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Garden of Eden as Future Goal

I have published a book and established a website dedicated to moral issues and our connection to a spiritual final cause.


The Myth

The Garden of Eden myth begins with the introduction of a human couple by an almighty entity into an environment of perfect harmony and balance. Absent are any physical or psychological struggles that plague our present lives. Humans, animals, plants and all of creation live in a peaceful and synergetic planetary sphere full of resplendent biodiversity. But to maintain this ideal world there are a set of rules to be followed, which are clearly spelled out to the original human couple. One of the most critical is that they are not to eat fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. It becomes a test of self-discipline and loyalty to certain fundamental principles. Unfortunately, the humans fail the test and succumb to their baser instincts of cupidity, avarice and vanity.

This tragic turn of events leads to catastrophic consequences and ends with expulsion from paradise. When left to their own devices, and without guidance from a higher spiritual realm the human species falls headlong into an abyss of strife and bitter struggle for survival. This upheaval leads to violent competition between and within the different species. Competing groups arise from the ashes and define their own rules and laws. But without a moral compass the competing factions sink ever more deeply into conflicts and power struggles. The original state of the Garden of Eden, our planetary sphere, becomes a battle zone between different forces. The human conflicts devastate the fauna and flora that thrived in peace and harmony, and many species disappear. The Garden becomes polluted and uninhabitable in many places.

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The Current Reality

The Eden myth serves as a useful reminder of our current issues and problems. After centuries of ignoring the anthropogenic affect on the environment and climate, we are finally confronted with its devastating impact on the quality of our lives. Lately, some governments and corporate elites are ever slowly waking up to the existential threats. However, it is difficult to coordinate the different needs and ideologies of competing nations and persuade them to harness their resources to a common cause. In a world of biased speak and extreme cultural bubbles it is difficult to distinguish truths from lies. We have shed some of the common moral denominators that made it possible to operate from a trustworthy baseline. Through force, demagoguery, and brain washing state and private sector interests are prioritized by the narrow needs of those at the top of the pyramid. It matters little whether they rule in democratic, autocratic or other hybrid forms. They are often motivated solely by power, influence and monetary gain. Our earthly Garden, continues to be exposed and exploited to the point of exhaustion. We idly stand by and replay the same mistakes that led to the fall from grace and expulsion from Eden. Is there a road back?

Eden as A Future Destiny

Perhaps we have to see the Eden myth as a possible future goal and not as our point of initial departure. This is where our spiritual wisdom can act as a driving force that leads to an understanding of our ties to the primal and loving intelligence of Eternal Light. If we can see ourselves and our basic nature as grounded in love then we pave the way to a much better world order. When all our actions and behavior are guided by a love-driven morality that encompasses not only our own species but also all other life then we are firmly on our way to the future Eden. Not in some place called heaven but right here on this planet to where we constantly return. This is the true destiny and purpose of human life.

We have experimented fruitlessly with different modes of government and belief systems. Instead of unity it has brought about unreconcilable, competing factions each pulling in different directions. It has resulted in material wealth to a few but left the majority behind. It has divided us into races, tribes, nations, ethnicities and other classifications that open many to prejudice and intolerance. Only when we see ourselves as equal citizens of this earthly planet with a common destiny and goals will we finally obtain the peace and happiness which we all seek.

This call to action may seem too idealistic but it is hard to see how the current world disorder can lead to lasting solutions. We are facing many critical issues like climate change, inequality, and the nuclear threat that require deep paradigm shifts. Everyone can realize the power within themselves to connect to a higher spiritual realm and become an emissary of its loving nature. Our bards sing of love, preachers tell us to love our neighbors and yet we still haven’t realized that this is the only real solution to the issues that plague us.

We can no longer wait for our elites to lead the way. Their own narrow objectives trump the urgent need for action motivated solely by love, caring, selflessness, and sacrifice in the interest of the greater good. This is where the power of each individual can make a small but significant difference and set an example for others to emulate. Individual ideas and actions can potentially find global response through the network effects of social media. Like everything else this medium of communication can be used for good causes that can act as a catalyst to produce lasting benefits.

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