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Missing: Lars Joachim Mittank

I am passionate about missing persons cases due to a personal family experience of having someone go missing in my family.

Lars Mittank

Lars Mittank


Lars Joachim Mittank was last seen wearing a yellow t-shirt, blue jean shorts, and white shoes. He stands at about 180cm or 5’9 and weighs about 85 Kg or 185-187 pounds. He is endangered missing, could be injured and disoriented, or may have memory loss.


Born on Feb 9th, 1986 to Sandra Mittank, Lars was raised in Hamburg Germany. He had a girlfriend and worked at a power plant. He liked to follow football (Soccer in America) and his favorite was Sportverein Werder Breman, their team was the Green-Whites. His friends described him as a funny guy who would always try to make people laugh and was a peacemaker.

On June 30th, 2014, 28-year-old Lars and 4 of his close friends went on Holiday together to the Golden Sands in Varna Bulgaria off the Black sea. They stayed in the HVD Viva Hotel. This was a popular area for young European tourists to visit. While partying on the beach on July 5th Lars and his friends went to a bar to watch football and drink. Lars decided to have some fun and switch the team flags around on people’s tables. He did this to a rival team of the one he was a fan of and a verbal altercation broke out. His rivals, the Bayern Munich team did not appreciate him messing with the flag at their table.

After the argument, Lars and his friends decided to leave and go get McDonald's for dinner before heading back to their hotel room. While they were at McD’s Lars waited outside while his friends ordered their food because he said he wasn’t hungry. By the time they came out of the restaurant Lars was gone. They figured he must have just been exhausted and went to their hotel room without them. When they got to the room, he wasn’t there. Though they were worried, they knew he was a capable adult and they thought he’d show up by the next day.

When Lars did finally show up the next day he described a group of four men, either Bulgarian or Russian, who had attacked him that night. He believed they had been sent after him because of the bar altercation he had gotten into earlier that night. His friends didn’t quite understand or believe he was telling the whole story but they ignored it as Lars was back with them. He had ear pain and couldn’t hear so he went to a local doctor who said he had ruptured his eardrum, probably when he was attacked. The doctor suggested he wait a few days before flying home as a flight would make his injuries worse. He also had suggested surgery but Lars refused. The doctor gave him some Cefuroxime 500, an antibiotic, and sent him on his way.

Lars was supposed to fly home on July 7th but decided to stay a few more days to allow his ear to heal a little bit before trying to fly home. His friends said they would stay with him but he insisted that they go home and that he would be fine staying by himself for a few days.

His friends took the flight home and Lars found a cheap hotel close to the airport in the poor, sketchy side of town. It was called Hotel Color.



Lars spends one night at the Hotel Color and while he was there he began to act erratically. Hotel security cameras show him pacing the hallways and ducking in and out of doorways and elevators like he was hiding from someone or something. He called his mother at 11:30 pm and told her to cancel his credit and debit cards. He said something was strange about the hotel and that he didn’t feel safe. His mom booked him a flight home the next day, July 8th. Lars was seen on camera leaving the hotel at around 1 am and he didn’t return for about an hour. Nobody knows where he went during that time. When he got back he called his mother again this time whispering to her over the phone. He told her he was hiding from four men who were trying to kill or rob him. They had asked him about the pills he was taking, referring to the antibiotic. He began to ask his mother what Cefuroxine was then he hung up.

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Lars took an early taxi to the airport the next morning. The young woman who was in the taxi with him said she noticed his eyes were extremely dilated and he was acting weird. When he got to the airport he called his mother again and told her he was happy to be at the terminal. He also reportedly asked his mother to send him 500 Euros through Western Union while he was at the airport. Some reports say he called his mother a second time saying “They won’t let me leave by flying or driving” but I have not been able to confirm this. He was however seen on airport cameras walking into the airport and looking for the medical center. He was carrying a black duffel bag and had on a red and black backpack at the time.

While at the airport Lars went to the medical center and saw a doctor for his ear hoping he’d give him the ok to fly. Lars was with the doctor for approximately 45 minutes. The doctor remembers Lars was on edge and nervous about something. He was shaking and fidgeting the whole time he was there. When a construction worker walked into the doctor's office, Lars jumped up and ran out of the room saying “I don’t want to die! I don’t want to die!”

Lars ran out of the medical center leaving behind his bags. He ran through the airport, jogged through the parking lot, jumped a fence, and ran into the wooded area surrounding the Varna Airport. He was not seen again.



There are a lot of theories floating around out there. One of the more possible ones is that Lars was suffering from more than a ruptured eardrum. It’s possible he had a minor concussion or other head trauma resulting in his erratic behavior and paranoia. This can also lead to dialed eyes and being disoriented. His family said he has no history of mental illnesses.

Other theories say he was possibly involved with drugs while on holiday. They say he could have been a drug mule and the guys that he claimed attacked him and wanted to kill him were drug dealers. It’s possible he could have simply been on drugs as well resulting in his erratic behavior and paranoia. Another theory ties into this one that maybe he was murdered by drug dealers. Maybe he wasn’t being paranoid at all and a group of men was in fact after him. It’s possible they found him away from the airport and did something to him. There is no recorded history of Lars being a drug user, however.

Airport Security Footage


In 2015 a trucker claimed he picked up a young hitchhiker who looked like an older version of Lars. He claimed he picked him up in Dresden and took him to Schildow in Brandenburg’s Oberhavel county just North of Berlin. The truck driver didn’t recognize the man until he saw Lars’s case a few weeks later.

This gave Lars’s mother some hope that her son is still alive somewhere either in Berlin or Brandenburg. She thinks he could be injured and disoriented. He could also be suffering from memory loss and be confused. Sandra continues to post on social media about her missing son, and still puts up fliers when she can. She knows him being found alive is slim but she still holds out hope he will be found alive and return home.

Contact Information

If you have any information on Lars Mittank you are urged to call authorities in Germany at +49 1577 8300 896. You can also send an email to

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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