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Missing: Peggy Anne McGuire

Peggy Anne McGuire

Peggy Anne McGuire


Peggy was just 29 when she went missing from Eufaula, Oklahoma on November 16th, 2015. She has wavy blonde hair, blue eyes, stands at 5’10, and weighs between 140-160 pounds. She has a scar on her right knee, pierced ears, and a tattoo on her lower back of a horseshoe with stars and a four-leaf clover with faded initials “JNS”. She is classified as endangered missing.


Peggy was a country girl and loved to go fishing, camping, and hunting. She was an outdoor enthusiast who had a beloved dog, a small herd of goats, and about 150 cattle that she took care of. She was extremely kind-hearted, sociable, bubbly, and outgoing. Everybody loved her.

In high school, she met a boy named Thomas McIntosh who was the complete opposite of Peggy. He was awkward, rude, antisocial and some called him a bully but, Peggy fell in love with him anyway. It soon became apparent he had jealousy issues as he would become enraged when Peggy would be seen talking with other male friends. She was extremely sociable and had a lot of friends both male and female. Thomas would get so angry he would break her car windows, break down doors and punch holes in the walls. He was a violent and aggressive person.

The couple was on and off constantly and Peggy once had to have her best friend Elizabeth take her to the ER for a broken and bloody nose. It took a bit of convincing but Peggy eventually confided in her best friend that after a lunch date with Thomas, he got angry about something, pulled out his pistol, and hit her in the face with it. Peggy took out a protection order against him but unfortunately went back to him soon after and fell pregnant.


Fresh Start

Peggy hoped that with the birth of their baby boy Ethan, Thomas would calm down and would change for the better. They even moved to Indiana after Thomas got a new job out of state there. Peggy was a loving, amazing and, devoted mother whose whole world revolved around her son. She tried desperately to make it work with Thomas for the sake of their son but shortly after the move, Thomas ended up strangling Peggy in a fit of rage. Even worse, he did this in front of their son.

This was seemingly the last straw for Peggy who now pressed charges of domestic abuse/violence against him and left. She left Indiana and went back to live with her mother in Oklahoma. Thomas wasn’t done and ended up guilt-tripping her into coming back and dropping the charges. He played on her emotions for her son claiming it’s not fair to Ethan to not have his father in his life, saying she was a bad mom for taking a child away from his father, so she went back to him once again.

This time Thomas moved back to Oklahoma and bought a house and the couple moved in together but Peggy said the relationship was strictly platonic and that she was only living with him for the sake of being a family to their son. She also didn’t have a career at this time, so she wasn’t financially stable enough to live on her own with a child so she stayed with him and decided to go to school for nursing.

After a little while, Peggy was able to graduate and pass her exams in June 2013 and was immediately hired on at Wellington Hills Nursing Center.

The Plan

Peggy had started to see other men and one, in particular, was Richard from Texas. She was planning on meeting him on Tuesday and spending the day with him. The only person who knew about this was her best friend Elizabeth. Peggy also had made plans to escape from Thomas by going to her mother's one weekend with Ethan and begin to move out her belongings over that weekend. She had a career now and was stable enough to live on her own. Sadly she never got the chance to put this plan into motion.


The Incident

Monday 16th,2015 Peggy had just worked all day and night and when she finally got off work she went to take her son Ethan to school. She picked him up from Thomas’s house and dropped him off at school. She then called her step-father to discuss plans for remodeling the back deck on the house. He said he needed measurements and she said she would call him back after she got them but she never called him back.

The next day she also didn’t show up to her niece's ballgame and that was something she never missed. Her family and friends all tried contacting her but Peggy’s phone went directly to voicemail each time and she never replied to any texts. It wasn’t super strange at first, people knew she was a mom with a new career and a busy life and figured she was just having a busy day and didn’t get around to contacting anybody that day. Elizabeth knew she was supposed to be out with Richard that day so she didn’t worry too much either.

On Wednesday Elizabeth still hadn’t heard from her friend and decided to go check on her. The first stop was Thomas’s house. She noticed Peggy’s truck was gone along with all of her belongings including her nursing bag, hairbrush, and other small possessions. Elizabeth was worried and decided to go wait at Ethan’s school so she could see if Peggy would pick him up as she always did. She waited until school was out and saw that it wasn’t Peggy but it was Thomas who came to get Ethan. This was way out of the ordinary and at that point, Elizabeth knew something was wrong. She contacted Peggy’s mother and told her to call the police because she believed something bad had happened to Peggy and she thought Thomas had something to do with it.

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Elizabeth was able to find out Richard's number and wanted to ask him how Peggy was acting yesterday and where he dropped her off after their day together but he was still in Texas and had never left. Some complications came up and he wasn’t able to make the trip and so he never saw Peggy that day. He did say she called him after dropping off Ethan and said she was at home making beef jerky. He got another call and told her he’d call her back. When he did, it went to voice mail and he never heard from her again. He cooperated with the Police and is not a suspect.



Peggy’s brother finds her truck abandoned in the parking lot of a bar close to their house called T&J’s Ice House off Highway 9. Police come to investigate and get the security tapes from the bar. Camera footage shows at 5:20 am during a violent storm, Peggy’s truck, a 2012 Toyota Tundra, pulled into the parking lot, parks and a strange person gets out and walks away. The footage is too dark and the storm causes visual issues as well so they can’t get a good view of who was driving the truck. It just looks like a person in a hoodie with the hood pulled up. The police inform Thomas they found her truck and he hurries down to the bar to talk to them. He now has a theory that Peggy simply ran away from it all.

The McIntosh family was prominent in this area, McIntosh county. This could be why the police waited so long and dragged their feet during this investigation. It took about 2 weeks for them to bring in a State Investigation team out to help investigate further. They wanted to track Peggy’s cell phone records to see who she talked to last and where it last pinged. They also wanted to investigate Thomas’s home and the area around it.

Three weeks after she went missing, the state investigation team brought in drones and cadaver dogs to search the area around the house and the surrounding properties. All together they searched 80 acres of land but found nothing of interest, that is until they searched the house. Upon searching Thomas’s house they found bloodstains on a few areas. They found bloodstains on the couch, a pair of utility gloves, and on a utility bucket. Unfortunately, the samples had been worn down over the three weeks that the DNA testing was inconclusive.

After talking to neighbors they found one that said they saw something odd on Monday. A little before noon they said they saw Thomas racing down the road in his tractor with the bucket on the front raised all the way in the air. This isn’t a normal way to drive a tractor even if you are carrying something in the bucket. Thomas got an attorney who claimed the neighbor got their days mixed up and was recalling Thomas driving his tractor on Sunday loading up the feed for the cattle before a storm. The police still investigated after finding the tractor and discovered red stains in the bucket of the tractor. Due to weather, dirt and otherwise being used, it was impossible to tell if it was bloodstains or rust spots in the bucket.

Thomas’s attorney also claimed the relationship was romantic and not platonic. He also disputed the abuse accusations on the basis that each time Thomas was charged or had a protection order it was dropped thus saying there was no abuse. He also used the fact that she kept going back to him time after time that these allegations were false.


Authorities believe this is a homicide and that it was not a stranger abduction but someone she knew and trusted.

Nothing supports the theory that Peggy ran away as she had a child who she loved more than anything, had a new happy career, was looking into a new relationship, and wanted to start over without Thomas. This theory has only really been put forward by Thomas and his attorney.

Another more likely theory is that Peggy was home when she was talking with Richard and Thomas overheard the conversation, got jealous, and went into a fit of rage killing her. It’s possible he used the tractor to carry her body to a secluded place for him to bury her body.

Thomas McIntosh Mug Shot

Thomas McIntosh Mug Shot


In 2018 Peggy’s mother sued for visitation and custody of Ethan from Thomas as she hadn’t seen her grandson since her daughter went missing. She believes strongly that Peggy is deceased and that her grandson is in danger of being abused either physically or mentally. Sadly later on the court-ordered Ethan to go into foster care after he was taken away from his father.

To this day Peggy’s credit cards, cell phone and, social security number have not been used. Police suspect foul play in her case that has not yet been solved.

There is currently a $150,000 reward for any information leading to the discovery of Peggy.

Contact Information

If you have any information on Peggy please don’t hesitate to contact McIntosh County Sheriff’s office at 918-689-2526 or Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation at 918-423-6672.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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