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Should NFL Players Stand for the National Anthem?


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Should Football Players Honor America?

Football players are human beings. They are no better than you or myself. Yes, they make more money than we do but that means they should be held to the same standards as we are if not higher. Many people have died fighting for our country and it is not appropriate for football players or any other professional athlete to take a knee during the national anthem.

It is also not appropriate for the average person to take a knee when our national anthem is being played because we all respect and love our country. There are absolutely many problems going on with our country right now and while we are divided in many areas this means we must stand more united in other areas.

One of those simple areas where we can all stand united is in honoring our country with the national anthem. For years we have all stood for the national anthem and removed our caps and honored America.

The United States is and always has been the greatest country in the world. People have died so that we can have the freedom and that means people have died so that professional football players can play the game they love and make a lot of money in doing so.

There have got to be other ways in which professional football players can protest the inequality that is going on in this country. Should we be punishing National Football League players for not standing for the national anthem?

Punishment is not up to me, but I do know I am no longer interested in the NFL. If they cannot stand for the national anthem, then I cannot sit and watch them play a football game. The NFL seems to be the major source for these protests and while they have spread to some other sports most of the players taking a knee are from the national football league and I will not watch the NFL again until all men are standing and uniting for America in the playing of our national Anthem.

There is a time to protest and there is a time to honor your country. Most of National Basketball Association players and Major League Baseball players have seemed to get the memo on that and are behaving professionally all while trying to come together with one another to unite our country and brainstorm ways that we can have more equality and share in the American Dream together.

We must also think of the example that these football players are setting for our children. Do we really want to teach our children that it is okay to protest every single little thing that we do not like about life by dishonoring our country and disrespecting the national anthem?

These football players are supposed to be role models for our kids. By behaving in such a childlike manner, they are not being role models and are not setting a good example for the behavior that we want our children to display in life.

I understand the need to fight for equal treatment and I acknowledge that not everyone in this country is treated unfortunately, I think there are many other ways these football players could come together to support America and help us become less divided.

Look at J.J. Watt. Right after the hurricane in Houston with all the flooding he was one of the first ones to reach out and say “hey, what can we do to make our city and our country better?” He was not thinking about himself and he really had a heart and passion for helping other people understand the meaning of life. J.J understands that life is more than a game and life is more than football.

If you have something to say, then say it and let us know how you feel but kneeling for the national anthem does not tell me what you feel. Find a way to express yourself that communicates a message of wanting to come together instead of a message of wanting to be standoffish and bicker with one another.

Kneeling for our national anthem does not make me want to reach out to you and find out about your needs. Instead, approach me before or after the national anthem in which you have stood for and let’s begin to have a conversation about things that are wrong or unfair in this country.

We can have a better conversation if we all stand together for America instead of kneeling against America. We must be the leaders so that we can leave our children a better country with more equality's than our generation has seen. It is hard to come to the table with a clear mind when you feel you have been wronged but protesting our very own national anthem is not a good way to prove a point. It just proves that you are childish and that you want to make a big scene so that you can get your way in life.

Where did we stop teaching people how to communicate? Because sitting on your knees during the national anthem is not a way of communication that is acceptable in our society and the National Football League should do something to hold these football players accountable for their actions with fines and suspensions.

If you are a football player and want to make the millions of dollars, then the least you can do is respect our country and stand for our national anthem. When you stand for the national anthem you will earn my respect and once you have my respect I can watch football again and I would love to chat with you about equality in America.

Where I come from I was taught to always stand up for what I believe in and never sit down or back off. So, I encourage the national football league players to stand up with the rest of us in life and for the national anthem, so we can begin to tackle life issues that affect all American people.

I understand your feelings and right to protest I am just wondering if maybe it could not be done in a better way that does not leave our children confused or misguided. Do you think the National Football League should punish its players for not standing for the national anthem?

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