How Micro Loans Can Uplift Poor Communities

Micro-finance agencies in the U.S. do not achieve the same results that they do in less capitalist countries. There is a reason for that. In reflecting back on the successful micro-loan agency I helped set up in Grenada in the West Indies, the key differences from the U.S. became clear.


How Covid-19 Has Affected the Kenyan Economy

As COVID-19 spreads throughout the world, the Kenyan economy has been hit hard by the challenges of dealing with the virus. Fishers and seafood exporters in the coastal enclave of Kenya report that their trade has been nearly nonexistent while farmers complain of a coming food crisis.


Economic Growth and the Environment

Economic development is usually measured by the total value of goods and services produced in an economy. The environment is the source of goods and services that fuel economic growth. Therefore, an increase in economic growth indicates an increase in natural resource utilization of the environment.


Fossil Fuels: An Inconvenient Future

Fossil fuels—coal, oil, and natural gas—are currently the world's primary energy source. These non-renewable resources have fueled the global economy for centuries. However, they are finite resources, and a future without them is a very real prospect.


The Economic Miracle of President Trump

The day President Trump was elected, our economy was in sad shape. In his first year in office, thousands of companies announced enormous new capital investments, employee raises and bonuses, and plans to hire more people. Unemployment went down to its lowest level in fifty years, and wages went up.


Universal Basic Income: A Solution to AI and Unemployment?

It is widely agreed that automation in the form of artificial intelligence and robots will eventually displace a great number of workers throughout all industries. To what degree this will happen is not known. We will explore this as well as the concept of universal basic income as a solution.


The Inverted Yield Curve and Recession

Are we headed for another recession? This article describes how the downturn of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the trade deficit, and the labor force participation rate can contribute to a recession and how an inverted bond yield curve can indicate a recession is forthcoming.


AI, Industry 4.0 and the Future

A summary of the next Industrial Revolution - Industry 4.0 - and the expected social and economic changes this will undoubtedly lead to. We are currently near the end of the 3rd revolution and I think we will be moving almost immediately into the 4th Industrial Revolution.


Problems With Globalization

There are many problems with globalization that need to be addressed including, exploitation, loss of domestic jobs, and the deterioration of ancient cultures. There are ways countries can live with


China Overtakes U.S. Economy

This will be a review of China's meteoric economic rise, and how it came at the expense of America. China has not only surpassed America, but it has perhaps crippled America's ability to recover.