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Updated on February 13, 2018
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What Is Cupid's Undie Run?

What is the Cupid’s Undie Run? Well, it is a yearly charity event that raises money to help find a cure for Neurofibromatosis (NF). Individuals set up web-pages and raise money throughout a couple of months to reach their personal goals. On the day of the event, participants get dressed up or dressed down, and run around town with the hope that what they're doing will raise awareness and enough money to find a cure for NF.

If you don’t know what NF is, this article at the Washington University Physicians site provides a good explanation.

The charity event is thrown in cities throughout the United States and the event hosts thousands of individuals that have raised money in the name of NF. They get together at a specified venue and enjoy the day with others who have raised money. They dance, have a cocktail or two, and run a course that's been previously determined by the charity’s employees.

Most individuals don’t go alone. They join a group and raise the money together. Some of these groups have been doing the run for many years, while others are first-timers. The groups are either compromised of coworkers, family, or friends. Some participants have a family member or friend that suffers from Neurofibromatosis, and others just want to give back and help find a cure.

The event is designed to be fun and it includes individuals and groups dressed in costumes that celebrate the spirit of the event. You can find some participants in their underwear and others in tights and a tank top, which is what is worn when a person is not as comfortable in their own skin as others are. But no matter what you wear during your run, it is the money the individual has raised before the event that counts.

Cupid’s Undie Run has partnered with the Children’s Tumor Foundation to end NF. If you are interested in helping out in another way you can always go to the Children's Tumor Foundation website to read about other events and learn more about NF.

Why We Do It

This year my team dressed as Sesame Street characters. We donned tutus, homemade hats, tank tops and tee-shirts with a one of a kind caricature designed by a great artist (, and of course underwear that matched our character. We took home first place for Best Group Costumes this year, but we don’t do it for the recognition. We do it for the questions we get asked as we get off the bus at the event venue, or as we run/jog/walk the laid-out course. We do it for the kids, and the adults that suffer from this disease. We, our team, does it for a 12-year-old boy whom suffers and has been put through a lot because of NF.

This year I brought my new camera and took lots of photos of the event as it was happening. I snapped away at the runners, and dancers, the individual costumes, and the groups. We of course made a couple of news sites, but as I was searching I realized that the coverage isn’t nearly what I thought it would be.

I write this article in hopes to spread more awareness. In hopes that someone will read this and next year either join a Run in their own area, or donate to someone who is running. I write this with my fellow runners in mind that our actions are not for not, and that one day they will find a cure for NF.

Drawn by Chris Silvestre at
Drawn by Chris Silvestre at
Michael's Wedgies
Michael's Wedgies

Help Us End NF!

There are currently 30 Cities that host the run during the month of February. You can find this list here at the organization's website. If you can’t find an event in your city, you can send in a request for an event to be held in your city via the website.

If you want to see more pictures you may go to social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and type the hashtags #EndNF or #Cupid’sUndieRun and see the posts by those that have participated in their city, or even a city near you.

Next year I hope that we see more coverage of the event and more participation. Help us end NF. Get up and get out or open those wallets and find it in your heart to help us END NF.

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