Eight Years Missing: Where Is Heather Hodges?

Updated on April 23, 2020
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True Crime writer Chelsea Hoffman is known for her prolific coverage of missing persons cases, serial killers and other related topics.

Heather Hodges disappeared eight years ago.
Heather Hodges disappeared eight years ago. | Source

It’s been eight years since Heather Hodges was last seen by her boyfriend Paul R. Jordan II — and she remains missing while her loved ones desperately continue their search for answers. The woman would be 30-years-old, but she vanished on the night of April 9th, 2012 from the home she shared with the man who last had contact with her. After all these years, could there ever be closure in this increasingly cold case?

When Heather Hodges vanished in 2012, her case immediately attracted widespread media attention. The Smith Mountain Eagle reports that her then-boyfriend, who was 39-years-old at the time, told police that he had only been gone from their home for about 10 minutes in the time she vanished. The story was that he had left the home he shared with the missing woman to get a snack for her from the local Dairy Queen restaurant. When he returned, she was gone and nowhere to be found. At the time, the young woman left behind a two-year-old daughter, a fact that led her family to believe that she wouldn’t have left on her own.

The family of the missing woman said, in 2012, that the man called them crying and telling them that she was missing.

“We got a call later on that night…him crying saying she had sent him to Dairy Queen to get her a Blizzard, and when he got back she was gone,” Said Crystal Hodges, the sister of the missing woman.

Heather Hodges did previously have a history of disappearing from time to time, but never for longer than a day or two — and never without at least checking on her child or her family. Now that eight years have passed, it’s very evident that this missing woman didn’t just leave on her own free will. When police initially investigated her disappearance, they noted that there were no signs that she had picked up with the plan to leave indefinitely. Nothing of hers was missing, and there appeared to be no trace of her leaving with a friend or on her own.

What’s more, her loved ones have long-claimed that her relationship with her then-boyfriend was “controlling and abusive,” and had lasted for many years this way. This detail has left not only her loved ones concerned, but the authorities who continue to investigate her disappearance.

Was Heather Hodges murdered?

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that they do have a suspect in the disappearance of Heather Hodges. However, no arrests have been made in association with her case. Meanwhile, her loved ones believe that she was murdered in the home she shared with her then-boyfriend, a belief that conveys the idea that he may possibly be the person of interest in her case. As of earlier this month, authorities say that they have not yet spoken to this suspect in regards to whatever updates in evidence or investigative information they may have. In the meantime, her family awaits answers while the search continues.


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