Best Times to Go to the DMV: Tricky Ways to Avoid Long Lines

Updated on November 17, 2018
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Kate is a small business owner and busy mom who doesn't have a lot of time to spend at the DMV.

Best Times to Go to the DMV: Tricky Ways to Avoid Long Lines

How cool would it be to get paid by the hour to sit at the DMV? Not only would the atmosphere in there be a lot less tense, I wouldn't dread it like I used to before I figured out the best times to visit to avoid a super long wait. I still haven't figured out how to monetize my time at the DMV, but I can at least tell you how much easier the whole ordeal is now that I've found the best times to pop in.

Rules for Avoiding Long Lines at the DMV

After venting to my mother-in-law who used to work at the DMV not too long ago, she told me that besides making sure I have the right stuff with me when I go, the easiest way to avoid spending the rest of my life there is to just go at the right times. Another perk? If you select days and times that are less crowded, the staff will be less overwhelmed and crabby. Here's her best strategies.

Strategies for Avoiding Crowds at the DMV

When to Not Go to the DMV
When to Go Instead
Don't go on weekends
Because everywhere is busier on weekends
The middle of the week, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday
Don't go right before or right after a holiday
Because people try to do errands (like renewing their license) right before leaving town for a holiday or right when they get home
No later than a week before a holiday and no earlier than a week after a holiday
Don't go at lunchtime
People try to squeeze in the DMV on their lunch break
Go an hour before or after the lunch rush
Don't go right when the DMV opens or right before they close
Because everyone else has the same idea
Make sure to give them an hour to handle all of the early risers on their way to work and give yourself at least an hour before closing so you don't get turned away before your situation has been handled
Don't go during the first week of the month, or the last week
Many vehicle registrations expire on the first of the month, so people who've procrastinated will be on the first to renew, and people who procrastinated a little less will be in a few days before that
The middle of the month

Rule 1: Avoid Weekends

Many don't, but if your local DMV offers weekend hours, it might seem like a convenient alternative to stopping in on your lunch break or after work. Unfortunately, everyone else is thinking this too. But if you can't find the time during the week to make your visit then skip on to rules 4 and 5 to plot when the quietest time to go to the DMV is.

Rule 2: Avoid Days Surrounding Weekends and Holidays

Instead, go in the middle of the week, on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Some people have three days weekends which means Mondays and Fridays can be just as crazy as the actual weekend.

Obviously, any bank holiday also means the DMV is closed but my mother-in-law told me that any days that fall immediately before or after a holiday are totally crazy with people trying to tie up any loose ends before leaving town or hurrying to get errands done as soon as the holidays are over. Every person whose birthday falls on a holiday or who let their registration go until the last minute right before New Year's Eve, will be rushing to the DMV to avoid late fees or other penalties. Try to go at least a week before any major holiday to avoid this rush.

About to head out of town for the holidays and want to take care of unfinished business at the DMV? So does everyone else. To avoid a long wait, try to go in on a day that isn't surrounding a holiday.
About to head out of town for the holidays and want to take care of unfinished business at the DMV? So does everyone else. To avoid a long wait, try to go in on a day that isn't surrounding a holiday.

Rule 3: Avoid the Lunch Hour

Whether you're going on a weekday or the weekend, the absolute worst time of day to go is during lunch (between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM). That's because you're not the only hangry one trying to squeeze in the DMV during your lunch break. Instead, go as close to opening as possible or after lunch has passed, closer to close. My mother-in-law told me the sweet spot is before 11:00 or after 2:00.

Rule 4: Go Right at Opening and Avoid Closing

If it comes down to choosing between opening or closing, definitely go with opening. That's because the employees aren't yet drained from a busy day at work, and of course there's less of a backup of patrons that early on.

Plus, depending on your office's closing policies, there's a chance that if you show up at ten-to-close, you'll be forced to leave before your issues is resolved. Even if they don't make you leave, the staff has to stay late for you, and they may be less friendly and flexible as a result.

Rule 5: Avoid the First and Last Weeks of the Month

Most vehicle registrations expire on the last day of the month and because of this, you’ll often find longer than normal wait times during the first week or the last week of the month. It’s a bad habit of humans to procrastinate. If you expect this, and adjust your trip to the DMV accordingly, you can miss the long lines.

Other Times to Go (Or Not Go) to the DMV

More Great Times to Go to the DMV

Here some other great ideas of times you can go to the DMV and expect shorter than usual lines.

  • The day of a popular sporting event. Whether it’s a popular local team or a major national event (like the Super Bowl), going to the DMV on a day when the rest of the world is glued to their TV’s is the ideal time for lighter than usual lines.

  • During a major traffic issue. If there's a major accident nearby or a road shutdown for construction, most people will rather get home as soon as possible and don’t want to be out longer than necessary. If you know the roads well enough and can sneak into your DMV without getting stuck in traffic, this is a great time to go.

  • During bad weather. Generally it seems that the DMV has much shorter lines than normal during bad weather. If it’s safe to do so, your willingness to brave the elements might mean a quick in and out.

More Bad Times to go to the DMV

Here are a few other times you’ll want to avoid the DMV:

  • The day after a popular sporting event. For the same reason the DMV may be empty during a major sporting event, it may be packed the day after. People who would have gone during the event probably put it off until the next day.

  • Just prior to an election. Prior to elections, you may also note an uptick in visits to the DMV. As some states enact voter ID laws, even non-drivers may need to travel to the DMV to obtain an official state ID in order to vote in an upcoming election.

  • The first nice day after bad weather. Let’s face it, most people don’t want to venture out during a snowstorm or downpour just to end up at their local DMV. But the first nice day after bad weather many people have the guts to adult and run errands.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Best Time to go on a Friday?

If you have to go on a Friday, go early in the morning to avoid the we-got-out-of-work-early-TGIF crowd.

Why the DMV Seems to Always Have Long Lines

If it seems like the DMV always has long lines - that's because it does. Here's what my mother-in-law said caused the most backups when she worked there:

  • People who don't come prepared with the right stuff (you can call ahead or check their website to find out what you should bring with you).
  • People bring way too much stuff and end up rifling through a stack of papers when they only really need maybe two out of that pile, wasting time for the people in line behind them.
  • Budget cuts. Some offices are understaffed or have limited hours. When the demand for services greatly outnumbers the supply, you can expect long lines and lengthy wait times.
  • Some states have fallen behind on the number and types of services they offer online. Some states streamline tasks like renewing licenses or registration by offering these services online. Other states may still require that many, if not all, tasks be completed in person at the local DMV office.

Things to Do While Waiting in Line at the DMV

Double check that you have everything you need to complete your task, so you don't waste time waiting only to get turned away when it's your turn.
If you're there to take your written driving test, go over your notes one last time, or, if you're feeling some test anxiety creeping in, use an app like Calm to do some quick guided meditation.
If you're there to get your picture taken for your drivers license, turn your phone over to selfie mode and make sure your hair isn't sticking up - they really don't like you to ask for a re-do on the picture. Next!

Online Services and DMV Alternatives

Depending on your state, you could avoid the lines entirely since many states are putting a majority of their services online like license renewals and registration. Likewise, there's some tasks that can be completed at kiosks in the office, away from the fray.

Even if you can't complete the whole process online, you may be able to print the necessary forms and get a head start that could shorten your time there. For those who aren't technologically minded, some states' DMV or SOS services can also be completed by mail.

To find out exactly what services are available in your state, go to the DMV website for your state. For a list of DMV websites by state, see this directory.

Before heading out, check to see what services your state's DMV or SOS offers online. It may turn out that your particular task can be done online from home.
Before heading out, check to see what services your state's DMV or SOS offers online. It may turn out that your particular task can be done online from home.

Related Questions

What’s the best time to call the DMV?

When calling the DMV, long wait times can be avoided by calling at least one hour before lunch, one hour after lunch, and one hour before closing. The DMV’s phone bank is more likely to have the longest wait times when most people are on a break from work.

Is the DMV open on the weekends?

Different states have different rules regarding weekend hours. Some states have weekend hours for all DMV offices, while others may have only one office open in a particular region or district on the weekends. Call your local DMV for a listing of their weekend hours.

DMV Poll

What do you dread most about visiting your local department of motor vehicles or secretary of state branch?

See results

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    • profile image

      Rosalind Whitescarver 

      3 months ago

      Besides the long waits, I've been very pleased with the staff and service at the Fredericksburg DMV office. Everyone is pleasant, helpful, and professional. I feel the customers get "crabby" from the long waits. The employees are always comforting and helpful.


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