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Darlie Routier: Twenty Years on Death Row

Updated on January 15, 2017
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Polly is far from politically correct when it comes to justice. Truth means more to her than making fans; saying what they want to hear!

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Met as Young Teens

Darin was 17 and Darlie only 15 when they met.

Darlie Routier is an American woman from Texas who was convicted of murdering her 5-yr-old son, Damon. Her other son was also killed, though she was only tried for Damon's murder.

Some say there is more to this trial than the official investigation showed.

These three children were Darlie's only claim to financial gain as anyone knows. Worth much more to her alive than dead if that was her purpose.
These three children were Darlie's only claim to financial gain as anyone knows. Worth much more to her alive than dead if that was her purpose. | Source


How long would it take to make all these wounds?

Were these wounds self inflicted?
Were these wounds self inflicted? | Source

Darlie has no history of mental illness. She was not abusive to her sons. She was faithful to her husband and there is no fact from anyone saying differently on any of this.

Darlie moved to Lubbock as a teenager with her mom and stepdad. She met Darin in a Western Sizzlin' where her mother worked and so did Darin as a cook. He was 17 and she was 15 and they married four years later.

After moving to the Dallas area he began his own small company that tested electronic components and when he became a success in the early nineties, they bought a nice house and spent thousands getting it just how they wanted. Darin bought a thirty-foot cabin cruiser and a 1982 Jaguar. They went a little wild with their money and Darlie bought new boobs and flashy jewelry.

The neighbors never saw them as wild though. She had kids in and baked cookies for them. Those kids stood up for her against the accusation that she killed her sons. Darin and Darlie helped out a cancer patient neighbor with a mortgage payment and seemed to have a heart. Whose idea was that, I don’t know, but Darlie was baking the cookies.

All of a sudden their business went downhill and they got behind on their bills it is claimed. They owed $10,000 in back taxes and $12,000 on credit cards. Darin and an incomplete diary entry show Darlie was considering suicide a month before the murders. It was a fleeting thought apparently. My doctor once asked me if I had ever thought about suicide and my answer was, "Hasn't everyone?" He laughed, for it is true. Maybe to different extents but if you know the word you have thought about it. If you have something you just think you can't face you may think about it, so I consider that pretty normal and nothing to even consider in anyone's sanity.

She had gone through the birth of a third baby and was trying to get off a little extra weight and at that age I think many of us go through a little something anyway. Like did we make the right decisions in life, have we chosen the right path? Thirty is coming up and to twenties that looks old! It is nothing serious but a little something as I say, and combined with all else going on with her she probably was suffering not abnormally from slight depression. That does not a murderer make.

Looking happy as always.
Looking happy as always. | Source

What the Jury Didn't Know

Darlie's Injuries

How do you feel?

Do you think without a reasonable doubt that Darlie is guilty?

See results

Never brought to the attention of the jury were other things of alarm and great importance, including the pictures of Darlie's cuts and bruises on her arms taken when she was hospitalized the night of the murders. One juror told reporters he would never have voted to convict if he had seen the photographs. I would be sure others would have agreed. That is when I knew without a doubt! These are defense wounds, clearly. Yes, there were photos of the wound but this juror and the author who at first had Darlie guilty but changed her mind later said these really bad bruised photos were never seen by them. They did see the silly string plenty though which was an illegal entry into this trial!

"When they arrested Darlie, we just pretty much lost it," says Darin, and says they have never been able to grieve for their children but it is Darlie's husband and mother who have steadfastly continued the fight. They have appeared 10 times on nationally televised talk shows, printed up bumper stickers and have a toll-free phone number ( (888) 883-FAIR) appealing for donations and information that could help "find the real person who attacked Darlie and murdered her children." They have gathered support. Right now, they say, freeing Darlie is the only fight that counts.

Drake Routier looks just like his mother. The blue eyes, wide face, and his mother's mouth. The court took Darin's custody of the child, who was 7 months old at the time of the murders, simply because he defended Darlie! This is Texas law? His parents were allowed to raise the baby and he was given rights to visit him but still! Does this horror never end? If Darin is guilty of nothing how could they take custody of his child from him?

Darin and Darlie moved into her mother's home after the murders and lost the $200,000 house they built, also their 35-foot cabin cruiser, '86 Jaguar, plus some. Legal fees and bad publicity about the case ruined him financially. His electronics business, bringing a salary of $500,000 in 1995, lost 14 of its 17 clients and all its employees.

Are Her Injuries Authentic?

Click thumbnail to view full-size
She was a genius if she planned this one. So real looking.  Did she do this?Or this?Why would she put a planned bruise here, I wonder?Seems like a slight turn would be a clearer picture, doesn't it?
She was a genius if she planned this one. So real looking.
She was a genius if she planned this one. So real looking.
Did she do this?
Did she do this?
Or this?
Or this?
Why would she put a planned bruise here, I wonder?
Why would she put a planned bruise here, I wonder?
Seems like a slight turn would be a clearer picture, doesn't it?
Seems like a slight turn would be a clearer picture, doesn't it?

One-sided Testimonies

There were many bad testimonies from people making Darlie look bad. There were no testimonies of the people who saw her much differently. Darin and Ms. Kee claim Darlie's trial mocked the judicial system. Evidence that would have cleared her was never presented, witnesses who could have contradicted the prosecution's assertions never testified, forensics testing was botched, and depositions were distorted.

Unidentified Fingerprints

Forensic fingerprint tests done after Darlie's trial still show that she is innocent of the crime for which she was convicted. A bloody fingerprint taken from her living room coffee table did not belong to anyone living in her home, and two more fingerprints in the utility room and door leading to the garage in which Darlie thinks the murderer escaped the Darin's home after attacking her and her two sons. No matter, repeated requests, the Court will not grant the evidential hearing necessary to investigate and evaluate this evidence.

Taken from the utility room door is a patent bloody fingerprint—this is the first one. Forensic fingerprint analyst Glenn Langenburg proved positively Darlin is excluded as the owner of this print. Darlin's exclusion as the source of this print indicates that an unknown third party not only deposited this print, but deposited it in blood, on the night of the murders.

The second print taken from this door is a latent print located below the patent bloody fingerprint. Latent print consultant Robert Lohnes checked this print in 2003 and said that it matched the second finger joint of Darin Routier on the middle finger of the left hand.

In addition, Langenburg currently is conducting a second examination of the bloody fingerprint on the utility room door to determine whether Darin Routier can also be excluded as the source of this print. If, as Darlie expects, Darin Routier is not the source of this print, Darlie definitively will have demonstrated that an unknown third party deposited two separate fingerprints, one of them in the victims' blood, while fleeing the scene on the night of the murders.

Other Unexamined Elements

Who Had the Most to Gain?

Insurance Scam Attempt

Darin Routier has admitted to trying to arrange an insurance scam, which included someone breaking into their home. He has admitted that he had begun the initial steps to arrange a break-in, but that it was to be done when no one was at home. No jury has heard this admission.

Surely any law would be all over this, how many ways could this be the answer? Maybe not even the way Darin meant it to be but caused with unlawful schemes. I could understand them suspecting him, I really could, and why don't they? I don't believe Darlie would even suspect him, but if I were Darlie I would have to give that some serious thought, but I think Darlie is as I say so much like my own daughter. Either a lack of intelligence or too much into her self, which does not equal a murderer. I keep waiting for my daughter to change and act more mature, but I suspect like Darlie it is just who she is. No changing.

"Birthday Party" Footage

The "birthday party" film that was viewed by the jury that made me think that is a killer, showed Darlie dancing on the graves of her son along with other family members, but did not show the hours previous to that scene when Darlie sobbed and grieved over the graves with her husband Darin. Why was the entire footage not shown?

Black Car on Night of Crime

Neighbors saw a black car sitting in front of the Routier home a week before the murders took place. Other neighbors saw that same car leaving the area on the night of the murders.

Missing or Damaged Evidence?

There was talk the police did not protect the evidence as they gathered it, possibly damaging its origins. Is this true? The investigators told the press that the screen was cut from the inside though it was later proven in court to be cut from the outside. Hm? Police investigated this? The investigators took the fifth amendment—what were they afraid to say? You know without doubt they are hiding something. How are law witnesses allowed to take the fifth? On their deathbed will just one of them spill the truth?

Where Was Darin?

When the paramedics arrived at the scene they said that Darin Routier was outside, but Darin was inside trying to save his children, so who was the man they thought was him? It was reported the testimony of the nurses was coached and rehearsed in mock trials by the prosecution prior to their testimony.

Cut in Darlie's Neck

Saying the cut in her neck was 2mm of the carotid sheath but external to the carotid artery was what Darlie's operating surgeons reported, and that the necklace she had on blocked the cut from going deeper, showing the seriousness and unlikelihood that Darlie did or even could have done this herself.

Found Hair

There was a pubic hair found in the living room. Whose? Did debris on the knife in the kitchen get debris on the knife from police in the kitchen investigating the murder, or did it come from the screen door?

Darin's Jeans

Darin's jeans had blood on them. Why did no one look into this? (Dear God! He is walking around free, he looks the more guilty of the two!) Sometimes I think children could run this world better. Does nothing enter the court's mind about this? Is it too late because they would be hanging themselves? Are they just that lazy? So they just pick someone so it's over?

Mistakes in the Court Report

The court reporter made mistakes in the manuscript so was there an improper read-back of testimony? Why is prosecution not forced to turn over evidence they have that should be available to both sides? Gee, anyone who watches TV knows this rule.

Reluctance for DNA Testing

WHY? DNA testing could put many of these questions to rest. Why is there such a reluctance to do the testing? Many, such as people interested in writing Darlie's story have come to her side and since then have run into convenience problems seeing her or were simply blocked!

Reasonable Doubt

An Incomplete Picture

Video shows....

Darlie changed hands to slit her throat?

Nurses had two different testimonies.

Claims certain photos were not seen in trial.

Bloody fingerprint not identified.

Missing transcripts from court papers...words changed to change meanings.

It is impossible to believe how much trouble the legal system will go to to make things turn out the way they want. Just knowing the jury did not see this picture is enough to get the woman a new trial, but no. Not only did she lose two children murdered but she cannot get back her youngest son. So one day she may get out and a big settlement. What about the ones who do things like this? Shouldn't they be locked up? I think so!

My View of Her Changed As I Got More Evidence

When I saw Darlie dancing around her children's graves, spraying silly string, laughing and acting so happy I thought, "of course she killed those babies," and I was filled with hate, seeing her acting this way and those babies of hers, murdered and in the ground beneath her.

I can't say that I accept this behavior even now but people are different and I know they are. It still doesn't make them guilty of murder. I really felt so guilty the more I listened, read, and learned. I am not the only one with a change of mind.

With Darlie, what I did not see was the same as what others did not see: Proof. How long will our rotten dirty judicial system keep getting by with having their say, right or wrong and hiding information to make things go the way they want? Why do they continually do this? What I and the jury did not see was Darlie's horrible cut and bruised black arms and hands: defensive wounds, without a doubt.

I have read many true crime books and this is almost a common thing, it has happened so often. The law wants to solve a crime so quickly some idiot decides how it happened and then makes sure it looks that way.

The Elements of Doubt

There are many things missing in this case.

  • Darin's admission of an insurance scam attempt.
  • The screen that was mis-reported as being cut from the inside.
  • Possible improper read-back of testimony to the jury by the court reporter
  • Apparent conflict of interested with the attorney that represented Darlie Routier at trial had an apparent conflict of interest, because he was said to have had a prearrangement with Darin Routier and other family members not to pursue any defense that could implicate Darin. This attorney supposedly stopped key experts for the defense from finishing forensic examinations.
  • The pictures of Darlie's cuts and bruises on her arms which were taken when she was hospitalized the night of the murders.
  • The prosecution's refusal to provide access to any evidence in their custody in the case.
  • No DNA testing.
  • Some writers who have interviewed Darlie Routier have decided to help her fight to get a new trial. Since reporting their opinions on her situation, they report that their ability to visit her has been blocked or made so inconvenient that little can be accomplished.
  • During the trial investigators invoked their Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination during cross examination, preventing the defense from rebutting their testimony. Why? This alone would be reason for disbelief and a new trial!

Was This Just a Witch Hunt?

My take on the case

Wake up. Watch your back. It could be prison, pain, mental, or physical cruelty that Darlie will get them for. The list goes on and they know it, and besides that, people like me who will not let anyone forget how accountable they are and how often.

Look at Jon Benet Ramsey, her justice, her family, her poor mother. All those years with their eyes never looking anywhere but at mourning parents. Now does anyone think of the father, the brother? Does anyone think their lives will ever be normal? How different is this case?

Someone runs in and makes a Great Basil Detective decision and that's it! Look no farther. The whole force there should have been fired. They ruined three peoples' lives and found no justice for Jon Benet. Big surprise.

We know there is no justice and we know it a little more every day. What is wrong with these people put there to protect and help us? Do they need testing? Who are they? Did they come from prisons as someone in California says theirs do? Maybe we should be investigating them. It certainly looks that way.

There are so many and I think I would believe here is a case Darlie has against them for sure. They are covering their butts, with no compassion or interest in finding the true criminal.

They just don't want it found out they were wrong and if they do, they may have to pay big, which someone above them is warning them about. But for them, they should have to pay or go to jail, just like what they have put this woman through. If she is innocent, they are guilty, but what ever happens to them, they have committed a crime and are still committing it right now as far as I am concerned.

I am sure the law would force them to turn over evidence . . . or will it go so long it all just gets lost? We have heard that one too many times, huh? Hopefully their hands will be forced eventually and that is when we should demand true justice. They have no evidence against this woman. She at least deserves a new trial with all the evidence. If she were a rapist she would get it!

Look at that woman's wounds. The jury never did. I am not sure whoever her lawyer was shouldn't be charged. Look at all he failed to bring up or show that jury. Isn't that alone enough for a new trial?

We seem to have either many ignorant or crooked people in this case, and even if Darlie gets her new trial and is proven innocent and compensated (and how is that possible?), these people will never have to pay.

They may give them a vacation with pay until everyone forgets. There is so much of the judicial system in all of America that needs a serious investigation of why they are the way they are and in my opinion, much of America needs a clean sweep.

Some Things This Video Covers

No witness

No motive

Bloody fingerprint reality

Two who say dark wounds not shown

Darin failed polygraph saying he did not stab Darlie

Darlie unaware few minutes that she is even wounded

A must watch!

Darin Describes How Cops Ruin Crime Scene

Compare emotions of each parent as they speak of their sons.

Problems with this case!

Older video but full of reasonable doubt!

Facts for doubt

Doctors and Nurses Have Two Stories

Something to watch a little newer until I can get back with more but claiming here there are more than 30,000 mistakes in trial transcripts and just how close Darlie was to death. Plus some.

Darin says coffee table is bent over. No evidence of this so why does he say this?


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    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 73 minutes ago from US

      Kezzy, you really should do your own article on this. You have so much information and honestly I would love to see it. You can put it together and see what it looks like even if you never publish. Why not try? I will be happy to help if I can answer any questions you might have putting it together.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 93 minutes ago from US

      Sally, I do not mind opposite opinions at all and never have and in fact was almost convinced I could be wrong about Darlie by some but just for a little while. Although I totally disagree with you I think everyone has a right to voice their opinion and welcome it but people can do that without becoming hostile as you have proven.

      I will find the video I am speaking of as soon as I can and label it above so you can have a look at it. It still may not look like a careless cold father to you but it sure does to me and helped form my opinions about Darin as it has others.

      Thanks for stopping back by.

    • profile image

      Sally Dirk 6 hours ago

      Hi Kezzy. I do agree with you, Darin's behavior was odd. I have wondered myself why Darlie would call 911 while Damon was still alive and I have wondered why Darin would do CPR on Devon who was clearly deceased and not go to Damon, who was obviously alive. Waddell testified it was obvious Damon was alive, as he was looking around the room. Waddell also testified he asked Darlie to go to Damon twice and she never did. I am not aware that he also asked Darin to go to Damon, but possible I missed that. So neither parent helps their still alive, but dying child? Very, very weird.

      I do believe its possible Darin didn't know Darlie was hurt initially because she is up, walking around, talking with 911, and relatively coherent. The kids are not - they are lying in pools of blood so Darin's instant reaction would be for his children - assuming he's innocent. And its a big assumption, even for me.

      And oh yes, Darin's demeanor is CREEPY when he talks about his sons' murders. But so is Darlie's. She was thrilled with all of the attention at the graveyard - she invited the media herself and gave a 45 minute interview devoid of any tears or true emotion, stating that the boys had "full" lives. Seriously? What mother of a 5 and 6 year old who watched them brutally murdered would ever say her kids had full lives? My problem with the silly string video is not that they celebrated the birthday at the gravesite or that she sprayed silly string, but how darned HAPPY she looked doing it. Smiling, smacking gum. Darin had the decency to decline her offer to spray the silly string, and he stood there glum with his hands in his pockets. Not Darlie, she was happy to be performing for the cameras.

      Both Darlie and Darin had weird and creepy reactions to their sons' deaths. I find the behavior for both of them dispicable under the circumstances. I have explored this case assuming Darlie is innocent and assuming she is guilty. There are unanswered questions and inconsistencies both ways.

      What I really believe is that there is some key and crucial event or activity that happened during these murders that both Darlie and Darin know but the rest of us do not. Darlie was set to leave Darin - but after this, she stayed with him for 11 years. She was afraid to leave him, lest he tell what he knows. They both know something critical to this case that the rest of us do not know and maybe never will.

    • profile image

      Sally Dirk 2 days ago

      Kezzy - what you say about Darlie Kee and Bryan and the rest is interesting, but totally irrelevant to Darlie's case that was tried with evidence and 12 jurors 20 years ago.

      Darlie Kee may or may not cover for Darin and she may or may not help her daughter, all irrelevant to the facts presented at trial 20 years ago.

      From what I understand, Bryan used to be a Darlie supporter, so maybe he still has a relationship with Darlie Kee, don't know.

      Darlie Kee may be Darlie's spokesperson in public or on these blog posts, but she is certainly not relevant to a court of law. Darlie and her attorneys are doing their best I presume to raise appeals amd free her.

      If there is hard evidence out there Darin did this, then Darlie's lawyers will present that unless darlie tells them not to. Whether darlie Kee wants that to happen or not is irrelevant.

      And by the way, the reason I personally feel Darlie Kee protects Darin - she knows he's not guilty! She may love her daughter but she doesn't want an innocent man to go to jail.

      Pollyanna- thanks as always for running this site and allowing all viewpoints to be shared.

    • HeatherBlaze1959 profile image

      Heather Blaze 3 days ago from Jackson, MS, USA

      I don't think or remember reading anywhere about Darin "practically laughing" about the CPR failure with Devon. He spoke of it many times and almost by rote but still the helpless note was there, almost bewildered. Darlie did not speak of and apparently has no such memories since she did not render any aid that can be directly accounted for. Darlie's mother probably knows she did it but was no mother of the year contender herself and like all mothers everywhere has mother guilt whether real or imagined. I have felt the most sympathy (other than for the boys) for Darlie's mother. I have seen her on video out in extreme heat, rain, etc. during critical points of needed support for anything to do with something that might help Darlie. I have seen genuine tears well in her tired eyes and real pain on her face. Life is complicated and so are relationships and I can't pretend to understand the relationship she has with Darin, but he is her grandson's father. If Darlie Kee knew Darlie was guilty but felt it was not her fault (she was pushed beyond her limits, etc.) and wanted to save her from execution, as her mother she would probably do all that she has done for Darlie while trying to maintain a civil relationship with Darin. After all, Devon and Damon were gone and sending Darin to jail would have deprived Drake of his father's support, income and love all of these growing years and they are none of them moneybags. She could even hate Darin and still see the need for civility for Drake's sake. I have spent many years reviewing this case and it always comes back to Darlie. If anything I think Darin was a lousy husband, sketchy provider and a sex maniac. Some say he was really mean to Darlie about her looks flagging after the 3rd child and people knew it. They were living in a house of cards and it was about to come tumbling down. I think Darin went at her, she went at him and then in the most depressing, dark time of night lost her complete marbles sitting there thinking about all of it. She was known to have a huge temper. People of limited intellect (Darlie) frequently see their children as possessions, ie: I brought you in this world, I'll take you out of it, kind of thing. I can find nothing to show me Darlie is innocent. I do feel sympathy for her somehow though and real sympathy for her mother and remaining son.

      I believe Cindy Black was Darin's HS GF.

      With regard to Bryan St. John aka Eric St. John: I believe the word is that Darlie Kee reached out to him in sympathy once the news broke about his son's arrest only to then later let it be known that she was only kidding around to let him know how what he had treated her felt like (He initially posed as or was a supporter, met with the whole fam, including Darlie apparently?, only to turn on them Fatal Vision Style and decide she was guilty after all. He has turned the screws on them ever since. Hard.). Anyone who has been on any of the Darlie FB sites, or seen his stuff on YouTube will know him as someone to avoid at all costs. He only wants to harangue, not really discuss.

      He has also been involved in feuds with people that went off line and caused problems on both sides. That is all I know of him.

    • profile image

      kezy1996 3 days ago

      Pollyannalana: About Bryan and his son. I am totally shocked that  the first words out of Bryans mouth was to blame social services for not stopping his kid from having contact with that child he killed. He went to court today for his first appearance, but from what I understand this was not the first time he assaulted that little boy.

      Bryan was so quick to judge and slander Kee on the internet for the screwed up way Darlie was raised. What Bryan said and did to Darlie on the internet over the past few years was unforgivable to me. How Darlie Kee could contact him and gives her sympathy to him made my skin crawl. Bryan and Darlie Kee are not the victims here. I hope like hell people stop giving money to these losers.

    • profile image

      kezy1996 3 days ago

      Pollyannalana I have been working with a friend who has the same beliefs that I have about Darins guilt. I admit, I don't know Darin personally, or any of the family for that matter, but after I saw those tapes and began looking into Darin the more obsessed and hateful towards Darin I became. Darin figured he was going to get rich off of the movie and book deals. He told many that. I have gotten to the point I cant even watch his videos without becoming ill. The guy makes my skin crawl.

      I am convinced of two things for sure, Darins guilt and Darlie Kee and Darins betrayal of Darlie. It would be a waste of time at this point for me to even try and get through to her because of my feelings of pure disgust towards her mother would just cloud her judgement anyway. That is the very reason Darlie is still in jail today.

      I can say one thing. There is more than enough evidence to prove Darins guilt. We are not going to stop until we find someone to seriously look over the evidence that have found against Darin. Those boys deserve justice and Drake deserves to touch and hug his mother. Darin couldn't even imagine the total damage done here. The money went dry and he moved on.

      I just hope like hell Darlie Kee and Darin don't make anymore money off Darlie and Drake.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 3 days ago from US

      That sure helped turn me against Darin. I didn't see how any parent could talk about a dead child and air blowing out their chest and practically laugh about it.

      I knew nothing about Darlie Kee and Bryan or the son who killed a baby?

      It has always seemed odd to me though the closeness of Darin and Darlie Kee and the lack of help Darlie seems to be getting. Too bad someone important with a voice has not been a part of this. Poor Darlie is all I can say.

    • profile image

      kezy1996 4 days ago

      Sally Dirk : If Darlie was apart of those murders why would she call 911 when the boys were still alive. She wasn't afraid to go near Damon, and she wasn't afraid of what he might say.

      But when it comes to Darin, its a complete different story. Darin deliberately denied both her and Damon any help at all. He gave the police a lame excuse that Damon didn't have a pulse, which we know was a lie, then he said he didn't know Darlie was hurt. Read her statement, she says she told Darin as soon as she saw him. Yet he told the police the reason he didn't help her was because he didn't know she was hurt.

      Darin spent the first three minutes with Devon. Read his statements and watch his interviews. Darin said Devon was dead when he first got to him.

      Waddell told Darin to go over and help Damon, but what does Darin do, he steps right past Damon and goes back over to Devon. Waddell knew Devon was dead, he said he didn't understand why Darin went over to Devon and not Damon. Imagine what Waddell would have thought if he knew that the cpr Darin did on Devon was a complete fake, a show just to deceive him and make Darin look like he was actually trying to help his family. We know now 20 years later that Darin used Devons body to deceive both Waddell and Darlie. Didn't you ever wonder why he lit up with joy and excitement everytime he got the chance to tell the reporters or tv producers all the gory details of how he tried to save his son Devon and how the blood spurted out? What the hell kind of parent does that? Show me one parent that is innocent that has ever acted that way.

      They talk about the silly string tape and Darlies behavior, is that really as horrible as Darins behavior?

    • profile image

      kezy1996 5 days ago

      Sally Dirk: I don't know if you have kept up on the news, but Darlie Kee contacted Bryan St John after his son was charged with killing that 2 year old baby. I was shocked and sick to my stomach at what Darlies mother did. That woman has no loyalty to anyone. She gave her sympathy to Bryan after everything he did to that family and to Darlie, she sucked up to him because he never went after Darin. How sickening and pathetic is that?

      Bryan cursed Darlie Kee out about her parenting skills, and basically blamed her for Darlie apparently killing her kids, and there those two pathetic parents, if you want to call them that, come to each others defence after another innocent child is murdered. Give me a break. Darlie Kee and Bryan st John are going to milk every dime they can out of the death of these babies. Makes me sick, absolutely sick.

      What you don't understand is Darlie hasn't had a voice. She has relied on her mother to reach out, and what did her mother do. She defended Darin knowing all the evidence against him and she has done nothing for her own daughter.

    • profile image

      kezzy1996 5 days ago

      I search the internet mostly

    • profile image

      Sally Dirk 5 days ago

      Kezzy- you are definitely very passionate and that is a good thing.

      You mentioned that Darlie's attorney and the prosecution never looked at Darin, but that's not true. The prosecution absolutely looked at Darin. In fact, I saw an interview with Greg Davis that happened about a year-and-a-half ago and he specifically said that the investigators and the prosecution, himself included, were convinced that Darin knows more than he's saying. They just didn't have the evidence to prove it. Greg Davis said that directly himself. So the prosecution absolutely believed that Darin was either involved or complicit in helping Darlie cover up this crime.

      I do agree with you that Darin knows more than he is saying and that Darin may have been involved in this crime.

      Where my opinion differs from yours is that I firmly believe that Darlie was also involved in this crime. Many of the reasons for that were listed by Shaun Edmonds. My primary reason is that if this were done for insurance money Darlie would be as dead as Devon and Damon with deep stab wounds, not a quarter inch slash.

      Additionally, it's been pretty well established that Darlie herself told Mulder that he was not allowed to pursue Darin. It was one of the reasons darlie fired her original two court appointed attorneys, because they wanted to go after Darin. And she wouldn't allow it. Darlie has repeatedly, even to this day, stated that the Intruder was absolutely, positively NOT Darin. So if you truly believe Darin did it, you must also believe that Darlie is either lying or purposely covering up for him.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 6 days ago from US

      I wish I could find anything new to read on this. Where do you go to find anything kezy?

    • profile image

      kezy1996 7 days ago

      lindaf3: You know, I don't see how they could convict Bryan St Johns son when the media gets a hold of the videos Bryan has on youtube of how he treats his own children on camera. Maybe this will stop him from lying and abusing Darlie all over the internet. Maybe some truth can come out about Darlie instead of being blacked out by Bryan and his hateful followers.

    • profile image

      kezy1996 7 days ago

      lindaf3: I can not believe what I am seeing. I have posted many time about Bryans threats on the internet, and his abusive behavior towards his children. For him to even accuse Darlie of such a crime when he cant even clear himself.

      If Bryan St. John treated his older son the same way he treats his younger children child services needs to step in and put a stop to what is going on in his home. Bryan did a very long interview with Darins employee, the one who slandered Darlie in court. He is there swearing, talking murder, and pushing his hungry child away. At the end of the video, over an hour later, he tells Darins employee he has to go because he needs to feed his kid. When is someone going to step in. I can't imagine what goes on in that home when we aren't looking. He needs to stop the abuse of everyone he comes into contact with, including Darlie Routier

    • profile image

      kezy1996 7 days ago

      polly: The diet pill Darlie was on was taken off the market, it caused drowsiness and a number of other side affects. But the reason I believe she had to of drugged is because her blood pressure never rose at all. She should have been over the roof, but it was normal. I don't believe you can fake those types of body functions, not unless you are and expert at it. There is over whelming evidence Darlie was drugged. Why didn't she cry in pain ever throughout those entire 6 minutes? police definitely got it wrong and they need to give Darlie a new trial, let the jury hear all the evidence against Darin.

      I heard that Darin cheated on Darlie with the girl he is with now. They need to check Darin out. I can see why now his new girlfriend is chosing to ignore all the evidence against Darin. SHE HAS KNOWN ALL ALONG

    • profile image

      kezzy1996 12 days ago

      lindaf3: Did you notice who comes to shoot you down even though you show proof of his guilt. That's the whole bunch of stalkers that go to Darins defence.

      What you will notice is they never bring any proof of what they claim.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 12 days ago from US

      Kezzy- Actually diet pills I believe would raise blood pressure acting as caffeine or having it in it or whatever, so it would be really odd that it was not elevated.

    • profile image

      michelle 12 days ago

      I stopped reading your article after I read "she had no mental illnesses". She admitted to the detectives that she had been suffering from Postpartum depression, something that alot of mother murders have suffered from. The evidence that she did it is overwhelming. If anyone else has any doubt watch the TV show Dead Again. They go through the investigation and explain throughly why the evidence points only to her. There's no way you could see this and have any doubt it wasn't her. The episode is called "Lost Innocence", I watched it for free by streaming it online.

    • profile image

      lindaf3 13 days ago from Amsterdam, The Netherlands


      Q. Once you were in the bathroom, did you 15 get cleaned up? 16 A. Yes, sir, I did. I washed all of the 17 blood off of my face, off of my hands and off of my 18 mouth, and I had this real iron -- real dry taste in my 19 mouth. 20 Q. Okay. And you got a towel or a 21 washcloth? 22 A. Yeah, I got a towel and I washed it 23 off, and I even had some on my back, and on my shoulder, 24 and on my chest. 25 Q. Okay. In your hair? Sandra M. Halsey, CSR, Official Court Reporter 4312

      1 A. In my hair. On my glasses, and on my 2 face. 3 Q. You put on his T-shirt? 4 A. Yes, sir.

      1) CLEAN UP


    • profile image

      lindaf3 13 days ago from Amsterdam, The Netherlands

      "I continued to meet with Mr.Mulder in August 1996. During one of the meetings I had with Mr.Mulder, he told me that the court-appointed attorneys in my Wife's case Wayne Huff and Douglas Parks , had confided in him that they were going to try and portray ME AS THE PERSON GUILTY OF THE MURDER OF MY SONS DAMON AND DEVON, because they thought that I had something to do with the death of my sons.

      ""I TOLD MR.MULDER THAT IF WE HIRED HIM,I DID NOT WANT HIM TO GET AFTER ME.. And Mr. Mulder agreed, if we hired to represent my wife, he would not argue as part of the defense that I was in any way responsible for the death of my children""......................................

    • profile image

      kezzy1996 13 days ago

      Polly: You know another thing that bothers me to no end. The medics took Darlies blood pressure and it was normal. How is it possible that this was not brought up by Mulder at all? It may have been possible for Darlie to fake her behavior on the outside but there is no way she could have faked that blood pressure test.

      Not only that for almost 6 minutes, Darlie doesn't cry, she complain about being in pain, she doesn't freak out like someone would with injuries like that.

      They did blood tests, but only basic ones. I know certain drugs have to be specifically tested for using a different method. Those rape drugs control a persons vitals, that is how the perp is able to control them.

      Mulder didn't even go into detail about this. Mulder knew he couldn't open that can of worms because Darin was the only person that could have drugged Darlie. I believe that black car that was seen near Darins home was someone Darin bought the drugs from. I believe that person never came forward because he couldn't. What would he have said, Oh, yea, that was me I was scoping the place out, and dropped off a rape drug. Darin saw that car right when he got home from work. Don't you find that strange. Then Basia and her mother leave right away and they also see this car speeding away. Then Basia just happens to show up at the Routier home right after the murders. She doesn't tell the police she knew about Darins plans for the home robbery, not one word. What she does bring up though is this strange black car. It took Basia 20 years to come forward and admit that she knew about Darins plans. She had to know that information would have helped Darlie, but she stayed silent all those years

    • profile image

      kezzy1996 13 days ago

      Hi Polly: I read that too, but what I understood was Mulder once had Davis job, I don't recall reading anything about Mulder being on the prosecution side unless it was another article you saw.

      You what I am wondering about. This was apparently a murder, possible suicide attempt according to the prosecution. Darlie had no financial gain obviously from killing her boys so why would she stage the crime scene to make it look as though it was an attempted robbery/rape. If she bitter and angry why would Darlie stage that crime scene to make sure Darin got a huge payout on her death. If she was angry she wouldn't looking out for Darins best interest after the crime. It makes no sense what so ever.

      I don't believe it was Darlies idea to cover up the fight they had the night before, I believe Darin expressed to Darlie his concerns that he would be the prime suspect if she didn't back him up.

      That explains all the other things Darin got Darlie to say just to make him look good.

      The reason the prosecution never came up with a reasonable explanation for the sock in the alley is because there wasn't any.

      They claimed there was no blood in the garage, but there was blood right beside Darins runners. The same runners that left fibers on the sock in the alley. The prosecution even tried to say that Darlie put Darins shoes on to go down the alley. Why the hell would she put his shoes on if she was in a hurry. The more I read into this the more upset I become. I have no idea why Mulder would have protected Darin knowing all the evidence that proved his guilt.

      There is no way in hell they could have convicted Darlie if they had been told about the evidence the other lawyers uncovered about Darin. Mulder never investigated Darin. Can you imagine how things may have turned out if Mulder had actually done his job?

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 13 days ago from US

      Kezzy - I have had this here for years now and am foggy on some things but did I read that Mulder was on a prior trial or hearing on the prosecution side against Darlie? Did I dream that? Can you refresh my memory about whatever that was?

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 13 days ago from US

      I agree Kezzy, it is just conjecture on my part but I believe Darin lead a distraught mother (Darlie) to believe and say many things and since no one was looking after Darlie but him who knows how all he may have done it. You would think in all this time Darlie may have figured this out but we must remember the trauma she has been living in all her adult life.

      When she needed someone desperately...he is all she had! Maybe he became her memory and her instigator to make her say the crazy things she did.

    • profile image

      kezzy1996 13 days ago

      Polly: I have never seen a capital crime where the lawyers never brought any reasonable doubt. Darlies lawyer brought no evidence to back up an intruder theory even though there was evidence that could have been brought to trial to back up this theory.

      Even if they didn't go after Darin the jury should have seen all the evidence. Darin had already done an insurance scam and got paid out on it. He hired someone to the crime. This would have definitely opened the eyes to the jury for reasonable doubt.

      How could the court refuse her a new trail based on the lack of proper council. There was over whelming evidence out there that could have gotten reasonable doubt and Mulder didn't investigate any part or avenue of this case before it went to trial. Had he investigated some of the witnesses the jury would have heard about the black car and Mulder would have had information to back up that theory. Mulders hands were tied because his loyalty was split between Darlie and Darin, but there no indication that Mulder even made the slightest attempt to prove Darlies innocence. There was very little evidence that Mulder could bring into trial where it didn't directly implicate Darin.

      Darlie does deserve a new trail, but if she again refuses to show the jury the evidence against Darin to the jury, this will just be another failed trail. Its the whole injustice of this entire case that is so outrageous.

    • profile image

      kezzy1996 2 weeks ago

      Jake I suppose you believe Casey Anthony is innocent?

    • profile image

      kezzy1996 2 weeks ago

      Pollyannalana: I do believe Darlie was drugged. She had no memory. All the classic signs of someone who had been drugged. There is no way that she could have been that dazed when she had only been asleep for a short time.

      I know for a fact that certain drugs have to be specially tested for. The tests on Darlie were basic testing, they were not searching for the rape drug.

      The fact that Darin didn't have anything to do with Darlie or Damon for those first 6 minutes proved to me he was avoiding them. Darin was filling in Darlies memories. I felt like he knew she didn't remember what happened.

      He told her he took her out to the porch, but he didn't, he told here he handed Drake to her, but he didn't. There were many statements that Darlie made that came from Darin. The table falling over, that wasn't Darlie that was Darin.

      I can understand some people having doubts if there was just a couple of suspicious things, but there wasn't it just became more and more obvious.

    • profile image

      kezzy1996 2 weeks ago

      Pollyannalana You are right about that. I must listened to that call 100 times or more. What really bothered me was Darin never looked for the intruder. He was suppose to be doing cpr on Devon, but Darin kept bringing up the intruder over and over again, but he never looked for him at all. Darin never asked the question why, he only asked the who He never asked where they went either I believe its because Darin already knew the answer.

      Darlie is heard on that call getting upset with Darin telling him it wasn't a robbery. Darin was first trying to convince the operator and then when police arrived Darin didn't say help my kids or anything. Darin only speaks of the intruder, what they took.

      Darlie had to get mad at Darin towards the end of the call because he wouldn't quit about the intruder or attempted robbery. To me it was so obvious the concern wasn't for his family it was to make sure the police believed it was a stranger who entered his home.

    • profile image

      kezzy1996 2 weeks ago

      No I cant say the model or make of the black car. All I was stating is that Darin kept bringing that car up long before that other woman. He even said he saw it on the 5th. If he was so worried about this car why didn't he report it. And why didn't he bring his 5 and 6 year old son into the house or at least supervise them. He was bringing that car up, building up to robbery scam. He made sure that nutball employee of his was right there to bring that car up. She failed to tell the officer she knew about the planned robbery. She stayed silent believing she was going to get a part in Darins business.

    • profile image

      kezzy1996 2 weeks ago

      Pollyannalana: I never intended on targeting Darin. If you read the testimony in court where Davis is questioning Darin it all speaks for itself. I believe Davis knew Darin was guilty. He had him cornered over the cpr on Devon, on the windows. On his lies about why he didn't help Damon its shocking and sickening to read. It is worth it to have a look at the writ from Richard Burr, and if you skip past to the questioning Davis did with Darin it all speaks for itself. I have no idea how the hell he ever charged Darlie for that crime.

      I have never said Darlie Kee was part of the crime, but I will say there is no way in hell she couldn't have known about Darins guilt No way.

      During questioning Darlie is being screamed at, they are telling her Darlie there is only two suspects here you and that intruder. In the meantime Davis knew Darins guilt and he still went after Darlie.

      What amazes me is Darlies lawyer never spoke up once to try and show the jury that there was another suspect. One who was there, had motive and more than enough opportunity.

      I never read once where Darlie ever said she saw Darin come out of that room. She was bullied into protecting Darin. I am absolutely sure of that.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 2 weeks ago from US

      Kezzy - I have mulled over Darin saying "They took..." many times and many here claimed they could not make that out. But to me it was as if he was going to say what they took and looked and saw it was still there!

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 2 weeks ago from US

      As I have said many times Heather, if in fact Darlie did kill her boys (and I do not believe so) she should have been tried on a mental technicality. She would have been treated and freed long ago or perhaps we may have learned the truth through her hypnosis or some other means.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 2 weeks ago from US

      There are always trouble makers kezzy and I have sure had my share here but i take it one comment at a time. I will look over them all and they had better be pertinent and not abrasive to me or other commentators.

      Yeah, I have been accused more than a few times of coming in as someone else. I hardly have time to come in as myself! Let them think what they want and don't worry I won't let anyone be intimidating but to a point. Of course I cannot stop what they do somewhere else but I rule here. Whether they like it or not.

    • profile image

      Jake 2 weeks ago

      Darlie is right where she belongs...on death row. She's a lying, murdering psycho who murdered her own children. The only injustice in this case is that those children never had a chance to experience life, while their murderer, although behind bars, is still living hers. THAT'S injustice!

    • profile image

      kezzy1996 2 weeks ago

      I would like to bring up some facts about the 911 call. Through that entire 5 minutes and 44 seconds you only hear Darin say once something to the affect of getting help for his boys.

      If you go through that entire 911 call you can hear Darin over and over bringing up the intruder. You can also hear Darlie getting upset with Darin, telling him it was not a robbery.

      Darin is even heard twice bringing up about where the intruder ran and what he took. Darin said his concern was for the boys and getting the officer to help his children, but that is not what is heard on that 911 call.

    • profile image

      Bryan StJohn 2 weeks ago


      25 hours ago

      The black car always bothered me. It bothered me that Darlie never spread the rumors of the suspicious black car, she didn't even bring it up that day. I always felt that the person that drove that car and seemed to be hanging around that house knew the family. I also believe if this was a stranger and it was all innocent as to why they had been seen around the home they would have come forward years ago to explain what they were doing around that home. Its then that I thought the person may have been there to deliver drugs or just to raise suspicion to deceive the police into believing the crime was a robbery. To this day that person driving that car never came forward.

      The Black car rumor came from Nelda Watts a neighbor across the street its in testimony

      Kezzy can you tell us what make and model black car it was and the plate number???

      FACT..darlie and darin installed a really nice water fountain with great lighting in thier front yard neighbors testified that many poeple would slow down at that turn too look at the fountain..nothing uncommon about people slowing to look at that I mean thats why it was there for LOOKs it cost them 6000 Bucks to put that in thier yard I would be pissed of no one slowed to look at it

      Also Eagle drive goes to a dead end street then a large feild to Darlock..... many folks Including myself when I was there would choose that Alley behind thier house to turn around to go out down Eagle and Linda Vista Nothing uncommon about u turns

    • HeatherBlaze1959 profile image

      Heather Blaze 2 weeks ago from Jackson, MS, USA

      Thanks Kezzy1996 for managing to answer me whilst you were under siege. I can tell you are passionate about this case. It would not be too far off to say I too am a tad obsessed with this case. The thought Darlie could be innocent on death row is just too horrifying to contemplate. They do seem to have her in a grip that shows no signs of loosening. I am of the thought that if she did do it she was completely distraught and not in control of herself at all. I do hope they either come up with new evidence that would exonerate her, retry her or commute her sentence to life. She was very young, seemed to have a fiery temper and hormones were raging from recent childbirth and may have flipped, perhaps having intended to kill herself. I am afraid I am not seeing anything that will help her. One thing about Darin: has anyone ever mentioned him having a temper? If he was the murderous stay cool and strike deadly type then he sure was a bumbler. And a question: have you or anyone else reading been able to verify that she lied to Darin at a party they were at when the attention was not on her (she was very young at the time I believe) and said she was attacked outside the venue or whatever? Also, if she was in fact molested as a young girl or whatever then those damages to our psyche' always surface eventually. Somewhere. Somehow. I do think Darin is creepy. I think he plays that good old country boy act all the way to the bank. I don't think he is nearly as smart as he thinks he is and I used to wonder why they couldn't trip him up. I now think they never tried. They were so convinced of Darlie's guilt they let him walk. That WOULD explain the constant gee whiz wth just happened look he always seemed to have. I just don't know. Argggg. And then, there were 2 boys that in the frenzied stampede tend to get overlooked. In death penalty cases I guess the answer to that would be the accused is still alive and don't compound the tragedy by killing them too? No winners here either way. Sad.

    • profile image

      kezzy1996 2 weeks ago

      04:35:12 Darin Routier ...they took (unintelligible) ...they ran (unintelligible)...

      I can not stress this enough. Darin has only spoken up about this intruder. He said he asked officer Waddell to help his son and he refused. We know right here Darin was lying about that. During this entire 911 call all Darin has focused on is proving to the 911 operator and the police that there was an intruder in the home, and he stole from them. It was not Darlie who kept bringing up the intruder, it was Darin. Right up to this point Darin never asks why, and he never searched for him at all.

      05:19:09 Darlie Routier ...somebody who did it intentionally walked in here and did it Darin...

      Darin is obvioiusly talking to the officer. Darin doesnt ask the officer to help him, or to help his boys. The only thing Darin has ever talked about during this 911 call was the intruder. He is trying to tell the officer they took and they ran. Darlie is upset and annoyed at this point with Darins insistance that this was an attempted robbery.

      05:23:05 Darlie Routier ...there's nothing touched... 05

      05:25:13 Darlie Routier ...there's nothing touched...

      Darin knows Darlie is on the phone with 911 trying to get help and Darin just keeps forcing the intruder issue. He hasnt asked for help for anyone at all any time. He is fixated on the intruder and items he may have taken. Darlie is upset, she knows this was not a robbery, she knows they tried to kill her and her boys, and Darin does not comment at all about this, he sticks with the intruder robbery theory through this entire 911 call.

      It was at the end of the 911 call that Darin goes over to karens. Darin admitted he knew Devon was dead, yet he spent the first three minutes with him, and when he finally got up from Devon, he didnt go to help Damon and Darlie, He ran past them both and he went upstairs.

      Darin claimed his wallet had been moved in his room, indicating that the intruder had aslo been upstairs, but Darin doesnt grab his 7 month old baby from the crib as he flees the room, he leaves the boy there crying.

      Darin runs down stairs and runs out the front door right into Waddell. He comes back in and again he walks right past his son Damon. He goes over to Devon, who he knew died several minutes later and he does this horrific cpr on him in front of officer Waddell. Officer Waddell said that Darin blocked his view at first, and when he finally got to see what was going on Darin was doing this cpr on Devon, while Damon was fighting for his life.

      Officer Walling then showed up and the medics were outside. Darin fled from that home and he ran over to karens.

      When he got to karens he was telling her the boys were stabbed and he needed help. Darin knew the medics and the police were already in the home when he ran over to karens. Testimony from the medics said Darin was standing in the living room. One of them even said Darin was blocking their way of getting help to Damon.

      Darin did go over to karens and he brought her back, but Darin then claims he went into the home and he brought Drake to Darlie and he took Darlie out to the porch, he also said he helped put her on the stretcher. His version of this part of the story doesnt match anyone elses. The medics said when they were tending to Darlie Darin was standing in the front yard.

      Its all these inconsistancies and lies with Darins story that has brought me to believe he was guilty.

      Darin said it was Darlie who noticed the missing panties, but it wasnt Darlie who noticed it was Darin who brought it up. If he didnt help her onto the stretcher than how did he know her panties were even missing?

      Darin made up many stories to try and make it look as though he helped his family but when you go through the 911 call and all the testimony there is absolutely no evidene that Darin ever tried to help any of the living victims.

      Darin spent the first three minutes with Devon knowing he was dead.

      He spent the next minutes going upstairs and then running out the front door.

      Darin went over to karens and he washed up in her bathroom. I dont believe that a person in shock has the sense to clean up evidence. Even with Darin doing that, they still found blood evidence on his pants that proved he had to be right there when the boys were stabbed. Darin didnt go near Damon, so how did he get that blood spatter on his pants.

    • profile image

      kezzy1996 2 weeks ago

      I know I keep harping about the cpr, but I want to try and let people why I feel the way I do.

      911 TRANSCRIPT

      Recorded by The Rowlett Police Department June 6, 1996.

      Darin claims that he came out of his room and ran down the stairs, he says he pushes past Darlie and immediately goes right over to Devon.

      00:15:03 Darlie Routier ...hurry... (unintelligible)...

      Up to this point Darlie is moving from the kitchen heading back to the boys. Darin hasnt gotten over to Devon yet. Darin has always said that he ran down the stairs and went right over to Devon. This proves without doubt that Darin was not wiht Darlie before she dialed 911. Had they investigated Darin they would have known he was lying about pushing Darlie away at the bottom the stairs. To further prove that Darlie was not there when Darin appeared is the lack of blood evidence near the stairs. This one word Hurry being said by Darlie proves that Darin has not yet reached Devon. She is just on her way back to the boys.

      00:30:12 Darin Routier ...(unintelligible)...

      This is the first time Darin is heard speaking. We dont hear what he is saying, but Darlies response tells us what Darin said.

      00:35:20 Darlie Routier ...(unintelligible) thought he was dead ...oh my God...

      This is the copy of the transcript that was in the courts. Darlie never made this statement here. She screamed out about Devon being dead, she does not say I thought he was dead.

      00:39:08 Darin Routier ...(unintelligible)...

      00:39:29 Darlie Routier ...I don't even know (unintelligible)...

      Darin never asks where the intruder went, he never goes after him. Darin continuously asks Darlie who throughout the entire 911 call. There is no screaming for help.

      00:42:23 Darin Routier ...(unintelligible)..

      Darin is supposed to be giving cpr to Devon, yet he is carrying on a conversation with Darlie.

      00:43:15 Darlie Routier ...I don't even know (unintelligible)...

      Again, Darin is heard asking for help for his children, he doesnt ask where he went or even why someone would have done this. Darin only asks Darlie who, over and over again.

      00:40:10 Darin Routier ...(unintelligible)...

      Again, Darin is supposed to be giving cpr to his son, but he is still carrying on a conversation with Darlie.

      00:55:06 Darlie Routier ...oh my God ...what do we do...

      Darlie is clearly asking for help, guidence on how to help her boys. There is no response from Darin at all on how she can help her son Damon. We already know that Darin never left Devons side for over three minutes.

      01:07:08 Darlie Routier ...Damon ...hold on honey...

      01:08:11 Darin Routier ...(unintelligible)...

      We know right here that Darlie is talking to Damon, we also know that Devon is gone, he was gone when Darin first got to him.

      01:10:10 Darin Routier ...(unintelligible)...

      There is only one time during this 911 call where Darin raises his voice and sounds upset. Only once he asks where they are. This is right at the start of the 911 call.

      01:10:10 Darin Routier ...(unintelligible)...

      Darin is still with Devon, he still hasnt asked where they went or why they did it.

      01:11:28 Darlie Routier ...I saw them Darin..

      Darin has asked who several times by this point, Darlie is telling him she saw someone

      01:12:21 Darin Routier ...oh my God ...(unintelligible) ...came in here...

      Darin is supposed to be trying to save Devon. He hasnt gone to look for the intruder. He is talking about the intruder, I believe to make sure the operator knows and hears there was a stranger in that home. He has not left Devon side but still carries on a conversation with Darlie.

      01:16:26 SOUND ...(unintelligible)...

      Again Darin is asking for help for the boys, he is supposed to be working on his son Devon but he is again asking Darlie who. this has been Darins sole concern, so why didnt he look for the person, and why didnt he ask why. He has never asked why.

      01:24:20 Darlie Routier ...Darin ...I don't know who it was...

      Darin has resorted to harrasing Darlie on the who. He has one son dead and the other dying and the only thing Darin has talked about is the intruder. Why doesnt this strike anyone else as strange? He only asks who, not where he went or why they might have done it.

      01:32:08 Darin Routier ...(unintelligible)...

      How does someone do cpr and carry on a conversation with another person.?

      01:41:21 Darlie Routier ...what ...what ...what...

      This tells me Darin is interupting Darlies call to 911, he doesnt seem to appear to want to help her get help to the boys.

      01:48:03 Darlie Routier ...(unintelligible) do you want honey ...hold on

      02:16:11 Darin Routier ...(unintelligible)...

      02:20:15 Darlie Routier ...hold on honey ...hold on...

      02:23:08 Darlie Routier ...hold on...

      We know at this point Darlie has continued to talk to Damon. Darin knows at this point Damon is alive because Darlie is talking to him.

      02:32:15 Darlie Routier ...Karen ...(unintelligible)...

      We know Darin has not gone over to karens, it doesnt appear Darin is right there with Darlie.

      02:38:11 Darlie Routier husband he just ran downstairs ...he's helping me ...but they're dying ...oh my God ...they're dead...

      Darin claimed that he came downstairs and then Darlie went to get the phone. She is asked about Darin, she doesnt say he was there with her, she says he just came down stairs. This also confirms to me that he didnt arrive until after she dialed 911.

      02:46:06 Darin Routier ...(unintelligible)...

      03:13:09 Darin Routier ...(unintelligible)...

      Darin claimed that he stopped and checked Damon on his way upstairs and he got no pulse. There is no sign what so ever to prove Darin stopped at Damons body. We also know for a fact that Darin lied about Damon not having a pulse. What is even more shocking is a person is given cpr because they have stoped breathing. Over three minutes have passed and Darin has only been with Devon this entire time, when he finally leaves that boys side, he does not go over to help Damon and Darlie, he rushes upstairs for what ever reason before police enter the home.

      In Darins police statement he said he ran upstairs at this time to put his pants on, but we know Darin was also lying about that. We were never told what the real reason was for Darin going upstairs so urgently before police entered the house.

      03:18:20 Darin Routier ...what...

      Darin says in his police statement he goes upstairs at this point. But in his police statement Darin claims that the police and medics are coming through the door as he is going upstairs. We know for a fact this is not true. Walling has not yet arrived. Waddell is out front sitting in his car at this time.

      03:30:27 SOUND ...(dog barking)...

      This is the first time the dog is heard barking. This proves to me that Darins bedroom door was closed right up to this point. Meaning Darin didnt emerge out of his room when Darlie first called 911. This is why i believe that Darin was in the dining room and not upstairs as he claimed. The lack of blood evidence near the stairs also proves that Darlie didnt go near those stairs to call for Darin, and Darin didnt push past Darlie when he first came down as he alleged.

      03:45:19 Police Officer ...look for a rag...

      03:59:29 Darin Routier ...(unintelligible) phone is right there...

      According to Darins police statement, he has denied running into Waddell in the front yard. Darin claims he went upstairs and then ran out the front door just as police and medics arrived. This proves right here that Darin didnt go over to karens as he claimed. Mr. Gorsuch and Waddell both had that same story, They both said Darin came back into the home and did that cpr in front of Waddell.

      Darin stated that he knew Devon was already dead before he went over to karens. But now we know he lied about going to karens at this time, so this proves to me that Darin intentionally took Devons body to decieve that officer. We know up to this point Darin had already spent the first three minutes with Devon, telling Darlie he was doing cpr on him.

    • profile image

      kezzy1996 2 weeks ago

      Polly: I would really like to know why Bryan St John and Sclemmons have crossed over to the other hub pages just to insult the viewers on these blogs.

      Bryan and Sclemmons have accused lindaf3 and me of being Polly and writing all those posts. Now they have crossed over from their failed blog to stalk and insult the viewers and supporters of these sites.

      There is something seriously wrong with those two.

      Sclemmons posted that Darlie lied in at least 8 statements. For weeks now I have asked for proof of that and I have yet to see anything. My postings aren't just based on my personal opinion. I looked into those facts and I compared different statements just to make sure I didn't call them liars unless they were liars.

      Darin claimed Darlie was his alibi, but the 911 call proves without any doubt to anyone that Darlie was not anywhere near those stairs when Darin appeared. Darin is lying when he said he pushed past her to get to Devon. Look at the blood map evidence and testimony. Darlie never went near those stairs. The police didn't even bother to check this out. They knew Darlie has memory loss because she was saying that Darin handed her Drake, and he helped her out to the porch, and he put her on the stretcher and that's when he noticed her missing panties. Darin didn't do any of those things. He just filled in the memories of Darlies lost memories and nobody picked up on that.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 2 weeks ago from US

      I certainly would never suggest Darlie Kee had any part in the murder of her grandsons. I only question her loyalty to Darin who I, along with many others, see him as the guilty party whether he committed the act or not. Too many reasons to suspect him more than Darlie and since DK knows her daughter didn't do it why would she not consider all the reasons as Kezzy has brought up why it mightn't be Darin?

    • profile image

      kezzy1996 2 weeks ago

      The black car always bothered me. It bothered me that Darlie never spread the rumors of the suspicious black car, she didn't even bring it up that day. I always felt that the person that drove that car and seemed to be hanging around that house knew the family. I also believe if this was a stranger and it was all innocent as to why they had been seen around the home they would have come forward years ago to explain what they were doing around that home. Its then that I thought the person may have been there to deliver drugs or just to raise suspicion to deceive the police into believing the crime was a robbery. To this day that person driving that car never came forward.

    • profile image

      Bryan StJohn 2 weeks ago

      Kezzy calls my suggestion that she back off Darlie Kee a threat.... and as far as stalking..MY name has been on this hub for years Kezzy came to where I was already at Also keep in mind that she subscribed to me on you tube and I BLOCKED it she told me she didnt know she was subscribing...but you actually have to go to someones page to attempt to subscribe so apparantly she stalks her stalker AGain I suggest you back off Darlie Kee she has been here on this hub longer then you Kezzy have some respect!

    • profile image

      Bryan StJohn 2 weeks ago

      "First of all there is something seriously wrong with a mother who introduces her 15 year old daughter to her boss. I am not afraid to call her what I think she is. And further more, any mother who stands by and stays with a man she knows molested her child is not a mother in my eyes.

      I have children, and I have a daughter, and older daughter. I would never have even dreamed of introducing her to anyone at 15 let alone my boss. So you go ahead and forward those messages you pathetic piece of garbage"

      Polly look at me Harassing Kezzy i should be ashamed of myself huh LOL

      Darlie Kee introduced Darin to Darlie when he was 18 and she was 15, Darin did not turn out to be a bad father and husband to Darlie JR..I see nothing wrong with her introducing her daughter to a good man who would provide for her and he family TO This Day Darin is a successful businessman..

      Again I have never seen a supporter do this to Darlie Kee and I feel a need to defend her as I do all victims....

    • profile image

      Bryan StJohn 2 weeks ago

      Heather in Kezzys defense Mulder did a Crappy job in defending Darlie for the 250 gs he was paid... he could have done way better for her...Mulder was previously In Greg Davis Job as a prosecutor for Dallas County under Henry Wade ( famous for The Lee Harvey Oswald interrogation)

      Mulder felt with the evidence he had to work with against Darlie would be to cast reasonable doubt for her and hope for a hung jury,the only way he could do that is shift suspicion onto Darin.make the jury think well he could have done it..thats the way he wanted to play this case..he was told by Darlie kee and darin that he was NOT to implicate Darin so he lacked the case since he couldnt work it the way he wanted

      Darlie Never filed ineffective counsel on her lawyers NOT One of them and I belive there were around 8 in 20 years

      Kezzy is correct IMHO Mulder knew he couldnt win and didnt even try

    • profile image

      kezzy1996 2 weeks ago

      Bryan StJohn 10 hours ago

      1. why did Darin lie about Damon having no pulse, when he was alive several minutes later when medics arrived.

      he didn't lie about a pulse he said he didn't feel a pulse which is logical due to the severity of the situation.Damon lost alot of blood his pressure was low Darin may not have felt it..its not a lie


      2. why did Darin lie about not knowing Darlie was injured. Darlie said in her statement she told Darin right away she had been cut.

      He said at one point she didnt even know she was injured and was only worried about the boys not herself It wouldnt do him any good to LIE about her injury when she shows up later with a wound sewed up on her throat now would it?


      3. why didnt Darin help either one of the living victims.

      Darin gave more help then Darlie did he tried CPR he went to find a Nurse darlie sat down with a rag to her own wound on the phone


      4. why did Darin lie about when he went to karens

      he didnt he went to Karens to get help


      5. Why did Darin drastically change his appearance just before he went on trial. Why did he chang the length of his hair so it didnt match the length of the intruders.

      LOL thats ridiculous..... OK OK OK Umm because he didnt want his wife of ten year to recognize him LOL This is just ignorant IN fact Darlie was complaning about how HER Hair LOOKED In court and demanded to have it done The Judge couldnt belive it but her granted it...was she trying NOT too look like the real victim bah hahahahaha


      5. why didnt Darin go over to help Damon after he got up and told Waddell it was too late for Devon he was gone.

      Could you post the court transcript where Darin told Wadell that Devon was GONE??? No you cant because you made that up it never happened



      7. Why did Darin bury his children with the same weapon they were murdered with. Why play a violent song at their wedding.

      Darin did not bury them with the Swiss army knife His MOTHER did and she explains that in my interveiw with them Darin had a swiss army knife put up for Devon for his birthday just as Darlie says the SS party was a celebration for Devons birthday so was the swiss army knife a gift for cant have it both ways Sarlida put that knife in the casket and she says so.The song Gangstas Paradise was the boys favorite song EVERYONE in the family defended them playing that song.... They also played I will always Love you no one objected to the Boys having a birthday party a knife in the casket or those songs played because thats what the boys would have wanted


      8. Why did Darin write and article referring to Darlie in the past tense and then quoting from the O J Simpson trial

      Please post that article interesting in the OJ trial Marc Fuhrman plead the 5th the reason OJ got off is because they caught that detective LYING on the stand......They didnt catch Jimmy Patterson lying on the stand go compare the court cases


      9. Why did Darin joke about the intruder missing Darlies implants

      He didnt this is just rhetoric you make up Polly when are you going to hold people accountable for these false statements Kezzy Prove he did that YOU cant Polly thi is disrespectful to the boys HOLD your posters accountable for false claims


      0. Why did Darin lie about the conversation he had with the social worker, he denied complaining about the boys interferring with his naked time with Darlie

      It was actually Darlie who complained to Jaime Johnson about not having time with Darin for adult time OH and a little more for ya That CPS worker was allegedly also Jimmy Pattersons side chick...LOL youd know if you researched


      12. Why did Darin take out such a large insurance policy on Darlie and also insurance on his 5 and 6 year old son.

      Because thats what people do??? LOL


      14. why didnt Darin ever look for the intruder

      Why didnt Darlie?? she was right behind him with a weapon yet turned arond NOW if darin went out to look for the intruder while his wife and kids were bleeding and Dying what would yall have said about him THEN in fact darin had bumper stickers and posters made to put everywhere asking for info on an intruder in this case


    • profile image

      kezzy1996 2 weeks ago

      SClemmons: Just in case you deleted my message, I will post it here. Yes SClemmons I said grow a pair. Don't you dare try to dictate what I say or what I mean. I dont post on this blog because Polly agrees with my opinion of Darlie. I post here because the blog is honest and informative.

      You need to smarten up and stop letting Bryan use your blog to stalk and harass people. I read your article and I disagree. You are riding on your fathers coat tails. Get off your useless ass and do what Polly did, good old fashioned detective work. She is posting new evidence about the now, not what happened 20 years ago you bubbling idiot. And yes you did put this blog down. I will not read or answer to any of Bryans comments. He has put down viewers on your site just to destroy any activity on your account.

      lindaf3 for instance. He has stalked that girl for months. She is not me and I am not her. I met her through conversation on the internet. She is a sweet caring girl that Bryan stalked and threatened. Makes me sick

    • profile image

      kezzy1996 2 weeks ago

      Heather Blaze I appreciate your comments, and I do understand your confusion. I have allowed myself to become somewhat obsessed with this case I will admit that. I am not compassionate about very many things, I am judgemental and rude at times. I have a great deal of respect for the writer of this blog, she unlike others has stayed focused and based her blog on facts. I on the other hand haven't. God knows I have tried to find the good in Darin, but I cant all the evidence points to this little lady wanting out of a marriage her mother arranged.

      I have no idea why she would have defended Darin, only she can tell us. I do know in my heart of hearts, Darin killed those boys and he did it out of complete rage. We will never know all the details of this crime, but from what I have been able to sort through I am and always will be convinced that Darin killed his boys.

      I have never met this family and I have never spoken to Darlie or Darin. I just took the evidence and compared the statements made by the witnesses and lined them all up. I am sorry, but there is nothing that will ever convince me that Darlie killed those children.

      She made mistakes, she never should have gotten on the stand and she never should have agreed to let her mother and Darin not implicate him in the crime. That is something she had paid dearly for, for over 20 years.

      I can tell you one thing. I am a mother of a daughter not much younger than Darlie. I love that girl with all my heart and I would do anything, and I mean anything for her. What I wouldn't do is protect and defend her husband when I know there is and was over whelming evidence to prove he killed my grandchildren.

      Darlie has been alone in this fight. I want to try and be there to defend what very few chose to defend, her innocence. This article doesn't sway one way or the other. The girl who wrote this blog just wants to educate people on the truth, maybe some facts that were over looked.

      At the very least Darlie deserves a new trial, and a jury has the right to see all of the evidence, even the evidence that proves Darins guilt.

    • HeatherBlaze1959 profile image

      Heather Blaze 2 weeks ago from Jackson, MS, USA

      Bryan St. John - are you now saying Darlie is innocent??

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