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How to Obtain a Thai Police Report or Background Check

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Entrance to the Royal Thai Police Headquarters

Entrance to the Royal Thai Police Headquarters

How to Prepare to Get a Report or Background Check

There are a number of reasons one might need to obtain a police report or criminal background check from the Royal Thai Police, the most common being your permanent employment in Thailand with a Thai organization. The process is relatively easy if you show up prepared. In almost any interaction with the Thai government, you will need your passport and visa. But in this case, that's not all you'll need.

What to Bring

  • A copy of your passport (bring your actual passport with you as well).
  • Your current Thai visa or visa waiver stamp.
  • Your work permit (bring the physical permit and a copy).
  • A letter from your organization and a contract (if applicable) to explain your position and the reason for the report request.
  • Documentation related to your residence.

Residence documentation includes a copy of the rental contract, a copy of the property owner's ID card, and a copy of the registration book (ta bien baan). If you own your own condo or other property, the latter two registration documents should suffice.

Where to Go: The Royal Thai Police Headquarters in Bangkok

The Royal Thai Police Headquarters is located on Rama I Road in central Bangkok. It's easily accessible by the BTS Skytrain. I took the BTS to Siam station and used exit #6. Follow the signs to Central World, and you will pass it on your left. You can go down the next set of stairs on the left and then will have to cross the street and backtrack slightly to get to the Royal Thai Police Headquarters entrance.

If you are coming from the opposite direction, the next nearest station will be either Chit Lom on the Sukhumvit Line or Ratchadamri on the Silom Line. Taxis, buses, motorcycles, and tuk tuks are also options for the more adventurous.

If you are not in Bangkok, you'll want to look up the Royal Thai Police authority closest to you for further information.

When to Go: Service Hours

The Royal Thai Police here offer service from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and do not close for a lunch break.

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The Process

You have all your documents prepared, you've made it to the Royal Thai Police Headquarters, and now you are ready to get that report. You'll want to start by following the signs to the Criminal Division North Building #25, which can be found on Google Maps here or below.

Submitting Documents and Payment

When you enter, there will be a desk to your right where you can submit your documents, along with your passport for an initial check. You can be seated while the staff looks over your materials, and they will call your name to let you know if everything is okay. If you've followed this guide strictly thus far, fingers crossed, you'll be ready to line up to make a payment of 100 baht.

Filling Out Personal Info

After you pay, you'll have a brief form to fill out that asks for your height and weight (in centimeters and kilos), your father's and mother's names, and any identifiable marks (scars or tattoos). Yes, I'm American, and I needed to Google the metric conversions.

Getting Fingerprinted

You'll likely have to queue up to get to the final station where the police take your fingerprints. I went mid-week and it was quite crowded, with about 50 people in front of me. They had 7 or 8 officers taking prints, though, so the wait wasn't terrible.

Waiting for the Report in the Mail

Once your fingerprints are completed, the officer will explain to you that your criminal background check should arrive at the address you provided within two weeks as long as there are no complications. If there are, of course, it may take longer.

You're Done!

Congratulations! Hopefully, at this point, you can get back out of the Bangkok heat and into a well air-conditioned building. In two weeks, your report should arrive and you'll have another box ticked off on your to-do list.

Have you had a different experience with the Royal Thai Police or with any of the steps in this process? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

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