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Solutions to Youth Unemployment: Solving Youth Unemployment

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Solutions to youth unemployment. An Illustration showing how global youth unemployment can be solved.

Solutions to youth unemployment. An Illustration showing how global youth unemployment can be solved.


One thing is to identify problems and another important thing is to provide solutions for the identified problems.Many citizens of various countries are good at identifying the problems that their countries are facing without providing any possible solutions in solving the challenging tasks. This article stands to provide solutions to the challenge of youth unemployment globally.

The youths are the backbone of every society. Any country that wants to succeed in all ramifications must make sure that attentions are paid on them. The youths face serious unemployment challenge. The level of unemployment that youths are facing varies from nation to nation. The level of unemployment that American youths are facing is not the same with that which South African youths are facing. In the same angle, the level of youth unemployment varies from continent to continent.

In Italy, young adults faced a sharper decline in their employment-to-population ratio than youth, whereas older workers (aged 55–64) actually benefited from an increase in employment between 2007 and 2012. Clearly, this concentration of job losses among younger workers bodes ill for a more rapid recovery if policy-makers are not taking decisive steps to expand their efforts to include young adults as well.

The most affected by unemployment are the youths. The number of jobless people around the world rose by 4m in 2012 to 197m. Young people were the worst affected: nearly 13% of those under 24 were unemployed. Some 35% of all young unemployed people have been out of work for six months or longer in advanced economies, up from 28.5% in 2007 (The Guardian 2013).

According to Statistica documentation, in the United States of America, the statistics of youth unemployment was put at 10.1 percent in November 2016. It includes youths between the age of 16,and 24. From the same source, youth unemployment ranged from a high of 16.8 percent in August 2012 and January 2013, to a low of 15.5 percent in September 2012 in United States. Youth unemployment rate in the United States averaged 12.29 percent from 1955 until 2016 (Trending Economics 2016).

There are documentations on the level of youth unemployment in Canada, which is one of the highly profiled countries in the world. According to the data from Trending Economics, youth unemployment rate in Canada averaged 14.13 percent from 1976 until 2016, reaching an all time high of 20.70 percent in October of 1982 and a record low of 10.40 percent in July of 1989. When this article was updated in December 2016, the information on youth unemployment in Canada has it that 13.20 percent of the country's youths were unemployment in September 2016. Youths as used here are those within the age bracket of 16-24 as pointed out by Trending Economics.

In United Kingdom, the same challenge is experienced by the young. As indicated by the source mentioned in the previous paragraph, as of August 2016, youth unemployment in the country was put at 13 percent.

Lets shift attention to African Continent. In June 2016, youth unemployment in the South Africa was put at 53.70 percent (those of age 16 to 24 years), which makes the youth of the country most unemployed all over the globe. In 1994, no one would have foreseen the staggering current unemployment rate for young people aged 15 to 34 years old, which increased from 32.7% to 36.1% between 2008 and 2014, according to Statistics SA (Javed Malik 2016). In Nigeria, the challenge affects 24.00 percent of the young population living in the country base on the update in June 2016. Algeria and Morocco recorded youth unemployment rate of 29.90 (December 2015 Stat.) and 21.80 (September 2016 Stat.) percent respectively.

Four countries whose youths are less affected by unemployment base on the recent statistics are Kazakhstan, Japan, Thailand, and Hong Kong. The statistics of the unemployed youths in the individual country are 3.90 (September 2016),5.30 (September 2016), 5.50 (October 2016), and 6.30 (October 2016) percent respectively.

There are practical solutions that can help solve the problem of youth unemployment. Everybody, including the youths, parents, governments and other members of the country need to work together for these solutions to yield good result. In the subsequent subheadings, to be discussed are the practical solutions and ideas that will help in overcoming youth unemployment all over the world.

Being in agony as an unemployed youth from morning to evening because of the bad weather will not solve the problem. The way forward is to device means through which the challenge can be limited which this write-up will be addressing from subheading to subheading.

Fighting Corruption

The sincere fight to eliminate corruption in various countries is an important and helpful tool to reduce high youth unemployment. What is corruption by the way? Corruption is defined as the action of corrupting or the state of being corrupt (Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary). To be corrupt means the willingness to act dishonest in return for money and or personal gain.

It is the dishonest way of our leaders that made them to embezzle the money which would have been used for national development and employment generation to foreign banks. Because of this, the youth walk from place to place in search of one job to the other while the wicked leaders have excess money they would have used for youth employment frozen in foreign banks.

The level of youth unemployment in an African country called Nigeria is high and one of the reasons for that is because of the high corrupt government the country has been under for years now. The World Bank Group put the statistics of youth unemployment in Nigeria at 80% (eighty percent). Corrupt and wicked leaders has sucked Nigeria dry and the youths are negatively feeling and receiving the impact. In the year 2004 for instance, Nigeria was ranked the 3rd most corrupt country in the world. The country is in trouble because of corruption.

Somalia is another country that is hit hard by youth employment because of high level of corruption in the country. So many youths of Somalia are wandering about like sheep without authentic shepherd. According to the information released by Transparent International in the year 2013 and 2014, Somalia ranked the most corrupt country in the two years. According to a United Nation report, unemployment rate for youths in Somalia is one of the highest in the world at 67% among all 14 to 29 years old. 61% of the unemployed Somalia youths are male while 74% female.

A lasting solution to youth unemployment is devising means to stop corruption which in turn will prevent the governing body from money laundering. Strong anti-corruption bodies should be established and they are to be independent of government. Punishing any government official caught in corrupt practice is an important tool to be used to create employment for the world youths. Irrespective of the class of offence the official committed and that is stamped corruption, adequate punishment is to be exercised on the offender. The fight on corruption will keep more funds in any country and the fund used to generate employment for the youths.

Corruption fight as a solution to global youth unemployment. The red color used in the design of the word "corruption" shows that corruption is dangerous and can destroy a lot of valuable things.

Corruption fight as a solution to global youth unemployment. The red color used in the design of the word "corruption" shows that corruption is dangerous and can destroy a lot of valuable things.

Activation of Skill Acquisition Programmes

Skill acquisition is important, helpful, lucrative, and promoting. Skill is an important way of investing in the youths. The skill youths acquire will help them to be publicly employed and also self employment.

Both government and non-governmental organizations are expected to contribute their quota in helping the youths to acquire skills. They can offer that in the form of scholarships to the youths. Practicing this will help the youths to earn money for their living and train others. Following this trend will help in the reduction of the percentage of the world unemployed youths.

No amount of skills acquired by a youth is two big. There are youths that do more than two things for their living. Some work in their places of work, write as authors and also write codes as programmers. They make money through the skills they acquired over the time. When youths acquire different skills and those skills become source of money for them, they make more money and live comfortable life.

Proper Research Works by the Youths

The research work meant here is not an academic research work. The research work in this context is research work on the information that will be beneficial to the youths through employment generation. This calls for self-discovery and success in life.

There are many who are employed today because they discovered the power of research work. Proper research work shows the power of information and it is this power of information that will give employment to the world youths. Youth should carryout personal research through the internet to discover how to learn skills. There are many organizations that are ready to train youths on skill acquisition that will promote them from the state of unemployment to employment. Graphic designing, web designing, web development, and other service rendering skills can be learnt through research work, and they and their likes have created and are still creating employment for many youths.

Information marketing is another important skill that has transported a lot of world youths from rag to riches. The most important thing about information marketing is that it does not just secure employment for the youths but as well develop people who are into it on various areas. Most of the youths who are into information marketing today did not pay anybody to acquire the skill but learnt it through research work on the internet. This has been lasting solution to youth unemployment.

Proper Funding of Tertiary Institution

The weakness of many institutions in the world is one of the contributors to worldwide youth unemployment. Some enrolled in institution to gain knowledge and secure employment after graduation but you see them gaining nothing at the end of their stays in the universities and other tertiary institutions.

Proper funding of tertiary institutions as a lasting solution to youth unemployment. When the government and citizens help in equipping tertiary institutions, youth unemployment will reduce.

Proper funding of tertiary institutions as a lasting solution to youth unemployment. When the government and citizens help in equipping tertiary institutions, youth unemployment will reduce.

The improper funding of various learning institutions in the world has bred enough bags and bunches of unemployed youths. One of the authentic solutions to youth unemployment is by equipping the institutions of learning located all over the world. Equipping world institutions with the necessary equipments will make the youths to acquire the knowledge that they need which will keep them employed even when any company does not employ them.


Youth unemployment is a global problem and many have tried to conquer them with their own powers but failed. Irrespective of the fact that some have failed in their efforts to provide working solutions to youth unemployment; new practical solutions will not be jettisoned. The piece provided long lasting solutions to the global youth unemployment. It is expected and believed that these solutions will go a long way in providing help to the youths.


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Questions & Answers

Question: How can you solve youth unemployment?

Answer: There are many ways to solve youth unemployment. Some of the ways are:

(1) Corruption reduction: Countries that have a high corruption rate can end up wasting the stolen funds by the government unnecessarily. Reducing and fighting corruption in such places can create jobs for the youths.

(2) Job creation: Both government and capable individuals have to promote job creation.

(3) Early skill acquisition by the youths

(4) Practical knowledge in tertiary institutions

(5) Savings culture and hard working.

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Okwuagbala Uzochukwu Mike P (author) from Anambra State, Nigeria on February 13, 2015:

Companies must not employ youths; rather youths can learn skills that will make them self employed.

Thanks for the comment.

Mary Norton from Ontario, Canada on February 13, 2015:

We got involved in several skills development programs to help the young and found that many courses are no longer relevant to what companies need. ILO has been highlighting the youth unemployment problem for years now but many of the programs don't engage the youth.

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