Why We Need a Limited Government

There is a lot of misinformation out there, especially when it comes to the United States government. Few truly understand the inner workings of the government, and yet we are voting despite our lack of knowledge. Limiting government leads to more individual rights. But where is it safe to limit?


Murder in Paradise

Jacob Ade with members of his family, and a young family friend, were murdered near Nashville, Tennessee in March of 1897. Many men were tried for the crime with one dying in jail of tuberculosis. The records of the investigation were destroyed long ago and the crime has never been officially solved


In Defence of the Electoral College

The Electoral College in the United States is designed by the Constitution to elect the president every four years. It was originally designed so that voters would elect a local luminary, someone they could trust to represent their interests in electing a president.


The Porthole Murder

It was a balmy summer night on a luxurious cruise ship heading for England. A young woman stood gazing out to sea. As she smoked her last cigarette, she must have pondered her future. Within hours she would be dead, her body pushed through a porthole into shark-infested seas.


The Morality of a Wealth Tax

A wealth tax is nothing new. Across parts of Europe, North America, and South America, countries have implemented some form of it. Most recently, it has caught America's attention with the campaigns of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. Beyond its practicality, is a tax on wealth even moral?


A Requiem for Privacy Lost

What is privacy, and should we care? People are comfortable living their lives quite publicly in exchange for convenience but it's possible we are giving up more than we bargained for. Constitutional rights have been violated irreparably, so let's bow our heads in remembrance to privacy lost.