outgrow its obsession with dictatorial dog pack dogmas.

5. The Poor Keep Getting Poorer, Yet They Have Things That People in Other Countries Only Dream About

America's poor live in their cars; Third World poor live in squalor if they live at all.

America's poor live in their cars; Third World poor live in squalor if they live at all.

America’s poor are the richest poor in the world. Most of those we call poor have apartments, TVs, furniture, food, cars and other forms of those subsidies looted from them and others like them and then paternalistically ladled back to them.

The poor around the world live in huts and hovels and bombed out buildings with little food or potable water, next to open sewers, scrounging from garbage dumps while continually facing famine, warfare and disease without help or hope. In India, families have lived on the same patch of sidewalk for generations. In much of Africa, few of the poorest poor live beyond infancy.

Yes, there are similar poor in America. They live under bridges, in cardboard boxes, wearing rags and begging for coins. But just consider this. In a libertarian society where political looting is rejected every successful person will keep all the money they peacefully earn. Without all that stolen loot going into the offshore accounts of the truly greedy—politicians and corporatists and banksters—think of the massive amounts of money in private hands that can actually help those who are genuinely in need of help without having to pay the politicians, the bureaucrats, the civil servants, and everyone else who can dip their paw into the public trough.

Collectivism supports the greedy; libertarianism supports the needy.

6. They Have Things That People in Other Countries Only Dream About, Yet They Want America to Be More Like Those Other Countries


So why do so many Americans want their own country to become like all the other failing collectivist states around the world?

Do they not understand that all those Democratic Socialist Republics they think are so cool and trendy and fantastic—from Greece to Sweden to Canada to Denmark to the next temporarily successful state that catches their eye before succumbing to massive debt - could not exist if it wasn’t for the United States subsidizing them with massive transfers of inflated foreign aid paper dollars?

Foreign aid has been defined spot on as the act of transferring money from poor people in rich countries to rich people in poor countries. Another reason why the poor keep getting poorer.

When the United States goes bankrupt and fails all those glorious Democratic Socialist Republics will crash and burn with us. Who does anyone think will subsidize the US? Russia? China? Japan?

The worst victims of all are those too ignorant to know they are victims—until it’s too late.

Orwellian Newspeak, the language of totalitarianism: In modern America, Orwell’s Newspeak takes the form of political correctness on the left—redistribution of wealth, hate speech—and the right—collateral damage, Enhanced interrogation (etc.).

US military subsidizes European socialism via NATO: And since those countries refuse to live up to their own military spending agreements, they can easily create "successful" social welfare states.

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