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Second Amendment Under Attack After School/Mass Shootings

Jason Cloninger is a conservative writer, U.S. Navy & Army veteran, business owner, husband of 17 years, father, 2A supporter, & patriot.

The Second Amendment

The Second Amendment

The Second Amendment Is Being Misrepresented

If anyone is looking to read up on the Bill of Rights and the history of why the framers of our constitution included the right to keep and bear arms as the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights, or why a Bill of Rights was necessary outside of the U.S. Constitution, this is an excellent read. It has two references that you must also read, but I recommend reading everything you can get your hands on written by the framers and authors of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, and anything by them about firearms from the late 18th century and early 19th century.

The framers knew a lot more than current anti-gun lobbyists and representatives will admit. Plus, many of their claims about the Founding Fathers’ intentions are refuted by words of their own writing on the subject. The funny thing about history, they actually write it down, especially when it was written by the men who drafted or contributed to the creation of our nation. You can’t change it to suit your needs. However, it has been pushed several times to SCOTUS for decisions on gun ownership rights and is currently a key topic when discussing the President's future appointments to the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

Understand Your Rights First

When American comprehension and protection of Constitutional liberty is overshadowed by passionate discourse, without the ability to use and apply reason, that is the formula for (at best) continued disagreement and lack of progress towards a viable solution or (at worst) violence or civil war.

The American Civil War was fought due to the inability or refusal of representatives to use reason in regard to the rights of Americans regardless of skin color, and what powers and rights the federal government could enforce upon the independent states. The same lack of reason would later cause the delay in women’s rights being properly recognized. Whereas these two examples were dilemmas of rights not being properly provided equally for all Americans, we are now facing a dilemma of rights being challenged or limited as a solution to the evil actions of a few.

Even though it is a proven fact that legislation does not impede the actions of criminals, somehow this broken logic is still being pursued. The fact that the constitutionally granted right to keep and bear arms is being attacked because of the actions of a criminal few is incomprehensible. So, why is it being pursued if it's unconstitutional? To put it plainly and simply, Americans who propose or support gun control have failed to learn our nation's history and read all of the documents which address the right to keep and bear arms by the very people to wrote and contributed to the Bill of Rights and the Second Amendment.

The Federalist Papers: Mandatory Reading

The Federalist Papers: Mandatory Reading

U.S. History Facts Being Ignored

  1. Civilian ships actually were allowed to have cannons, which no one seems to want to talk about. It destroys the argument that certain military-style weapons weren’t intended for private citizens to own.
  2. There were semi-automatic guns at the time available for the Continental Congress to invest in. Also, Ben Franklin was a top inventor, a great supporter of scientific discovery, and also one of the great men responsible for the framing of our nation. So, the framers were well aware of technological advancements in firearm technologies, especially automatic weapons.
  3. If these two facts aren’t enough for those who believe that they may need to re-assess their stance on the argument of gun control, and instead address the sociological issues or environmental factors creating people who are choosing to perform these evil acts without compassion for others, then there is a serious problem regarding the mindset of people who are arguing against their own rights.

The Federalist Papers: No. 29 - Concerning the Militia From the Daily Advertiser. Thursday, January 10, 1788 HAMILTON - C

America is Only Country with Guns as a Constitutional Right

America is Only Country with Guns as a Constitutional Right

Why Are Guns Being Blamed?

Do we blame knives, bats, cars, or other tools which are improperly used to cause harm or murder people on a daily basis? Any person who blames guns, inanimate objects no different than knives, bats, or vehicles, for the victims of shooting deaths is ignorant of the concept of free will. Mike Rowe just recently, and correctly, stated that it was the man who chose to commit an act of evil. Neither his history nor his tool of choice is to blame for his actions or the results of them. He is to blame, and the United States of America has the means to ensure that he is held accountable for his choices. It is our Justice System. Yes, he has rights just as equal to any other American. However, committing illegal acts of evil allows the rest of us to accuse him of his crimes, prove them in a court of law, and punish him so that he may never commit them again.

As for the crippling and ignorant ranting of people blaming guns, the NRA, the Second Amendment, or those who continue to fight to ensure that our right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, you are a crack in the armor of freedom and the fault in the shield of liberty. You cannot forever have a Government by the people and for the people unless the people have the power to ensure that it remains so. You cannot even have the natural born rights of life, liberty, and happiness without the ability to defend all of them from any individual, or group of individuals, who wishes to take them away. The Second Amendment ensures that all Americans can ensure that both remain to be true and righteous, and our Founding Fathers knew that it was perpetually necessary for us to do so—forever—if our Republic and Constitution were to be threatened by those who become corrupt, both by power or by ignorance.

If any of you failed to read the history of our nation, about the import of the Second Amendment and how it allows each and every one of you to do the righteous and just job of protecting your rights, and the rights of an entire nation whenever it may be needed, then you have allowed yourself to become a weakness in America. By not knowing your own proud rights and history, you are allowing our enemies to weaken us by manipulating you into spreading propaganda that weakens our nation. By becoming a hypocrite screaming that the very liberty and freedom granted to us in the Bill of Rights should be stripped away so that we can “feel safe” in place of truly “being safe,” you help them toward their goal of disarming the only nation strong enough to stop them from turning Americans into obedient slaves waiting to be conquered.

The loss of life is always tragic, and those impacted directly by evil actions and deeds must be helped so that they may eventually find peace and solace in the fact that that evil doer will do no more. However, living in fear is never the answer. Blaming a tool of freedom and protection is never the answer. Challenging the rights of 300 million because of the murderous actions of a criminal few is never the answer. A stone can never be to blame for the harm that it has caused to glass or to flesh. However, the person who threw it always can be if we are strong enough to remain united to protect our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Justice System which relies on both to ensure justice is properly served.

Second Amendment Isn't Important?

Second Amendment Isn't Important?

The Supreme Court Continues to Fail to Protect the Second Amendment

The courts have, for decades, mishandled and misrepresented the true nature and intention of the Second Amendment by the framers of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. If a Supreme Court decision directly contradicts and violates not only the language within the Second Amendment but the written explanation of its true intent by its authors, then how could they legally set a new precedent violating both?

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas calls out the hypocrisy of the rest of the Supreme Court for ignoring the review of state laws that obviously violate the rights of U.S. citizens, such as waiting periods, when they have immediately taken up and reviewed other cases involving waiting periods infringing upon other rights.

The government, and the courts, have collectively implemented or allowed laws to be implemented by the states, which obviously limits firearm ownership and firearm capabilities for guns sold to civilians and enhances firearm ownership and firearm capabilities for guns sold to the government. The Second Amendment was granted as a right of the people to ensure that people could defend themselves and that a balance existed between the government and its people. You cannot overthrow a tyrannical government if the government has all of the gun laws stacked in its favor. It’s a matter of common sense.

The Rumbling of Anti-Gun Propaganda

The flood of anti-gun propaganda, anti-gun legislation, and anti-gun rhetoric being flooded into our states and our living rooms by activists and the press, are prime examples that a significant number of Americans are ignorant of the fact that the right to own and carry a firearm is in fact a right protected by the Bill of Rights. Not only is it a right to keep and bear arms, but it states explicitly that it shall not be infringed upon within the language of the amendment. So, from a common sense standpoint, why are so many people hell-bent on attacking an inanimate object as the cause of their woes? Why are they blaming the firearm, and not the people who misused them to cause evil and harm? Why are they not looking at common factors that these persons have and addressing them as causes of their actions, instead of blaming the tool that they used to cause harm? Looking at the other side of that same blame coin, why aren’t they blaming other inanimate objects used by murderers and criminals to cause harm and take lives? Do they try to place restrictions on who can drive a car or own knives, hammers, or bats? If the number of rifle murders in the U.S. pale in comparison to each of these “weapons of choice” by criminals and murderers, why is there such an intense focus on the gun?

We Have to Do Something—ok, here are some things we can do.

Some Americans Are Doing It Right

Well, some citizens aren’t stuck on blaming tools or objects for the actions of the criminal few. Instead, they are focusing upon and analyzing the sociological issues within American society and cultures which are common-sense catalysts for behaviors and actions which are obviously disconnected from the rest of American society.

  • Why are these individuals not respecting life, especially the lives of others equally to their own?
  • Perhaps they don’t value their own life and therefore see no value in the lives of others?
  • Why do they not have a moral connection with their victims?
  • Why do they feel so intent on causing harm and doing evil by killing other people?
  • Where were the positive role models and influences in their lives?
  • Why weren’t they taught to respect the law and the natural-born rights of others?
  • How many of them were on mood or mind-altering medications, which may have blocked their ability to feel fear, compassion, or even sorrow for others?
  • How many of them abused illegal drugs?
  • How many of them were treated for mental illness or instability?

As so many gun regulations have already been instituted, and it is a statistically proven fact that criminals do not pay heed to laws, why is it that so many people actually believe that more laws are going to achieve better results?

There's a way to stop mass shootings, and you won't like it.

Mass Shooting Solutions

Then, there are extremely intelligent political analysts like Ann Coulter who have actually already analyzed mass shootings in America and managed to not only classify them into two distinct groups, she identified how we could cut mass shootings in America by 40% and free up the FBI to focus on the other group of persons.

Hard Questions Lead to Real Results

Hard Questions Lead to Real Results

Exposing Political Misinformation on Shootings

However, with emotions running high, one can expect some irrational and emotionally driven statements to be made. However, should we expect outright lies or misinformation? Colonel Allen West is an extremely straight shooter when it comes to politics and providing a common defense for the people of the United States. He just threw a penalty flag on the field and has identified some blatant lies being told to the public.

However, he also ensures that while he does point out the lies and misinformation being disseminated by those with an anti-American agenda of taking guns away from the civilian population, he also provides us with some glimpses of light as well. Through all of the craziness and politicized talking points following every shooting which fits the agenda of anti-gun fanatics, he also provides us with information released by Americans who are rationally using common sense to provide real and effective solutions to the problems contributing to the dilemma.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

Questions & Answers

Question: What can we do to stop the attacks on our 2nd Amendment rights? The states keep limiting our gun rights. What can we do?

Answer: The best thing is to write your representatives, the NRA, the NAGR, and the President. Keep writing and complaining about these laws, as if they limit your ability to defend yourself and your home, they can be challenged in court.

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