The Rise of the International Capitalist State – and the Return of Subjugation

Updated on May 20, 2020
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Grew up on Cape Cod, Mass. Army Vet., Fmr. Director of Energy Conservation programs, RE Agent. Current residence: the Space Coast, FL.

The Colossal Might of Corporations

In 2011 of the 100 largest economies in the world, 51 were corporations while only 49 were countries, based on a comparison of corporate sales and country GDPs.

“In September 2011, an analysis of over 43,000 transnational corporations (TNCs) has identified a relatively small group of companies, mainly banks, with disproportionate power over the global economy. Of those companies,

There was a core of 1318 companies with interlocking ownership

The 1318 companies represent around 60 per cent of global revenues by collectively owning through their shares the majority of the world’s large blue chip and manufacturing firms — the “real” economy

An even tighter 147 (about 1%) of these were described as super entities that controlled 40 per cent of the total wealth in the network.”

A more recent study, showed that with the merger of companies and acquisitions, the number is now close to 67 percent of global revenues under just over 1200 companies.

These companies, in particular the top 100, have unrivaled access to funds and power which they use to get officials in government to write the laws that exempt them from paying taxes, and exempt them from legal persecution when they do wrong (IE - when they pollute the land, or sell a drug that leads to the deaths or harm of those who use it).

Compounding these problems are the corporations that desire cheap labor, so they push our politicians into allowing ever more immigrants into the country, the majority being undocumented workers which displace American workers. These illegal immigrants are often cared for by an overwhelmed Welfare state that the taxpayers (working Americans) have to support with more taxes. Individuals and companies all have to pay taxes, but some of the world’s wealthiest individuals and multinational companies, able to afford ingenious lawyers and accountants, along with lobbyists, have figured out ways to avoid paying enormous amounts of taxes.

Warren Buffett is famous for his wealth, once noted he pays less in taxes than his secretary, his 16 percent in income taxes being less than any American making between $100,000 and $200,000 that typically pays about 20 percent in taxes.

Of course, taxes can impact in other ways too, an additional 10 cent tax onto gasoline, or a 10 percent increase in property tax isn’t going affect a Warren Buffett very much. But when you are struggling to support a family, it can make in impact.

A Detailed Documentary Overview

Freedom Under Attack

In order to save some semblance of America’s best components, that being, that it is a land of opportunity where the poorest of poor can strive to achieve, and if they are capable enough, and strong willed enough, they can become anything…. We must recognize as a people making up this nation, that those freedoms and liberties for upward opportunity are being stripped, from ALL of us.

Being a white or black American will matter not. In today’s climate the chances are that an illegal immigrant will have a better chance of finding a job than an American without higher education, a PhD or a Tech Degree. Construction, Farming, Labor intensive jobs are all quietly being filled by immigrants, not because there aren’t young Americans that would do those jobs, simply because it is easier to hire an undocumented worker that will work for less, and cannot complain to authorities or seek legal restitution.

And do not doubt that this is a system which our politicians created/allowed, because they answer to the corporations, not to Americans.

It’s time to stop hating one another, blaming one another because of things happening generations in the past, bickering over political ideologies that no longer pertain, or political parties that no longer represent. We need to start working together to correct the course of our country.

If we do not, what will occur, what is happening right now, we will lose the chance to live the American Dream, all of us, all our children, black, white, yellow or red, liberal or conservative, will have lost the opportunity to become more than what our parents were, to strive to be better.

We will be little more than slaves to the whims of a very elite minority, with nowhere on earth to escape from it.

The Power of Democratic Nations

© 2017 Ken Burgess


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