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Darlie Routier: Twenty Years on Death Row

Updated on January 15, 2017
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Polly is far from politically correct when it comes to justice. Truth means more to her than making fans; saying what they want to hear!


Met as Young Teens

Darin was 17 and Darlie only 15 when they met.

Darlie Routier is an American woman from Texas who was convicted of murdering her 5-yr-old son, Damon. Her other son was also killed, though she was only tried for Damon's murder.

Some say there is more to this trial than the official investigation showed.

These three children were Darlie's only claim to financial gain as anyone knows. Worth much more to her alive than dead if that was her purpose.
These three children were Darlie's only claim to financial gain as anyone knows. Worth much more to her alive than dead if that was her purpose. | Source


How long would it take to make all these wounds?

Were these wounds self inflicted?
Were these wounds self inflicted? | Source

Darlie has no history of mental illness. She was not abusive to her sons. She was faithful to her husband and there is no fact from anyone saying differently on any of this.

Darlie moved to Lubbock as a teenager with her mom and stepdad. She met Darin in a Western Sizzlin' where her mother worked and so did Darin as a cook. He was 17 and she was 15 and they married four years later.

After moving to the Dallas area he began his own small company that tested electronic components and when he became a success in the early nineties, they bought a nice house and spent thousands getting it just how they wanted. Darin bought a thirty-foot cabin cruiser and a 1982 Jaguar. They went a little wild with their money and Darlie bought new boobs and flashy jewelry.

The neighbors never saw them as wild though. She had kids in and baked cookies for them. Those kids stood up for her against the accusation that she killed her sons. Darin and Darlie helped out a cancer patient neighbor with a mortgage payment and seemed to have a heart. Whose idea was that, I don’t know, but Darlie was baking the cookies.

All of a sudden their business went downhill and they got behind on their bills it is claimed. They owed $10,000 in back taxes and $12,000 on credit cards. Darin and an incomplete diary entry show Darlie was considering suicide a month before the murders. It was a fleeting thought apparently. My doctor once asked me if I had ever thought about suicide and my answer was, "Hasn't everyone?" He laughed, for it is true. Maybe to different extents but if you know the word you have thought about it. If you have something you just think you can't face you may think about it, so I consider that pretty normal and nothing to even consider in anyone's sanity.

She had gone through the birth of a third baby and was trying to get off a little extra weight and at that age I think many of us go through a little something anyway. Like did we make the right decisions in life, have we chosen the right path? Thirty is coming up and to twenties that looks old! It is nothing serious but a little something as I say, and combined with all else going on with her she probably was suffering not abnormally from slight depression. That does not a murderer make.

Looking happy as always.
Looking happy as always. | Source

What the Jury Didn't Know

Darlie's Injuries

How do you feel?

Do you think without a reasonable doubt that Darlie is guilty?

See results

Never brought to the attention of the jury were other things of alarm and great importance, including the pictures of Darlie's cuts and bruises on her arms taken when she was hospitalized the night of the murders. One juror told reporters he would never have voted to convict if he had seen the photographs. I would be sure others would have agreed. That is when I knew without a doubt! These are defense wounds, clearly. Yes, there were photos of the wound but this juror and the author who at first had Darlie guilty but changed her mind later said these really bad bruised photos were never seen by them. They did see the silly string plenty though which was an illegal entry into this trial!

"When they arrested Darlie, we just pretty much lost it," says Darin, and says they have never been able to grieve for their children but it is Darlie's husband and mother who have steadfastly continued the fight. They have appeared 10 times on nationally televised talk shows, printed up bumper stickers and have a toll-free phone number ( (888) 883-FAIR) appealing for donations and information that could help "find the real person who attacked Darlie and murdered her children." They have gathered support. Right now, they say, freeing Darlie is the only fight that counts.

Drake Routier looks just like his mother. The blue eyes, wide face, and his mother's mouth. The court took Darin's custody of the child, who was 7 months old at the time of the murders, simply because he defended Darlie! This is Texas law? His parents were allowed to raise the baby and he was given rights to visit him but still! Does this horror never end? If Darin is guilty of nothing how could they take custody of his child from him?

Darin and Darlie moved into her mother's home after the murders and lost the $200,000 house they built, also their 35-foot cabin cruiser, '86 Jaguar, plus some. Legal fees and bad publicity about the case ruined him financially. His electronics business, bringing a salary of $500,000 in 1995, lost 14 of its 17 clients and all its employees.

Are Her Injuries Authentic?

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She was a genius if she planned this one. So real looking.  Did she do this?Or this?Why would she put a planned bruise here, I wonder?Seems like a slight turn would be a clearer picture, doesn't it?
She was a genius if she planned this one. So real looking.
She was a genius if she planned this one. So real looking.
Did she do this?
Did she do this?
Or this?
Or this?
Why would she put a planned bruise here, I wonder?
Why would she put a planned bruise here, I wonder?
Seems like a slight turn would be a clearer picture, doesn't it?
Seems like a slight turn would be a clearer picture, doesn't it?

One-sided Testimonies

There were many bad testimonies from people making Darlie look bad. There were no testimonies of the people who saw her much differently. Darin and Ms. Kee claim Darlie's trial mocked the judicial system. Evidence that would have cleared her was never presented, witnesses who could have contradicted the prosecution's assertions never testified, forensics testing was botched, and depositions were distorted.

Unidentified Fingerprints

Forensic fingerprint tests done after Darlie's trial still show that she is innocent of the crime for which she was convicted. A bloody fingerprint taken from her living room coffee table did not belong to anyone living in her home, and two more fingerprints in the utility room and door leading to the garage in which Darlie thinks the murderer escaped the Darin's home after attacking her and her two sons. No matter, repeated requests, the Court will not grant the evidential hearing necessary to investigate and evaluate this evidence.

Taken from the utility room door is a patent bloody fingerprint—this is the first one. Forensic fingerprint analyst Glenn Langenburg proved positively Darlin is excluded as the owner of this print. Darlin's exclusion as the source of this print indicates that an unknown third party not only deposited this print, but deposited it in blood, on the night of the murders.

The second print taken from this door is a latent print located below the patent bloody fingerprint. Latent print consultant Robert Lohnes checked this print in 2003 and said that it matched the second finger joint of Darin Routier on the middle finger of the left hand.

In addition, Langenburg currently is conducting a second examination of the bloody fingerprint on the utility room door to determine whether Darin Routier can also be excluded as the source of this print. If, as Darlie expects, Darin Routier is not the source of this print, Darlie definitively will have demonstrated that an unknown third party deposited two separate fingerprints, one of them in the victims' blood, while fleeing the scene on the night of the murders.

Other Unexamined Elements

Who Had the Most to Gain?

Insurance Scam Attempt

Darin Routier has admitted to trying to arrange an insurance scam, which included someone breaking into their home. He has admitted that he had begun the initial steps to arrange a break-in, but that it was to be done when no one was at home. No jury has heard this admission.

Surely any law would be all over this, how many ways could this be the answer? Maybe not even the way Darin meant it to be but caused with unlawful schemes. I could understand them suspecting him, I really could, and why don't they? I don't believe Darlie would even suspect him, but if I were Darlie I would have to give that some serious thought, but I think Darlie is as I say so much like my own daughter. Either a lack of intelligence or too much into her self, which does not equal a murderer. I keep waiting for my daughter to change and act more mature, but I suspect like Darlie it is just who she is. No changing.

"Birthday Party" Footage

The "birthday party" film that was viewed by the jury that made me think that is a killer, showed Darlie dancing on the graves of her son along with other family members, but did not show the hours previous to that scene when Darlie sobbed and grieved over the graves with her husband Darin. Why was the entire footage not shown?

Black Car on Night of Crime

Neighbors saw a black car sitting in front of the Routier home a week before the murders took place. Other neighbors saw that same car leaving the area on the night of the murders.

Missing or Damaged Evidence?

There was talk the police did not protect the evidence as they gathered it, possibly damaging its origins. Is this true? The investigators told the press that the screen was cut from the inside though it was later proven in court to be cut from the outside. Hm? Police investigated this? The investigators took the fifth amendment—what were they afraid to say? You know without doubt they are hiding something. How are law witnesses allowed to take the fifth? On their deathbed will just one of them spill the truth?

Where Was Darin?

When the paramedics arrived at the scene they said that Darin Routier was outside, but Darin was inside trying to save his children, so who was the man they thought was him? It was reported the testimony of the nurses was coached and rehearsed in mock trials by the prosecution prior to their testimony.

Cut in Darlie's Neck

Saying the cut in her neck was 2mm of the carotid sheath but external to the carotid artery was what Darlie's operating surgeons reported, and that the necklace she had on blocked the cut from going deeper, showing the seriousness and unlikelihood that Darlie did or even could have done this herself.

Found Hair

There was a pubic hair found in the living room. Whose? Did debris on the knife in the kitchen get debris on the knife from police in the kitchen investigating the murder, or did it come from the screen door?

Darin's Jeans

Darin's jeans had blood on them. Why did no one look into this? (Dear God! He is walking around free, he looks the more guilty of the two!) Sometimes I think children could run this world better. Does nothing enter the court's mind about this? Is it too late because they would be hanging themselves? Are they just that lazy? So they just pick someone so it's over?

Mistakes in the Court Report

The court reporter made mistakes in the manuscript so was there an improper read-back of testimony? Why is prosecution not forced to turn over evidence they have that should be available to both sides? Gee, anyone who watches TV knows this rule.

Reluctance for DNA Testing

WHY? DNA testing could put many of these questions to rest. Why is there such a reluctance to do the testing? Many, such as people interested in writing Darlie's story have come to her side and since then have run into convenience problems seeing her or were simply blocked!

Reasonable Doubt

An Incomplete Picture

Video shows....

Darlie changed hands to slit her throat?

Nurses had two different testimonies.

Claims certain photos were not seen in trial.

Bloody fingerprint not identified.

Missing transcripts from court papers...words changed to change meanings.

It is impossible to believe how much trouble the legal system will go to to make things turn out the way they want. Just knowing the jury did not see this picture is enough to get the woman a new trial, but no. Not only did she lose two children murdered but she cannot get back her youngest son. So one day she may get out and a big settlement. What about the ones who do things like this? Shouldn't they be locked up? I think so!

My View of Her Changed As I Got More Evidence

When I saw Darlie dancing around her children's graves, spraying silly string, laughing and acting so happy I thought, "of course she killed those babies," and I was filled with hate, seeing her acting this way and those babies of hers, murdered and in the ground beneath her.

I can't say that I accept this behavior even now but people are different and I know they are. It still doesn't make them guilty of murder. I really felt so guilty the more I listened, read, and learned. I am not the only one with a change of mind.

With Darlie, what I did not see was the same as what others did not see: Proof. How long will our rotten dirty judicial system keep getting by with having their say, right or wrong and hiding information to make things go the way they want? Why do they continually do this? What I and the jury did not see was Darlie's horrible cut and bruised black arms and hands: defensive wounds, without a doubt.

I have read many true crime books and this is almost a common thing, it has happened so often. The law wants to solve a crime so quickly some idiot decides how it happened and then makes sure it looks that way.

The Elements of Doubt

There are many things missing in this case.

  • Darin's admission of an insurance scam attempt.
  • The screen that was mis-reported as being cut from the inside.
  • Possible improper read-back of testimony to the jury by the court reporter
  • Apparent conflict of interested with the attorney that represented Darlie Routier at trial had an apparent conflict of interest, because he was said to have had a prearrangement with Darin Routier and other family members not to pursue any defense that could implicate Darin. This attorney supposedly stopped key experts for the defense from finishing forensic examinations.
  • The pictures of Darlie's cuts and bruises on her arms which were taken when she was hospitalized the night of the murders.
  • The prosecution's refusal to provide access to any evidence in their custody in the case.
  • No DNA testing.
  • Some writers who have interviewed Darlie Routier have decided to help her fight to get a new trial. Since reporting their opinions on her situation, they report that their ability to visit her has been blocked or made so inconvenient that little can be accomplished.
  • During the trial investigators invoked their Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination during cross examination, preventing the defense from rebutting their testimony. Why? This alone would be reason for disbelief and a new trial!

Was This Just a Witch Hunt?

My take on the case

Wake up. Watch your back. It could be prison, pain, mental, or physical cruelty that Darlie will get them for. The list goes on and they know it, and besides that, people like me who will not let anyone forget how accountable they are and how often.

Look at Jon Benet Ramsey, her justice, her family, her poor mother. All those years with their eyes never looking anywhere but at mourning parents. Now does anyone think of the father, the brother? Does anyone think their lives will ever be normal? How different is this case?

Someone runs in and makes a Great Basil Detective decision and that's it! Look no farther. The whole force there should have been fired. They ruined three peoples' lives and found no justice for Jon Benet. Big surprise.

We know there is no justice and we know it a little more every day. What is wrong with these people put there to protect and help us? Do they need testing? Who are they? Did they come from prisons as someone in California says theirs do? Maybe we should be investigating them. It certainly looks that way.

There are so many and I think I would believe here is a case Darlie has against them for sure. They are covering their butts, with no compassion or interest in finding the true criminal.

They just don't want it found out they were wrong and if they do, they may have to pay big, which someone above them is warning them about. But for them, they should have to pay or go to jail, just like what they have put this woman through. If she is innocent, they are guilty, but what ever happens to them, they have committed a crime and are still committing it right now as far as I am concerned.

I am sure the law would force them to turn over evidence . . . or will it go so long it all just gets lost? We have heard that one too many times, huh? Hopefully their hands will be forced eventually and that is when we should demand true justice. They have no evidence against this woman. She at least deserves a new trial with all the evidence. If she were a rapist she would get it!

Look at that woman's wounds. The jury never did. I am not sure whoever her lawyer was shouldn't be charged. Look at all he failed to bring up or show that jury. Isn't that alone enough for a new trial?

We seem to have either many ignorant or crooked people in this case, and even if Darlie gets her new trial and is proven innocent and compensated (and how is that possible?), these people will never have to pay.

They may give them a vacation with pay until everyone forgets. There is so much of the judicial system in all of America that needs a serious investigation of why they are the way they are and in my opinion, much of America needs a clean sweep.

Some Things This Video Covers

No witness

No motive

Bloody fingerprint reality

Two who say dark wounds not shown

Darin failed polygraph saying he did not stab Darlie

Darlie unaware few minutes that she is even wounded

A must watch!

Darin Describes How Cops Ruin Crime Scene

Compare emotions of each parent as they speak of their sons.

Problems with this case!

Older video but full of reasonable doubt!

Facts for doubt

Doctors and Nurses Have Two Stories

Something to watch a little newer until I can get back with more but claiming here there are more than 30,000 mistakes in trial transcripts and just how close Darlie was to death. Plus some.

Darin says coffee table is bent over. No evidence of this so why does he say this?


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    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 42 hours ago from US

      Marie - So many of us feel that way. I hope something happens soon while she has a little life to live.

    • profile image

      Marie Hawkins 43 hours ago

      I believed from the beginning Darlee was innocent!! We have technology to prove her innocence and she should be set free. The sock is the key!!! This is the most horrific injustice I have ever witnessed. So much evidence to catch the true killer and I have always thought it was Darin. Everything points to him....he was outside when the paramedics arrived. he spoke to them...he said he was going to get a neighbor who was in medicine. he planted the sock! He was freaking out that he'd just murdered his family hoping his wife would die too. Justice in Texas is little to be desired in this case. I believe all prosecutors and judge should all have to pay restitution to Darlee and spent the remainder of their lives in prison. It wouldn't even begin to repay what darlee has lost. This is despicable. Bring in forensics and demand the evidence be tested. It's's time for the truth to come out.

    • kezzy1996 profile image

      kezzy1996 2 days ago

      graham I never based any of my blogs on anything but Darins interviews, his own words in police statements and court documents. Darin wasn't just weird, he was right there when those boys were stabbed. The evidence proved that without any doubt. Darin got off because the lawyer they hired agreed not to implicate him in the crime. The fact that he went through great lengths to change his appearance so he wouldn't fit Darlies description of the intruder said a lot to me. I am more than convinced of his guilt. Then when I heard him describe Devons wounds as being caused by a sword and not a knife he knew more than even the doctor who did the autopsy.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 3 days ago from US

      Graham - It does seem whoever does the best acting wins and I am positive so many wrongs have been done Darlie that she deserves a new trial but apparently it is just not to be. I mean 20 years! Poor Darlie.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 3 days ago from US

      Tracie, can you imagine what that must do to a person yo wake each day knowing your number could be up? She deserves so much from this crooked state and their "justice"!

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 3 days ago from US

      Thomas - I too believe she was drugged and it explains so very much about her actions. Such a shame that hospital did not check out her burning mouth. Would be a much different story if they had.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 3 days ago from US

      Junior- So true, with all her injuries whoever made them she couldn't have put that sock there which automatically brings someone else into it.

      Many families get into the same letter thing...makes no sense to me..would cause me even more trouble remembering names. ha ha

    • profile image

      graham 4 days ago

      I have watched the programme death row stories on tv here in England and am shocked at the cases i have seen.Britsh justice is bad but good god you lot in America have a worst justice system than we do.I can not believe the pleasure some of the prosecutors have when they talk of the death penalty.

      Darlie is innocent of this crime ,you have to be blind not to see that.I hope that she and all the others who are in prison for crimes they did not commit (not only murder) get justice soon.

    • profile image

      Tracielee 5 days ago

      100% not guilty!! Never once believed she was. Poor woman. Darin was involved no doult!! My worst fear is they're going to execute this woman I periodically stay online and see what's up with her case she deserves a new case

    • profile image

      Tomas Castaneda 5 days ago

      It makes sense now. You guys remember when they interviewed Darin about him not hearing the kids scream and his excuse was that they lived in a very large house but didn't know about darlin because she could often wake up to her baby moving on the crib (like a real mother would) as of openinly telling them that she's a light sleeper. I think he drugged her semi knocked her out but god is great and didn't allow her to compeltely as he planned

    • profile image

      Junior 5 days ago

      I believe it was the husband. Now that I'm reading through the comments about the cheating is crucial. But I do believe Darin had something todo with it. Socks large and bleeding running 75 yards with my throat slit sounds incredible for me. Which is why I feel the husband possibly ran and stashed the sock to move distraction from them. Unfortunately she was caught just hope when the date is given she'll say Darin was in it too. Also what's up with all the Ds? Lol

    • kezzy1996 profile image

      kezzy1996 6 days ago

      Ldog You are there so quick to judge Darlie. First of all they had her on many drugs. She didn't bring the silly, her sister did. She was very immature that was very well known. She acted like she had more of an obligation to put on an act, she was not celebrating because she was happy. Why aren't you asking yourself about Darins behavior. How the hell does a father bury his 5 and 6 year old children with swords in their coffin. He went on talk show describing in detail how Devon died and exactly what weapon was used, right up to it being a double edged sword. Darin is the only one that has ever mentioned Devon being killed with that exact weapon, and police didn't even bother to investitate him. Check the court records. Greg Davis confronted Darin in court about the fact that he was never investigated by Mulder or by anyone else for that matter. Darlie is not the guilty one here

    • kezzy1996 profile image

      kezzy1996 7 days ago

      Ldog: wow, you really have the nerve to put this on Darlie. First of all. Darin was caught out in public at a fair making out with Darlies sisters. That was seen by many people, not just a few. Darin did cheat on Darlie and he did give her a permanent STD. Why don't you get your facts straight before you come out defending Darin. He moved in with Darlies mother just to make sure he knew exactly what was going on. Darin knew exactly why the black car was there, him and Baisa set it all up. Read the transcripts Greg Davis caught Darin in all kinds of lies. The evidence points directly to Darin nobody else. She was scared to tell Darin she was pregnant with Drake. He was the one who upset about it not being a girl. Knowing what I know about Darin, thank god, they didn't have a girl

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 7 days ago from US

      Darlie was far from perfect and not mature for sure but I will never believe she killed her children and even more so wounded herself. That would be about the hardest thing anyone could do and near impossible. Darlie really had no defense and that is such a shame because she should not be where she is while the one to profit ended up profiting even more.

    • profile image

      Ldog 7 days ago

      Don't believe me? Ask ANY parent who's lost a child.

    • profile image

      Ldog 7 days ago

      As to her actions afterwards and that BS about everyone grieves differently....let me tell you. I lost my daughter and son-in-law to a car crash in 2011. I lost my son in 2015 to brain cancer. If I even heard a rumor that someone sprayed silly string on their graves, it'd be the last thing they did. It doesn't matter how old your kids are or what manner of death. What she did at their grave was disrespectful to say the least.

    • profile image

      kezzy1996 8 days ago

      Sabrina Darlie's mother still protecting Darin. She has stood in the way of any evidence coming forward to prove Darlie didn't kill her boys. She insists on the intruder theory, when she knows there was no intruder. Its impossible to try and help Darlie when anyone who comes forward is directed at Darin, but they get stone walled because so many people are going to such great lengths to make sure the evidence against Darin stays hidden.

    • profile image

      Ldog 8 days ago

      Was my comment overlooked?

    • profile image

      Ldog 8 days ago

      First off, Darlie got those bruises on the backs of her arms as she stabbed those boys. I'm sure they fought and kicked violently. What about the blood spatter on the BACK of her night shirt? It was cast off from the knife. The sock down the alley? Here's what I think happened. Darlie had a history of dramatics when things weren't going her way. Check into her behavior at Darin's graduation party. She was depressed, believing Darin was messing around with her younger sister. On that night, she had laid out her wedding dress and photos in the dining room. Fact. Darin and the sister worked together all day that day. After dinner, Darin took the sister home and was gone longer than he should have been. Also fact. That's what started the argument. Darlie waited until everyone was asleep. I believe she planned to kill the children and herself to punish Darin but chickened out at the sight of her own blood. The children were sleeping, she went to the kitchen and got the first knife. She began the attack and the boys fought and kicked to no avail. She went to the kitchen sink where she cut her own throat. It was then that the plan changed. She saw her own blood and freaked out. She then tried to clean the sink, opening the cabinets below for cleaning supplies and leaving her blood on the inside of the cabinet doors. She then took the murder weapon down the alley, including the sock, tried to throw it all down the storm sewer. The knife went but the sock didn't. She runs back in time to see Damon still alive and crawling for the front door. She gets the second knife and finishes him off. Where's the second knife? I'm sure she knows. It is fact that two different knives were used. She then stages the scene to look like a struggle occurred. That's why there's blood UNDER broken glass and on top of the vacuum. She then alerts Darin and the rest is history. Except for her execution date.

    • kezzy1996 profile image

      kezzy1996 8 days ago

      You are right Polly, I also believe she was drugged. That explains why Darin filled in her memory loss by telling her he took her out to the porch and he handed her Drake. He knew her true condition the same way he knew exactly what type of weapon was used to kill Devon. He knew way too much and nobody ever bothered to investigate him because he put way to chaos into that scene. The second the police learned of the second fake cpr on Devon the focus should have gone onto Darin and Darin alone.

    • kezzy1996 profile image

      kezzy1996 8 days ago

      Heather, you cant over look the obvious here. Who was the only person who stood to gain here?


      Darlie still hasnt come to the full realization that it was Darin in the home. If you read Darlies statement you will see that she said he walked away and she walked and followed him. That statement alone proved to me that this Darin. A stranger would have ran from that home out the closest most obvious exit, but this guy didnt. He knew there was no help coming for Darlie, and he knew exactly where her jewellery was, and where the back exit was. That alone convinced me this was no stranger. The only thing that person was afraid of was DNA transfer from Darlie or the boys. The only reason he would fear that was if he knew eventually he would be confronted by police. He couldnt risk injuries or having any evidence on him of any blood or wounds. That is my opinion. That only leaves one person. Darin Routier. A stranger would not have cared about those things. A stranger had no reason to worry about any of the those. This was an interupted crime scene. This was about collecting the 500,000 dollar life and insurance and ridding himself of a huge debt of supporting 4 people.


      The dog was not barking because Darin locked him in one of the rooms. I believe the reason Darin fled up those stairs just as he heard Waddell pull up was to put the swords back in the room. When I heard Darin use the word sword as being the weapon on Devon, and then describing the wounds as being caused by a double edged sword. I knew Darin knew exactly what weapon was used on Devon. I believe that is the true reason he buried that weapon with his boys. It was just sick and messed up. He did it to mock everyone. That was his own private joke.


      If you read Darlies statement and put that blood map against what she claims happened. It matches perfectly. There is no way in hell Darlie could have scripted that out. She didnt stutter. When she got on the phone, she was a direct as possible. An intruder came in and he stabbed me and my kids. She didnt stall or beat around the push. She asked and begged for help from that operator and Darin and the 911 operator completely ignored her. All she was interested in was getting the gossip. Darlie told her 35 seconds into that call he is dead, Devon is dead. In 5 minutes and 44 seconds that woman never once instructed Darlie how to get breath into her son. She never even asked about the boys. She was only concerned about the gossip. She should have lost her job, and the fact that Darin completely and delibrately ignored the living victims was all the proof I needed. The first cpr on Devon i could understand, but when he came back into that house he knew for a fact Devon was dead already for 4 minutes. He saw Damon alive moving, looking around the room begging for help. Darin stepped over that boys body to go over to his dead son Devon and do a fake cpr.


      No she doesnt, she told the woman flat out exactly what happened. She kept telling her they are dying he is dead, they are not breathing. All that operator did was ask Darlie to calm down and tell her what happened. How many times did she have to explain to that woman? What was important in this call is listen to what Darin is saying. He is supposidly giving Devon cpr and he is only bringing up the intruder. What does the intruder look like, he took and he ran. It was Darlie focused on the intruder it was Darin. He was making sure that everyone knew and was convinced that he was not that intruder. That was so obvious to me. He never asked the officers to help his kids once. Even at the end of that 911 call. They put Ms in front of the officers response to there is nothing taken,but it wasnt Darlie doing the asking or accusing, it was Darin. Even then again he repeats they took and they ran. His son Damon was still alive Heather the whole time, but there Darin was still desperately trying to convince the officer that he was robbed. Darlie finally got mad at Darin and told him, this was not a robbery Darin, it was intentional. She had no intensions of making a theft claim only Darin did that.


      That silly string tape is so easy to explain away. First of all she was so drugged up it wasnt funny. Second of all Darlie never matured. She met Darin when she was a child. She never had a chance to mature or grow. She was nothing but a sex toy to him. He bought her the jewellery and dressed her up like his property. She was despressed and was finally realizes that there was more to life than what she had. Her appearance at that funeral said it all. She was tired of being Darins sex toy and he couldnt deal with that. He was the one who cheated. He was the one who brought the permanant STD in that marriage. He is the one who moved on and continued to date the same woman that he cheated on Darlie with.


      Again, a child. Her own mother introduced her to Darin when she was only 15 years old. I have a daughter who is in her late 20's I can tell you flat out there is absolutely no way I would have introduced her to my boss let alone at the age of 15. Darlie was still a child, and she never grew up. She was finally realizes that there was more to life than drugs, drinking and the party. Darins behavior spoke for itself. He was the one who drove the Jag car, bought the boat, spa and hot tub. Everything that has ever come out of his mouth has been sickening and perverted. Everything he bought for that house was to entertain his own sick perverted pleasures. That is what i saw. Darlies money went for the house and kids. Darin was the one who went out and picked out the second jewellery for Darlie. She was nothing but his property.


      Those are not guilty eyes. Those are eyes of anger and disbelief. That is the sole reason the jury hated her. This wasnt about the evidence or over whelming proof of guilt. Greg Davis judged her on that silly string tape and his own hatred for her. The second the truth came out about Tom Bevels and Darins lies Darlie should have been granted a new trial. Her contempt for the law and the legal system was obvious, and her lawyer never bothered to coach her on how to change her appearance and attitude. He made sure he coached Darin though. Darin cut his hair and changed his appearance to he wouldnt match the description of that intruder.

      What amazes me is that you know this case and you know what has surfaced since her conviction. I dont know how or why you could judge Darlie on her appearance. To take that 911 and completely ignrore the obvious evidence against Darin shocks me. At the very least she deserves a new trial. A jury should hear all the evidence against Darin and then decide if Darlie helped Darin murder those boys, or if she was truly the victim. The only thing that was worth anything at all was the life insurance and the death of the family. That was a complete financial turn around for Darin. Darlie had nothing to gain by her own death.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 9 days ago from US

      Heather - If she were or had been drugged it would explain a lot of her actions and no we have no proof except her mouth burning which no one checked out so those of us who believe she was attacked can well imagine she was also drugged.

      I have admitted before that Darlie is or was a spoiled selfish person to a degree and I know people related to me who did not react to death of their child as I would have but it does not make them a murderer and she seemed overly calm and did not even realize she was wounded. How do you explain them apples?

      There was also video at the graveyard of Darlie crying which was not thrown out for all to see and she looked very worn down and sad to me in what I saw.

      I keep thinking of what a husband (possible murderer) could do to make the actions of a silly wife who we are sure by now is on drugs of the legal sort could do to make her look guilty to save his own life. I think it would have been pretty easy to do and especially since absolutely no one suspected him...the only one with something to gain from this. No he did not get to collect the big insurance on Darlie but he came out a big star and a pretty big profit if you ask me.

      Poor Darlie...he played her for years...she probably could not even remember that far back to suspect what he may have been doing to her or saying to make her talk so stupid...why did she talk stupid so much during this time? Did she before...or since?

      Oh, and maybe Darlie did see Darin or whoever attacked her without full view and did see them walk away and just simply knew someone was there since she apparently fended off "someone".

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 9 days ago from US

      Sabrina-I would love to see that too, or anyone do anything!

    • HeatherBlaze1959 profile image

      Heather Blaze 9 days ago from Jackson, MS, USA

      I have a couple of points to ponder for the supporters and I genuinely wonder some of this:

      1. Why does Darlie continue to say there was an intruder in the house when even we agree there was not one? She says she chased someone.

      2. Why wasn't the dog barking waking Darin or Darlie during all this B&E and life taking of the home's most vulnerable members? Poms are extremely yappy little dogs.

      3. The area the attacks took place in is a small area for all of this to occur. The blood only seemed to flow around the boys, the kitchen sink and where Darlie ran back and forth in it.

      4. Listen, really LISTEN to the first few seconds of that 911 call. Oh yes she sounds frantic but she also even in the first seconds wastes time weaving the tale instead of what would normally come first before anything else. The address, the children, the ambulance, send help! Instead she is describing where they were, what happened in the first seconds of that life and death emergency phone call. That is just not how a mother's mind works when summoning help for her dying children. Then she is heard answering questions from Darin that don't sound that friendly, she sounds defensive. Why wasn't she calling for Darin from the moment she awoke?

      5. At the "Silly String Party". I know people grieve differently and being a weirdo doesn't make you a murderer, blah, blah.

      Her demeanor is just all wrong. Smiling, batting her eyelashes while making that cringe worthy speech to the reporter about what the boys "would want". She just doesn't seem..sad. Darin is looking at the ground. He looks sheepish, embarrassed, a little sick and..sad. Yes he looks like he is grieving. There is no pill on this earth to eliminate that awful feeling.

      6. Look at her eyes. At the most recent prison photo. Those are guilty eyes. Those are "oh crap, the jig is up stick a fork in it" eyes. She just doesn't have the energy to even pretend anymore. And although I don't have it in me to feel angry at her mother, I am sure she knows it too. She would be capable of supporting her daughter with that knowledge. She is a mother too and her daughter needs her. And that daughter is one appeal and a DNA test result away from an execution date.

      This is what my letter to Darlie would say:

      Dear Darlie, it is time to stop fighting what happened that night. It happened and much time has passed without you accepting responsibility for it. You are a different person now and much changed and matured. The person you are today must make peace with the young woman you once were. You know the Lord will forgive you but you must also make amends to those you have hurt on this earth by telling them the truth, asking their forgiveness and preparing yourself and your family for the inevitable. It is time Darlie. No good can come from this as long as you make it about yourself. This is not about you. It is about Damon and Devon. Do right by them Darlie. Make them proud of you.

    • profile image

      Sabrina 9 days ago

      I wish the creators of "Making a murderer" would do a documentary of this case. Maybe then this innocent woman would be set free.

    • kezzy1996 profile image

      kezzy1996 11 days ago

      Hi Polly, hope you are feeling better. Good to see you back. I wanted to comment on BJ Basf's comment.

      If Darlie planed that sock using her hands then why was there only blood on the tip of that sock where I believe it would have been dangling out of the pant leg? The only place they found her DNA was in the tip of that sock. She did the laundry, despite claims of a housekeeper, she only had Darin's employees mother for two days. Of course Darlies DNA would have been on that sock. If she used it as a clove then why wasn't there dna on the legging part of that sock also? She would have had to drag that sock over her hand and arm to be able to get that sock on as a hand puppet. Not only that the prosecution said that there was no blood in the garage. Well, they were wrong. There was blood right beside the runners Darin was wearing. Not only that, they found fibers from Darins runners on that sock. The reason Darin denied that sock was his was because he didn't know he left it there. He was in such a panic running up and down that alley he wouldn't have known. This person obviously didn't take a very good look at the stains on that sock. Darlie's mother told me she was going to have the sock tested again. I told her I am sure they will find fibers on it from being drug to that spot, gravel from the road and maybe different types of grass. How is it possible that Darin just happen to have no socks on when police arrived? Yet his sock he was obviously wearing that day just happen to be in the alley. Darin wore those socks to bed. That would have meant Darlie would of had to go into his room and just take that sock for the purpose of using it as a murder puppet. Yes, that is the biggest joke of all. Look at the shape of the sock, it was stretched out and drug to that location, not planted. If she used it as this so called glove it would have been rolled up in a ball as she removed. It would have been all stretched out as though it had been dragging on the ground.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 11 days ago from US

      Hi Kezzy. I had to delete that because it is no longer available so a dead link. Maybe you can find it somewhere else?

      Still having problems but doing what I can...may take awhile. Am hoping all is better before summer's end.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 11 days ago from US

      Tina-I agree completely.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 11 days ago from US

      Could be DJ, never thought of that.

    • profile image

      Tina Ann Bible-Rusinko 13 days ago

      The photos of all of her injuries were never shown to the jury!! Why not? This woman could not of put such cuts and stabs on herself nor could she have caused that horrible deep tissue bruise on her right forearm. What were the police thinking? The outcome of her trial is a complete travesty!

    • DJ BASF profile image

      DJ BASF 13 days ago

      My absurd theory:

      The sock was used as a glove, and discarded while fleeing the scene. That explains the lack of the intruder's fingerprints in the house, and the sock ending up where it was... If the sock doesn’t fit, you must acquit ;)

    • kezzy1996 profile image

      kezzy1996 13 days ago

      Hi Polly: I wanted to add this last statement here. Darin claimed that he didn't allow the lawyer to implicate him in the crime because he didn't want to get rail roaded like Darlie. Well, if you think about that Darin didn't come forth about all truths, facts or any of the information to the police before Darlie was even arrested.

      Darin had Darlie lie for him about seeing him come out of his room. He lied about Darlie helping him with Devon, so that would have explained away the blood spatter. He lied about the her asking for a separation or having a fight that night. He lied about the reason she was really sleeping on the sofa. None of them came forward about Darins plans for the home robbery, not even Darlies own mother.

      To make matters worse, Darin knew exactly who was driving that black car that he kept bringing up to the police. That person in that black car was even seen driving by that crime scene just hours after the murders. He had Basia show up there to lie to the police about the black. They all screwed Darlie, every single one of them. Darin knew when he refused to give Basia that partnership in his business she was going to testify against Darlie. He counted on that. 20 years later that lady comes forward and admits sending that black car to the Routier home. She comes forward about other fraud she knew about Darin and she admitted about knowing this one, yet Darlie was on trial for her life and none of them spoke up. This woman admitted she believed Darin was involved. I don't believe for one second if Darin hadn't interfered with Darlies case and her legal council she would have ever been convicted. I have to keep speaking up. A jury has to see what everyone has done to that girl. Mainly Darin. This was all about that life insurance, I am absolutely convinced of that. I contacted that Rowlette police department and they tried to put me through again to Nabors. I told them I had new evidence and didn't want to speak to Nabors. I took the advice of a lawyer to call to speak to a supervisor, and they are yet to call me back. I don't believe they ever will. They know what is going on and they are doing everything in their power to make sure Darlie is silenced forever.

    • kezzy1996 profile image

      kezzy1996 13 days ago

      part two

      In this interview Greg Davis brought up many facts about the sock. He asked why would an intruder leave a sock in the alley, and why leave it in plain view. Greg Davis just proved my point. This sock was not planted. It fell out of Darins pant leg by mistake. It was left in plain view because Darin didnt know it was in his pantleg and he didnt know it had fallen out in that spot. Darin did panic and run up that alley, but within seconds he turned around went right back to that house. He didnt expect Darlie or Damon to be alive.

      Again just as they did in court they changed Darlies words to fit the evidence. Darlie didnt say she chased, she said walked and followed.

      This video brings in evidence from Tom Bevels. We know now that he is not trust worthy. He found to be drinking on the job and had big issues with despression and medications. To make matters worse Darlie's defence never brought in any experts that could have proven Bevels forensics to be nothing but fabricated crap. He based Darlies version of the story on the blood droplets. Darlie didnt say she ran the entire time, at some points she was only walking and she admitted that. So how is it possible for this guy to determine through all that heavy blood trail when Darlie was actually running and when she was walking. The whole scientific experiment was a complete joke. These people apparently go to school for many years to learn this, but yet they expected 12 average strangers to learn everything they know in a matter of days. The entire forensic show was a complete joke.

      You gotta love that analyse expert Barry Dicky who was hired to analyse the 911 call. He isolated the 911 call apparently. This ananlyst claimed that Darlie rapidly moved from room to room. This contridicts what Tom Bevels claimed on his blood analyses.

      This guy also claimed Darlie didnt stay in one particular place for any length of time. This not only proves that Darlie was not standing at the bottom of the stairs while Darin came down, but it also proves that he didnt look at the blood map either. It is clear by the blood map that was used in court shows that Darlie stood by Devons body for a length of time after she was bleeding. This happened

      Then they went right to the towel on Darlies neck. They came up with the assumption that maybe Darlie used the towel to clean up blood. Darlie didnt have a towel on her neck when the first responding officer came to the house. You can clearly hear that officer asking Darlie, what about you? He instructs someone to go and get a rag.

      They came up with the assuption that Darlie had washed up the crime scene, but this was based on the fact that Greg Davis claimed Darlie didnt use any rags on the boys, and there was no evidence to prove she had ever wet any towels. How the hell were 12 people sucked into Davis theory. Then Davis claimed that Darlie couldnt have been stabbed on the sofa because there was no blood. There was blood on the sofa, and there was blood on the floor right by where Darlies head would have been. It also proved that Damon was standing exactly where Darlie said he was. If Darin was the one who had stabbed Devon with that sword, it would have been very possible that any clean up they are describing here could have been done by Darin before Darlie ever got to that sink. The prosecution theory makes no sense at all and Darlies lawyer never brought any evidence to the trial to even counter the prosecutions claims.

      The next comment this officer makes is how the evidence proves no intruder because they left no trial of walking in that crime scene. So why didnt they look at Darin immediately. Darin was not only on the crime scene, but he moved about that house even after adinistering cpr to Devon without leaving one trace of evidence anywhere.

      The prosecution told the jury there was no blood in the garage. That was a false statement. Detective Cron told everyone there was no blood in the garage when he looked in there. When forensics showed up to do their investigation Cron told them he already checked the garage and found no trace of blood in there. Those experts went ahead and checked that garage anyway. They found the boys blood right next to Darins runners. The same runners that had left fibers on that sock in the back alley. If this isnt a red flag to have at least investigated Darin I have no idea what the police thought they needed to arrest or at least investigate Darin. There is no way that jury could have convicted Darlie if they had even heard a fraction of the evidence against Darin. They would have been shown not only opportunity, but over 500,000 motives.

      They admitted here that the murder weapon had been laid down on the floor in the living room where the boys were stabbed. This proves that the knife was not sopping wet with blood when it was taken out to that utilty room. The only sopping blood on that knife would have been Darlie's, that happened after she picked that knife up off the floor in the utilty room. If anything, this would have proven to the police without any doubt that it was not Darlie who had carried that knife from the living room to that utility room. Mulder didnt bring in any experts to prove this theory to the jury. Not only that. Darin knew that knife hit that floor in the utility room. When he made that statement explaining how his hair got on that knife. Darin knew that knife was on that floor at some point. Darin aslo knew too many details about the evidence proving that there was two seperate weapons used at this crime. Darin knew too much. He didnt hear that glass break while he was upstairs. He knew because he was right there. Why else would he keep telling that story over and over but adding the details that the sound was far away, not close, and then making the sound effects. I dont understand why they never brought in an FBI lie detective to analyse Darins statements? That should have been the very first thing they did. Darin claimed he was bullied by police to take that lie detector test. Rumors went around that he didnt fail the important questions, but that is not true. Darin took that test because they had a rich man who was willing to donate over 100,000 to help Darlie's defence. I believe Darin believed he could fool that lie detector test. He failed all those tests and that still didnt send red flags to the police.

      Tom Bevels makes a complete fool of himself by going into detail about the blood running off that knife. Of course the blood was going to run off the tip of that knife. Darlie was bleeding heavily when she picked it up. She didnt say the knife was right in the utility room, she said it was in the door frame. It is obvious to me that Bevels was influenced by the prosecution and police to try and make their theory fit that crime scene. They had messed up on the investigation so badly with Darin that they had to make sure the evidence they got against Darlie stuck. If it didnt there was a very good possibilty that both Darin and Darlie would walk. This is criminal what they all did to that young immature inexperience mother of three.

      It was more than clear to me that Darlie couldnt have stabbed herself in the arm in that angle. I do not believe it was possible for her to have made that slash on her own throat either. The lawyer that Darin and Darlies mother brought in didnt even bother to bring in any experts to counter the claims the prosecution made about the wounds being self inflicted. They go back to the murder weapon and go through their theory of how Darlie lied about setting the knife on the counter and never saying anything about bringing it into the living room. Why didnt Mulder stand up right then and point out that the knife had been set down on that floor in the living room inbetween the attack on the family? There was nothing at all to try and counter any of those claims. The prosecutions theory made no sense, but when the defence never brought in any evidence or said anything to disprove the prosecutions theories, the jury had nothing to compare the evidence too. They were left with the believe t

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 2 weeks ago from US

      Thank you all for your comments and continued interest. I simply cannot believe Darlie stabbed her sons just out of the blue never having a history of abusing them and if in fact she did she should have been tried as a nut because that is the way it is done. (Which means she would be free by now.)

      I feel so deeply that Darin is behind it whether he actually did it or not and he would have to have done a lot to erase so much evidence like blood splatter I don't give up the idea he allowed others to enter and kill them and possibly the boys were not even the intended victims but were caught in the action. I think he was clearly after the insurance on Darlie and why that would not be everyone's first suspicion really puzzles me.

      I pray the truth is known in this lifetime too, but be sure this crime will not go unpunished...those boy's murders have at least one witness Who is the Judge of all. What a hell they are facing....

    • profile image

      Ranisha Johnson 2 weeks ago

      I believe darlie routier isnt gulity she should be set free she dont deserve the death penalty the real killer is still out in the world wondering around only Jesus know what really happend i been praying for Darlie Routier im a mother myself and i love my kids so much i know in my heart she didnt kill her kids please spare darlie Routiers life let the truth be known in Jesus name Amen)

    • profile image

      Ariel Stott 2 weeks ago

      They never found or proved who killed jean benot so how is this different??? My god if she did this yes she should be fried but I don't believe there is enough to put her away on death row and after 20 years justice needs to be served re trial and new DNA and technology come on

    • kezzy1996 profile image

      kezzy1996 2 weeks ago

      Hi Polly: I wanted to run some information by you. I was watching that Leeza show where Darin does a three part interview. He said he never left that house. He claimed the guy that ran from the home without a shirt on was the intruder. Then he goes on to say that Devon was stabbed with a double sided sword. I found his choice of weapon very suspicious being that he buried his boys with that exact item. I read the autopsy on Devon and the doctor said Devons wounds were consistent with a single edged sword, not double like a sword.

      Q. And, would that be consistent with this child having been stabbed with a single-edged knife, as 1 opposed to a knife that has two sharp edges?

      A. Yes.

      I believe Darin knew exactly what was used on those boys. It was later brought up that a sword could have been the weapon that was used on Devon, but that doesn't explain how Darin knew what weapon was used to kill Devon. I did contact officer Nabors a while back asking him why those swords that Darin buried with his boys were not tested for blood, he wouldn't even look at any of the evidence against Darin. He admitted they never investigated him because Darin said it wasn't Darin. Darlie didn't say she saw Darin come out of his room, only Darin used those words, Darlie said she saw him in the hallway, but that was after she went to get that phone. That Leeza show proves a lot about Darins lies.

    • profile image

      mandy 3 weeks ago

      He failed a lie detector test!.

    • kezzy1996 profile image

      kezzy1996 3 weeks ago

      Pollyannalana I agree with you Polly. Darins family stepped up immediately and befriended both Darlie and her mother. They offered that big reward, but they also knew they would never be paying out on that. They knew there was no intruder. I am not blaming Darins parents for wanting to protect him, but on the other hand that was their grand children who were murdered. As far as Darlies mother goes, Shame on her. This is her daughter and her grandchildren. There is no excuse for her to have shut everyone out and completely ignore the evidence against her own daughter. She allowed her own personal feelings about Darin cloud her judgement, there is no excuse for what she has done to her own daughter. 99 percent of the public believe Darin is guilty. This was a wonderful thing you did for Darlie. It is clear you spent a great deal of time researching the facts in the case. I hope someone high up in the courts is taking the time to read your article. Great job Polly.

    • kezzy1996 profile image

      kezzy1996 3 weeks ago

      Heather Blaze  You are right about Darlie not being able to bring Darin in as the suspect. She had her chance and she chose to believe he was in his room. What I hoping will happen is someone in the right place will look at the evidence against Darin. He was not in his room when the family was stabbed. The 911 call proves that without any doubt. His interviews, police statements and own testimony in court will prove his guilt beyond any doubt. I do believe there ever was an intruder. Darlie didn't have a clue about what was going on when she first woke up, Darin knew that. He took full advantage. He deliberately fired anyone who was coming forward with evidence to prove his guilt. He is the only reason she is still in jail. Darin manipulated this whole case for years. He made sure that any information regarding his guilt was kept from Darlie. She had no idea of all the evidence against him until after he dumped her. I couldn't believe he stayed as long as he did. Darin figured after 9 years he was save from prosecution. He obviously hasn't been watching cold case files. He will never be safe from prosecution. They never convicted Darlie on Devons murder, only Damons.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 3 weeks ago from US

      No, it does not look good for her and worse because Darin sold her on his love for her for so many years. So she has not had that long to rethink everything and sort of a bad place to do anything about it, especially with her mother on Darin's side, apparently.

      Poor Darlie...all I can say is there will one day be justice and the guilty will pay... once and for all. I think they will never kill her though...they all know she is not guilty.

    • HeatherBlaze1959 profile image

      Heather Blaze 3 weeks ago from Jackson, MS, USA

      At this point if I am not mistaken it is too late to introduce "new evidence". Darlie's only shot is proof of a bungled investigation/poor representation, which she fervently hopes will be shown by DNA which would indicate an intruder, forcing a retrial. Darin's DNA proves nothing since he lives there and was all over the crime scene. If she or anyone else knew something on Darin they should have spoken up sooner I am thinking. Since there was no intruder DNA will not help her most probably. State of Texas is adamant the court reporter errors, while voluminous are not enough to get her a new trial. Likewise with the partial limb hair. Short of a confession from Darin or shocking and vindicating DNA results it is not looking good for her.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 3 weeks ago from US

      Kezzy1996 on Hubpages. Several articles now.

    • HeatherBlaze1959 profile image

      Heather Blaze 4 weeks ago from Jackson, MS, USA

      Thanks Kezzy and Polly!! How do I find Kezzy's page?

    • kezzy1996 profile image

      kezzy1996 4 weeks ago

      CarolinaGal This was a very honest and detailed article that Polly wrote. I also believe Darlie is innocent, but I also believe there was no intruder. That only left Darin as the suspect. I believe Darins employee was also involved. She knew the reason the black car was there and she went to that murder site to make a false statement to police. Darin had asked her to lie in the past regarding another fraud he did with his car. She knew all along about Darin trying to set up a home robbery here, she also knew that this crime wasn't about robbery, she knew it was about life insurance that Darin took out on all three victims. He stood to gain over 500,000 plus he was rid of his financial obligations of supporting Darlie and those boys when she left him. Darins employee testified against Darlie and the whole time she knew the car was a lie, she knew about Darins plans. That alone should have given her a new trial. Darin wasn't even investigated. In order for Darlie to be granted a new trial, she has to come up with new evidence. Proving Darins guilt is the only hope I see for her at this point.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 4 weeks ago from US

      Thanks everyone for your comments. I so hope this year brings real hope to Darlie.

      Kezzy has some articles written at HP you should really read. Kezzy1996. I love her ideas and they make such perfect sense. How on earth did Darin escape this I would just really like to know. Almost convinces me of witchcraft. He should have been the first and main suspect.

    • profile image

      CarolinaGal 4 weeks ago

      Those are some horrible bruises! Any bruising anywhere else ?

      I think it's possible Darin May have brought this dangerous element around his family by arranging the robbery etc

      Or someone who knew they had money and wanted some of it.

      He may not have meant for this to happen but it did. Who is to say that after the killer(a) finished the job that they wouldn't have stolen jewelry etc ... Maybe even made Darin ride to a bank ?

      Let Darlie go ... She didn't do this.

    • kezzy1996 profile image

      kezzy1996 4 weeks ago

      Heather Blaze: I wanted to let you know that the reason the innocence project didn't take Darlies case is because she still has appeals left.

    • kezzy1996 profile image

      kezzy1996 4 weeks ago

      Laura wytrzes: I also believe she is innocent, but I also believe there was no intruder. Darins employee already admitted that she knew about Darins insurance scam. She never came forward. She did show up at the crime scene to give a false statement regarding the suspicious black car. She admitted she was the one who sent that person over to Darins. She claimed it was a friend who bought a house and they were looking for landscaping ideas. I didn't believe that for a second. There was only one man in the car when the neighbor spotted him. If he was looking for landscaping ideas he would have had his wife with him. I believe Darin's employee was involved, I just don't know to what extent. If police would have investigated Darin at the start, Darlie wouldn't be in jail today

    • kezzy1996 profile image

      kezzy1996 4 weeks ago

      Heather Blaze: I do know that Darin fired Mr. Pardo. This was after he took the 100,000 financial help. Mr. Pardo was investigating the case and he came to the conclusion that he believed Darin killed his boys and he meant to kill Darlie. He said the evidence proved this. Darin not only fired this man after he accused Darin, but Darlie's own mother and Darin also got rid of the court appointed lawyers who also found evidence and planned on going after Darin. So I am not sure about this Camm person, but I do know if he looks at Darin as a suspect then he will be gone also. I contacted the innocence project and they denied helping her. They told me it had something to do with DNA testing or her conviction. I didn't really understand what they were telling me.

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