Darlie Routier: Almost 20 Years in Prison

Darlie Routier is an American woman from Texas who was convicted of murdering her 5-yr-old son, Damon. Her other son was also killed, though she was only tried for Damon's murder.

Some say there is more to this trial than the official investigation showed.

Were Darlie's injuries self-inflicted?
Were Darlie's injuries self-inflicted?


Darlie has no history of mental illness. She was not abusive to her sons. She was faithful to her husband and there is no fact from anyone saying differently on any of this.

Darlie moved to Lubbock as a teenager with her mom and stepdad. She met Darin in a Western Sizzlin' where her mother worked and so did Darin as a cook. He was 17 and she was 15 and they married four years later.

After moving to the Dallas area he began his own small company that tested electronic components and when he became a success in the early nineties, they bought a nice house and spent thousands getting it just how they wanted. Darin bought a thirty-foot cabin cruiser and a 1982 Jaguar. They went a little wild with their money and Darlie bought new boobs and flashy jewelry.

The neighbors never saw them as wild though. She had kids in and baked cookies for them. Those kids stood up for her against the accusation that she killed her sons. Darin and Darlie helped out a cancer patient neighbor with a mortgage payment and seemed to have a heart. Whose idea was that, I don’t know, but Darlie was baking the cookies.

All of a sudden their business went downhill and they got behind on their bills it is claimed. They owed $10,000 in back taxes and $12,000 on credit cards. Darin and an incomplete diary entry show Darlie was considering suicide a month before the murders. It was a fleeting thought apparently. My doctor once asked me if I had ever thought about suicide and my answer was, "Hasn't everyone?" He laughed, for it is true. Maybe to different extents but if you know the word you have thought about it. If you have something you just think you can't face you may think about it, so I consider that pretty normal and nothing to even consider in anyone's sanity.

She had gone through the birth of a third baby and was trying to get off a little extra weight and at that age I think many of us go through a little something anyway. Like did we make the right decisions in life, have we chosen the right path? Thirty is coming up and to twenties that looks old! It is nothing serious but a little something as I say, and combined with all else going on with her she probably was suffering not abnormally from slight depression. That does not a murderer make.

How do you feel?

Do you think without a reasonable doubt that Darlie is guilty?

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What the Jury Didn't Know

Darlie's Injuries

Never brought to the attention of the jury were other things of alarm and great importance, including the pictures of Darlie's cuts and bruises on her arms taken when she was hospitalized the night of the murders. One juror told reporters he would never have voted to convict if he had seen the photographs. I would be sure others would have agreed. That is when I knew without a doubt! These are defense wounds, clearly.

"When they arrested Darlie, we just pretty much lost it," says Darin, and says they have never been able to grieve for their children but it is Darlie's husband and mother who have steadfastly continued the fight. They have appeared 10 times on nationally televised talk shows, printed up bumper stickers and have a toll-free phone number ( (888) 883-FAIR) appealing for donations and information that could help "find the real person who attacked Darlie and murdered her children." They have gathered support. Right now, they say, freeing Darlie is the only fight that counts.

Drake Routier looks just like his mother. The blue eyes, wide face, and his mother's mouth. The court took Darin's custody of the child, who was 7 months old at the time of the murders, simply because he defended Darlie! This is Texas law? His parents were allowed to raise the baby and he was given rights to visit him but still! Does this horror never end? If Darin is guilty of nothing how could they take custody of his child from him?

Darin and Darlie moved into her mother's home after the murders and lost the $200,000 house they built, also their 35-foot cabin cruiser, '86 Jaguar, plus some. Legal fees and bad publicity about the case ruined him financially. His electronics business, bringing a salary of $500,000 in 1995, lost 14 of its 17 clients and all its employees.

Are Her Injuries Authentic?

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She was a genius if she planned this one. So real looking.  Did she do this?Or this?Why would she put a planned bruise here, I wonder?Seems like a slight turn would be a clearer picture, doesn't it?
She was a genius if she planned this one. So real looking.
She was a genius if she planned this one. So real looking.
Did she do this?
Did she do this?
Or this?
Or this?
Why would she put a planned bruise here, I wonder?
Why would she put a planned bruise here, I wonder?
Seems like a slight turn would be a clearer picture, doesn't it?
Seems like a slight turn would be a clearer picture, doesn't it?

One-sided Testimonies

There were many bad testimonies from people making Darlie look bad. There were no testimonies of the people who saw her much differently. Darin and Ms. Kee claim Darlie's trial mocked the judicial system. Evidence that would have cleared her was never presented, witnesses who could have contradicted the prosecution's assertions never testified, forensics testing was botched, and depositions were distorted.

Unidentified Fingerprints

Forensic fingerprint tests done after Darlie's trial still show that she is innocent of the crime for which she was convicted. A bloody fingerprint taken from her living room coffee table did not belong to anyone living in her home, and two more fingerprints in the utility room and door leading to the garage in which Darlie thinks the murderer escaped the Darin's home after attacking her and her two sons. No matter, repeated requests, the Court will not grant the evidential hearing necessary to investigate and evaluate this evidence.

Taken from the utility room door is a patent bloody fingerprint—this is the first one. Forensic fingerprint analyst Glenn Langenburg proved positively Darlin is excluded as the owner of this print. Darlin's exclusion as the source of this print indicates that an unknown third party not only deposited this print, but deposited it in blood, on the night of the murders.

The second print taken from this door is a latent print located below the patent bloody fingerprint. Latent print consultant Robert Lohnes checked this print in 2003 and said that it matched the second finger joint of Darin Routier on the middle finger of the left hand.

In addition, Langenburg currently is conducting a second examination of the bloody fingerprint on the utility room door to determine whether Darin Routier can also be excluded as the source of this print. If, as Darlie expects, Darin Routier is not the source of this print, Darlie definitively will have demonstrated that an unknown third party deposited two separate fingerprints, one of them in the victims' blood, while fleeing the scene on the night of the murders.

Other Unexamined Elements

Insurance Scam Attempt

Darin Routier has admitted to trying to arrange an insurance scam, which included someone breaking into their home. He has admitted that he had begun the initial steps to arrange a break-in, but that it was to be done when no one was at home. No jury has heard this admission.

Surely any law would be all over this, how many ways could this be the answer? Maybe not even the way Darin meant it to be but caused with unlawful schemes. I could understand them suspecting him, I really could, and why don't they? I don't believe Darlie would even suspect him, but if I were Darlie I would have to give that some serious thought, but I think Darlie is as I say so much like my own daughter. Either a lack of intelligence or too much into her self, which does not equal a murderer. I keep waiting for my daughter to change and act more mature, but I suspect like Darlie it is just who she is. No changing.

"Birthday Party" Footage

The "birthday party" film that was viewed by the jury that made me think that is a killer, showed Darlie dancing on the graves of her son along with other family members, but did not show the hours previous to that scene when Darlie sobbed and grieved over the graves with her husband Darin. Why was the entire footage not shown?

Black Car on Night of Crime

Neighbors saw a black car sitting in front of the Routier home a week before the murders took place. Other neighbors saw that same car leaving the area on the night of the murders.

Missing or Damaged Evidence?

There was talk the police did not protect the evidence as they gathered it, possibly damaging its origins. Is this true? The investigators told the press that the screen was cut from the inside though it was later proven in court to be cut from the outside. Hm? Police investigated this? The investigators took the fifth amendment—what were they afraid to say? You know without doubt they are hiding something. How are law witnesses allowed to take the fifth? On their deathbed will just one of them spill the truth?

Where Was Darin?

When the paramedics arrived at the scene they said that Darin Routier was outside, but Darin was inside trying to save his children, so who was the man they thought was him? It was reported the testimony of the nurses was coached and rehearsed in mock trials by the prosecution prior to their testimony.

Cut in Darlie's Neck

Saying the cut in her neck was 2mm of the carotid sheath but external to the carotid artery was what Darlie's operating surgeons reported, and that the necklace she had on blocked the cut from going deeper, showing the seriousness and unlikelihood that Darlie did or even could have done this herself.

Found Hair

There was a pubic hair found in the living room. Whose? Did debris on the knife in the kitchen get debris on the knife from police in the kitchen investigating the murder, or did it come from the screen door?

Darin's Jeans

Darin's jeans had blood on them. Why did no one look into this? (Dear God! He is walking around free, he looks the more guilty of the two!) Sometimes I think children could run this world better. Does nothing enter the court's mind about this? Is it too late because they would be hanging themselves? Are they just that lazy? So they just pick someone so it's over?

Mistakes in the Court Report

The court reporter made mistakes in the manuscript so was there an improper read-back of testimony? Why is prosecution not forced to turn over evidence they have that should be available to both sides? Gee, anyone who watches TV knows this rule.

Reluctance for DNA Testing

WHY? DNA testing could put many of these questions to rest. Why is there such a reluctance to do the testing? Many, such as people interested in writing Darlie's story have come to her side and since then have run into convenience problems seeing her or were simply blocked!

An Incomplete Picture

It is impossible to believe how much trouble the legal system will go to to make things turn out the way they want. Just knowing the jury did not see this picture is enough to get the woman a new trial, but no. Not only did she lose two children murdered but she cannot get back her youngest son. So one day she may get out and a big settlement. What about the ones who do things like this? Shouldn't they be locked up? I think so!

My View of Her Changed As I Got More Evidence

When I saw Darlie dancing around her children's graves, spraying silly string, laughing and acting so happy I thought, "of course she killed those babies," and I was filled with hate, seeing her acting this way and those babies of hers, murdered and in the ground beneath her.

I can't say that I accept this behavior even now but people are different and I know they are. It still doesn't make them guilty of murder. I really felt so guilty the more I listened, read, and learned. I am not the only one with a change of mind.

With Darlie, what I did not see was the same as what others did not see: Proof. How long will our rotten dirty judicial system keep getting by with having their say, right or wrong and hiding information to make things go the way they want? Why do they continually do this? What I and the jury did not see was Darlie's horrible cut and bruised black arms and hands: defensive wounds, without a doubt.

I have read many true crime books and this is almost a common thing, it has happened so often. The law wants to solve a crime so quickly some idiot decides how it happened and then makes sure it looks that way.

The Elements of Doubt

There are many things missing in this case.

  • Darin's admission of an insurance scam attempt.
  • The screen that was mis-reported as being cut from the inside.
  • Possible improper read-back of testimony to the jury by the court reporter
  • Apparent conflict of interested with the attorney that represented Darlie Routier at trial had an apparent conflict of interest, because he was said to have had a prearrangement with Darin Routier and other family members not to pursue any defense that could implicate Darin. This attorney supposedly stopped key experts for the defense from finishing forensic examinations.
  • The pictures of Darlie's cuts and bruises on her arms which were taken when she was hospitalized the night of the murders.
  • The prosecution's refusal to provide access to any evidence in their custody in the case.
  • No DNA testing.
  • Some writers who have interviewed Darlie Routier have decided to help her fight to get a new trial. Since reporting their opinions on her situation, they report that their ability to visit her has been blocked or made so inconvenient that little can be accomplished.
  • During the trial investigators invoked their Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination during cross examination, preventing the defense from rebutting their testimony. Why? This alone would be reason for disbelief and a new trial!

Was This Just a Witch Hunt?

My take on the case

Wake up. Watch your back. It could be prison, pain, mental, or physical cruelty that Darlie will get them for. The list goes on and they know it, and besides that, people like me who will not let anyone forget how accountable they are and how often.

Look at Jon Benet Ramsey, her justice, her family, her poor mother. All those years with their eyes never looking anywhere but at mourning parents. Now does anyone think of the father, the brother? Does anyone think their lives will ever be normal? How different is this case?

Someone runs in and makes a Great Basil Detective decision and that's it! Look no farther. The whole force there should have been fired. They ruined three peoples' lives and found no justice for Jon Benet. Big surprise.

We know there is no justice and we know it a little more every day. What is wrong with these people put there to protect and help us? Do they need testing? Who are they? Did they come from prisons as someone in California says theirs do? Maybe we should be investigating them. It certainly looks that way.

There are so many and I think I would believe here is a case Darlie has against them for sure. They are covering their butts, with no compassion or interest in finding the true criminal.

They just don't want it found out they were wrong and if they do, they may have to pay big, which someone above them is warning them about. But for them, they should have to pay or go to jail, just like what they have put this woman through. If she is innocent, they are guilty, but what ever happens to them, they have committed a crime and are still committing it right now as far as I am concerned.

I am sure the law would force them to turn over evidence . . . or will it go so long it all just gets lost? We have heard that one too many times, huh? Hopefully their hands will be forced eventually and that is when we should demand true justice. They have no evidence against this woman. She at least deserves a new trial with all the evidence. If she were a rapist she would get it!

Look at that woman's wounds. The jury never did. I am not sure whoever her lawyer was shouldn't be charged. Look at all he failed to bring up or show that jury. Isn't that alone enough for a new trial?

We seem to have either many ignorant or crooked people in this case, and even if Darlie gets her new trial and is proven innocent and compensated (and how is that possible?), these people will never have to pay.

They may give them a vacation with pay until everyone forgets. There is so much of the judicial system in all of America that needs a serious investigation of why they are the way they are and in my opinion, much of America needs a clean sweep.

A must watch!

Darin Describes How Cops Ruin Crime Scene

Compare emotions of each parent as they speak of their sons.

Problems with this case!

Older video but full of reasonable doubt!

Facts for doubt

Doctors and Nurses Have Two Stories

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Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 5 days ago from US Author

Hi Betty, you must be Paula's twin. Just read my comment to her. Same difference.

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 5 days ago from US Author

Paula, this is America and thankfully we all have our right to our opinion. Personally I find it offensive some people cannot look at the differing facts such as the two tales of nurses and at least one doctor? You choose to believe one whereas I choose to believe their first opinion and the only one that should have been allowed in this case and personally I don't much waste my time on ones who cannot even read all the facts to form an educated opinion whether it is the same as mine or not.

BettyTT 6 days ago

Whomever wrote this article does not know this case on even a basic level. It is like the author made up all of this doubt surrounding the case even though no reasonable person could possibly still have doubts about Darlie Routiers guilt. She killed her babies in their sleep. Execute her and move on. Geez

Paula Steed 2 weeks ago

I find this page to be personally offensive. Darlie Routier sat in front of a jury, looking each in the eye, and not a single person believed her. The police did an exhauative investigation yet not a single person, from the blood and forensic people, to the fingerprint people, to the ambulance and 911 people, to the doctors and nurses at the hospital believed her. Not a single person beleived Darlie except her own family and supposedly some silly authors trying to cash in on the case by peddling doubts. And here comes whoever the heck wrote this patently absurd article with all sorts of distortions and half truths. I just cant stand it. Why do people defend the Darlie Routiers, the Jodi Arias' and the Casey Anthony's of the world? It is just sickening

SClemmons 3 weeks ago

Pollyannalana said: "Eric- How about proving to us someone could slit their own throat and stab themselves like that, especially of a sane mind and without drugs helping her which would have shown up on the hospital visit."

A toxicology screen was in fact run on Darlie prior to the exploratory surgery conducted on her neck in the hospital. (It's documented in the trial transcripts) Mild to moderate amounts of amphetamines were found in her system. Dr. Santos testified that this could have been the result of her taking diet pills.

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 3 weeks ago from US Author

Eric- How about proving to us someone could slit their own throat and stab themselves like that, especially of a sane mind and without drugs helping her which would have shown up on the hospital visit. Walk us through how someone could possibly do that with limited time even at that and all the other mess she supposedly made. I really would love to hear your thoughts on that from beginning to end. Convince us.

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 4 weeks ago from US Author

Something to watch a little newer until I can get back with more but claiming here there are more than 30,000 mistakes in trial transcripts and just how close Darlie was to death. Plus some.

Eric1999 4 weeks ago

Omg. What moron still has doubts about Darlie Routiers guilt? She stabbed her kids in her sleep, slit her own throat, and acted like duh I cant remember? Only the truly foolish are still taken in by this psychopath.

SClemmons 4 weeks ago


Something to think about. Let's say there was an assailant on her or leaning over her. If the bruises on her arms are defensive, what caused it? If the intruder had a knife, why were there no slashes or stabs underneath her right arm where she was using it for defense? Why only bruises? Bruises like that don't just come from someone grabbing your arm, they came from striking something. That just doesn't make any sense. The guy had a knife if she were striking out or defending she would have hit the knife. I just don't buy it.

I'm wondering if her defense thought the same thing and therefore didn't make a big point of it in court.

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 4 weeks ago from US Author

SClemmons - As I told JL I have seen it explained in one of these videos about the manner of the slices and being left or right handed. As someone said in one that made sense to me someone slicing or stabbing themselves would no doubt have lots of hesitation and I have heard it said it would be nearly impossible to do. Sitting here thinking about it I would certainly not be able to under any circumstances and it would take a very sick or mentally ill person to do this in which case would have put Darlie in a different category being charged and how no one can see that I cannot imagine. In other words, only a nut could do it.

Here is a picture of Darlie's shirt, it does look like all the blood is in front and no idea why there is no shot of the back of it. I am going to try to get the body of this hub in easier to search shape so we can find anything we want to look at or hear about as soon as I can get to it, there are a few things at the bottom already such as the doctor and nurses remarks.

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 4 weeks ago from US Author

JL - I believe in one of the videos above it covers that exactly that because she was right handed (or left - whatever) it would not have matched up with her doing it herself, nor the stab in the arm. Of course most of this was looked at after she was found guilty, no one seemed to care beforehand.

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 4 weeks ago from US Author

Linda, I let him have his say until he started screaming and badmouthing and trying to force me to answer this or that and I warned him. If you are wanting information he has then let him send it to you because as I have said he is done here and I am glad you at least do see how immature he is. I am not trying to control anything but to make this a hub people can discuss this case. I am willing to look at anything anyone sends me but are you guys willing to look at what I have here? If not then what is the point? I have in two places here what the nurses and doctor said first and then what they changed their mind and said. I am not a school teacher, if you can't find it I am sorry but I put it here and it is still here, in the comments and at the end of this article. If you don't want to be here then that is your choice and Everton will not be, regardless. I have been nothing but respectful with everyone and that is what I expect in return. From everyone.

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 4 weeks ago from US Author

I don't know what to say to you SC, I just do not see it that way and they look just like defense wounds and if she did all the other why would she wait for the hospital to do that if she cut her own throat.

I do hope one day there will be an answer for us. I find it harder to believe that Darin and Darlie did this together than Darlie alone.

I guess we all just kind of go by our own gut instinct.

I have from near the beginning thought Darin managed to control Darlie enough to make her look guilty otherwise why would he not try to make her not act crazy and why has he not talked about this?

SClemmons 4 weeks ago

JL said - I still don't think those wounds were self inflicted.wondering if she is left or right handed. As a right handed, if I was going to stab myself, it would have to be on the left side..I think her wounds were on the right side of neck?

JL - Darlie testified that she is in fact right handed. Why does that mean you have to cut yourself on the left side? With a knife the size of the one used, you could easily turn the sharp side to the left, hold it in your right hand and make the cuts. And who's to say she even used her right hand? She may have used her left hand.

Do you not find it strange that this "mystery" intruder stabbed the sleeping boys with great force, then (according to one of Darlie's version's of the story) approaches her, while asleep on the couch with the element of surprise, and then completely changes his style by performing superficial slashes? And on an adult, who could fight back better then a child? Why would he not ram that knife down through her chest several times as was done to the two boys and get it over with? Why the little soft slashes where she could wake up, fight back, and scream for help?

And on top of all of that, if this truly happened the way Darlie claimed while she was lying on the couch, why was there none of her blood found on the couch? The concentration of her blood was in the sink, on the counter, and on the floor in front of the sink.

JL 4 weeks ago

The 911 call is concerning...I had yo call 911 once and the first thing I said was"I need an ambulance"...talking about the knife to the, not so sure

I still don't think those wounds were self inflicted.wondering if she is left or right handed. As a right handed, if I was going to stab myself, it would have to be on the left side..I think her wounds were on the right side of neck?

Dilemma to me....60 percent says not guilty, 40 percent says guilty...

MissLinda 4 weeks ago

You know what Pollyanna. It is me not Everton who is "done here"

First of all i read about the 6 other people with the knife fingerprints from one of everton's postings. You know inbetween the times that you keep removing them. How in the world can i send you a link to something when you keep deleting the information? Like him or not Everton does make good points on this case and is always willing to go into detail about stuff. You on the other hand act like a spoiled brat. Its like you think this Hub is your little personal playhouse and only your friends can play here.

The point is Nobody here asked or wants you to play God with this Hub. I don't know just who you think you are or why you feel so highly about your own opinion that you think that sort of thing is ok. It is not ok at all Pollyannalana. Not at all.

Now I think Everton is acting very immature, and i don't know why he doesn't just leave this Hub like I am. But Pollyannalana, you are about 10 times worse. If you want to provide a space for people to talk about a twenty year old case, we thank you for that. But you are dead dead dead wrong when you try and filter information. And that is why i am the one done with you Pollyana.

How many other comments from people have you decided to remove? I actually learned a couple of things about the case that i never knew from you, Hangmanj, Everton, SClem and a few others. But you act like you dont care about discussing the case. You only care about people lining up behind your own version of the case.

That makes you very manipulative Pollyana. This whole thing with Everton started when I asked you about your opinion on the doctor saying the wounds were no consistent with defensive cuts. You promissed you would get back with an answer at some point when your hands got better. You put up this link about nusres saying she cried or didnt cry, but nobody asked you about who cried or didn't cry. Doctor Santos was not even mentioned once in your link.

You never ever ever answered the original question about the Doctor. Yet you wrote SClem and have been playing God with this Hub.

If you don't know the answer that is fine, but maybe SClem knows, maybe Everton knows, maybe anybody else in this Hub knows. That is why you don't delete information.

And then you said you don't even read what the man writes, you just delete it? How ignorant does that make you? You have said that he has been rude, but i have never seen him say anything nasty to you. He does say that you lie about things, but I have seen you lie to me a few times. In fact you lie everytime you delete comments from anyone because it makes it look like this page is a open forum for discussion, but in all reality it is anything but that.

But anyway. I am done here i don't trust any of the crap on this page anymore. From all i know about you Pollyannalana you are dishonest, manipulative, jealous, and just all around wrong. Have a nice life.

SClemmons 4 weeks ago

Whoever placed the sock definitely had to have gone out the front door and went around the house. We all pretty much agree the faulty gate would have been left open if this mystery person had gone out the back door or through the window with the cut screen. The police investigation also revealed that a motion sensor light on top of the garage stayed on for 17 minutes after it was activated. If Darlie's "timeline" was accurate according to her 911 call and what she first told detectives, that light would have still been on when the first officer arrived on the scene. He testified it was not on when he checked the back yard. (after arriving on the scene 4 minutes and 30 seconds after the 911 call) Darlie testified that the supposed intruder exited out the back. How is that possible? The physical evidence does not at all support her claim.

It doesn’t make sense that someone who just stabbed three people would go out the front door and risk being seen. The Darlie supporters keep talking about a “timeline” or “timeframe.” There is no timeframe, she had all the time in the world to pre-stage the majority of the crime scene prior to calling 911. She stabbed the boys, could have had Darin run the sock down the alley, (hence no blood drops from her night shirt found) stood at the sink where she cut herself, waited for Darin to return, then called 911.

Darlie supporters say, her wounds were “life threatening” and focus on how close the one laceration was to her carotid artery so they couldn’t possibly be self-inflicted. Why couldn’t they have been self-inflicted? What did Darlie know about anatomy and physiology? Do the supporters really think Darlie thought..hmmm, I can’t cut myself there, it’s too close to my carotid artery? I’m sure Darlie Routier didn’t even know what a carotid artery was before the crime occurred. Being so consumed with her looks and appearance, is it not strange that none of the lacerations involved her face and/or high-dollar augmented breasts?

As far as the so-called “defensive wounds” on her right arm, I theorized the possibility of her slamming that un-handcuffed arm on the bed rail (because I’ve seen patients do that before in the hospital) But I like Barbara Davis’ theory in her book “Precious Angles” of those bruises be caused by the boys feet and legs attempting to block the knife she held (she is right handed, by the way) from stabbing them. That’s tender tissue on the underside of the arms, it doesn’t take a lot of blunt force trauma for that area to bruise.

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 4 weeks ago from US Author

MissLinda - Apparently we are talking different things. Both may have called the intruder/s "they" I don't know. The point I am making is Darin said, "They took..." and his sentence broke off...what was he going to say they took?

About how many times she said about the knife I have no idea you will have to leave me a link to hear that if so and I do not even read what Everton says, I just delete it. He had a chance to act like a real person but failed and as I said he is done here.

MissLinda 4 weeks ago

No Pollyannalana. They both said "they" as they both referred to the intruder. Question for you about something Everton posted. Did Darlie really tell six different people that she messed up the fingerprints on the knife the same night withon a few hours? I tend to agree with Everton if she was planting the same idea in that many different people's heads. But I want know your thoughts on that Pollyannalana

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 4 weeks ago from US Author

Darlie was talking about the intruder...Darin broke in and said, "They took...." he did not finish this sentence. Why does that not make sense? I am just asking what was he going to say?

MissLinda 4 weeks ago

Pollyannalana, Both Darin and Darlie use the word "they" in the 911 tape. You are not making sense here.

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 4 weeks ago from US Author

Please listen to one of the 911 call sound tracks, you can hear Darin say, "they took.." and he doesn't continue. No one talks about this but I think something was perhaps suppose to have been taken and he catches himself when he sees it wasn't taken. What could he have been going to say?

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 5 weeks ago from US Author

SClemmons- SClemmons- 1. I think it is possible to grab a bloody knife then think you shouldn't have, we all have seen enough movies about that and then too perhaps Darin said she shouldn't have touched the knife which caused her to say that. I don't know.

2. That is a very good question. How did anyone do that? That does not make Darlie anymore guilty than anyone else but the hardest for her than anyone else you have to admit. The garage window/windows which was not reported anywhere but this last book Purgatory show they are only inches off the ground and could be stepped right through.

3. No one did the back gate in a hurry, in one of the videos above you can see it is wired and it really only makes sense someone went around, maybe even out the front door but def not the gate unless someone had a lot of time, which we know no one did except if that person never came back into that house; the only way to explain that one away. No? The medical examiner testified Damon could have survived about eight minutes with his wounds. Because Routier’s 911 call was nearly six minutes and the boy was alive when paramedics arrived, it would have been impossible for Routier to stage the crime scene and take the sock to the alley.

4. Darin was the only one with something to gain and only with Darlie dead and she was worth several hundred thousand dead so why would that not be the first someone would suspect? Darlie had nothing to gain, no one had any reason ever to think she was the kind of person to do this to her sons and no matter what craziness she talked that does not make her a murderer. If someone was killing for a part of the insurance (which is most likely to me) they would be a fool to take the jewelry that would tie them to the murder. Wouldn’t they?

5. There was a partial fingerprint found (and I believe I saw somewhere possibly partial shoe print found).

6. Darlie was bleeding profusely according to Darin and was holding a towel to her neck so I assume she was at the sink for that purpose and possibly wiping blood, I don’t find that odd. Her blood looks pretty soaked into her clothes to me and according to witnesses these clothes were just thrown into bags where blood could have transferred all over the clothing so how could they get any true information from that? All this shows in videos here in this article.

7. I have no idea why she did not go to the boys she said were dead, I cannot answer that.

8. I had no idea about the will and life insurance policies; I would like a link to see that. Sure sounds like someone trying to make Darlie look guilty and she would be a fool to do that herself wouldn’t she if she was trying to get by with murder?

You have me wrong to think I am persuaded anyway by emotions. I thought she was guilty and hated her guts too at first and watching how she acted and I will admit there is much I have no answers for but that does not make her guilty of murder and there is way too much that says there is benefit of a doubt. I don't see how anyone cannot see those wounds as defense wounds and tell me of any other woman that did this to herself to look innocent.

I have forgotten much of what I saw and heard though I get a little refresher now and then but I listened to everyone and those cops were out to get Darlie no two ways about it and if you watch these videos that show two sides then you will have to side with Darlie more often than not in my opinion. She had no reason to do this and no one has ever even given one! Why do you and others keep bringing up what the nurses and doctor said when one of two times they had to have lied? You just choose to believe the second story they told after talking to police? Please.

Here is more of interest below in this one video.

1. Darlie cries her babies are dead.

2. Strange black car in neighborhood seen by more than one.

3. Graveyard scene where Darlie and family weep the jury never saw, before silly string.

4. Trial set up in conservative community instead of Dallas to help convict her.

5. Her mother says she lived for her children. So did her best friend.

6. Nurses and doctor changed stories.

7. Author Barbara Davis changes mind about Darlie – gives her all book proceeds.

8. Juror says he never saw all photos or would not have found her guilty.

9. Probable false claim screen was on Routier knife cutting screen.

10. Court reporter has words wrong of trial transcript. (example- would instead of wouldn’t) inadequate to use. Some transcripts are missing.

11. Darlie has no panties on and is questioned about rape and checked out but not found to have been raped. Just because there was no semen does that mean someone did not attempt to rape her, oddly I think Darin thinks someone may have tried. The only way this could have happened is if Darlie was unconscious for whatever reason.

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 5 weeks ago from US Author

SClemmons - Thank you! I have not forgotten your list of questions and started working on them and would rather be doing that than anything but life gets in the way so it may be this weekend, I will hurry as best I can. Here again is the doctors and nurses link, please look it over well. This has to say something to honest people! How can they change their mind?

I will try to add the links in the article from now on so they are not lost in the comments.

Look forward to getting back soon!

SClemmons 5 weeks ago


I too feel that Darlie Routier is unequivocally guilty of murdering her two sons. After studying this case for several years there's no doubt in my mind that she did this.

I know you feel the same way, but your personal attacks on Polly really aren't doing anybody any good. She's firm in her stance as are you in your stance and neither one of you are going to convince the other any differently.

I realize that you haven't used any profanity towards her, but calling her a liar is definitely not respectful. You have some great points and contribute a lot of food for thought, at least you have with me, but I think you've made your point regarding Dr. Santos' and the nurses testimony. Re-posting it time and again just isn't productive.

How about we move on to another area of focus on the case?

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 5 weeks ago from US Author

Sandy-I have put links and videos of why I think what I think. I have put testimony here of the nurses and the doctor, what they said when Darlie came to the ER and what they said in the courtroom, completely different statements. Which would you believe. I have answered Everton's questions and he is hateful and disturbing and he has had his say here. Go on down if you want to read it over and over, but I don't. I can't see how my opinion would bother anyone but as I say I put my reasons here and that is just too bad if you don't want to go to the trouble to read or watch it. You are not going to take my word anyway so why should I repeat what is here for you to read or watch? What is it you want?

Sandy1814 5 weeks ago

This is ridiculous guys. Everton you are coming across as petty and annoying.

Pollyannalana you are coming across as even more petty and way more annoying. Not to mention weak. You know so much about this case yet instead of shutting down Everton's testimony with intelligent answers you just delete and block? What kind of stuff is that?

Everton go to some other anti Darlie site. We get your points. Move on. For what it's worth you make some great points and are quite persuasive. The fact that Pollyannalana never can answer you without getting all worked up and deleting you out shows that you must really unsettle her. But enough already.

Why do either of you two care so much anyway?

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 5 weeks ago from US Author

More Than That- It makes perfect sense that Darin was behind it and I agree she nor anyone could slice their own neck and although Darlie did look pretty guilty at times talking and the way she acted I do think Darin was most likely driving her crazy and who knows what drugs he made sure she had before she went out, It would be easy and no one in the family suspected him and of course he had to get the blame on her or he was a goner! Hope he still will be before it is over. The new book about Darlie even talks about two crooks in that area that night and one of them saying he stabbed kids but I have no idea why no one is checking that out but the one talking is now dead but that still leaves one if he could be made to talk. There is still an outside chance we could find out something.

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 5 weeks ago from US Author

Yes, Miss Linda, I read all I can and watch and at first thought she was guilty but now I do not and if you will notice most who think she is (that come here anyway) have this mean attitude I just cannot figure. They will not watch or read anything else and I wish a lawyer would visit here because I am sure a lawyer could tell us how well cops and a courtroom can make innocent look guilty, I mean we all know it happens or people in Texas would not be getting out of prison and collecting millions for being framed.

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 5 weeks ago from US Author

OK CJ you have had your say. I get all my facts from articles and videos, most which are here but ones who want Darlie guilty will never look at those. I just remind you bigger and much smarter people than me (and you) have changed their mind about Darlie and I only delete comments that repeat and are long and drown out and many HP made me delete so you keep it clean and sane if you want it here and do not call anyone names...least of all me. If you don't like it don't come back.

SClemmons 5 weeks ago


Here’s my position on this. A lot of the conversation you and I have had trading ideas, thoughts, opinions, and various reasons as to why she is guilty or not guilty has been solely based on conjecture, and I admit, I’m guilty of this too. And that of course is what makes this hub interesting and fun to take part in. We all get a shot at playing sleuth, and I’ve read some really good ideas, points, and opinions from both sides of the guilty or not guilty groups.

I agree, the video’s you recently posted do indeed have some interesting points. Polly, I really am an open minded person, and occasionally I’ll read an idea from a “Darlie is innocent” supporter such as some of your opinions. I’ll sit back and think, hmmmm, that’s a good point, I never thought about that. Then I try to plug that opinion into the physical evidence at the crime scene and her testimony and it doesn’t ever work out. There was nothing found at the crime scene to suggest that anyone else forcibly entered that living room or exited the living room through the utility room. It always comes back to Darlie, whose fingerprints and DNA were all over the place. Believe it or not, when I first began studying this case I too thought she was innocent.

The following issues are what convince me of her guilt, outside of her constantly changing stories of the events.

1. During the call to 911, she almost immediately mentioned her fingerprints being on the knife to the 911 operator. Who thinks about evidence and clearing yourself with your children lying in puddles of blood in front of you with one of them still alive and struggling to breathe? The 911 operator even stated that raised a red flag with her and that she’d never heard someone say that when reporting a violent crime concerning family members.

2. If an intruder did this, how in the world did he/she brutally stab three people, go through the utility room, through the garage, across the concrete driveway, down the alley, and travel all the way to the place where the sock was recovered without one drop of blood or any other evidence being found? You asked me the same question presuming Darlie had done it. Well how did this supposed intruder do it? How could the supposed intruder not have blood on them? Why wasn't any of Darlie's blood found on the sock?

3. Would someone who just stabbed three people really stop to latch the back gate as they were fleeing a crime scene? And in Darlie’s own testimony in court, she said there was a trick to latching it because there was string holding it up making it uneven and it scraped the ground. Something only Darlie or Darin would have known how to do in a hurry.

4. What was the purpose of the break-in and stabbing? Nothing was stolen, her jewelry was right there in plain sight on a counter. As soon as you break in a house to rob it and you see people sleeping in the living room, you quietly back out and hit another house, not stab them to death and risk murder convictions on top of breaking and entering; even the dumbest of criminals are smarter than that.

5. This supposed intruder must have had gloves on, no other prints were found, and why no male foot prints in the blood on the floor, or anywhere in the house or outside of the house? Only Darlie’s.

6. This is not to mention the cast off blood on her shirt, or how she walked through the kitchen with the broken glass without cutting her feet, or all the stationary blood drops of hers in front of the sink indicating that she stood there for some time. Why did she only clean her own blood off the sink and counter?

7. Why did she immediately administer first aid to herself (the wet towel) instead of the boy’s? Why did she, according to Darin and the first cop to arrive, not go near the boys as they were dying?

8. Why were life insurance policies on the boys and a handwritten will in Darlie’s writing found beside the couch by police?

I still maintain that the so-called defensive bruises on her right arm were self inflicted on the bed rail of her hospital bed. Is it just coincidence that the bruises are limited to her right arm and her left arm was the one handcuffed to the bed rail which would limit her ability to slam it down on the rail?

I’m curious as to how you explain away these actions. What kind of loving, caring mother that you’ve mentioned she was, does these things? Sure, she was freaked out and excited, but a mother that truly loved her children that just got stabbed and were lying on the floor would be right down there with them to the last minute and mostly likely have to be pried away from them, but not Darlie!

My question to you Polly, in all due respect, is what part of the physical evidence in that house absolutely convinces you that an outside intruder did this? You simply cannot let emotions make a decision. You can’t presume she’s innocent because she seems like a nice person and is convincing when interviewed, or because it seems impossible that a mother could do this to her own children. I’m referring strictly to the physical evidence found at the crime scene, the very things that convicted her outside of her story twisting and bouts of sudden amnesia on the witness stand when caught in a lie.

Funny how almost every time she’d state “I don’t remember” to a question when being cross examined on the witness stand by the prosecution, it involved something about the crime that she had already told the hospital staff about. And when that was pointed out to her by the prosecution, knowing she had been caught in a lie, she’d just start crying.

Darlie Routier hung herself on the witness stand. Her own defense attorney later stated that was a mistake putting her up there.

If we do look at Darlie’s emotional state in the hospital after the attack, which again has nothing to do with the physical evidence on the scene , and cannot be denied, (There was no Mark Fuhrman there planting evidence) I’m sure she did get tearful at times, and I’m sure she actually regretted doing what she did. I have no doubts that she loved her boys but her prior emotional state is known from her own testimony and her diary entries. She was depressed, she considered suicide at one time, and they were near bankruptcy. She felt that her looks were fading with her weight gain and she just wasn’t as happy as she was when things were at their peak with the business. I think things built up to the point where in her mind she somehow blamed the presence of her two oldest sons for being the reason behind her life spiraling down. She snapped, killed them and staged the crime scene. And again, I’m sure she regretted having done that after the fact. Her regrets of killing them would make it easy to get convincingly upset and emotional and say how much she loved them and missed them to the hospital staff, media, police, and the court.

The problem is, NO ONE can explain how all her various stories and theories about what occurred do not match with what was found at the scene. She wasn’t convicted on hearsay or conjecture, she was convicted on her story of what happened not matching up with the physical evidence and the fact that the evidence continually points to her only as being the killer. The evidence is indisputable, no matter how many bizarre twists and reasons the Darlie supporters give for things being as they were at the crime scene !

SClemmons 5 weeks ago

Misslinda, in response to your question, no, I'm not an attorney, I'm a Physician Assistant (PA) and I volunteer with a rescue squad as a paramedic. My wife is an emergency room nurse and we've been following the case since it occurred.

More Than That. 5 weeks ago

Her sister says that she knows that they were there trying to celebrate the boys birthday and that they did not wanted to be a sad visit but a birthday celebration even when it was sad for everybody. I have seen the father talking about when it happened and I see more love for his wife than sadness for the lost of the boys. I think that he find someone to rob the house and everything ended up wrong. For a person to cut his own throw is very hard; she could make other types of injures if she wanted to simulate that she was a victim too but that was not the case. I think that it was a rob that go wrong... they even find a finger print that match non of them, is that not evidence that it was somebody else and not a mother that got not worth from doing something like that. Everyone has different form to dill with lost from others that we love and with the lost of our own life. To put her to death they needed more proves ! and there are more proves for her husband who was the one trying to get money and is proven that he was planing something that could ended up like this, of curse he don't want to really testify because he knows what happened to his wife been innocent and if he said that part of the story he will be the one in jail.

MissLinda 5 weeks ago

Wow lots to read here. Question for Pollyanna, SClemmons, Everton, and Hangmanj. How long have each of you followed this case? Pollyanna have you read or seen any videos that make Darlie out guilty? SClemmons, Everton, and Hangmanj are any of you lawyers?

CJ Monsta 5 weeks ago

Everton.....dude.....give it a rest. Darlie supporters don't deal with facts and evidence. Pollyanna has deleted and blocked many comments over the years. Did u think u was the first bro? She is ignorant of key elements of the case and makes stuff up. She is going to delete this comment because she has buried her head in the sand and cannot tell the difference between fact and fiction. I must say that it is refreshing to see somebody call her out on here constant lying and bull. Couple years ago she was blaming the husband, soon she will be blaming Professor Plum in the Study with the Candlestick. she will blame literally anybody except Darlie Lynn Routier. LOL

Detox4Life 5 weeks ago

Hey Everton. Where can I find the transcripts online? and Pollyannalana where did you get the videos that you posted from? I remember seeing a documentary where the blood splatter expert basically wore a shirt similar to Darlie's, stabbed a doll or something with simulated blood inside it, and he pretty much duplicated the exact blood splatters on the front and back of her shirt. Have you seen that one? Are all these videos in one place? Thanks

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 5 weeks ago from US Author

Gustaf - That is your right and as I have said I at first agreed with you and did think she was guilty until I looked at a lot of other opinions and thoughts and I hope you will too. I have put many here and they are so very interesting I hope everyone will at least read or watch them.

Gustaf 5 weeks ago

I dont know about that Pollyann. She took the sock down the alley before she cut herself. Thats pretty obvious. When you think about it the sock should have had at least some of Darlie's blood on it. Most of the blood at the crime scene was hers, but somehow none got on the sock in the alley? Sounds way too fishy

And don't give me that excuse that Darlie was not in her right mind. There can be no excuse for a mother holding a towel on her own neck wound while doing nothing physical to help the boys. What could possibly have happened to her brain 4 hee to act like that?

Like i said. She acted like a guilty person would act that night. Thats what i believe. She told many lies to the police, and even the prison guards and other inmates in jail and prison think she did it. Bill Parker said Darlie routier is one of the most cold-blooded people he has ever interviewed. And he says he's "completely absolutely convinced" that Darlie did it after meeting with her. Toby Shook called Darlie a psychopath. It's much easier to believe them than it is to believe a parent would apply first aid to themselves and do nothing to help her 5 year old as he cried crawled and bleeded out right in front of her. Not buying it folks.

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 5 weeks ago from US Author

SClemmons-although this is not the article I was looking for about how Darin was obsessed with Darlie's looks (especially breasts) it is mentioned here and many more things with much information about how this writer Barbara Davis (writer of the book Precious Angels of Darlie's sons) once against Darlie and being at the trial, later changes her mind and is a witness to what I have said here about the defense photos not being seen at that trial! Only the throat photo she says. Many interesting things here and so this covers all I promised and anyone reading this and the link above and the added videos at the end should have a real blow to your thoughts if you were against Darlie unless you are just not going to change your mind regardless. There is too much to not give so much doubt to this sentencing! Some very interesting videos and articles. Please enjoy! I did!

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 5 weeks ago from US Author

An interesting read here about the doctors testimony! Yes he changed his mind about what she said and how she looked and how she acted. Wonder why? Which should we believe? The doctor in the hospital or the one who had his memory refreshed by the police! Same with the nurses. She was hysterical and screaming but in testimony she was flat and unemotional. Do we believe what they saw fresh in writing or what they later recalled after being questioned by police? Clearly Darlie was framed in so many ways!

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 5 weeks ago from US Author

SClemmons - I will find what I found about the timeline on the injuries to Darlie, the cut to her throat...anyway she could not have helped from bleeding on the run with the sock and the little boy could not have still been alive after 10 minutes from the stabbing which means she had to have been cutting and wounding herself first. All that does not work out. I will find the video and include it here within a few days and look into the doctor question too.

I am not one bit like Darlie was, but Darlie was a young woman trying to please her husband who was obsessed with her looks (I will include a video on that too!) so that is not unheard of. From all we know she was only his

Hope to be back by weeks end if not sooner.

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 5 weeks ago from US Author

Gustaf - Sometimes we should try putting ourselves into someone else's shoes. Look at what all happened to Darlie, we all have eyes and can see that. It appears that for whatever reason and maybe a doctor or nurse could answer that she was just not her normal self waking up from that and seeing a man leaving the room, really? In my right mind I would have started screaming right then or ran for cover or help, I may not have thought of anyone else. We just don't know unless it happens to us but she is screaming about her babies in just minutes. I don't claim to know her mind or anyone's in that position but still no one has answered how she could do all that was done and the reasoning behind running the sock down the alley but spilling no blood and doing it in less than 2 minutes didn't someone say she would have had to after stabbing the one whose blood was on the sock and their death.

I think this case is way bigger than it looks and I know that Texas law has a lot to do with blocking much anyone tries to do and it is their call on much that i don't see how but it is true, shockingly. Hope to get into that more a little later.

SClemmons 5 weeks ago

Polly, hope the pain from your recent surgery eases off.

In response to your comments on my post.

Darlie being portrayed as a floozy was no-doubt a prosecution move to downgrade her credibility and portray an immoral character, (a common courtroom tactic) but that information that they expounded on was not made up, it was true.

It's well known that she opted for breast implants, and not only for enhancement, but the largest size available. She bleached her hair, wore heavy makeup, and wore revealing low cut tops while out in public. Testimony from friends revealed that she openly flirted with men in front of Darin at parties and various get-togethers. That of course doesn’t make her a “floozy” or a murderer, but it does bring her level of vanity and character into question. My wife doesn’t dress or act like that in public, and I’m most confident you don’t either.

A trial reporter wrote how during her testimony and media interviews she spoke in this "obviously put-on, pitiful little girl voice." But in normal conversation she sounded nothing like that. I've noticed that myself on YouTube in her interviews, just like when she cries during interviews, she doesn't shed a tear. I've never seen anyone do that before with the exception of my son when he was 3-years old and trying to BS me to get his way about something. The only video where I saw her genuinely crying was when she was arrested.

In regards to the planting of the sock that you mentioned, I don’t understand why there is a timeline question or mystery as to why Darlie’s blood doesn’t lead a trail to the location where it was found. It’s simple, Darlie ran the sock to that location in her scene staging efforts after she stabbed her children, and before she returned to the kitchen to cut herself at the sink where she made feeble attempts to wipe up the excess blood as discovered with the luminal. Then, she called 911.

Or what I tend to believe, Darin ran it to the location in assisting to cover for Darlie while she cut herself at the sink, and then she called 911.

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 5 weeks ago from US Author

Lucy? Are you also Linda with the same question? I will get to it as soon as I can. Both my hands are like boils from surgery and I am doing the best I can with all that I have to do but I will get to this as soon as possible. Sure look like defense wounds to me I must say though and if he didn't think they were defense wounds why did he not call the police? Everyone seems to have all the answers....poor Darin....I should not accuse him even with all the reasons to, should I? Why does that make so many so mad? I just have to wonder.

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 5 weeks ago from US Author

Everton there are your rude and harsh remarks and I hope you said all you want to say because you are now banned from this hub.

I said I will comment on the doctors remarks after I have a chance to read them and I will.

I am master of my domain and you more than insult me so there everyone has read what you have to say and they will have to wait a little longer for my response but you will waste your time coming back.

I am woman, hear me roar! End of story...for you.

SClemmons 5 weeks ago

A Powers - "Why hasn't the Innocents Project looked into Darlie's case?"

They did in 2006 and rejected it. My guess would be too much solid evidence.

A Powers 5 weeks ago

Why hasn't the Innocents Project looked into Darlie's case?

Gustaf 5 weeks ago

the main problem I have with the Darlie Routier case is that I can never get past the idea of a mother waking up and discovering her kids brutally murdered in front of her, yet she never applied first aid or even touched the boys as they lay there dying. I know my first reaction to my daughter being stabbed would be to stop the bleeding and comfort her. Darlie seems to do the exact opposite of what she should do. She got a towel and put it around her own neck while Damon crawled across the floor bleeding? Something aint right with that.

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 5 weeks ago from US Author

MissLinda it was Everton's and it was because it is my article and I will be treated respectful no matter what my opinion. He has had his say and he is not about to listen to any other opinion so what more is there. I am not filling this up with pages of BS from big shots. It doesn't take long drawn out hateful spews to ask a question and since yours was not and I am interested to take a look at that I will and get back as soon as I can. I am having some serious pain from carpal tunnel surgery in both hands so I can just say as soon as I can and I will make an effort to find that to read today.

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 5 weeks ago from US Author

SClemmons, you clearly do believe she is guilty and I admit you have some good points which is the way she talked and acted. Unlike her normal self too, right? I say she was either in an insane state (and i do not really believe that) or she was helped along by the real murderer to look as guilty as possible. He was her husband, she trusted him, how easy would that have been and doesn't that answer how the law was able then to take his son though Darlie was behind bars? Yes 12 people got her for murder and we all know with much help with the cops besides Darlies weird behavior. They had to make her look like a fluzzy first of all and they played dirty all the way through and everyone knows that, You nor anyone has explained the timeline either it would have taken Darlie to do all this and run down an alley without leaving blood of hers trailing to throw down a sock. Any decent lawyer would have gotten her off Scott free.

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