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Could You Help Solve These 10 Missing Children Cold Cases?

I'm a Tennessee-based freelance writer with a passion for true crime, a thirst for knowledge, and an obsession with lists.

Every 40 seconds a child goes missing in America; meaning an average of 90 children disappear per hour.

Some of them are teens trying to escape abusive homes, others are taken amid bitter custody battles, and some are taken by strangers. The latter of these children are the one who’s stories often end in the most devastating tragedies.

The following stories are about ten children classified as missing from non-family abductions and, after exhaustive searches by police and volunteers, their bodies have never been found; leaving hope that they can be reunited with the families who love and undoubtedly terribly miss them.

The recovery of Jaycee Lee Dugard in 2009 is proof that we, as a society, should never give up hope; that we should keep searching for the lost among the faces in the crowds or acting upon our instincts when something seems out of place.

Please, if you believe you have any information, no matter how insignificant it may seem, about any of the following children, or any missing child, please contact the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at or call 1-800-THE-LOST (800-843-5678).

1. Tabitha Danielle Tuders of Nashville, Tennessee

On the morning of April 29, 2003, 13-year-old Tabitha left her Nashville home to walk to the school bus stop. She never arrived at the bus stop, nor did she make it to school that day. She is considered an endangered missing child.

Age progression photo of Tabitha Tudors

Age progression photo of Tabitha Tudors

In July 2010, the family received a letter telling them their daughter was working as an escort in Las Vegas and using the name “Brie” or sometimes “Tori.” When FBI agents met with the woman alleged in the letter to be Tabita Tuders, she provided them with her real name and a DNA sample. The FBI has never provided the results of the DNA testing, at least not publicly, but as late as July 2011, Tabitha’s father Bo Tuders was insistent that he wanted to meet the girl, saying if he could just look into her eyes he would know if she was indeed his daughter.

The lady in question shares a similar birthmark on her stomach with Tabitha and reportedly has a double-jointed thumb like the missing girl.

As of this writing, a visit between the Tudors and the escort has not taken place; the reasons why are unknown.

For more information and updates on Tabitha’s case, visit the family-maintained website at If you have any information about the disappearance of Tabitha Danielle Tuders, please contact the Nashville Metro Police Department at 615.862.6200.

2. Brittney Ann Beers of Sturgis, Michigan

Brittney was only six-years-old the last time she was seen riding her bicycle on September 16, 1997, outside her family’s Village Manor Apartments residence in Sturgis, Michigan. A witness later told police he had seen Brittney talking with a man in a red or brown midsize car shortly before the time of her disappearance.

Brittney Ann Beers

Brittney Ann Beers

Although flyers were distributed featuring a sketch artist’s drawing of the man in the car, no one was ever able to identify him. His identity remains a mystery. Police say they would like to speak with this individual, not as a suspect but as a witness. He is described as a white male, in his late 20s or early 30s, and driving a red or brown Buick Renault.

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In 1998, child services removed the remaining children from the home following allegations of physical and sexual abuse. Brittney’s father Raymond Beers, along with his brother James Beers and Kevin Folsom, father of one of Brittney’s half-brothers, were the subjects of the abuse accusations. Folsom spent time in prison for the molestation of Brittney, but was released in 2008.

If you have any information about Brittney Ann Beers, please contact the Sturgis Police Department at 616.651.3231.

3. Jamaree Clarence Coleman of Brunswick, Georgia

Jamaree was only two months old when his mother Cheryl Lewrisey Coleman made the fateful decision to walk home from her brother’s house during the early morning hours of July 24, 1993. Cheryl and her son was last seen getting into a truck driven by a man named Carl Harrisat a gas station on the corner of Newcastle and O Streets.

Age progression photo of Jamaree Coleman

Age progression photo of Jamaree Coleman

Cheryl’s nude and mutilated body was found six hours later in Academy Creek, along with Jamaree’s blanket and baby carrier; however, the infant was no where to be found.

Carl Harris was charged with the murder of Cheryl and Jamaree after he strangled Essie Marie Dowdy later that same year. He entered a guilty plea to both charges, but told investigators he had left Jamaree on the banks of Academy Creek after leaving the baby’s mother in the water. Harris, 77 at the time of this writing, is serving a life sentence without parole at the Georgia State Medium Security Prison in Augusta.

Investigators believe Carl also murdered Jamaree and his body was swept out to sea with the high tides. But no one can be certain, so if you believe you may have seen Jamaree Clarence Coleman, please call the Brunswick Police Department at 912.267.5559.

4. Andre Terrance Bryant of Brooklyn, New York

On March 28, 1989, Monique Rivera was taking her son, just slightly over a month old, for a walk around their Brooklyn, New York, neighborhood when two black women pulled up beside her in a Pontiac Grand Am SE that was believed, by some witnesses, to bear Maryland license plates. After engaging Monique in conversation about her baby, she agreed to go shopping with the women. She later told her boyfriend’s sister Patricia Bryant that the women had purchased clothing for her on a stolen credit card and she planned to go shopping with them again the following day.

Age progressed photo of Andre Bryant

Age progressed photo of Andre Bryant

The next day (March 29, 1989), the women called Monique from a pay phone around the corner from her apartment complex and encouraged her to bring the baby with them on the shopping excursion. Monique had planned for Patricia to babysit, but agreed to take Andre at the women’s insistence.

On the morning of March 30, 1989, Monique’s body was discovered in the woods near City Island Road in the Bronx. There was no sign of baby Andre, the women, or their vehicle. Police believe that the infant was sold on the black market for adoptions and may be linked to two other disappearances of African-American children that occurred in Harlem during the same year.

If you recognized the age progressed photo of Andre Terrance Bryant to the left of this summary, please contact the 83rd Precinct of the New York City Police Department at 718.574.1605.

5. Aaron Mitchell Anderson of Pine City, Minnesota

On April 7, 1989, one year old Aaron was playing in the front yard of his parents’ Pine City, Minnesota, home. When his mother stepped into the house for just a moment, the toddler disappeared.

Aaron Anderson

Aaron Anderson

Despite an exhaustive search of the area, Aaron was not found. Police eventually concluded that the child must have roamed away and into the Snake River, which bordered the family home, and drowned. However, tracking dogs were unable to to hit on his scent near the river. As a result, Aaron’s parents were adamant that the child had been abducted.

Although they later moved to St. Paul, Minnesota, the Andersons have continued to be very vocal with their criticism of the Pine City police and the handling of the investigation into the disappearance of their son.

Aaron Mitchell Anderson would now be 24 years old. Identifying marks include a small white birthmark on the lower right side of his abdomen.

If you believe you have information about the disappearance of Aaron Mithcell Anderson, please call the Pine County Sheriff’s Department at 320.629.3930.

6. Cherie Nicole Barnes of St. Louis, Missouri

Although classified as a non-family abduction, the case of Cheri Barnes may be alive and well after being raised by her stepfather’s family, not even realizing she’s considered a missing person.

Age progression photo of Cherie Barnes

Age progression photo of Cherie Barnes

Cherie’s mother, Elizabeth Ann Turek Vasser, was found murdered in the Mississippi River in February 1987. For seven years she was listed as Jane Doe until her family contacted authorities to report her and daughter Cherie as missing in 1994. Having identified their Jane Doe, police were puzzled as to the whereabouts of her daughter.

Investigators learned that Cherie was last seen with her stepfather Larry Vasser in Kansas City, Missouri, on January 7, 1987. They eventually tracked him to a prison where he’ll be doing time for armed robbery until 2028. During an interview, Larry told the detectives his stepdaughter was being cared for by some of his relatives under an alias in Kansas City. At one time, Larry offered to provide Elizabeth’s mother with pictures of her granddaughter and a recording of her voice in exchange for $500.

If you know the possible whereabouts of Cherie Nicole Barnes, please help reunite this young lady with her maternal family by calling the Saint Louis Police Department at 314.444.5371.

7. Kathryne M. Lugo of Riviera Beach, Florida

Frances Moya (also known as Francisca Maya) was eight-months pregnant on January 8, 1994; the day she returned home from work to be told by her boyfriend (and the father of her unborn baby), Misbah Muhammed Kazi, that he had sent her daughter Kathryne to live in his native Bangladesh and would not return her until Frances agreed to give him full custody of the unborn child.

Kathryne Lugo

Kathryne Lugo

Kazi was charged with Kathryne’s kidnapping but was acquitted following a trial in which his defense attorney claimed that Frances had actually hidden Kathryne away in a spiteful attempt to frame him for kidnapping.

Later, Frances moved to New York; where she currently resides. Kazi relocated to California and was later sentenced to life in prison for attempted murder after he beat a pregnant girlfriend with a hammer in 1995.

Frances Lugo actually believes that her daughter may be alive. Part of her hope stems from her belief that Kazi’s sister, who lived in the United States at the time but was later deported, helped in the abduction of her daughter. Investigators believe she may be right and that Katheryne is still in the United States. She would now be 22 years old.

If you believe you may have seen Kathryne M. Lugo, please contact Riviera Beach Police Department at 561.845.4150.

8. Nyleen Kay Marshall of Clancy, Montana

On June 25, 1983, Nyleen was picnicking with her family at Helena National Forest in Elkhorn Mountains. She had been playing with some other children who, for just a moment, had walked ahead of the four-year-old. When they turned around, she had vanished. Despite an exhaustive search by police, family, and volunteers, no trace of Nyleen could not be found.

Age progressed photo of Nyleen Marshall

Age progressed photo of Nyleen Marshall

In 1986, a typewritten letter addressed to investigators arrived from a Madison, Wisconsin, postmark. Within the letter, the writer (believed to be a man) stated that he had “picked up a girl named Kay” and that they traveled throughout Canada and Great Britain, living on his investment income and the money he made working from home. He also claimed to be homeschooling the girl he called Kay. The letter contained several other details that had not been released to the public, lending to its authenticity.

Additionally, an anonymous caller contacted the Child Find Network in New York on several occasions about Nyleen’s case. The calls were traced to various pay phones, including one in Edgerton, Wisconsin.

If the caller was being truthful, there’s still hope that Nyleen is alive. If you think you may have information about the whereabouts of Nyleen Kay Marshall, please call the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department at 406.225.4075.

9. Melissa Diane McGuinn of Trenton, New Jersey

Why Melissa’s parents left their 7 month old daughter in the care of Wanda Faye Reed (also known as Wanda Ashley), a woman with the mental capabilities of a four-year-old, will never be understood.

Melissa McGuinn

Melissa McGuinn

On March 6, 1988, Reed told police that she was taking a stroll with the infant in Trenton, New Jersey, when a black man suddenly snatched the baby and ran. Upon further questioning, however, Reed told investigators that she had accidentally or deliberately (they were never quite sure) thrown the baby into the Delaware River. Despite extensive efforts of police to find the baby, including a search of the river, Melissa was never found.

The mentally disabled Reed was charged with the kidnapping of Melissa, but was found incompetent to stand trial and admitted to a facility for the mentally challenged.

Although there is no evidence to confirm it, police say it isn’t beyond the scope of possibility that Reed sold the baby to a couple wanting a child.

Police say Melissa’s family has moved from the Trenton area and they have since lost touch, but wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could begin a search for this now 24-year-old woman’s family because she’d been found?!

If you have any information on the case of Melissa Diane McGuinn, please contact the Trenton Police Department at 609.989.4144.

10. Kamiyah Mobley of Jacksonville, Florida

At 7:00 a.m. on July 10, 1998, fifteen-year-old Shanara Mobley gave birth to a beautiful eight pound, 19 inch baby girl. Her father was in jail at the time of her birth for statutory rape as he was nineteen and Shanara was too young for sexual consent.

Nurses in the birthing unit of the University Medical Center of Jacksonville, Florida, reported numerous questions being asked about Kamiyah by a black lady wearing a mushroom wig. When it was inquired about, the woman claimed to be a family member of the Mobley family.

At 3:00 p.m. that afternoon, some 14 hours after Kamiyah’s birth, the lady enter Mom’s room, dressed in a nursing smock, and told her there was problem with Kamiyah’s temperature and she needed to take her to the nursery. The woman nor baby were ever seen again.

Police sketch of Mobley kidnapping suspect

Police sketch of Mobley kidnapping suspect

One of the most frustrating aspects of the investigation was the refusal by both parents’ families to assist in the search for Kamiyah, with the exception of a couple of media interviews with paternal grandmother Velma Aiken. Both parents also refuse to allow age progression photos to be done of their daughter to assist in this still active case.

Mom Shanara received a $1.5 million dollar settlement from University Medical Center. She purchased a home, then lost it to foreclosure. She claims that she gave away much of the funds to friends and family. She has had three more children since Kamiyah.

Investigators feel confident that Kamiyah was abducted by a woman desperately wanting a child and has probably spent the last 13 years being well taken care of. Regardless, kidnapping is a crime and police would love to solve this high-profile kidnapping, one of only six infant-from-hospital abductions in America that remains unsolved.

If you have information on the whereabouts of Kamiyah Mobley, please contact the Jacksonville County Sheriff’s Department at 904.630.0500 or FBI Jacksonville Office at 904.721.1211 .

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