Is Area 51 a Military Ruse?

Updated on July 26, 2019
Area 51 and Area S4
Area 51 and Area S4 | Source

The Infamous Area 51

Area 51 is a legendary military base in Lincoln County, Nevada, USA. This location has long been the source of inspiration for movies, books, TV shows, and more. Many people believe this area is a secret military base that holds aliens and alien spacecraft among other strange and mysterious items. This military base even has been rumored to hold the infamous "Men In Black" headquarters.

The truth is, Area 51 isn’t really as secretive as people think it is. Yes, it has mystery to it as it’s a military base, so of course civilians aren’t going to know everything or anything about what goes on. But there are a lot of other military bases located around the world that are far more secretive and sinister than Area 51. In fact, "Area 51" is an Air Force base that is used for testing and training. It has other names as well, like Homey Airport and Groom Lake. Because it’s an Air Force base that is used for testing, we can assume they test things such as secret aircraft and experimental weapons systems. Though this is not publicly stated, it does seem most probable.

Sad to say, due to the high popularity and infamous nature of Area 51, it’s highly unlikely that this base would hold any kind of alien UFOs or things of that nature. It would simply be too much of a risk.

Area S4

A secondary base that is less known to the public may actually be the real location of any kind of UFO or alien technology we might have. This base known as S4, was confirmed by the Pentagon to be a location that specializes in alien intelligence, as it were. The people running this UFO Unit are analyzing videos of suspicious unidentified flying objects in our skies.

Ufologists believe that this location may house the spaceship that crash-landed in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. This Area S4 is a lot more secret then Area 51 ever really has been and it’s not mentioned hardly at all in forums or other media. In the Majestic 12 documents, that are highly controversial, the name ‘S4 Area 51’ appears. S4 is located close to the Papoose Lake.

S4 Worker Testimonies

One reason why ufologists and other UFO experts believe the alien technology and bodies are housed in this base is due to the testimonies of people who claim to have worked for this area. One person being Robert Scott Lazar (aka Bob Lazar) who claimed to have worked on an alien spacecraft. He claimed to have helped the military reverse engineer the alien technology and to have seen spacecraft with his own eyes. He has said this location houses at least nine spacecraft in the hidden base.

Another credible witness was an ex-Pentagon official who claimed to have run a secret government program made to look into the existence of advanced UFO technology. His name is Luis Elizondo and he said that we need to be more aware of a possible threat from UFOs as their technology is well beyond what us humans are capable of. He was the head of the Advanced Threat Identification Program and had quit his job in 2017.

The DOD (Department of Defense) claimed that the program was terminated in 2012; however, a lot of UFO enthusiasts believe the program is still active today. The DOD provided documents in which they discovered an aircraft traveling at very high velocities with no visible signs of propulsion. This UFO that was spotted was not one of the US’s aircraft and it didn’t belong to anyone else that we know of. No other country has that kind of technology for aircraft, it traveled at speeds of 8,000 mph without making a sonic boom and extremely flexible maneuvering that none of the pilots had ever seen before.

While looking on Google Earth for S4 and Area 51, I noticed a lot of roads that lead to seemingly dead ends and I saw a lot of little buildings or hangers dotting the land between Area 51 and S4. So for all we know, they could be keeping alien crafts and bodies in any number of locations between the two bases.

Supposed crashed UFO from an Arizona incident
Supposed crashed UFO from an Arizona incident | Source

UFO Technology

It’s been long believed that the US military takes crashed UFOs and reverse engineers them for our own aircraft. In more modern times, UFO sightings have described a more triangular shape rather than the circle or flying saucer shapes. The ones seen today now commonly have three lights and are almost always either black or transparent.

One possible example of reverse engineering is the B2 Stealth Bomber that closely resembles many UFO’s that have been spotted over the years. The triangle shape, the silence of the aircraft and the technology of the aircraft. Who knows how many other space ships they are working on for future military vehicles and crafts? They could even be working on militarized alien weapons and we would have no idea.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
B2 Stealth Bomber military planeArtist rendering of the more common triangle UFO
B2 Stealth Bomber military plane
B2 Stealth Bomber military plane | Source
Artist rendering of the more common triangle UFO
Artist rendering of the more common triangle UFO

The point of this article is to make people think about Area 51 and the idea of other more well kept secret bases. With Area 51 being so popular and famous now, do you really believe they could be holding such risky top secret things there? Don’t you think it would be much more likely that they have moved it to a more secure but also close by location like Area S4? I haven’t been impressed with Area 51 for a long while now as I think it would be dumb for the military and government to keep such secrets in this area. But what do you think?


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