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Editorial Policy

Welcome to Soapboxie! This is the place to soundoff on topics pertaining to politics, economics, governments, society, true crime, and the environment. Soapboxie’s content is entirely created by its own community of authors who want to educate, learn about, share, debate, or posit perspectives on a variety of topical subjects.

To write for Soapboxie, authors must comply with the HubPages editorial policy. In addition to these requirements, we have listed below some recommendations and tips on how to craft high-quality articles for this particular site.

What We Like to See:

  • Clear Distinction of Opinion and Fact: Articles should clearly state whether an approach to a topic is opinion-based or fact-based so that readers understand the intention and purpose of the piece. Expressions of opinions on topical subjects are best when they are informative, thoroughly explained, and applicable to the topic in some manner. Fact-based articles portray an important aspect of the topic in question.
  • Links: Use links to credible sources—such as news websites, academic or scientific journals, etc.—throughout your article to bolster your argument or explain a topic. Such sources will establish your credibility as an author to your readers.
  • Clearly Articulated Topics and Perspectives: Articles on Soapboxie are greatly enhanced when they include specific details and are mindfully written so that they clearly present and articulate the main points of a discussion or argument. In addition, any claims or predictions are best accompanied by an explanation of supplementary reasoning for the particular claim.
  • Numbered Lists: List articles that include a number in the title (i.e.: “Top 10 Congress Representatives”), are more readable if the items on the list are numbered in the article itself. Arranging content in this way will increase the likelihood that readers will finish reading the entire article.
  • Topics That Will Remain Somewhat Relevant: Articles on trending or newsworthy topics are welcome on Soapboxie, even if they will not remain quite as relevant in the future. However, daily news briefings or niche updates on developing political events are unlikely to be accepted if they will not be useful to readers in a matter of days.

What to Avoid:

  • Rants: A disorganized mash-up of opinions and/or facts that utilizes insults or name-calling about any topic is unlikely to be accepted. Frame topics to clearly explain points and opinions. An opinion differs from a rant in that it addresses points in an organized fashion without using inappropriate language. A rant often moves between points in a haphazard fashion while including inappropriate language.
  • Hate Speech: Articles that utilize hate speech (e.g. dog-whistle terminology, racial/gender/sexual orientation/religious or identity-based slurs, threats, or calls for violence) will not be accepted. Please see our Learning Center guide on hate speech for more information.
  • Misleading Intentions: Please avoid posting opinions as facts by clearly articulating the difference between your opinions and objective, proven facts.

Here are some examples of articles on Soapboxie that we would like to showcase. These articles exhibit the type of high-quality work we wish to see on the site:


A quick note: All of our Network Sites are a blending of professional editing and writers like you.

If you are intrigued by our community and would like to write for Soapboxie, we’d love to have you! In order to set up an account to begin writing, please sign up on HubPages. Articles are initially written on our parent platform and then, if they are high enough quality, are moved to one of our Network Sites like Soapboxie.