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Gang Stalking: Why You May Not Be a Targeted Individual

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A long time ago, I had a stalker. He still pops up now and then. I like to think I can help others in the same situation.

What is gang stalking?

What is gang stalking?

You Might Not Be the Victim of Gang Stalking

Stalking is common. Many people are stalked by their ex, their ex’s lover or spouse, or, more rarely, some random nut job who believes their victim has slighted them somehow. Usually, it’s a spurned lover or someone who’d like to be a lover. It happens to celebrities a lot. Those people who believe their erstwhile loved one is looking directly at them from the TV screen and sending messages of love… or derision. It whips them into a frenzy until the only release is to unleash a malevolent campaign of stalking, spying, and attempts to contact the object of desire (or hatred).

I’m not talking about those kinds of stalkers, I’m referring to the fairly recently-come-to-light phenomena of gang stalking. What is gang stalking? You know when you are being gang stalked because every person around you, even friends, family, and coworkers, is watching you. Your neighbors are in on it. The guy at the gas station knows who you are and is reporting every time you fill up your car. The woman at the checkout at your local supermarket is just waiting for you to pay and go so she can radio back what you bought, how much it cost and what payment method you used.

There are other forms of harassment that have been designated as gang stalking. These include actual street gangs persecuting an individual, usually a member of another gang; a collection of school bullies making another child’s life misery, or even a group of coworkers who have taken a dislike to a certain employee and are trying to drive him or her out of their job. These things are real and they happen all the time.

I became interested in this topic after reading many messages on two other articles of mine which were about being stalked by one person or being watched by a nosy neighbor. I am somewhat cynical that gang stalking is happening as much as it supposedly is, yet I cannot dismiss the fact that so many people report similar things happening to them. Therefore I take a neutral stance.

What this article addresses is the phenomena of people who believe that they are being watched, followed, monitored, targeted, intimidated, used as an experimental subject, and driven to suicidal thoughts. First of all, I consider the question that this form of stalking is not real and then go on to the idea that perhaps it is.

The Origins of Gang Stalking

Most of the research I’ve found indicates that “it was the Internet wot dunnit.” Back in the old days, pre-WWW, people were able to go see their doctor about their various problems and they would either be cured, treated, counseled, or hospitalized. However, it’s harder to see a doctor these days… and it can be expensive, depending on what country you live in. So now we take all our problems and ailments to Dr Google.

This is how it may have started. Someone, somewhere, somewhen posted on a conspiracy site they believed they were being followed by, let’s say, government agents. Another someone sees this post and says, “Hell, yes, that’s what I’m noticing.” And it grew and grew, as these things often do, until a whole virtual, always increasing, community is built up. They gave themselves a label (because everyone likes a label, don’t they?), ‘targeted individuals’. They organize meet-ups and conferences. They swap stories, give out information, and literally feed each other with data.

You're Most Likely Not a Targeted Individual

How do I know this? Because I am able to make a clear distinction between fact and fantasy. And I do know what it’s like to be stalked—I was directly targeted by one individual constantly for over two years. The phenomena is so controversial that even Wikipedia refuses to host a page on the topic of gang stalking, instead restricting itself to ‘electronic harassment’.

So why is it likely you aren’t being gang stalked? Because the statistics are against you. If you are part of the targeted individual community, you know of hundreds of others like yourself. Those who believe there are a great number of stalkers around them. The scenario that it is even possible there are so many people who are able to maintain the level of conspiracy required is mind-boggling.

Another thing to note is that there are as many reasons given for being the target of gang stalking as there are victims. Some claims I’ve seen include:

  • I upset my employer/friend/random person
  • I was an activist
  • My ex orchestrated this campaign against me
  • I am an addict (drugs, drink, porn)
  • My family wants to traffic me
  • I was selected to be a test subject
  • I am a suspected terrorist tracked by the CIA (possible)
  • The Government is watching me
  • It’s Masons/Satanists/Witches
  • Alien control
  • Multi-level marketing as a front for recruiting targets
  • 5G (next level) of mass electronic harassment
  • Covid-19, to debilitate the masses
  • Unknown

A study, by Lorraine P. Sheridan & David V. James, published 16th June 2015, carried out a survey on 128 people who professed to be targeted individuals. They also surveyed a control group of 128 people who said they were stalked by an individual. It was found that all the people who claimed they were being group stalked demonstrated:

  • Some level of depression
  • PTSD symptoms
  • Difficulty in daily functioning; at home or at work
  • Other symptoms were also prevalent that indicated various mental disorders, substance abuse, dementia, medication side effects and more.

Only 3.9 percent of the control group (who reported single stalkers) showed any of the above.

However, imagine for a moment, if it were true and you were being stalked by multiple people; you’d begin showing those symptoms pretty quickly. So this is not meant to dismiss anyone who believes they are being gang-stalked. If this is happening to you or to anyone you know, then it is real. The fear is real.

Why Do People Think They Are Being Gang Stalked?

This is a fictional account, but typical. It might start off quite innocuously. A guy, let’s call him Dave, is walking down the street and he notices someone looking at him from the passenger seat of a red Honda. He wonders why this person was staring at him. It bothers him a little, but not that much. A couple of days later, Dave’s walking down the same street and a woman with a small dog catches his eye. She doesn’t smile, but appears to stare right at him. The next person who passes him on the sidewalk shifts his glance away quickly. Dave begins noticing red cars and begins to wonder what’s going on.

Over the next few weeks, Dave becomes alert to every ‘staring/watching/gaze-shifting incident, and finds it’s happening all the time. He’s always catching random people looking at him or away from him, or pretending to be on their phone, or talking to someone else. But he knows it’s him they are interested in. And those red cars are everywhere.

He gets on the internet and Googles, “gang stalking” because he’s pretty sure he’s heard it’s a thing. Soon, usually a couple of pages into the results, he finds a forum for people just like him. He finds hundreds of posts that describe exactly what’s happening to him. He can’t stop reading. This stuff is terrifying and awesome at the same time. He becomes a member of the ‘community’. He shares his story, he keeps a daily log of his tormentors’ actions, he’s now a ’targeted individual’. That means something, and Dave’s not in any hurry to give up that label because it now defines who he is.

Although Dave lives in terror of what these people want from him, he’s also glad to have found his tribe. He has a reason for living – and that reason is to help others like him by spreading the word.

Techniques such as mind games, perception manipulation, organized stalking, covert harassment, constant surveillance and possibly electronic harassment are used to push a victim to mental instability.

— Gangstalking SubReddit Moderator

Reinforcing Behavior

It appears that the perception of being a targeted individual is can be attributed to ‘apophenia’. This is when one finds meaning in meaningless events or sequences. Once they get started on this path of linking the sight of seven red cars on the street to having meaning for them personally, it is very easy to fall down a rabbit hole of conspiracy theory. They then begin connecting other things until they have built themselves a web of gang stalking. Everything becomes part of it. Every single thing. The fridge is making a strange noise, therefore it is beaming out electromagnetic interference. The TV starts to flicker; more of the same. Someone looks at you from across the street – it’s obviously a gang stalking prep. Their phone starts using battery power faster – it must be a remotely-installed tracking app.

One problem is that there is barely anything available to counteract these beliefs. Doing a search brings up the same sites all, more or less, saying the same thing. Any article or website that attempts to look at the topic in a neutral way is dismissed as, ‘Well, they must be part of it’. I haven’t seen any advice on the gang stalking sites that says, ‘Hey buddy, you might want to talk to your doctor before reaching a conclusion.” Even when the victim mentions that he’s only been gang stalked when doing drugs. They are unable to take a step back and make a useful connection between mental health and drug taking

The sad thing about all this is that lives are being ruined, careers lost, and families broken up. ‘Advice’ is freely available and I’ve seen people encouraged to give up their work, their loved ones, to go off-grid for their safety and even to go join a Buddhist monastery.

But Gang Stalking Is Real

Okay, let’s give due consideration to the idea that gang stalking does take place. During my research, I found a ‘confession’ from someone who claimed he was a low-level manager of ‘the Syndicate’. He mentions mass recruiting members of the general public. People are engaged to perform certain roles, such as taking part in street theater or surveillance. Because they don’t know of the syndicate’s existence or the purpose of what they are doing, they apparently do it willingly. Many are told they are helping to prevent terrorism, or communism, or bizarrely, homosexuality. Others are told it’s a kind of Rotary Club.

The operation described by the manager describes involves thousands of people around the world, each part of their own syndicate. Some of these groups interact and share information; others don’t. He says that anyone within the organization is required to send their children to Syndicate-owned schools. As a member, you have to agree to having your spouse monitored.

There’s a lot more detail that I can’t go into here for lack of space. If I mentioned everything the ‘Manager’ described, this would turn into a book. But, given all this information, you might expect to have met several people within your community who are Syndicate recruits. And you might think that some would mention their involvement. But apparently not. Those who try to leave apparently become T.I.s themselves.

The syndicate was presented to me as a kind of fraternity, a masonic-like mutual profit organization with strong police-like overtones. I was told that I was helping to build a better society.

— The 'Manager'

Examples of Gang Stalkers’ Behavior

Targeted individuals believe that there is something called ‘street theater’. This is when every person around them is playing a part. That woman over there pushing the buggy? She’s an actor. That kid waiting to cross the road? He’s a consummate child actor. Those two white cars, one behind the other? They are being driven by actors. That man walking in front of you? He’s actually following you. They are all there to make you think that everything is normal. But they are actually observing, cataloging your every move. Performing for your benefit; to confuse you. They even know what you are thinking. They know where you are going, even if you don’t.

Street theater can extend to roads and freeways (traffic mobbing) and involve a number of vehicles; usually the same color or manufacturer. They may have notable anomalies: a hubcap missing, a sticker on the fuel cap, one headlight dimmed, headlights overly bright, or an out-of-state license plate. If you are driving on a freeway these stalking vehicles ail be going exactly the same speed as you. They’ll be in front, beside you in the next lane, and behind you. When you take an exit, a few will surely peel off and follow you. Sometimes a passenger or driver will stare at you disconcertingly.

You are being targeted by governmental instigated, mind control technology (MKUltra, etc.). You can sense it, hear it even. They have the means to drive you insane by using microwaves and/or EMPs (Electromagnetic pulses). It causes the target to hear voices and all kinds of sounds, from irritants to unimaginable tortuous noise. It can even cause vibrations on the skin in the body. Some claim that this technology is able to read their thoughts and thereby increase or relax the torture accordingly.

Electronic harassment can cause a targeted individual to think of someone, to plant the idea of a meeting in their brain, and lo and behold that person shows up or contacts them out of the blue.

The actions undertaken by gang stalkers are only bounded by the imagination. One woman claims that someone broke into her home and replaced all her clothes with the exact same clothes, but a size smaller. Another person said the friendly family dog had been swapped with an identical but aggressive animal. People say they have been poisoned and stuck with needles while in crowded places. Helicopters and drones figure largely in TIs’ lives. When the TI takes certain actions, often a helicopter or drone will hover overhead.

There is another sector who believes that gang stalking is rooted in the paranormal. That they are watched, targeted, and influenced by demons, fallen angels, entities, and inter-dimensional beings all controlled by Satanists, Masonic sects, and evil witches. I’ve just read one e-book, ‘Advice for the Targeted Individual and Gang Stalking Victim’, that claims that smart meters, used to track household energy supply, are in fact a tool of the Devil. Now, I hate the things and would never have one, but I don’t think they are operated by the Devil. The author of the e-book offers no proper references for his conclusions, apart from a list of movies and a few books, some of which are novels, others are about alien abduction/interference.

What to Do If You Are Being Gang Stalked

First of all, consider that you aren’t. Stop looking for confirmation, instead ask yourself how this began. Was there a trigger or a turning point? Perhaps you suffered a break-up, a personal tragedy, or some other event that left you shocked and in emotional pain? Are you taking drugs, prescription or otherwise? If anything like this happened to you and now you think you are a victim of a wider conspiracy, the imperative action to take is to seek help. Go to your doctor (and he’s not in on it, I promise) and ask for a referral.

If you know that you have an addictive personality, then you need to understand that sometimes beliefs can be just as addictive as substances.

Secondly, if you are certain that nefarious things are happening, you must get proof. Film anything suspicious. Keep a meticulous log, backed up by photographic evidence. If you think someone has broken into your home, install a spy camera, put a tracker on your vehicle, call the police. It’s very likely that one person is behind all these things. You may even know who s/he is.

Find yourself a reputable personal investigator. Avail him or her of your evidence of being stalked and harassed and ask them to build a case that you can take to the authorities.

Speak to your friends and family about what is happening in your life, but be careful to appear calm and rational. It’s possible that your stalker/s will try to poison them against you, so it is important that you come across as believable. One major complaint by targeted individuals is that gang members will do their best to separate the TI from their family and friends. They may pose as a new friend but really they are trying to disrupt your personal relationships.

Try to distinguish between what is a normal everyday occurrence and what might be perceived to be a threat or harassment. For instance, seeing cars with odd headlights or stickers is normal. We all see them all the time. My car has a sticker. One time the headlight bulb failed, but I don’t follow people or try to get them to harm themselves. Maybe the dog you think has been replaced by a nastier version, actually has something wrong with him, like a brain tumor or other illness that is affecting his behavior. Not everything you see is malign. Not everyone you pass in the street is out to get you. It’s not possible.

Install a security system. You can either get a professional in to do the job, or you can do it yourself. It’s easy enough to do these days with affordable cameras, recording equipment and phone apps. Make sure your doors and windows are secure. Do a regular bug sweep of your home and vehicle. Ensure your wifi is secure. Check your phone for tracking apps.

Do proper research. Find reliable references. There’s a difference between shared information, rumor, speculation, second, third, fourth-hand information and actual visible, verifiable proof. Despite an extensive search, I have been unable to find any evidence where two or more people could confirm incidences of gang stalking because they were present.

Try not to get sucked into the T.I. communities. It’s difficult not to, when fellow victims/sufferers are the only ones who believe you. But by frequenting such online places, you are helping to perpetuate fear, especially among those who are susceptible and vulnerable to contagious ideas. Instead, do your best to get your own life sorted out. Develop resilience. Ask for help.


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