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Darlie Routier: Over Twenty Years on Death Row

Updated on July 27, 2017
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Polly is far from politically correct when it comes to justice. Truth means more to her than making fans; saying what they want to hear!


Met as Young Teens

Darin was 17 and Darlie only 15 when they met.

Darlie Routier is an American woman from Texas who was convicted of murdering her 5-yr-old son, Damon. Her other son was also killed, though she was only tried for Damon's murder.

Some say there is more to this trial than the official investigation showed.

These three children were Darlie's only claim to financial gain as anyone knows. Worth much more to her alive than dead if that was her purpose.
These three children were Darlie's only claim to financial gain as anyone knows. Worth much more to her alive than dead if that was her purpose. | Source


How long would it take to make all these wounds?

Were these wounds self inflicted?
Were these wounds self inflicted? | Source

Darlie has no history of mental illness. She was not abusive to her sons. She was faithful to her husband and there is no fact from anyone saying differently on any of this.

Darlie moved to Lubbock as a teenager with her mom and stepdad. She met Darin in a Western Sizzlin' where her mother worked and so did Darin as a cook. He was 17 and she was 15 and they married four years later.

After moving to the Dallas area he began his own small company that tested electronic components and when he became a success in the early nineties, they bought a nice house and spent thousands getting it just how they wanted. Darin bought a thirty-foot cabin cruiser and a 1982 Jaguar. They went a little wild with their money and Darlie bought new boobs and flashy jewelry.

The neighbors never saw them as wild though. She had kids in and baked cookies for them. Those kids stood up for her against the accusation that she killed her sons. Darin and Darlie helped out a cancer patient neighbor with a mortgage payment and seemed to have a heart. Whose idea was that, I don’t know, but Darlie was baking the cookies.

All of a sudden their business went downhill and they got behind on their bills it is claimed. They owed $10,000 in back taxes and $12,000 on credit cards. Darin and an incomplete diary entry show Darlie was considering suicide a month before the murders. It was a fleeting thought apparently.

My doctor once asked me if I had ever thought about suicide and my answer was, "Hasn't everyone?" He laughed, for it is true. Maybe to different extents but if you know the world you have thought about it. If you have something you just think you can't face you may think about it, so I consider that pretty normal and nothing to even consider in anyone's sanity.

She had gone through the birth of a third baby and was trying to get off a little extra weight and at that age I think many of us go through a little something anyway. Like did we make the right decisions in life, have we chosen the right path? Thirty is coming up and to twenties that looks old! It is nothing serious but a little something as I say, and combined with all else going on with her she probably was suffering not abnormally from slight depression. That does not a murderer make.

Looking happy as always.
Looking happy as always. | Source

What the Jury Didn't Know

Darlie's Injuries

How do you feel?

Do you think without a reasonable doubt that Darlie is guilty?

See results

Never brought to the attention of the jury were other things of alarm and great importance, including the pictures of Darlie's cuts and bruises on her arms taken when she was hospitalized the night of the murders. One juror told reporters he would never have voted to convict if he had seen the photographs. I would be sure others would have agreed. That is when I knew without a doubt! These are defense wounds, clearly. Yes, there were photos of the wound but this juror and the author who at first had Darlie guilty but changed her mind later said these really bad bruised photos were never seen by them. They did see the silly string plenty though which was an illegal entry into this trial!

"When they arrested Darlie, we just pretty much lost it," says Darin, and says they have never been able to grieve for their children but it is Darlie's husband and mother who have steadfastly continued the fight. They have appeared 10 times on nationally televised talk shows, printed up bumper stickers and have a toll-free phone number ( (888) 883-FAIR) appealing for donations and information that could help "find the real person who attacked Darlie and murdered her children." They have gathered support. Right now, they say, freeing Darlie is the only fight that counts.

Drake Routier looks just like his mother. The blue eyes, wide face, and his mother's mouth. The court took Darin's custody of the child, who was 7 months old at the time of the murders, simply because he defended Darlie! This is Texas law? His parents were allowed to raise the baby and he was given rights to visit him but still! Does this horror never end? If Darin is guilty of nothing how could they take custody of his child from him?

Darin and Darlie moved into her mother's home after the murders and lost the $200,000 house they built, also their 35-foot cabin cruiser, '86 Jaguar, plus some. Legal fees and bad publicity about the case ruined him financially. His electronics business, bringing a salary of $500,000 in 1995, lost 14 of its 17 clients and all its employees.

Are Her Injuries Authentic?

Click thumbnail to view full-size
She was a genius if she planned this one. So real looking.  Did she do this?Or this?Why would she put a planned bruise here, I wonder?Seems like a slight turn would be a clearer picture, doesn't it?
She was a genius if she planned this one. So real looking.
She was a genius if she planned this one. So real looking.
Did she do this?
Did she do this?
Or this?
Or this?
Why would she put a planned bruise here, I wonder?
Why would she put a planned bruise here, I wonder?
Seems like a slight turn would be a clearer picture, doesn't it?
Seems like a slight turn would be a clearer picture, doesn't it?

One-sided Testimonies

There were many bad testimonies from people making Darlie look bad. There were no testimonies of the people who saw her much differently. Darin and Ms. Kee claim Darlie's trial mocked the judicial system. Evidence that would have cleared her was never presented, witnesses who could have contradicted the prosecution's assertions never testified, forensics testing was botched, and depositions were distorted.

Unidentified Fingerprints

Forensic fingerprint tests done after Darlie's trial still show that she is innocent of the crime for which she was convicted. A bloody fingerprint taken from her living room coffee table did not belong to anyone living in her home, and two more fingerprints in the utility room and door leading to the garage in which Darlie thinks the murderer escaped the Darin's home after attacking her and her two sons. No matter, repeated requests, the Court will not grant the evidential hearing necessary to investigate and evaluate this evidence.

Taken from the utility room door is a patent bloody fingerprint—this is the first one. Forensic fingerprint analyst Glenn Langenburg proved positively Darlin is excluded as the owner of this print. Darlin's exclusion as the source of this print indicates that an unknown third party not only deposited this print, but deposited it in blood, on the night of the murders.

The second print taken from this door is a latent print located below the patent bloody fingerprint. Latent print consultant Robert Lohnes checked this print in 2003 and said that it matched the second finger joint of Darin Routier on the middle finger of the left hand.

In addition, Langenburg currently is conducting a second examination of the bloody fingerprint on the utility room door to determine whether Darin Routier can also be excluded as the source of this print. If, as Darlie expects, Darin Routier is not the source of this print, Darlie definitively will have demonstrated that an unknown third party deposited two separate fingerprints, one of them in the victims' blood, while fleeing the scene on the night of the murders.

Other Unexamined Elements

Who Had the Most to Gain?

Insurance Scam Attempt

Darin Routier has admitted to trying to arrange an insurance scam, which included someone breaking into their home. He has admitted that he had begun the initial steps to arrange a break-in, but that it was to be done when no one was at home. No jury has heard this admission.

Surely any law would be all over this, how many ways could this be the answer? Maybe not even the way Darin meant it to be but caused with unlawful schemes. I could understand them suspecting him, I really could, and why don't they? I don't believe Darlie would even suspect him, but if I were Darlie I would have to give that some serious thought, but I think Darlie is as I say so much like my own daughter. Either a lack of intelligence or too much into her self, which does not equal a murderer. I keep waiting for my daughter to change and act more mature, but I suspect like Darlie it is just who she is. No changing.

"Birthday Party" Footage

The "birthday party" film that was viewed by the jury that made me think that is a killer, showed Darlie dancing on the graves of her son along with other family members, but did not show the hours previous to that scene when Darlie sobbed and grieved over the graves with her husband Darin. Why was the entire footage not shown?

Black Car on Night of Crime

Neighbors saw a black car sitting in front of the Routier home a week before the murders took place. Other neighbors saw that same car leaving the area on the night of the murders.

Missing or Damaged Evidence?

There was talk the police did not protect the evidence as they gathered it, possibly damaging its origins. Is this true? The investigators told the press that the screen was cut from the inside though it was later proven in court to be cut from the outside. Hm? Police investigated this? The investigators took the fifth amendment—what were they afraid to say? You know without doubt they are hiding something. How are law witnesses allowed to take the fifth? On their deathbed will just one of them spill the truth?

Where Was Darin?

When the paramedics arrived at the scene they said that Darin Routier was outside, but Darin was inside trying to save his children, so who was the man they thought was him? It was reported the testimony of the nurses was coached and rehearsed in mock trials by the prosecution prior to their testimony.

Cut in Darlie's Neck

Saying the cut in her neck was 2mm of the carotid sheath but external to the carotid artery was what Darlie's operating surgeons reported, and that the necklace she had on blocked the cut from going deeper, showing the seriousness and unlikelihood that Darlie did or even could have done this herself.

Found Hair

There was a pubic hair found in the living room. Whose? Did debris on the knife in the kitchen get debris on the knife from police in the kitchen investigating the murder, or did it come from the screen door?

Darin's Jeans

Darin's jeans had blood on them. Why did no one look into this? (Dear God! He is walking around free, he looks the more guilty of the two!) Sometimes I think children could run this world better. Does nothing enter the court's mind about this? Is it too late because they would be hanging themselves? Are they just that lazy? So they just pick someone so it's over?

Mistakes in the Court Report

The court reporter made mistakes in the manuscript so was there an improper read-back of testimony? Why is prosecution not forced to turn over evidence they have that should be available to both sides? Gee, anyone who watches TV knows this rule.

Reluctance for DNA Testing

WHY? DNA testing could put many of these questions to rest. Why is there such a reluctance to do the testing? Many, such as people interested in writing Darlie's story have come to her side and since then have run into convenience problems seeing her or were simply blocked!

Reasonable Doubt

An Incomplete Picture

Video shows....

Darlie changed hands to slit her throat?

Nurses had two different testimonies.

Claims certain photos were not seen in trial.

Bloody fingerprint not identified.

Missing transcripts from court papers...words changed to change meanings.

It is impossible to believe how much trouble the legal system will go to to make things turn out the way they want. Just knowing the jury did not see this picture is enough to get the woman a new trial, but no. Not only did she lose two children murdered but she cannot get back her youngest son. So one day she may get out and a big settlement. What about the ones who do things like this? Shouldn't they be locked up? I think so!

My View of Her Changed As I Got More Evidence

When I saw Darlie dancing around her children's graves, spraying silly string, laughing and acting so happy I thought, "of course she killed those babies," and I was filled with hate, seeing her acting this way and those babies of hers, murdered and in the ground beneath her.

I can't say that I accept this behavior even now but people are different and I know they are. It still doesn't make them guilty of murder. I really felt so guilty the more I listened, read, and learned. I am not the only one with a change of mind.

With Darlie, what I did not see was the same as what others did not see: Proof. How long will our rotten dirty judicial system keep getting by with having their say, right or wrong and hiding information to make things go the way they want? Why do they continually do this? What I and the jury did not see was Darlie's horrible cut and bruised black arms and hands: defensive wounds, without a doubt.

I have read many true crime books and this is almost a common thing, it has happened so often. The law wants to solve a crime so quickly some idiot decides how it happened and then makes sure it looks that way.

The Elements of Doubt

There are many things missing in this case.

  • Darin's admission of an insurance scam attempt.
  • The screen that was mis-reported as being cut from the inside.
  • Possible improper read-back of testimony to the jury by the court reporter
  • Apparent conflict of interested with the attorney that represented Darlie Routier at trial had an apparent conflict of interest, because he was said to have had a prearrangement with Darin Routier and other family members not to pursue any defense that could implicate Darin. This attorney supposedly stopped key experts for the defense from finishing forensic examinations.
  • The pictures of Darlie's cuts and bruises on her arms which were taken when she was hospitalized the night of the murders.
  • The prosecution's refusal to provide access to any evidence in their custody in the case.
  • No DNA testing.
  • Some writers who have interviewed Darlie Routier have decided to help her fight to get a new trial. Since reporting their opinions on her situation, they report that their ability to visit her has been blocked or made so inconvenient that little can be accomplished.
  • During the trial investigators invoked their Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination during cross examination, preventing the defense from rebutting their testimony. Why? This alone would be reason for disbelief and a new trial!

Was This Just a Witch Hunt?

My take on the case

Wake up. Watch your back. It could be prison, pain, mental, or physical cruelty that Darlie will get them for. The list goes on and they know it, and besides that, people like me who will not let anyone forget how accountable they are and how often.

Look at Jon Benet Ramsey, her justice, her family, her poor mother. All those years with their eyes never looking anywhere but at mourning parents. Now does anyone think of the father, the brother? Does anyone think their lives will ever be normal? How different is this case?

Someone runs in and makes a Great Basil Detective decision and that's it! Look no farther. The whole force there should have been fired. They ruined three peoples' lives and found no justice for Jon Benet. Big surprise.

We know there is no justice and we know it a little more every day. What is wrong with these people put there to protect and help us? Do they need testing? Who are they? Did they come from prisons as someone in California says theirs do? Maybe we should be investigating them. It certainly looks that way.

There are so many and I think I would believe here is a case Darlie has against them for sure. They are covering their butts, with no compassion or interest in finding the true criminal.

They just don't want it found out they were wrong and if they do, they may have to pay big, which someone above them is warning them about. But for them, they should have to pay or go to jail, just like what they have put this woman through. If she is innocent, they are guilty, but what ever happens to them, they have committed a crime and are still committing it right now as far as I am concerned.

I am sure the law would force them to turn over evidence . . . or will it go so long it all just gets lost? We have heard that one too many times, huh? Hopefully their hands will be forced eventually and that is when we should demand true justice. They have no evidence against this woman. She at least deserves a new trial with all the evidence. If she were a rapist she would get it!

Look at that woman's wounds. The jury never did. I am not sure whoever her lawyer was shouldn't be charged. Look at all he failed to bring up or show that jury. Isn't that alone enough for a new trial?

We seem to have either many ignorant or crooked people in this case, and even if Darlie gets her new trial and is proven innocent and compensated (and how is that possible?), these people will never have to pay.

They may give them a vacation with pay until everyone forgets. There is so much of the judicial system in all of America that needs a serious investigation of why they are the way they are and in my opinion, much of America needs a clean sweep.

Some Things This Video Covers

No witness

No motive

Bloody fingerprint reality

Two who say dark wounds not shown

Darin failed polygraph saying he did not stab Darlie

Darlie unaware few minutes that she is even wounded

Diane Sawyer - A must watch!

Darin Describes How Cops Ruin Crime Scene

Compare emotions of each parent as they speak of their sons.

Problems with this case!

Older video but full of reasonable doubt!

Facts for doubt

Doctors and Nurses Have Two Stories

© 2010 Pollyannalana


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    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 2 days ago from US

      Why would he have a big insurance policy on her and keep it paid up while having debt problems? And no, the dog did not show up until his last trip upstairs. It amazes me those two things did not get him instead of her. Ridiculous.

    • profile image

      Bmcnair 2 days ago

      I must have missed the details of her asking for a divorce and the dog. I could never see Darin considering murder of the only woman he ever loved and two of his children he loved dearly.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 2 days ago from US

      Bmcnair - That is possible, if you want to overlook all the facts like the insurance he had on Darlie and not himself, her asking for a divorce, the dog not showing up until it is all over. Those are indisputable facts but just hearing him talk about the one dead son that he does love to go on and on about doing the CPR, gave me cold chills and I have never forgotten his attitude about it all. This did not look like a mourning father to me and I knew right then he had something to do with it, whether he did it himself or not. And why did he not help the only living son who was not going to him but to Darlie for help?

    • profile image

      Bmcnair 3 days ago

      Granny, statements assuming Darin is guilty is pretty much what put Darlie in the situation she is in. I don't think either one of them did it. The unknown finger print in blood is still not answered. Darin worked for me during the time his first two boys were born. We both were new fathers and most of our conversations were about every little detail of what our kids were doing as they developed. He loved those boys very very much.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 3 days ago from US

      Thank you Granny. How can anyone of sound mind not have reasonable doubt here? A murderer is walking free and clear and no doubt accomplices.

    • profile image

      Granny Cathy 4 days ago

      I just watched death row and heard about this for the first time. Reminds me of Australia's Lindy Chamberlain case. If I had not read this report and all the comments I could have thought she was guilty but all the fingers point to can they not see that. And I wondered if they proved her wounds were self inflicted.... Many unanswered questions.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 4 days ago from US

      I prejudged Darlie just reading and hearing about this silly string incident until I saw the broader picture. I cannot understand anyone who cannot look at the whole thing and be able to change their view. I am proud that I could and did.

    • profile image

      Bmcnair 6 days ago

      I knew them both back then and they loved their children very much. I believe the investigators focused on her and proceeded to say and do whatever had to be done to prove they were right. About the scene at the cemetery, I remember being at a graveside service and after a time of sadness, talk turned to the fun and funny memories of the person in the ground. We were all laughing at the crazy stuff that person had done. I think that is a fairly common occurrence.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 8 days ago from US

      SS - Couldn't agree with you more. A very poorly done prosecution and defense! She never had a chance and we were all assuming those who loved her would look out for her and now my puzzlement at that time why no one shut her up is pretty much solved. It was not her they wanted to protect!

    • profile image

      Sabina Sykáčková 9 days ago

      I thing Jeff the Dopp211 probably didn't want answered you because he must know that your info is correct. Too many evidences show that she is innocence.

      Why police didn't see any leads to another possibilities- tunel vision. Very bad trials etc. = sad story and sad for law and human rights

    • profile image

      Jeff Hertzberg 11 days ago

      I am shocked by the 36% of morons that are STILL somehow convinced of this woman's innocence. My guess is that they haven't bothered to read or review the blatant, undeniably exculpatory evidence in this case. Idiots are desperately hanging on to the hope that our legal system is infallible. Just the fact that this woman was stabbed in the throat with her necklace having to be surgically removed from her neck, and the proof that it was the only fluke that saved her life, stopping the knife a centimeter from her carotid artery. Instead, a very minor and specially selected clip of an otherwise exculpatory video, was used to beguile and undermine the common sense of the jurors and play on their emotions. The extensive, impossibly inflicted injuries, zero motive, the 911 phone call, the foreign fingerprints, impossible timeline, the sock tainted with the blood of both boys found unexplainably far from the scene... This is another case in which law enforcement and legal system ignored any other lead, and pursued/distorted a senseless, ridiculous and impossible scenario to trick a jury and get another win, no matter how unscrupulous, knowingly allowing a child murderer to run free. They are obviously afraid to retry this case, and as usual, their reputations and admissions of fallibility are far more important than the truth, justice, human lives, and and a legal system with integrity. Sadly the power and narcissism held by officials and authorities and their abject zealousy, leads to frequent legal misconduct, corruption, tunnel vision, and malicious perversions of their duty and authority. I have heard the arguments from the prosecutorial side as to why this case shouldn't be retried, and the are just uncompelling, regurgitations from the original case. The evidence speaks for itself, and nobody on the prosecution's side has offered or even addressed how there is any possibility that there could be another guilty verdict if there was a new trial. Even the original jurors are ashamed of their verdict. These prosecutors and police should be facing life sentences. The 36% of people that still support her sentence can not be intelligent by any means, and I would love to hear their common sense defying arguments for her guilt, and explanations of the overwhelming evidence pointing to her innocence. I truly don't think they care, just like the authorities fighting to keep this evidence from the eyes and ears of a new jury

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 12 days ago from US

      dopp - On the very silly string tape you speak of that the cops recorded is also her somber and crying, but they made sure not to show that and yes, why didn't her defense attorney make sure that was seen? Good question. Telling too.

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 2 weeks ago from gatesville

      Suggs Not even so much as a simple investigation into Darin. Very sad. I do believe he directed them to suspecting Darlie. The creep even moved in with her mother just to be close to the investigation and the case.

    • profile image

      dopp511 2 weeks ago

      Um it kills me how they say "things not brought up at the trial". Wouldn't that be her defense lawyers job!!!! She testified at her trial. people who think she is innocent have no brain. She is guilty as hell. They said why did the jury only see her celebrating and spraying silly string at the trial. well if she was so somber and sad before the celebration why didn't her defense bring that into the trial, you stupid people just don't get it!!!! Rot in prison.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 2 weeks ago from US

      Exactly, Suggs. Why was that not their first suspicion? He must have really been cunning in planting Darlie as the murderer in their minds.

    • profile image

      Suggs 2 weeks ago

      I really really believe that the husband paid for a hit on his wife and kids. Surprise that angle never came up for the defense. He has the most to gain.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 3 weeks ago from US

      Like you MForbes I started out screaming but as you know you cannot talk to the Darlie haters and they are not interested in evidence, especially against Darin.

      The police set it up to look like Darlie did it and made her look like a tramp and that is just enough for a lot of people, they don't want to look further but I so agree with you that if Darin did not stab his sons he was right there when it happened and may as well have.

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 3 weeks ago from gatesville

      You have been Polly, I have so much respect for you and what you do. Unlike me you stay calm and don't let your personal emotions take over. I really enjoy visiting with you.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 3 weeks ago from US

      Really it is ridiculous and I know if the right person sees all this information Darlie may finally get her break. We will sure work on that!

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 3 weeks ago from gatesville

      You Polly, I am starting to think that we are not going to get anywhere unless we can put the knife in Darins hand. They had no solid evidence when they went after Darlie, but when it comes to Darin the entire crime is mapped out like a fingerprint. I just don't get how they all know what he did and no arrest is being made.

      Drake and Darlie should have been together years ago. Darin is still pounding his lies and fake stories of herioic cpr attempts. It just makes my skin crawl. The guy is just pure evil to the core. So full of hate. I believe this stemmed from the resentment he has always felt about his controlling mother. Who was that killer that killed his mother and a bunch of others because of the way she treated him?

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 3 weeks ago from gatesville

      Thanks Polly, it is very frustrating that the police had gotten away with this. When I see Nabors evil lying face I want to puke. How is it even possible for a loser like that to still be on the police department? He is so desperate to make sure he sticks around and continues to cover up all the conspiracy and mistakes the police made. Sickening really.

      Did that portion on the affair prove to you she had more than enough reason to suspect Darin of cheating?

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 3 weeks ago from US

      I do remember reading that there had been a fight and Darin drove Dana home and it is beyond me how law can overlook all these facts you have brought up and in fact it should have been the first thing they looked at for he has every reason to be the one who is behind this.

      I will email you about the other and I have some very interesting info you may want.

      Soon as I can.

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 3 weeks ago from gatesville

      I wanted to show you my new addition to my hub. Its a long one sorry about that.

      The first thing that drew my attention to this affair between Darin and Dana was I had read in Darin's statement on June 8th, that Darlie had made him take Dana home.  The hour was late and it was during a week day.  Darin had neglected to mention anything at all in that statement regarding the encounter he had with Officer Waddell outside, or any of the important details that happened after they entered the house, but he went into detail about driving Dana home.  Darin also never mentioned the fact that him and Darlie fought that night about this alleged affair.  He never told the police that Darlie accused Darin of having an affair with Dana.  Darin never told the police any details that would have made him look like the suspect.

      According to Darlie she said she asked Darin to drive Dana home late that night because she wasn't feeling well, but that  didn't make any sense to me at all.  So I dug a little deeper.

      If I was right about this affair, or the fact that Darin had been trying to seduce Dana, this was more than enough of a  motive for Darin to have snapped that night and decided to go ahead with his plans of ridding himself of his huge financial burden.  Darlie asked Darin for a separation that night.  If that were to happen Darin knew he would not only be financially crippled for years to come, but his chances with Dana would be reduced to zero.

      I knew that Dana had been staying there several days and had done this many times in the past.

      When I learned that Dana was now working for Darin at the shop it just confirmed my suspicions that there really was truth to this rumor.  Darin was broke.  They were behind on the mortgage, the bills, credit card payments, everything except for the insurance policy.  Darin made sure that insurance policy stayed in good standing.  Darin was even behind on the rent for the shop for his business. The rent was $543.00.  So how was  it possible for Darin to be able to afford to hire yet a second person in the shop, when he struggled to pay Barbara Jovell? 

      What was even more suspicious about Darin hiring Dana was the fact that he didn't just hire Dana.   He hired a nanny/housekeeper for Darlie. He hired Barbara Jovell's mother. If he couldn't pay his bills and he had no money, then how was it possible for him to have hired a nanny to come into the home and help Darlie?  The bigger question is why wasn't Dana there helping Darlie?  She was already staying in the home at the time, so why did Darin have to bring someone in to help Darlie?  I wasn't able to pin point exactly when the affair might have started, but I was convinced at this point that something was definitely going on. 

      This information I uncovered also confirmed that Darin was never investigated.  This would have been uncovered during any investigation and they would have been questioned about this affair, but they weren't.  This proves the police had tunnel vision towards Darlie.

      Darin made another comment about his interaction with Dana after he got home from work on June 5th.  Darin went into detail of how he had an encounter with this black car speeding past his home when he arrived home on June 5th, then he went into detail of how he went into the house and him and Dana decided to play with baby Drake.  Darin went into detail of how he took baby Drake into another room out of view of Darlie and the kitchen.  He said he took the baby there with Dana because there was carpet on the floor instead of hardwood.  He was concerned about Drake falling and hurting himself.  Dana spent all day with Darin, why wasn't she helping Darlie in the kitchen with dinner?

      Did I read that right?  Was Darin actually saying he was concerned about his 7 month old son playing on hardwood, yet he just got through saying he came home and was alarmed by this black car speeding past his home.  Damon and Devon were outside his home alone.  They were unsupervised riding their bikes.  This is a 5 and 6 year old child.  Darin had already expressed concerns to other neighbors about this car, he never informed Darlie of his concerns, but he made a point of telling the neighbors about it.  This whole situation stuck of Darins sneaky guilt.  I was sick to my stomach to know that the police hadn't even checked out this very important detail in Darins story.

      I kept searching to see if there was anything else that indicated an affair.  I learned that while Darlie and Damon were dying and Devon was laying on the floor dead in the living room left as evidence, Darin called Darlies sister Dana.  Of all the people he could have called, it was Dana.  I was shaking after reading this.  Could Darin have really been that evil, that cold?  Yes, he could have because he did make that call to Dana.  What makes this even more of a tragedy is Darin called Dana to have her call Barbara Jovell to go to his home to give that false police statement.  The first thing that came to my mind was that 911 call.  Throughout that entire 911 call Darin was not crying out about his family.  He was crying out loud enough so the 911 operator was convinced that there was an intruder in home.  He even got to the point where he was obstructing Darlie call with 911 to make it clear about the intruder.  The final straw was the last portion of the 911 call.  Darin is heard talking to the officer.  He is desperately trying to convince him and intruder took and he ran.  This guy was talking about items taken from the home by this so called intruder while Damon and Darlie are bleeding to death right in front of him.

      Darlie finally steps in and you can hear the anger in her voice.  She sternly tells Darin.  "This was deliberate Darin, some one came in here and did this".  Darin just kept this up arguing with Darlie.  She finally told him not once but twice.  There is nothing missing.  She wanted the focus to stay on getting an ambulance to her children, but Darin just kept pressuring them about the intruder.

      What most people don't realize is Darlie is on the phone with 911 still trying desperately to get an ambulance to the home, and she is being tended to by Waddell for her own wounds.  Yet Darin is standing there with 7 years of cpr training and he never went near is living son Damon.  He never touched that boy the entire time.  While he was standing there trying to make his insurance claims and convince the officer there was an intruder in the home Damon is laying there dying in front of him.

      The tone of Darlies voice at that time also confirmed to me that there was a lot of tension between her and Darin.

      Getting back to the phone call to Dana.  Darin knew when he called Dana to have her call Barbara Jovell to come to the scene to make a statement about the black car it was all false.  Darin knew the entire time that him and Barbara Jovell were behind setting up that black car to stalk the home.  This was about as cold as anyone could ever get.

      I kept my search up on any information of proof of an affair between Darin and Dana.  Then I came across a statement an older neighbor lady made about an incident at the house. 

      This was a reliable witness in my eyes.  This was an older lady. retired school teacher.  She said 12 days after the murders she witnessed Darin and who she believed at the time was Darlie, but we later learned it wasn't Darlie it was actually Dana at the home with Darin. 

      She was shocked at their sickening behavior.  Darin and Dana were in front of the house laughing and joking with each other like a married couple.  They were tossing the gifts that strangers bought for the boys into the back of Darins car.  They were laughing dragging the wreaths to back the  yard to the garbage.  Cleaning up the house just as though the crime was going to disappear with the garbage.  What was shocking was what Darin did next.  Darin took a flag laughing and joking and climbed up that fountain in his front yard and planted a flag on it.  He was acting like a love sick teenager, yet he was a 28 year old father, married who had just lost two children by being brutally slaughtered.  It was about the most evil coldest thing I

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 3 weeks ago from gatesville

      What did you want me to send you?

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 3 weeks ago from US

      I didn't know that she did that. Please email that to me where I can read about that.

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 3 weeks ago from gatesville

      You know Polly, at the very least the courts have to realize that Darin did manipulate Darlies defence. He never should have been told the lawyers strategy on implicating Darin. That trial should have played out the way it was investigated. The jury had a right to hear what Darlie was refusing to believe. They had to know that Darin had been feeding her lies and false information for years.

      Darin knew there was no investigation in to Greg or anyone else. He was buying his time until the trial was done.

      Darlie kee and Darin gave Darlie false information right up until the trial and even after. She trusted them, mostly her mother and that was the biggest betrayal there ever was.

      Nobody could imagine a mother could be that dark and that evil, but when you learn about Darlie kee and her allowing her boyfriends to molest her daughters, that is the ultimate evil.

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 3 weeks ago from gatesville

      I don't get it Poly, I am pretty sure he is Bryan. He is all over the internet slandering and stalking people. Many have accused him of threats. Sclemmons has a posting there reveiling the persons location and internet provider. There is something seriously wrong with that person. He has allowed Perverton Wood to go onto his blog accusing people of being kkk.

      I do not understand how this stalking and slandering can happen. I have only posted facts on my blog. I have searched out information that is already out there on the internet for anyone to find. When ever they accuse me of lying, and then they find the truth, I don't hear from then again.

      What these guys are doing should be wrong. They are furious that I have exposed all the evidence and facts about Darin that the jury and the courts never to got to hear. They have bullied many people off this case and forced them to stay silent.

      For someone to go to this extent to try and hide the truth about Darin has to have a lot of personal involvement. Judging by what Darin went through in order to keep himself from being investigated or a suspect tells me he is behind all of this. I do know him and Bryan are friends, and now Bryans son murders a baby and there Bryan is trying to profit from this baby death and the sad life of his son. The whole thing is almost to sickening to be true.

      How do they allow these people to raise children. I just don't get it.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 3 weeks ago from US

      Let me correct that to some of those. I believe SClemmons and I agreed to differ...whoever he is. There does seem to be an unnatural rage in some of the Darlie haters and the sad thing is if they would put as much effort in seeking the truth...then we might get it. There would be no doubt for anyone. I would never in a million years defend Darlie if I had one thread of doubt in her. I did not go in believing in her either, I sure thought she was guilty because I was believing all I was hearing and seeing on the news, but once I really got into the case and heard Darlie and Darin talk about their kids I had to have a closer and closer look and Darlie won out. In spite of all the crazy way she acted and talked, because I truly believe with all my heart Darin was behind all of that.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 3 weeks ago from US

      I think here at HP you can block any outsiders from posting and well I am sure you can delete anyone but if they are a HP member you can indeed go to HP and report them and get them kicked out. HP are pretty good at keeping out the riffraff. I have had trouble with all those you mentioned but I do not speak to any of them away from this article although I have had some try such as at Facebook, etc. I simply ignore them. I would certainly go to authorities if I were you if personally attacked. They can advise you if not protect you.

      There are low life everywhere, we just have to avoid them when possible and never once trust them.

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 3 weeks ago from gatesville

      Hi Polly,

      I wanted to talk to you about the stalking and threats from Sclemmons and his followers. I am pretty sure he is either Darin, or Bryan or maybe both.

      This guy has been stalking out anyone who goes to his blog and posts personal information about them. I have changed my name, my profile, my ip my provider, I have blocked my ip changed the location of my ip and this guy searches out whoever goes onto his site and he posts their personal information and the ip location.

      This isn't about the Darlie case for SClemmons, this is about him threatening and stalking people. I thought this internet bullying was illegal but apparently Hub does not have rules for that.

      It has been almost impossible to get information or the truth about Darin out there because of people like Sclemmons. They have been stalking and controlling this case and its information for years. Its beyond obsession. This is personal for them. I have seen and read posts from many other sites where this guy is accused of threating, stalking, lying. He is dangerous.

      I am not going to stop posting my findings or information.

      This is not and was never about the Darlie case for Sclemmons or who any of his other profiles. This is about him bullying anyone who is seeking the truth and brings up any information about Darin.

      Let me know if you can do anything about his stalking or threats. I am going to contact the authorities. There has to be something they can do.

      I haven't posted anything false about Darin or this case. What ever I have posted is already out there and is public information already.

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 3 weeks ago from gatesville

      THIS IS WHAT THE POLICE MISSED HERE. This is the last part of the 911 call

      04:32:18 Police Officer ...what about you...

      Darlie only brought herself up once the entire time to say she thought she was dying. I believe that was the drugs in her system not her bleeding to death.

      04:34:18 Darlie Routier ...huh...

      It is obvious that Darin is right there with Waddell and Darlie deliberately interupting them trying to make his claims of an intruder. He has to be looking at his dying son at that point, but Darin never touches Damon. He never goes near is living son after he did that fake cpr on Devon before and after Waddell arrived.

      04:35:12 Darin Routier ...they took (unintelligible) ...they ran (unintelligible)...

      To really undertand the depth of how evil Darin really was you have to go back to the entire 911 call. The only words that ever came out of Darins mouth was something about the intruder. What he took where he went. Darin had never asked why not once.

      04:42:25 Police Officer ...nothing's gone Mrs. Routier...

      This was a deliberate misprint here. They knew for a fact it was Darin who was harassing the officer about the intruder and this being a robbery. That reporter who was fired intentionally put this in to raise suspicion on Darlie. It is clearly obvious it is Darin who is making those theft claims not Darlie.

      04:51:29 Darlie Routier ...why would they do this...

      Barbara Jovell admitted it was Darin and only Darin who asked her help set up the home robbery. Darlie had no idea about the history of that black car. The first she ever heard of it was when Darin brought in Barbaras mother to bring it up to Darlie just hours before the murders. Darin never asked this question. He never even asked where the intruder went.

      05:19:09 Darlie Routier ...somebody who did it intentionally walked in here and did it Darin...

      They put Darlies name in Waddells response to missing items, but it is clear that Darlie does not believe this was a robbery attempt. She believes this was an intentional attack to kill her and the boys, nobody paid attention to her words.

      05:23:05 Darlie Routier ...there's nothing touched...

      05:25:13 Darlie Routier ...there's nothing touched...

      Damon is on the floor dying, bleeding to death and here Darin is with Waddell and Darlie arguing making claims of theft and an intruder. I do not understand at all how it was possible for anyone let alone the police to realize right here Darin was behind this entire attack on his family. He never expected Darlie or Damon to survive. The only reason she is still alive is because she called 911 as quickly as possible. Darin knew he couldnt attack her after he came back into that house.

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 3 weeks ago from gatesville

      Polly, doesn't it raise your suspicions why Darin has never mentioned or admitted that he ran into Waddell in the front yard just as he pulled up to the house?

      Darin has never admitted that encounter he had outside with Waddell, not in his police statement, any interview or any other time.

      Do you know why that is? Its because Darin had told Darlie kee and everyone else that he when fled the house he ran over to karens to get help, but we know for a fact by Mr. Gorsuch testimony and by Waddells testimony that is not what happened. Karen herself said Damon was removed from the house already when Darin went to get her, that is why she never understood why Darin came over to get her in the first place.

      On that Leeza show Darlie kee is defending Darin in every form over that statement. She is claiming it was the intruder who had left the home while Darin was over at karens, but the 911 calls proves that Waddell was telling the truth.

      Darin doesn't want anyone to know he did that second cpr in front of Waddell so he made up all those lies and those lies started two days after the boys were murdered.

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 3 weeks ago from gatesville

      I have to tell you Polly, if I was told by a set of lawyers that they believed my son in law was guilty of the crime I would go to the ends of the earth to find the truth. Darlie kee never did that. This shocked me to the core. She has gone to great lengths to keep crucial information from the courts and the lawyers that prove Darins quilt and involvement.

      When DNA testing implicated Darin she hid that from the public. There is no way in hell that this mother can believe that Darin was not responsible.

      She knew about Darins rumors of robbing his own home to collect insurance and she stayed silent through the whole trial and years afterwards. What kind of a mother does that to her own daughter?

      I would have made sure the police knew absolutely ever detail of everything that went on before and after the attack. There is no excuse for what that monster of a mother did. For anyone to stick by her and support her collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars claiming its for Darlies defence is no better than Darlie kee herself.

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 3 weeks ago from gatesville

      Yes Polly your right, they all do know. You know people ask me why would Darlie Kee a mother stand by and protect her son in law and allow her daughter to take the blame for the murder of her grandchildren. I would like to explain that if I may.

      Darlie Kee was married or dating a man who she knew molested her daughter. That woman stayed with him for years after she learned what he had done.

      Then this same mother was reported several times to police for violence in her home between her and her daughters. I believe that Darlie Kee was jealous of her girls.

      This same mother then took her 15 year old daughter to work with her to introduce her to her boss. I have always believed that Darlie kee had more feelings for Darin than just being a mother in law.

      To make matters worse Darlie kee teamed up with Darin and broke the gag order just for financial gain. Then they involved themselves together in a conspiracy to take away the only reasonable doubt Darlie had for her trial. They were both warned by the lawyers if they protected Darin and kept the truth and evidence against Darin away from the jury Darlie would be convicted. So what did they do, they hired Doug Mulder under the condition he wouldn't implicate Darin in the crime and didn't. He threw Darlie under the bus protecting Darin.

      For 21 years Darlie kee has being lying and protecting Darin and preventing the evidence against Darin from reaching the appeals court. She has done interviews where she bare face lies about a so called shirtless intruder leaving the home when she knows for a fact that intruder was Darin, he admits that in his police statement he wrote on June 8th.

      Then just to put the knife a little deeper into her back she allows Darin to move into her home knowing that Darlie suspected him of having an affair with underage sister. Darin was the one who separated Darlie kee and Dana when they were beating the crap out of each other before the police arrived. If this isn't the absolute betrayal of a mother and husband I have no idea what is.

      You are right about Drake not going with his dad. I don't believe Darin ever wanted custody of that boy. He was to busy seducing Darlies sister, the public came forward about Dana and Darins sickening behavior in public events after Darlie was arrested.

      Darin had insurance on everything, the house and victims. He didn't pay any of the other bills in the house, but that insurance policy was paid right up and active but the insurance company denied him payment. They demanded he be cleared and that they do a full investigation into his involvement. Darin didn't dispute that decision. He walked away from tens of thousands of dollars just to stop an investigation into himself. The police were warned about him increasing the coverage on the home and the victims and as usual they never followed up and they never investigated Darin.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 3 weeks ago from US

      Certainly, that is why I have this article and I welcome real proof from anyone. Like the Darlie haters I must say without an ounce of proof I knew Darin was involved years ago hearing him talk about the CPR he did on his dead son. I could see the thrill in him and lack of love or horror and I knew right then he had no love for this dead son or sorrow for his death and that is what got me interested in it. Then when I learned about the dog and them taking his baby which they could not have done if they did not have something on him. So they all know he is guilty and he knows they know. It is all about money. Darin and Darlie Kee making all they can and Texas saving millions they would have to give Darlie for the horror they have put her though.

      Poor Darlie is just caught in the middle.

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 3 weeks ago from gatesville

      Hi Polly

      I know I spend a lot more time on this than most. Since this case first hit the news I just felt like something was wrong. Every few years I just kept coming back it to trying to figure out what it was that bothered me the most.

      I think I know where I have gone wrong. I have been posting my information frantically trying to get people to understand what it is that I am trying to say.

      Where I am going wrong here is trying post 2o years of research in 8000 words or less. I would like to take one step at a time to prove to you that I am on the right track. I want to take one piece of information and break it down to you and explain why I believe Darin set Darlie up and murdered his boys.

      Hopefully I can provide the information to you accurately and you can help me figure out how I can get more people to realize what really happened in this case.

      I know you have followed this for a long time, and you have been very generous with your time in reading my posts. I would like to show you step by step what brought me to my conclusion that Darin did this.

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 3 weeks ago from gatesville

      Darins own words.

      I ran down the stairs, ran right over to Devon, started cpr immediately.

      I looked over and saw Damon, he wasn't "I mean he was moving a little bit"

      He didn't have a pulse, I went upstairs, I saw Drake, he was crying, I ran down the stairs, I ran over to karens.

      Darin never admits that he ran out the front door and ran right into Waddell in the front yard. He has never admitted that.

      He has never explained or even talked about anything that happened after Waddell entered that house. He never wanted anyone to ever figure out that he walked into that house with Waddell, saw his son Damon trying to crawl, moving looking around the room and Darin once again ran past that boy and went right back to Devon.


      Why hasn't anyone figured out what the hell that monster did?

      He has made up so many versions of the story, but he has never talked about or ever admitted that ran from that house to deliberately stall Waddell from entering that house.

      The 911 call confirms what I am saying. Mr. Gorsuch testimony confirms what I am saying.

      Karens testimony confirms Darin didn't go to her house until after Damon was removed from the house.

      Darins own words. I was there when they removed Damon from the house. He had no pulse. Darin is trying to put himself at two places at once.

      Darin did do that cpr in front of Waddell. He did do the first cpr 4 minutes before Waddell ever got to the house. Darin went past and denied Damon and Darlie any assistance for over 7 minutes before they were taken to the hospital.

      All witness testimony matches each others account except for Darins. He was not at karens when that shirtless intruder fled the home. Darin was that shirtless intruder. He is trying to confuse and hide the second cpr he did on Devon because he knows it proves he is guilty.

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 3 weeks ago from gatesville

      I can not stress enough Poly what Darin has done to deceive everyone.

      I have gone through every statement, interview and court testimony Darin has ever done. He has never admitted to going back into that house and doing that second cpr on Devon. Darin claims to this day that he went to karens place when Waddell arrived, but he didn't he was heard on that 911 tape right there when Waddell entered the house

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 3 weeks ago from gatesville

      Darin has never admitted to that second cpr in front of Waddell. Darin has continued to lie and say he ran over to Karens when Waddell got there and Waddell let the shirtless intruder get away. DARIN WAS THE SHIRTLESS INTRUDER DARLIE KEE KEEPS DEFENDING. MR. GORSUCH WATCHED DARIN GO BACK INTO THE HOUSE WITH WADDELL, HE IS HEARD ON THAT 911 TAPE RIGHT ALONG WITH WADDELL

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 3 weeks ago from gatesville

      I don't understand why they keep arguing about the second cpr Darin did on Devon. He did the first one 30 seconds into the 911 call. Then he did a second one 4 minutes into the 911 call. How is that so hard to see and figure out. The fact that Darin left that very important detail out of his police statement proves he knew he screwed up when he went back to Devons dead body and used it as a prop to fool officer Waddell. Waddell had no idea that Darin had already performed cpr on Devon for over three minutes before he entered that house.


    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 3 weeks ago from gatesville

      Polly, why isn't anyone asking why Darin has deliberately omitted the fact that he fled the house and ran into Waddell in the front yard.

      Darins police statement stalks about Darlie and Drake being the reason the boys cant play sports, he talks about her depression, he talks about her being upset with the boys and not being able to cope. He talks about that trip he planned on sending her to Cancun when he knew bloody well he didn't have the money to send her on that trip. He remembers all kinds of details that make Darlie look quilty, but he doesn't insert the part where he stops the cpr on Devon to up stairs before the police enter the home.

      Darin doesn't say one single word about what happened when Waddell entered that home. It wasn't just Waddell who testified to those exact details, it was a neighbor also.

      Darin knew that second cpr he did in front of Waddell would have set off red flags. He knew the police would be wondering why he didn't go to Damon instead of going to Devon who he knew had died 4 minutes earlier. That is the reason the police didn't figure out what Darin did.

      It isn't that difficult to see. That lead detective admitted he never went through that file.

      I believe that Greg Davis and the other prosecutors realized into the trial that Darin murdered those boys and attacked Darlie. Davis line of questioning proved that. I think they continued on with Darlie because they believed she was involved and deserved to be on death row.

      If she was involved then why would Darin wait those 4 minutes until she was out of sight before he appeared in that hallway? If she was involved he would have already been on the scene screaming his head off.

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 3 weeks ago from gatesville

      Heather Blaze You really are pathetic. If you want to defend Darin then why don't you start answering some of questions instead of knocking down the theory.

      Polly has asked you several times now to explain how Darin would have gotten out of his room without the dog being heard on the 911 call. Darin didn't emerge out of his room when he claimed and the 911 call proves it.

      For your information there was and is DNA evidence against Darin. First of all he cant be excluded from the DNA on the sweatband of that black cap. Why don't you try explaining how the boys blood got on the waste band of his underwear? Darin admitted he never touched Damon. There was no cpr, no turning him over no touching. Darin never touched either victim so explain how their blood was on his underpants?

      Explain why Darin didn't tell the police about the second cpr he did in his police report. Darin goes into detail of how he did the cpr on Devon before any police arrived, but he deliberately leaves out the details of when he came back into the house and walked right past Damons living breathing body to go back to Devon who he knew was dead for over 4 minutes to perform a second cpr on him in front of officer Waddell. Waddell watched and described it detail. How do you explain that?

      Let me explain. Darin left that out of his police report because he knew that was the one thing that was going to prove he slaughtered his family. It would have proven he was faking the cpr on Devon in front of the officer.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 3 weeks ago from US

      You have a right to your opinion Heather, same as the rest of us.

      Maybe you could explain to us how the dog was not on the scene until after the 911 call? Darin had the dog with him so we can't blame that on Darin. All this slicing up and murdering going on and not a sound from the dog? It does decide to show up after Darin's last trip upstairs though?

      Darin taking out a big life insurance on Darlie doesn't bother you either? But none on himself?

    • HeatherBlaze1959 profile image

      Heather Blaze 4 weeks ago from Jackson, MS, USA

      Wow. Still beating the Darin horse I see. I do wish supporters would realize that short of a confession from Doofus (Darin) or DNA vindication nothing is going to change here. There will not be a new trial as statutorily the time to introduce new evidence has passed. Hammering the same stuff out over and over again is not going to change that. Supporters time would be better spent working on a petition to get her sentence commuted to life. She would then not be eligible for parole unless she admitted her guilt and showed remorse for her crime(s).

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 4 weeks ago from gatesville

      I know I harp about the same things over and over again, but I feel like the more a person knows about the conflicting testimony of witnesses and police and hospital staff, the more their eyes will be open to what the full depth of Darins deception really was.

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 4 weeks ago from gatesville

      This is Darins statement he did on June 8th. I wanted to point out how many lies he told and his version was so much different than all the staff and witness testimony. That is why his story changed and evolved so much over time.

      This is Darins police statement he wrote on June 8th. I wanted to point out for a fact that the police never investigated Darin. They never compared this statement to the 911 call. Had they done that they would have arrested him immediately.

      Statement of Darin Routier

      Taken by Officer Chris Frosch at the Rowlett PD – 4.45 pm, June 8, 1996

      Page 1

      We were watching TV in the Roman Room (Living Room SW Corner of House) watching [illegible] movie on HBO (Satellite). Baby Drake had fallen asleep about 10-10:30. I took him up to bed in parents room. Put blanket on him and turned out lights. I went down stairs to talk to Darlie.

      This is the first lie. Darin wrote an affidavit admitting that him and Darlie fought that night. Darlie had been on the sofa for sevral days. It had nothing to do with baby Drake waking her up. Darin coached Darlie that is obvious. The only reason Darlie would have lied about them fighting about Dana was if Darin coached into covering for him.

      We talked about the boys not being able to start base-ball yet because we were so busy with the baby right now.

      This is a police statement about the slaughter of his two children and the attack on his wife and he is blaming Darlie and baby Drake for the reason the boys couldnt play baseball. He didnt have the money for them to play. Darin admitted in court he wasnt even getting out of bed before 10 am and he wasnt leaving for work until after noon. He was obviously using cocaine because the police found it in the home. Darin didnt have the money to put his kids in sports. He didnt have the money to fix his broken down jag so Darlie had a car to drive her boys to sports. They fought about Darin taking her car and they fought about him cheating with Dana. So what does Darin do? He not only takes Darlies car, but he takes her sister too.

      We talked about the business, bills, and how Darlie was having a hard time with taking care of the baby’s (all) today.

      They didnt fight about Darlie complaining about the boys. They fought about Darin not getting out of bed until almost noon. They fought about him not helping with the boys or the house. That was hard to do when he wasnt getting out of bed until almost noon.

      Darlie said she wanted to sleep on the couch because she would sleep better because the baby would keep her awake.

      Nobody even bothered to pay attention to what Darin has done here. He blamed Darlie for blaming Drake for the reason she wasnt in their bedroom when he knew for a fact that is not the reason Darlie was on the sofa. Up to this point Darin has painted Darlie as the bitter hateful mother who was just fed up with her kids. He over heard what the police were saying. He knew they were looking at Darlie and he set her up days after the attack. He blamed Darlie for everything.

      The boys were asleep with pillows and blankets on the floor. Devon was asleep face up in front of TV and Damon was asleep between couch and coffee table by the couch mom was. So I went upstairs to get her a blanket and pillow and came back downstairs to cover her up. We talked a little more

      Page 2

      about her going to Cancun with some friends across the street and I gave her a kiss goodnight.

      What Darin was doing to Darlie was deliberate and intentional. Darin lied about this so called trip to Cancun. He didnt have the money to even pay his mortgage or credit card bills, let alone talk about her going on any vacation to Cancun. Darin aslo told the police that this intruder could have been stalking Darlie when she coming home from the tanning salon. DARLIE DIDNT HAVE A TAN. SHE WASNT GOING TO A TANNING SALON. IT WAS ALL LIES TO POINT THE FINGER AT DARLIE. Darin knew he was behind setting up the sightings for that so called intruder and he just kept up the lies to the police.

      Told her to dream about me and went upstairs around 1:00am.I went and turned on TV in our room and watched for 10 to 15 min. and took my glasses off and turned TV off. I could not go to sleep for a while but finally I fell asleep.

      One huge way to spot a liar is when they keep adding in unnecesary details to their story. Darin continued this behavior throughout this statement and in every interview he has ever done.

      The attack happened with in an hour and half from when he went to bed. Darin admits here he couldnt sleep. That was an indication he was upset about something. So how is it possible for him to have fallen alseep in less than an hour to the point where he slept through an attack on his family for over 5 minutes.

      Uncontisly (sic) I heard a noise and then Darlie screaming loud.

      As time went Darins story began to change. Here he says he hears a sound and then Darlie screaming. The very first time Darlie screamed out would have been several minutes before Darin appeared. In his interviews he changed this part of the statement to him hearing a light sound of glass breaking. He never mentions the dog barking at any point not even when he went upstairs just before Waddell pulled up to the house.

      She was yelling Devon! Devon!! Oh my God Devon! I woke up quickly and grabbed my glasses on the night stand and ran downstairs as fast as I could.

      This is a very important statement Darin made. In Darlies statements she said Darin didnt have his glasses on but he had his pants on and no socks. Yet Darin says here that he puts on his glasses, but he says nothing about his pants because he already knows he is about to lie as to the reason he went back up those stairs 3 minutes and 20 seconds into the 911 call.

      Going into the Living Room (Roman) I ran over to Devon laying on the floor where he was when I saw him last and nealed (sic) down over him

      Page 3

      to see if he was hurt and then looked at the coffee table to see it tipped over on him. When I looked again at his chest there were two holes in his chest with blood and muscle piecing (sic) out.

      When Darin wrote this statement he had no idea that the police already had evidence and knew for a fact that the table never fell on Devon. So this was the excuse he gave as to why he ran past his living son Damon to go over to Devon where he stalled for over 3 minutes before the police arrived.

      I slapped his face to get him to say or look at me. No response.

      This statement alone should have been a red flag to Darins true feelings towards his children. He slapped his sons face. Really? He got no response, yet he spent the next 3 minutes and 20 seconds watching Darlie and Damon bleed to death when he pretended to be giving Devon cpr for over three minutes. Darin has 7 years of cpr training. He knew Devon was gone and he knew Damon and Darlie were bleeding to death and he sat back and he watched for over three minutes waiting for them to bleed to death.

      I started CPR and when I blew into his mouth air came out of his chest. I blew 5 or 6 times and held my hand over the holes on his chest. Then when that didn’t work I blew into one of the holes in his chest.

      I have never heard a parent take such delight in talking about the gory details of their childs death. Darin was the center of attention and he took every chance he got to try and brag about how he desperately tried to help his dying son.

      What people dont know about this is Darin knew and watched while Darlie and Damon were bleeding to death for over three minutes. They also dont know that Darin not only did cpr here at this time, but 4 minutes later after officer Waddell arrived on the scene he ran right past Damon and Darlie to go over and take his sons dead body to put on a show in front of the officer to try and convince him he was doing everything in his power to try and help his family. Officer Waddell didnt know that Devon had been dead already for over 4 minutes, but Darin knew this. Darin knew that he had stopped cpr on his son 4 minutes earlier to go upstairs for what ever reason.

      I looked over at Darlie and sh

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 4 weeks ago from gatesville

      Me too Poly. So long as Darlie kee and Darin have control of that evidence and what goes on with the appeals Darlie will never convince a judge to grant her a new trial.

      I have no faith in Cooper at all. I have tried to talk to him so many times I lost count. So many others have tried also and he is just not doing anything to help.

      He is allowing Darlie kee and Darin to keep crucial evidence away from the appeals. I go through that 911 call and his statements over and over again. There is no way he slept through everything that went on downstairs.

      Nobody thought it strange at all that Darin just happens to appear the very second Darlie is out of his sight to see if he came out of his room or that dining room.

      Devon is stabbed and according to Doctors there was nothing obstructing him from screaming out.

      Darlie states that she does remember her children crying out, but she doesnt know if it was a dream or not.

      Darin on the other hand is no where in sight. The dog would have been barking and yet Darin claims he heard nothing.

      Damon is attacked and he is left alive while Darlie allegidly goes down the back alley to plant Darins sock.

      Again Darlie states that she heard her children cry but didnt know if she was dreaming or awake. That should have been a huge red flag for Darlie to have had extensive tests done for drugs.

      But Darin claims he is still asleep upstairs never seeing or hearing anything.

      The Darlie herself is attacked. There is blood evidence to prove she was on the sofa at some point during or after the attack.

      According to Darlie she screams out and then sits right up after Damon touches her shoulder. Damons bloody finger print was left on the sofa.

      Yet Darin still continues to sleep past this third attack and the sound of Darlie screaming out. Why didnt this send red flags to the police.

      Darlie gets up from the sofa or in the kitchen according to the prosecution and she breaks the glass to stage the scene.

      Darlies story she says that the intruder breaks the glass as he enters the kitchen.

      Darin still is not on the scene he is not anywhere in sight at this point. That dog would have been barking like crazy yet Darin never ever mentions the dog barking.

      Darlie then goes through the house she takes Damon and gets him to lay down she goes over and sees Devon laying motionless with his eyes open and she is bleeding and screaming out.

      Darlie then goes to the kitchen and she gets the phone and she dials 911.

      Darin yet again is no where in sight. He is not on the scene and he isnt with Darlie or the boys.

      The very second Darlie is out of sight in the kitchen dialing 911 within 15 seconds Darin appears on the scene. That was the only time during that whole time that Darin would have been able to make an appearance in that hallway without Darlie ever seeing where he emerged from.

      There was way too much noise, to much activity to believe for one second that Darin was able to sleep through all of that. It would be impossible to believe for one second that Darlie dog was not barking frantically from the second Devon was attacked. Anyone who has had a Pom dog or knows anything about that breed know without any doubt at all that these dogs all have the same charactoristics and behaviors. They hear and bark at sounds that would be almost impossible to hear. They can hear their owners car long before it ever appears at the home. They can hear when a stranger or even a family member is about to approach the house. They bark, they bark at everything and everyone one even if they know that person. They keep barking right up until they see where that sound is coming from. I dont understand why more people who have this breed of dog dont come forward to prove and stress this fact.

      There is no possible way Darin could have heard that glass break over that dog barking. Why hasnt anyone realized that Darin was no where to be found the entire time the crime was being committed against his family. There is absolutely no way he could have slept through that.

      Why isnt anyone wondering how or why it was possible that the very second Darin appeared on the scene was when Darlie was out of sight to prove that he was in his room.

      Why isnt anyone wondering why we didnt hear Darin screaming down those stairs as he claimed to have done while Darlie was on the phone with 911.

      Why isnt anyone wondering why Darin didnt ask what happened?

      Throughout that entire 911 call Darin was only making claims about the intruder and what they took. He never asks what happened or why it could have happened. Why?

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 4 weeks ago from US

      It is so frustrating and I know especially for you who has done so much to try to get people to listen. It is so disheartening. I wish there was something...anything...we could do.

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 4 weeks ago from gatesville

      What is so frustrating about this case is the fact that Greg Davis wouldn't have had a case against Darlie to even take to trial if Darin would have been implicated in the crime.

      Davis wouldn't have had the nightshirt, it would have proven spatter from the cpr.

      They wouldn't have been able to point the finger at Darlie for the staging of the crime. It was Darin who lied about the table falling on top of Devon, It was Darin who was with that cut screen last on June 5th. It was Darin who lied again and said that the medic tipped the table over. It was Darin who had been in that home alone unsupervised after Darlie was taken to the hospital, it was Darin who lied about fixing the fence. There wouldn't have been one thread of evidence that would have pointed to Darlie if the jury had seen that Darin just happen to have the last access of all of the evidence. They would have learned about him cheating, his theft and insurance fraud, the alleged affair with Dana, his cocaine use. They would have heard it all. The evidence wouldn't have pointed at Darlie.

      The sock then would have made sense to the jury. They could have seen that it was Darin who fled the house when she got up. They would have seen the black cap on the floor, the black piece of clothing right next to it.

      That sock would have played a key roll in this case. They would have looked and tested the stains on that sock differently.

      The big thing would have been them paying attention to Darins actions. They would have realized that he was pretending to be doing cpr on his son who he knew died 4 minutes earlier.

      They would have saw him try and obstruct help getting to Darlie and Damon. They would have realized that when Darin went over to karens help was already there for his family. He put on that show in front Karen as an excuse to go back to the home and get back into that house. They didn't allow Darin back in right then, but he knew of all the chaos at the house and eventually made his way back in.

      They would have asked themselves. Why would this father turn and go through the dining room to look over the evidence? Why wouldn't this father go over to his dead son who was laying in that living alone cold and dead. Darin never went near Devon once he re entered that house. He went through the dining room and then through the kitchen area to spy on the police to find out what they were saying. Who does that? What kind of a father ignores his son just to investigate the evidence? I have no doubt the jury would have seen Darin for the evil monster he really is if they had been shown the evidence against him.

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 4 weeks ago from gatesville

      Your right Poly, that sock made no sense what so ever. There were many things about the prosecutions case that made no sence.

      The bottom line in this case is the jury had not other options to look at. That has been my whole point all along.

      That's to Darlies own mother and Darin the jury was left with only two choices just as Davis stated. It was either an intruder or Darlie. Doug Mulder never even made an attempt to prove that there was ever an intruder in the home.

      The jury isn't to blame for the verdict. They convicted Darlie on the evidence that Davis case and the defence that Doug Mulder brought them. There was no defence. That entire trial was a cover up to protect Darin. It wasn't a trial to defend Darlie. I saw that in every single page of transcript I read.

      There isn't a judge out there who is going to look at this case and give Darlie a second chance unless Darin is exposed. Darlie Kee and Darin have clung on to this case for 21 years for one reason and one reason alone. To protect Darin.

      The police allowed Darin to wash up while his family was dead and dying. The lead investigator didn't even go over the evidence. If they had only questioned Barbara Jovell they would have learned the truth about Darin, all of it including him and Barbara setting up that black car.

      According to Darin himself he admitted to Davis in court he never touched Damon at all so how was it possible for blood from Damon to have gotten on his sock and his underwear?

      All the police had to do was find that other sock, but they didn't even look. They only had to listen to that 911 call once to realize that Darin lied about being woken by Darlie screaming into the 911 call. Within 15 seconds of Darlie dialing that phone there is no way Darin appeared. Watch his interviews. Darin said that he came down those stairs screaming his head off running over to Devon. That is not heard on the 911 call at all. Very calmly Darin just happens to appear in that hallway and Darlie asks him to hurry. Darin wasn't screaming, he wasn't yelling, he wasn't saying a word for another 15 seconds. Darin is heard for the first time on that tape 30 seconds into the call. He was waiting in that dining room I am sure of that. The second Darlie was out of sight he appeared. If Darlie was involved in the murder of her boys why would Darin need to plan and calculate things the way he did. He argued with Darlie about this intruder and she finally got fed up and told him there was no intruder. This was a deliberate attack. That alone should have opened the eyes of everyone. They should have looked at Darin that second. I believe if they had searched for that black car they would have found it. That car drove by the crime scene right after the police arrived according to Karen and Jovell. They focused on Darlie and all the other evidence went right out the window.

      I still believe Darin lost that sock in the alley when he fled the house. I believe it had the boys blood on it because it had already started to trickle out of the pant leg before he fled the house. As far as having someone waiting outside, I believe that was possible. I believe Darin planned on getting rid of Darlies jewellery but he didn't have time when she got up and followed him through the kitchen.

      She would have been yelling at this person. She would have been asking who it was yet Darin never appeared anywhere in sight.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 4 weeks ago from US

      You know that sock in the alley has always made me think someone else had a part in this somehow. If this person or persons weren't in the house then maybe Darin took something out to them such as maybe the clothing he had on when he murdered the boys and injured Darlie. There would have been a lot of blood and maybe he did not see the blood on his underwear. He probably took out 2 socks too but dropped one. I think it is a pretty good theory. Probably they are really not wanting Darin to be investigated to involve them. Could they be some of our hub visitors?

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 4 weeks ago from gatesville

      You know what else bothers me Poly? I don't know about you, but I know for a fact that if Darin was asleep in his room and he was woken by the sound of glass breaking, or by the sound of Darlie screaming out in terror, I do not believe for one second Darin would have gotten up and taken the time to put his pants on. He was already dressed, he was already down stairs. There was a piece of black clothing laying beside that cap in the utility room that the police never tested. I believe Darin removed that cap and his t-shirt and he went to the dining room with only his jeans on. Darin has claimed or stated that he ever went to the utility room and removed any clothing before he went upstairs.

      That was a critical error with the investigation. They never looked for Darins other sock, they never tested that shirt that was laying on the floor next to the cap. It took the police 14 days to go back into that home and retrieve that cap and Darins DNA couldn't be excluded from the DNA found on the sweat band.

      Darlie kee is stilling controlling what is being tested and what isn't. To this day she still stands by Darin and any evidence that was found or tested before that implicated Darin she has kept from the courts and the public. That is not fair to Darlie. A jury has a right to all the evidence. The lawyers who were fired found the boys blood on the wasteband of Darins underwear. How was that even possible if he didn't stab those kids?

      I spoke to both Darlie kee and I spoke to Cooper. I asked them to test that sock for fibers of grass from the back yard and gravel from the alley. If that sock wasn't in Darins pant leg and he didn't accidently drag and drop that sock there then he wouldn't have anything to worry about. Darin knew that sock was never in that rag box. He even lied under oath saying he didn't wear socks with holes in them, but Greg Davis proved to Darin it was his sock and he wore that sock with holes in it.

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 4 weeks ago from gatesville

      I do not understand this at all either Poly. It makes me sick and furious. How is it that Darlie Kee is still controlling that investigation and what is being tested?

      She and Darin are responsible for her conviction 21 years ago. I am not afraid to say that. For 21 years Darlie kee has begged the public for money and help, but she isn't willing to listen. She has had 21 years to prove the intruder theory and that never happened. She has protected Darin all these years. Its time some else stepped in and put a stop to Darlie kee.

      She is fully aware that Darin was using the rumors of a home robbery as a smoke screen, she now knows that he was behind the black car.

      She knows Darlies dog and she knows that the second any movement went on downstairs not matter which room her dog was in he would have been barking his head off. There is abosolutely no way Darlie could have left that house to go down the alley and plant the sock leaving Damon alive, yet Darin heard nothing that entire time.

      If you listen to that 911 call you can hear Darin appear in that hallway 15 seconds into that call. He was in that dining room and he had to wait to appear in the hallway so Darlie didn't know where he came from.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 4 weeks ago from US

      Yes, that dog should have been heard on the 911 call immediately. (And it should have wakened Darin way before glass or anything else!)

      Darin has ran upstairs to let it out where he has had it penned up like in a bathroom.

      Hard to believe others cannot see through this creep.

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 4 weeks ago from gatesville

      That was the problem Poly. They found blood on the wasteband of Darins underwear.

      If you go to the transcripts, Greg Davis confronts Darin and he asks him, or tells him. You didn't do anything for Damon, you never touched Damon. Darin admitted that he never did anything for Damon. That is why the other lawyers were building the case against Darin. There was also blood found on his jeans. Darin denied both living victims any help at all.

      This is what Darin claimed. He told Davis first that Damon had no pulse and that is why he didn't help him. Then he changed that excuse to saying that he didn't know Damon was hurt. Then he changed that again and said his cpr training taught him not to turn Damon over. He had so many excuses as to why he never helped Damon and they were all different.

      If you listen to the 911 call. It is proof that Darin never stopped at Damons body before he ran up those stairs. At 3 minutes and 20 seconds into the 911 call Darin is only heard saying one word. "What, seconds later the dog barks for the first time. He then flees the house and he runs into officer Waddell and they immediately turn and walk back into the house together. Within seconds Waddell is heard talking to Darlie.

      Darin didn't touch or help Darlie or Damon. The proof is in that 911 call. Darin said he didn't help Darlie because he said she didn't know she was hurt. That is an outright lie. Both Gorsuch and Waddell said Darin was out front screaming someone stabbed my wife and kids. The second Waddell entered that home he knew that Darlie was in desperate need of help, he tried to get help to her immediately.

      Darlie was right near Devon. The blood puddle by his body confirms that. There is no bloody way Darin can say he didn't know she was cut. She was spewing blood from both her neck and her arm. It took him over 4 minutes to show up in that hallway after the attack Poly. I spoke to Nabors. They never checked Darins story. He was in that dining room stalling waiting for Darlie and Damon to bleed out. But she didn't, she acted fast and desperate and she dialed 911, that is when Darin knew he had no choice but to show up on the scene. He appears in that hallway 15 seconds into the 911 call. He waited until Darlie was out of sight before he made an appearance.

      When I confronted Nabors about how it was possible for him to have heard the glass break if he was in his room with the dog barking he laughed at me and asked me where I got my false information

      I explained to Nabors in detail I told him in Darins interviews he said specifically that he was woken by the sound of glass breaking in his room. Nabors told me that Darin told the police he was woken by the sound of Darlie screaming into the phone with the 911 operator.

      I explained to Nabors. The would have been making noises long before that, I explained that Darlie screamed out many times before she even dialed 911. I asked him about the dog. Nabors told me that Darlies dog only barked at strangers. That is absolutely false. He barked at every single little sound and movement. He would have been screaming frantically the second that knife went into Devons body and he wouldn't have quit. Darin is lying Poly.

      I get so worked up and so frustrated with all the lies. All the police had to do was read his statement and then listen to the 911 call. They would have known without a shadow of a doubt that Darin slaughtered his family.

      If they would have investigated Darin they would have come across Barry Fife. That would have opened up the entire case and proven with out any doubt his guilt. They didn't. They focused on Darlie because they knew they screwed up by letting Darin wash up and go back into that home alone to look over the evidence. They figured they lost the case with him and they set their minds on her. Davis knew during that trial Darin was guilty. He made that perfectly clear, but he wasn't willing to risk losing Darlie trying to go after a case with Darin knowing how badly the police screwed up on that case.

      To this day Nabors is still there spewing his lies and telling his phony stories of how he knows that case better than anyone. He does even know that Darin said he was woken by the sound of glass breaking. That is the first clue to proving Darin was right there attacking those boys.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 4 weeks ago from US

      You put my thinking cap on MForbes. If Darin did not go near Damon then there should be none of his blood on Darin's clothes. Did they even check his clothing?

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 4 weeks ago from gatesville

      You know what else has be very upset and frustrated about this case. That 911 operator. Within seconds Darlie told that woman her boys were dying and dead. She sat on the phone for 5 minutes and 44 seconds and that 911 operator knew and said Darlie was a hysterical person and she never once tried to help Darlie help either one of her boys. I have never ever heard a 911 call like that. She was so wrapped up in the gossip part of the 911 call, she showed no concern what so ever for the condition of any of the victims. All the 911 calls I have listened to the very first thing the operator does is ask about the victims and they walk the person through the cpr to get them breathing. In 5 minutes and 44 seconds that 911 operator knew and heard three people were dying and she offered no help at all. Her only concern was the gossip. Why wasn't that woman charged for negligence. Why wasn't she fired right along with that court reporter? I just don't get this case at all. They could hear Darin in the back ground only showing concern for the intruder and what he took and they completely ignored what that 911 call was all about. Darlies lawyer never even brought that up at trial.

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 4 weeks ago from gatesville

      Hi Polly, I was wondering if you know if there is any new forensic testing that could be used to test Darlies blood? They have come such a long way. If the police would have done their job properly 21 years ago we wouldn't have to wonder about such things. We would have known Darin was the one who used that cocaine in the house. They would have tested his clothing and been able to show the jury evidence that pointed to Darin. Their negligence and tunnel vision is almost unbelievable. They are scared of a lawsuit.

      Darlie needs to get a real lawyer to look into her case. This is the worst case of negligence I have ever seen.

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 4 weeks ago from gatesville

      I agree Polly, Murders don't know how to keep their mouth shut. If Darin can use his own dead sons body to deceive everyone, he is capable of anything, He will never come forward. He has enjoyed talking about his dead sons cpr way too much. He has loved the attention he has gotten all these years. The only way to get him is to expose him.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 4 weeks ago from US

      It is very stressing and depressing for those of us who do care for Darlie and getting to the truth. Someone knows the truth and it will not die with that person. Not only that but murderers cannot keep their mouths shut so at least one other someone knows for a fact and it is just a matter of time.

      Maybe if they announce they are going to kill Darlie they know someone will come forward and not only will Darin be exposed but those who refused to back down when they finally knew the truth. Maybe that is all keeping her alive right now...they know very few are buying that old story they cooked up.

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 4 weeks ago from gatesville

      I agree, all they had to do was look at that 911 call. Darin went into roll playing instantly. The second he came into that hallway he began his act trying be concerned about this invisible intruder. Any man would have at least searched the home for the intruder. He wouldn't have sat there for over three minutes pretending to be doing cpr on his dead son. Darin is beyond evil.

      I hope and pray the state of Texas burns in hell for this. They call themselves a religious state. What at joke. They have been murdering innocent people for years and hiding behind the church to do it.

      This was the dead of two innocent baby boys, and then to mock the world Darin used that boys body to deceive everyone, and he has been laughing in the face of the world ever since.

      Darlies mother is sitting back waiting for the big pay off. She plans on putting on this big show of how the state murdered her innocent daughter. Its all about the book deals and movie deals they all think they are going to get paid off. They probably will.

      I don't think I will ever let this case go. I will never stop trying to prove to everyone what Darin did to his family.

      They have a chance to save this girl and just like Aleen Wornos, they have big movie and book deals, but only have they have murdered her.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 4 weeks ago from US

      I honestly believe they do know it is Darin but Texas does not want to be out millions and be caught up in more wrong doing, hanging the wrong man...yet again.

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 4 weeks ago from gatesville

      You know Polly, I keep going back to that 911 call. Right from the second Darin made himself known to Darlie he harped about that intruder knowing that he and his employee had set up that black car and that whole fake home robbery plot.

      Darin is heard harassing Darlie throughout that entire 911 call trying to obstruct her from getting help from the 911 operator.

      Darin never says about about helping his boys, or where the ambulance is, or what to do. He is only heard harping about the intruder. The same intruder he and his employee set up weeks in advance to deceive the police into believing there was actually an intruder. Darin knew through that entire 911 call that there was no intruder. That was obvious by his behavior. Darin fed Darlie lies in jail for months and years telling her police were investigating other men, when he knew that was not the case. He just kept lying to her to keep her from suspecting him.

      How the hell could the police not realize what he did after learning about him spreading those fake rumors that he was looking for someone to rob his home.

      Darin knew through that entire 911 call he was making up his concerns for the intruder in the home. What the hell is going on with that case?

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 5 weeks ago from gatesville

      You know Polly for years now I have been asking the Darin defenders to answer certain questions for me to explain his suspicious behavior and all I have ever gotten is insults and more questions. Even when I am accused of being a liar and I prove them wrong they go away until they dig something else up to mock me for.

      To date my questions regarding Darin have never been answered. That tells me right there that we are right about Darin and his involvement in the slaughter of his family. There hasn't been one person yet to come forward and give and explanation for the questions we have all been asking for years.

      So why aren't the police and the DA's office investigating Darin or even arresting him?

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 5 weeks ago from US

      I have no idea why no one who really can will help Darlie. I real lawyer could do so much for her and who know what hypnosis may bring back if Darlie is willing.

      Imagine though here Darlie is behind bars thinking for many years Darin was all she had. She wasted so much time really believing in him I think. Now after all these years and no one helping what can we expect her to do? She probably is half brain dead after all these desperate years with no hope.

      She has no one that is really going to make a difference that I know of. Petitions are about as much as can be done by her supporters and we need to share those links everywhere we can!

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 5 weeks ago from gatesville

      If Darlie doesn't open her eyes and admit that she couldn't give Darin that alibi, she is going to die. She didn't listen to Darins aunt when she tried to get Darlie to come forward about Darins activities that night. I know Darlie knows what Darin did. What I don't understand is how or why anyone would defend or protect a father a husband or a son from facing charges for murdering two innocent babies and trying to slaughter his wife. What shocks me even more is Darlies own mother. I know those girls lived a horrific cruel life with Darlie Kee, but to turn on your own flesh and blood that way is unforgivable. Darlie hasn't had anyone all these years she has been alone and betrayed.

      Barbara Davis may have given proceeds from the book to Darlies defence, but when you look at her lawyer and the fact that he doesn't even answer his calls or even return anyones calls Darlie has nothing and no defence. She is worse off now then when she was at trial being represented by Doug Mulder. The knife cant go any deeper into Darlies back.

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 5 weeks ago from gatesville

      I did notice that. I just don't understand how or why Davis didn't come forward about Darin. There is no possible way that Barbara Davis can not know all the evidence against Darin. There is no evidence to back up the intruder theory Polly. When you realize that this so called intruder was fabricated by Darin and then you realize that he was the one who set up the black car, its not hard to put the pieces together. Darin convinced Darlie kee and his family that he was not the shirtless intruder that fled the home, but Waddell and other witnesses confirmed it was in fact Darin who fled that home with no shirt on.

      Darin told Waddell he was going for help to Karens, but he didn't do that, he turned around and went right back into that house. He went past Damon and Darlie for the fourth time not giving any assistance. He went to Devon and faked that cpr. This is a man who knew his son was dead for over 4 minutes. He knew he was using that boys dead body to trick and deceive both Darlie and Waddell. I have never ever seen such cold evil actions in my life. I will never get past that.

      You are right about him believing she was dead. He waited in that dining room for Darlie and Damon to bleed out. Once he realized she was on the phone with 911 he had no choice but to run into that hallway. He went right to Devon, he knew before he even got to him he was dead. He stalled with Devons dead body for over three minutes knowing Darlie and Damon were dying.

      When Darin lied and said he went upstairs to put his pants on that should have been a red flag to the police instantly, but it wasn't. They knew right away Darin lied about that because they questioned Darlie on what Darin was wearing.

      Darin went upstairs twice, once before the police got there and once after. Darlie had stated that in her testimony and statements. Darin was running around frantically trying to cover his tracks. He wasn't doing anything at all that would indicate he was trying to help his family.

      Even Karen knew, she said she didn't understand why Darin insisted that she go back to the home when help had already arrived. Damon was already in the van when she went back and Darlie was on the porch being taken care of. Darin was told to stay out of the home. He tried to use Karen as his means to get back into that house. The first chance he got to go back into that home he did. He didn't go near Devon who was left in the home as evidence. He went through the dining room area and went through all the evidence. He said that was his purpose of going back into the home. Why would that have mattered to him when police were there already. I am convinced Darin did this for the money. He set up that black car as his way of convincing the police that his home had been stalked days and hours before the crime. If it wasn't about the money or life insurance Darin wouldn't have made changes to his insurance policy. It was all a set up.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 5 weeks ago from US

      I was always sure (once I thought she was innocent) that Darlie was left for dead. How was he to know he only missed by a milometer? And if he also used a drug which I believe he did she may have appeared dead from that.

      Davis changed her mind about Darlie being guilty I guess you know? All the proceeds of the book against her goes to her...unless Darin or Mommy Dearest is collecting it.

      The aunt had to keep quiet but she was there and noted the many times the judge fell asleep during the trial.

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 5 weeks ago from gatesville

      She is the one I am talking about. I only saw one interview of her right after the trial. She said that she wanted to tell Darlie that she was a fool and she needed to look at Darin. She believed Darin was guilty, but I never saw or heard anything from her after that. I thought she would have been screaming from the roof tops to have him investigated, but I never heard anything from her after that.

      What really shocks me is that Barbara Davis. There is no way she could have looked over all that evidence and not realized Darin did it. I haven't read any of her books, but through my research through the years I never saw any evidence pointing to an intruder.

      Darin kept bringing up that black car and it stalking the house, but we now know that was all set up by Barbara Jovell and Darin. Barbara said she wanted to come forward but she was scared. The only one she should have been scared of was Darin. She still went to that house when Darin called Dana to have her go and make that false statement. She didn't feel bad when she and her mother went to court and lied on the stand about Darlie. They even accused her of trying to kill Drake. I believe Darin was behind all of that. I believe he promised her a partnership and some of the money from the insurance. She never got either and she turned on Darin. She admits she knows Darin was involved. She brought up that dog not barking also. She knew Darin wasn't in his room. She said the same thing Karen said, that dog barked at everything,

      The dog is the key to proving Darins guilt. I might be too late to prove that Darin drugged Darlie, but all the police have to do is listen to that 911 call and compare it to his police statement. They prove the fake cpr and they prove he wasn't in his room. He was waiting for them to die, but when she dialed 911 instead he knew the second he heard her on the phone that he had to make his appearance and the 911 call proves that is exactly what he did. He showed up within 15 seconds of her dialing 911. This right here is stronger evidence to prove Darins guilt than anything the prosecution had throughout the entire trial.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 5 weeks ago from US

      If it is the same aunt she has much to say. You should read Dateline; Purgatory. She was there every day and kept a record of everything.

    • Paulie profile image

      Paulie 5 weeks ago

      She did it. Women kill their children, even nice looking middle class ones with blonde hair. Last stat I heard was 3,000 children a year at the hands of mom (I have not verified this figure).

      The bruises on her arm were easy. Slam your arm against the wall, the sink, or any hard surface.

      The throat slash looks just like someone who's right handed slashing across, then down. Bad mistake. People slashing another person, do it from either the front or back but straight across.

      Besides the forenics that don't add up, her 911 call was telling. Its when the perpetrator calls and starts explaining away the forensics, instead of screaming, come quick! Heard plenty off three eat TMI calls. Or people who call their dead spouses. They can't resist saying, "Oh just calling to check on you. Its 11:21 and I'm way across town, did some early shopping, then went here at 8:17,then there at 9:07, but just calling to check. Love ya, Honey". Yeah, way too much information.

      Burglers want to come in and out, not walk in and overkill kids. That's up there with, I was in the shower and someone walked in and shot my pregnant wife then left. Or a man walked in,shot my husband, and left.

      Yeah, right.

      These were people wlling to commit insurance fraud, next step - murder.

      I have very few visitors. I bet there are unidentified DNA and fingerprints in and around my house right now.

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 5 weeks ago from gatesville

      Pollyannalana You are right about Darins family. His aunt knew he was guilty also. She knew she wasn't allowed in that court room and she went anyway. She never came forward after the trial. She tried to say it was Darlie who didn't want to implicate Darin, but I don't believe that. I believe Darlie was bullied and manipulated into making sure Darin was not implicated in the crime.

      I was going to write up my theory on the affair between Darin and Dana. I believe that was the true reason Darin flipped out that night.

      This is the way I see it. The jury didn't know about the alleged affair between Darin and Dana.

      I want to point out first of all that I don't know for sure if the affair between Darin and Dana was full blown yet, but I do know for a fact that Darin was obsessed with Dana and he was willing to do anything in his power to impress her. Darin was clearly and obviously trying desperately to impress that girl.

      Darin was broke, he didn't even have the rent money for his shop at work. He couldn't even afford to pay the one employee he already had hired, let alone pay Darlies sister. He was so desperate to be alone with Dana that he gave her that job knowing he didn't have the money to pay her wages. He was seducing her no doubt. There was more than enough evidence between eye witnesses and Darins own actions to back up an affair 100 percent.

      This is a 16 year old girl who came from an abusive home. Her homelife was hell and Darin took full advantage of that just like he did when Darlie was underage when he met her.

      So then I looked at motive. Darlie had been sleeping on the sofa, she suspected an affair between Darin and Dana. They fought about it and she made Darin take Dana home. That must have made him crazy.

      So now Darlie tells Darin she wants to separate from him. He cheated before and now she is convinced he is cheating again.

      Darlie still kept up the house, she still cooked dinner for the family, she still had all her boys close to her that night. If she had ill feelings towards those boys they would not have been in that living room with her. That is absolute.

      So where is there any indication that Darlie would have or even wanted to cause harm to her children? None. You are right about them hiding everything about Darin.

      If Darlie was the one who committed the crime it would have been against Darin and Dana, not the boys. There was no history of Darlie ever hurting or even threatening her boys.

      She didn't kill them to punish Darin. Look at his history. He didn't spend time with those boys. There was no fishing trips or camping trips or any evidence he spent quality time with his boys. What I saw from that father was a really expensive toy car that he bought to impress the other neighborhood kids. That is exactly what Darin was about. His fancy home, his big boat, his broken down jag, his spa, his hot tub. Everything Darin owned was focused on him and him finding a way of seducing other woman. That jag couldn't even carry his family, it was breaking down all the time. It was not a second vehicle for his family.

      Darlie didn't kill those boys to better her lifestyle. Why would she cut her support she would be getting from Darin in half. She would have been granted that house and Darin would have been paying for the rest of his life.

      Darlie was angry no doubt, but she was angry at Darins affairs and his laziness.

      Darin had money obviously to use cocaine, but he informs Darlie that the boys aren't going to be playing baseball. He didn't have the money for them to play because he was snorting it. He blamed that on Darlie claiming she was too busy with baby Drake. That was a complete lie. He didn't have the money for them to play.

      I believe Darin was furious when Darlie made him take Dana home. Darin had obviously been seducing her for some time and now Darlie was not allowing him to spend alone time with Dana anymore.

      Darins days were numbered and he knew it. The sightings him and Barbara set up on that black car told me that Darlies days were numbered.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 5 weeks ago from US

      Great points all around MForbes and I will remind everyone again of the fact they took Darin's baby from him and if he was guilty of nothing, how could they? They were aware by then what a mistake they had made but could not get caught up in how bad they had set Darlie up to go down!

      They knew that baby was in danger and I am sure in all this Darin's parents by now knew the truth, too., although they never accused Darlie and who would know the two of them better than Mom and Dad?

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 5 weeks ago from gatesville

      AniB33, There are many suspicious things about what the police didn't do with Darin. I can tell you for a fact that Darin was not investigated. I, along with many others have personally spoken to Officer Nabors who is still working at the Rowlette police department. He told me the reason they didn't investigate Darin further than the initial questioning was because they had the killer behind bars. He told me that Darlie said she saw Darin come out of his room, but we know for a fact that isn't true. If you listen to the 911 call. You can hear clearly that Darlie was not near the landing of the stairs when Darin appeared. She was in the kitchen getting the phone. Darlie was asked in court if it was possible for Darin to have been that intruder, and Darlie said she didn't know. Within 20 minutes of Cron showing up on the crime scene he pointed the finger at Darlie and they never looked anywhere else.

      The insurance company contacted the police about Darin increasing the insurance on the victims and on the house insurance and they never bothered to follow up.

      If you go to the transcripts you will see that Davis confronted Darin in court about him never giving a statement to any of Darlies lawyers. They only had the one statement from Darin and that was the one done on June 8th when he picked Darlie up and they went to do the statements together. The police never separated Darin from Darlie. Darin never left her sight until Waddell told him to go to the neighbors. Darin was so desperate to make sure Darlie was not left alone with the police that he told the neighbor he needed her to come back to the house to help him. He knew the medics had already taken care of everything. Darin was desperate to make sure Darlie wasn't alone with the police.

      Even when they were taking them to the hospital. Darin tried to force his way into the van with Darlie, he didn't even bother to go over and ask about his son Damon. Darin didn't know at that point if he was dead or alive. Then Darin lied on the stand by saying he did go over to the van where Damon was to ask how he was, but all the medics said the same thing. They all said Dairn never went near that van and he never asked about his son Damon.

      I am 100 percent convinced Darin killed those boys.

      Another thing that might get your attention. Officer Nabors told me that Darin initially told them that he was woken by Darlie screaming into the receiver. The 911 call proves that Darin didn't appear in that hallway until after she dialed 911 and was coming back from the kitchen. You hear Darin for the first time 15 seconds into the 911 call.

      Watch Darins interviews. Darin clearly says more than once that he was woken by the sound of glass breaking. He even does the sound effects trying to convince you it was a far away sound not close. He is trying to convince you he wasn't the person who knocked over the glass.

      I argued with that officer about Darins statement saying he was woken by glass breaking. I asked him why the hell he didn't investigate Darins story. I asked him how it was possible for Darin to have heard the glass break over the dog barking.

      Nabors answer to me was Darin never said he was woken by glass breaking. Nabors told me that the dog wasn't barking at that time because he only barked at strangers and there were no strangers for him to be barking. I told Nabors that Karen admitted under oath and in statements that Darlies dog barked at every little sound. I know for a fact that dog would have been barking frantically from the second Darlie made any movement downstairs what so ever. I know that for a fact. He denied it. He also denied Barbara Jovell saying the dog barks at every single sound until it sees who or what is making the noise. It is instinct for that breed to do that.

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 5 weeks ago from gatesville

      pollyannalana, Bryan will never answer any of the questions where it proves Darins guilt. I have read many posts where Bryan is asked about the dog and about the two cpr attempts that Darin did on Devon. He was also confronted about the table falling on Devon and Darin lying about that. He was given proof of copies of Darins own testimony where he says the table fell on Devon and he picked it up off of him. Bryan wasn't heard from again.

      Bryan knows that Darin locked that dog in that room. If he came down when he claims he came down that dog would have been heard 15 seconds into that call instead of 3 minutes and 30 seconds into the call. Darin didn't come out of his room when he appeared in that hallway Polly, he was waiting in that dining room. That was why he never appeared until Darlie was out of sight in the kitchen calling the police. It took him 5 mintes to appear on the scene because he was waiting for her and Damon to bleed out, I am sure of that. If Darin was innocent he would have been on the scene within seconds of the attack starting. I know for a fact that Darlies dog would have been frantically barking as soon as that knife went into Devons body. Those dogs sense those things. Poms are a very rare type of dog. They can hear strange sounds blocks away. They sense danger from a long distance away. There is absolutely no way that the dog was silent.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 5 weeks ago from US

      Whitepointer - It really is too ridiculous to believe Darlie did that to herself.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 5 weeks ago from US

      Bryan - Have you ever answered the dog question? Why it was never heard and not downstairs all over the place and who was clearly the one in control of the dog? Not at all suspicious?

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 5 weeks ago from US

      AniB- Sure doesn't seem he was looked at and so odd since he was the only one to benefit.

    • profile image

      DixieDanger 5 weeks ago

      It is guilty until proven innocent in this country, always has been. When people get a visual of defendents and possible evidence against them, they have already made up their minds. There are too many innocent people behind bars because people only see one side. Darlie should absolutely be granted another trial with the new evidence that has been presented. I am also one that thought, "This woman is guilty as sin.", until I saw other facts and evidence being presented. Sounds like TX is trying to cover up mistakes they made and Darlie is the victim now.

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 5 weeks ago from gatesville

    • profile image

      whitepointer 5 weeks ago

      I think the law should show all evidence there is on any case. Just handpicking what photos are shown to the jury means they havent got the full pucture. Those bruises on Darlies arm are possibly from being shoved against a wall or another flat surface. Those types of bruises you see on old people when they fall over and they dont brace. She would have had to run full force at something ie flat surface or stumbled, tripped and crashed into a flat surface. Maybe Darin caught her with the knife afterall he never passed the lie detector. The fact that a fingerprint in the house dosnt belong ti anyone in their family or people they know makes you wonder.

    • profile image

      Bryan StJohn 5 weeks ago

      Polly can you name the two jurors we know about Charlie ( who did a spot on Darlies story on the Veiw in 1999 with his wife Have you seen that episode?) Whats the other Jurors name??

    • profile image

      Bryan StJohn 5 weeks ago

      So we supporters let it go in one ear and out the other

      Aint that the truth....! So how about those new DNA results...OH Man sealed to the public??? Nothing to hide there I suppose LOL

    • JAMmerMan profile image

      Oliver Penwell Esquire 5 weeks ago from Tailgate party at Gatesville

      Seems to me I've read Bryan's comment in someone else's article before...

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 5 weeks ago from gatesville

      I know for a fact if the jury had seen the truth about Darin and his character there is no possible way they would have believed Darlie killed those boys and harmed herself. People who think about suicide do not change method of death in such a drastic way. Yes, Darlie got down in the dumps and she may have felt depressed and thought about going to sleep permanently, but there is no bloody way in hell she went from wanting to go to sleep to ripping apart her own body in such a violent way.

      Darlie is not the one who had the cocaine in her system. If she had that drug in her system I may have had small doubts that she could have flipped out while being on or coming down from that drug, but she didn't. She was not stoned drunk out of her mind. She was peacefully downstairs knowing she was going to be making changes in her life. She had nothing to gain from killing those boys. It was Darin who stood to lose everything, He would have been financially crippled, he would have been made a fool in front of his money, he would have lost his relationship with Dana, he would have been broke and financially crippled for years to come. That is why he made those changes to his insurance policies. Darin knew months ago what his real plans were that night. The fact that Darlie sent Dana home was just the push he needed to finally get his plans over with once and for all. He had no other people in the home, only the victims. Darin knew that his days were numbered.

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 5 weeks ago from gatesville

      Bryan st John, what the hell is wrong with you? Why does Darlies looks and body always come up in your conversations. You sound like a fricking pervert. Stop already, this isnt about looks Bryan.

      There is no evidence to back any of the theory that the prosecution brought to trail Davis tried to say there was no wet towels when the officers testified there was. He tried to say no blood on the sofa there was. He tried to Damon didnt go to Darlie on the sofa the evidence shows he did. He said no contamination and the site was preserved, yet he deliberately hid pictures of contamination in the living room, and he knows Darin got back into that house and went through all the evidence.

      Darins lies werent about helping Darlie. Darin made Darlie look more guilty than anyone. Your own tape proves that Darlie didnt contact Barbara Jovell to help set up any home robbery. When you asked Barbara and she told you it was only Darin who contacted her, you quickly changed the subject. Your videos only prove more and more Darin killed those kids.

      You know for a fact that Darin was carrying on with Dana, and you know for a fact that was one of the reasons Darlie sent her home. You also know Darin had access to any and all illegal drugs. So stop the lies Bryan, you make me sick.


    • profile image

      AniB33 5 weeks ago

      I've never known anything about this crime until last night when I watched a documentary on Amazon about women on death row. I have nowhere near the amount of facts as you ladies on here do, but I can tell you this.. From the brief account I saw of what happened that day/night it completely boggled me that the husband wasn't looked at or investigated... I mean-was he? Like I said-I don't know much.. just that it doesn't make sense. I guess in this world things like this don't necessarily have to, but something seems really off about this. Whether any hidden truths ever come to light or not.. Life has a way of balancing the scales in the end.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 5 weeks ago from US

      The Darlie supporters here are 63% in over 10,000 voters you are just sort of beating a dead horse. No need even talking about the trial with so many bad things coming out about that and at least 2 jurors saying they would vote differently today...others maybe even afraid to say.

      So we supporters let it go in one ear and out the other and know however weird Darlie acted knowing what we do know now, strongly believe Darin was responsible making her look guilty... saving himself.

      Be sure though Darin will meet his maker one day...he cannot escape that. There will be justice one way or another.

    • profile image

      Bryan StJohn 5 weeks ago

      The "Darlie Supporters"

      No one wants to believe a mother could murder her children. Especially a pretty young mother who on the outside gave the appearance of being an attentive mom who wanted nothing but the best for her children. The jurors that were interviewed after the verdict said they went into deliberation wanting to find something to show her innocence, they just couldn't find it.

      Darlie Routier denies her guilt. When interviewed, she knows exactly how and when to cry and turn on the heart tugging emotions and people eat this up. They watch these interviews and say, "There's no way she did this." These very same people turn a blind eye to the very evidence that convicted her, or simply say the crime scene processing was tainted and botched up. Anytime a trial verdict doesn't go the way someone wanted it to, they say the system failed.

      The people who believe Darlie Routier was wrongfully found guilty, aka: "The Darlie Supporters." try their best to fit the evidence to their preconceived conclusion of innocence. If it doesn't fit, they'll make it fit; even to the level of absurdity.

      If you look at all the various websites that include reader comments sections, you'll find that approximately 90% of the Darlie supporters are female. It appears that women have more trouble accepting the fact that a mother could possibly do such a horrendous thing to her children then men do. Ironically in the state of Texas, 83% of past filicide cases (parents who murder their children) were committed by the mother. In Texas alone in the past 21 years, a total of 23 mothers have murdered 44 children. (5 just this year, as of June 2017)

      Source: FBI Stats Data, Dallas News, USA Today, Plano Star Courier, San Antonio Express-News, Amarillo Globe-News

      Darlie supporters love to direct people to an old CBS 20/20 special taped 18 years ago in 1999, hosted by moderator Sylvia Chase. They feature juror Charlie Samford stating he was incorrect in his guilty verdict; however he has since recanted that opinion. (Discussed later in this blog) And, Sylvia Chase states the the defense was never given the entire silly string video including the memorial service conducted before the spraying of the silly string. Her statement is totally untrue. Darlie's lead defense attorney, Doug Mulder, has even stated the they did receive the entire video, and for reasons unknown decided not to present it to the jury or object to the memorial service segment not being shown to the jury by the prosecution.

      Darlie Supporters claim that the police and the prosecution both intimidated and coerced witnesses, that the crime scene forensic procedures and evidence was mishandled, investigators destroyed and even covered up evidence of the mysterious intruder, they coerced the hospital staff into changing their testimony, they even say the crime scene photos presented in court were manipulated. (Did they have Photoshop back then?) They say the judge slept through the trial, that certain defense witnesses weren't allowed to testify, and the transcript errors were responsible for determining the outcome. They even blame the judiciary laws of the State of Texas. All of this can be found on and

      Most of the Darlie Supporters have trouble convincing themselves or anyone else that an intruder actually entered the house; they cannot support that argument with absolutely no evidence found to suggest that anyone came in the house or exited the house. Their only argument left would have to be that either the District Attorney's office and the police intentionally framed Darlie, or Darlie's husband Darin, who was the only other adult already in the house must have done it.

      In recent years some of the Darlie supporters have in fact convinced themselves that Darin Routier murdered his sons. They point out that he lied in his written statements and that he lied in his court testimony; which in several instances it appears that he did. Obviously not very familiar with the case, many of Darlie's supporters raise question as to why the police and the prosecution didn't investigate him from the beginning. Darin Routier was thoroughly investigated from the git-go. Prosecutor Greg Davis stated that Darin was in fact their initial prime suspect. However, despite Darin's statements not making a lot of sense and the possibility of him having a motive by collecting on a $250,000 life insurance policy, the forensic evidence at the scene simply did not link him to the actual murders, it linked Darlie to the murders. The supporters conclude that some sort of deal was made between Darin and Darlie's mother, Darlie Kee, with defense attorney Doug Mulder who in turn promised not to go after Darin. They're suggesting that the prosecution turned a blind eye to Darin and having to convict someone they just decided to hang the murders on Darlie.

      In other words, what the Darlie supporters are suggesting is that this was a well orchestrated, well coordinated conspiracy that included local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, hospital employees, attorney's, paramedic's, neighbor's and co-workers all working together hand in hand to set up Darlie Routier. And, they never offer any reasons as to why all of these different people would want to do that and perjure themselves. What was the motive behind 50 some individuals all getting together and lying and framing an innocent woman? Who masterminded such a plot? Were all these people paid to do this? Were they coerced and threatened to lie in court?

      We're not talking about the JFK assassination here, Darlie Routier wasn't a high ranking government official, there weren't any powerful organizations behind this that had the ability to pull off such an act, there is no "magic bullet theory" that can be applied here. When considering the ludicrous absurdity of such a plot having taken place, it comes back around full circle to the basic facts of the case that convicted Darlie Routier; her account of what occurred the night of the murders did not match what was found at the crime scene, and the evidence that was found at the crime scene put the murder weapon in her hands.

      In another Hubpage written by a Darlie supporter, the author believes Darin was the true killer. She goes as far as to say that Darlie (who she truly believes is innocent) got her facts wrong as to what occurred that night and that the intruder she saw was actually Darin. (As if Darlie wouldn't recognize her own husband.) Darlie has said time and again that the intruder was definitely not Darin and her physical description of the intruder that she gave to police does not match Darin's. The author goes as far as to suggest that Darlie's own mother, Darlie Kee, is in on this "cover up" and that she has to know Darin is the murderer and she's covering for him. She further claims that Sarilda Routier, Darin's mother, is also aware that Darin is the true killer. She claims that Barbara Jovell, (nicknamed Basia) a close friend of Darlie's and an employee that worked for Darin, was in on the plot as well and helped Darin. Basia is one of two of Darlie's friends that testified against her for the prosecution. She testified about Darlie considering suicide and how Darlie complained to her that they weren't making money and they were in trouble financially, and how she and Darin fought all the time about money. She also testified that on visits to see Darlie in the hospital that she didn't see any bruises on Darlie's arms. Outside of this author's preposterous theories and conjecture to which she has no absolutely no proof to support her claims, there is of course no physical forensic evidence that connects Darin or Basia or anyone else to the murders but Darlie.

    • profile image

      Bryan StJohn 5 weeks ago

      This is comical.....

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 5 weeks ago from gatesville

      There was no accurate amount of alcohol or diet drug measured in Darlies system. I did not read anything where they could divine what the exact source of the medication in Darlies body was. The diet pills Darlie was on should have made her energetic and hyper, but her body functions were the opposite. Her heart rating matched the results of someone who had been given the rape drug. That made no sense to anyone, yet they never ordered further more extensive testing to find out why Darlies body ratings were not accurate with someone who had been taking those diet pills. It was negligence all the way down from police department, to the hospital, right to the prosecutions theory of what they claimed happened.

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 5 weeks ago from gatesville

      Polly, I wasn't being rude or claiming you defend Darin when I asked for proof he actually did something to try and help his family. I was serious about that.

      I want for someone to explain to me why Darin only helped Devon. He went past Damon three times knowing he was alive injured and desperate for help. I want to know what someone else thinks about why Darin never helped the living victims.

      I need to know why Darin lied in so many ways as to why he didn't help Damon and Darlie. I am trying to see how anyone could ever believe that Darin didn't do this crime.

      I can not find one single action that he did that didn't obstruct help getting to the living victims. Every single thing that guy did obstructed help getting to Darlie and Damon. The medics themselves said Darin was blocking there path to get help to Damon. There has to be a reason for that.

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 5 weeks ago from gatesville

      There has been several calls made to officer Nabors. I am one and I know of several others. Nabors confirmed for me that Darin said he was woken not by glass breaking, but by the screams of Darlie on the phone. You are such an idiot Bryan, you can not call someone a liar if you don't know for a fact they lied. Get off your child abusing ass and call Nabors and ask him what woke Darin up. You think your so smart. You use those baby pictures of the dead beaten bodies just to get ratings and you claim your only interested in justice. You were rejected by Darlie and that made you made. You offered money and she didn't want it. She wanted no part of you, now here you are calling others liars when you yourself exposed most of Darins guilt. You really are pathetic.

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 5 weeks ago from gatesville

      I know your not defending Darin, but I get the strong impression that you still believe there was an intruder. I just can not bring myself to believe that theory any longer after learning about Darin setting up that black car with his employee.

      As far as the attempted rape. Darin knew about the missing panties. He said that he helped put Darlie on the stretcher and that is when he saw the missing panties, but we know for a fact that was a lie. All the medics and the police stated Darin was standing in the front yard, he was not in the house. Darin also told Darlie that he was the one who went and got Drake and handed him to Karen. That was also a lie. Darin added many false details to his story just to try and fill in the blanks to make it look like he had been doing something to help his family.

      What made me suspicious about the panties was the fact that Darin had lied about who actually noticed them missing. Darin assumed that there was so much chaos at the scene that nobody would be able to keep track of who did what, but that back fired for him. Darlie remember when she first saw Darin he was dressed, she also remembered it was Darin who had brought up the missing panties. What is not surprising to me is Darlies accounts of what happened matched the other witnesses and staff, they didn't match Darins story.

      Darlie said when she was being taken out to the porch that she was feeling ill just before that so her memory at that time wasn't clear. That is why Darin took advantage of her memory loss and filled the blanks in with his own lies to try and make himself look better.

      Darin knew there was no intruder and he knew the police were not looking at those other two guys as suspects. He was telling Darlie those lies to give her false hope into believing that an intruder really did exist, but the whole time Darin knew there was no intruder. He knew him and Barbara set up that black car.

      I believe Darin removed those panties from Darlie as a last ditch effort to make it appear like it was a robbery gone wrong.

      A stranger would have turned back and finished them off. I stranger wouldn't have walked by a handful of expensive jewellery and left it sitting on the counter. Darin fled that house in sheer panic. When he returned he expected Darlie to be dead,

      Darlie wasn't dead, dialed 911 and Darin knew he only had one alternative left and that was to convince Darlie he was in his room.

      That is why it took Darin over 5 minutes to appear at the scene. If Darin came out of his room at that time we would have absolutely heard that dog barking, but we didn't, he wasn't heard until Darin went upstairs just as Waddell pulled up to the house. That door was closed and it remained closed that entire time.

      I know I ramble and I am sorry for that, but the more I look into this case the more I know it was set up by Darin.

      If this was a simple home robbery Polly, why did Darin change the insurance on the life insurance policy as well as the house insurance The insurance company contacted the police and they never followed up on that call. Darin doubled Darlies life insurance. He put a clause in her insurance that was an accidental clause. If Darlie had died from that attack that policy would have paid out for sure. If he was just planning the home robbery, why increase her life insurance. Why didn't the police follow up on that.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 5 weeks ago from US

      Kezzy- MForbes - I am certainly not defending Darin and never have but there is still the possibility he let others in to do it. Have you ever heard on the tape while Darlie is on the phone Darin saying, "They took...." and then he shuts up. I have always thought they were suppose to take something to make sure it looked a robbery but he saw that they didn't. Others have said they don't hear that...but I do. Well he may as well have killed them if he let others and who knows but what they were suppose to rape Darlie....

      There is so much more to this story. I hope we ever get the whole truth.

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 5 weeks ago from gatesville

      Hi Polly, I wanted to run something past you.

      I got to reading more into the black car that Darin and Barbara Jovell both gave statement to and testified to.

      Barbara Jovell admitted that Darin went to her to ask her to help set up the home robbery. She did this by sending a black car to the Routier home to make it appear someone was stalking the home.

      Darin knew the entire time that black car was part of his set up, yet he continued to lie and say in his interviews that there was this black car and that was proof of an intruder.

      Darin and Darlie both said that Darlie was never told about this suspicious black car. Barbara Jovell also admitted that it was not Darlie who contacted her about helping set up the home robbery, it was only Darin.

      In Darlies last interview she said that she no longer believed that Darin was not involved because she had learned some things about him. There is not one shred of evidence to back up the theory that Darlie was involved in Darins plans.

      Darin delibetately gave false information to the police to delay the investigation and lead the police astray. Darin knew there was no intruder. That only left him and him alone. That explains his lies and strange behavior.

      Darin was the one who gave Darlie the false information in jail telling her they had suspects and they were investigating. Darin knew that was a lie. They weren't investigating anyone other than Darlie. This statement Darin gave to Darlie just led to her looking more guilty than ever.

      How can Darlies own mother look past all this evidence. Darin behavior towards his boys was cold and calculating. Everything he did from the second he came onto the crime scene was to delay help getting to any of the living victims.

      Damon knew Darin was the one who stabbed him. Darin was with Devon for the first three minutes. Damon was crawling away from Darin, but he didn't crawl away from Darlie. That blood evidence speaks volumes. Why aren't they investigating the evidence uncovered regarding the black car. They both committed perjury in court. They both knew that black car was not an intruder.

    • profile image

      Bryan StJohn 5 weeks ago

      I think folks should write Darlie herself and ask if I ever made any type of romantic gesture towards her Others have wrote and asked her that question go for it...before you trust in what some idiot says here and Kezzy you never spoke to David Nabors thats a FACT

    • profile image

      forbes 6 weeks ago

      I am sorry Polly for my aggression. You are right to be looking elsewhere for an explanation as to why this happened. You are right about no investigation anywhere else except for Darlie.

      I have tried to have an open mind, but the more I search the information I get leads to Darin.

      I don't want to believe a father or a mother could do this, but Darins behavior just reminds me of Diane Downs. She was so obsessed with her boyfriend that she didn't even try to hide her contempt for her kids. Darins obsession for Dana shows me the same thing. I just feel like he thinks he was justified in what he did. He thought he made Darlie and owned her. When she threatened to leave that meant only one thing for Darin. More financial distruction. He knew if Darlie left there was no hope for him and Dana.

    • profile image

      kezzy1996 6 weeks ago

      Polly, I want to say sorry for being so aggressive about Darin. You are right to have your own opinion. I am acting like Davis here. I have closed my eyes to anyone else being the killer of those children.

      I have tried to look for evidence pointing to an intruder. I haven't found any yet. I do have tunnel vision when it comes to Darin. I only expected to see some kind of an investigation that proved to me he wasn't the intruder. Every statement and every interview I watch of him just convinces me more of what he did.

      I am sorry for my aggression, and I admire you for having an open mind.

    • MForbes profile image

      MForbes 6 weeks ago from gatesville

      Polly, please show me one thing Darin did that proves he tried to help his family.

      He lied about Damon having no pulse.

      He lied about the table falling on Devon, He knew Devon was dead and he went right past Damon to go over to Devon to pretend to be trying to help him. He knew he was dead Polly.

      He had so many chances to try and help Darlie and Damon but he didn't he lied He lied about no pulse , he lied about not knowing they were hurt. He lied about everything.

      That sock came from Darins pant leg. He fled that house knowing he couldn't have conflict with Darlie. He knew at some point he was going to have to face the police. If it was an intruder who attacked that family they would have finished Damon and Darlie off right then A stranger wouldn't have been afraid of DNA transfer. A stranger wouldn't have had that mind set.