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Unique Raffle Prize Ideas Under $100

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Four Enticing Raffle Prize Categories

Whether your raffle is a one-time event or runs over a month-long period, investing in great prizes can encourage people to buy tickets and raise money for your cause. A $100 budget allows you to venture into the luxury category, which also attracts a larger audience. While you can simply purchase an item, you can also ask local businesses for product donations and use your budget to jazz up the packaging and make it a first-class prize. In exchange, you can advertise the businesses before or during the raffle to expose them to potential new customers.

Either way, here are four popular raffle prize ideas you can look into:

  • Electronics
  • Gift baskets
  • Gift cards
  • Home appliances

Choosing a prize for your raffle can feel like a chore, but these ideas will hopefully inspire you to have fun and explore different options.

Electronics are a great raffle prize option.

Electronics are a great raffle prize option.

Sleek and Modern Electronics

Electronics make wonderful raffle prizes because they're flashy, fun to look at, and attractive. People who want electronics don't always purchase them for themselves, so this is a great way to let them treat themselves while helping your cause.

Your options in this category are broader than you think! Electronics often go on sale, so you can pick up higher-ticket items while paying a fraction of the retail price. It's not hard to find a $200 camera for less than $100, which allows you to provide a high-value prize, stay in your budget, and get great returns with the raffle.

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Relaxation Gift Basket

Relaxation Gift Basket

Gift Baskets

People love winning gift baskets because it feels like receiving many different prizes instead of just one. The bigger and fuller the basket is, the better! This option is a great way to consolidate fun prizes from local businesses that want exposure.

If you're not up for putting your own basket together, you can find pre-packaged options online that appeal to many people. An added bonus is that gift baskets go on sale fairly regularly, so you can get even more bang for your buck!

Gift cards are a versatile prize you can include in raffles.

Gift cards are a versatile prize you can include in raffles.

Gift Cards

You may think that cash is the best raffle prize, but the poll below shows that gift cards win out at the $100 prize level. A cash prize will probably go towards paying the bills, whereas a specific gift card can allow people to indulge themselves!

Home and Kitchen Appliances

If you're interested in raffling off a home appliance, think about functionality and fun! Purchase a product made by popular brands to show the prize's value and desirability. I've listed a few options for you below.

  • Keurig. Almost everyone has a traditional coffee maker warming the counter, but many people would love to be able to jazz up their morning cup of joe.
  • Ice Cream Maker. During hot summer months, an ice cream maker can become the life of the party.
  • Crockpot. A crockpot helps banish thoughts of cold during the winter and reduces stress when preparing for holiday gatherings.
  • Grill. A griddle or grill can provide an easy cooking option at any time of year.
  • Handheld Vacuum. Most people own an upright vacuum, but they might get frustrated having to drag it out for small messes. A state-of-the-art handheld option would be a welcome addition to the home.

How to Choose a Good Raffle Prize

Here are four factors to keep in mind when choosing the perfect raffle prize:

  1. Desirability. This is the most important factor that will attract your audience and ticket purchases. Think about what is new, in style, or rare.
  2. Audience-Targeted. A raffle prize should focus on your audience or the cause. If parents are the main group attending the raffle, a toy or gift basket could be a good idea. If you're fundraising to fight diabetes, you might want to chocolates as a prize option.
  3. Portability. An often-overlooked characteristic of a good prize is portability. You never know who is going to attend a raffle. Whether the winner is an out-of-town visitor or area native, they will want something they can easily take home.
  4. Simplicity. The easier a raffle prize is to use, the better. Choose a prize that doesn't require a lot of effort to set up or use to prevent deterring any attendees.

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