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He started writing in 2014 after retirement from Navy. Human nature in its variations attract him, and his books tend to be themed on those. Many of the great men of the past and present, who chose to deal with these questions, were off the mark, he says.
Published six books so far,

1) The Unsure Male, a new look at the differences between male and female and how it affects all facets of our existence, including the past, present, and evolution, 2) Caste: The Unexplored Territories, a new, bold, and different study of a perennial and the most potent social issue, especially for India, 3) Glimpses of Autobiography, few thoughts, reflections and personalities that could have found a place in his autobiography, if he wrote one, 4) Hubs that Provoke, a new, daring look at all that we hold close to our hearts, which produce surprising results, and, 6) Homo-Posterus, a sciencefiction novel.
He took to writing on retirement from Indian Navy after a lengthy career, during which he had the good luck to come across as colleagues, subordinates and superiors, a real, wide cross section of India, and quite a bit of the rest of the world. Every second person, during those years, that one had to do business with, thus being from entirely different backgrounds and consequently exposing a kaleidoscopic view of society, he couldn't but reflect on human transactions in many colors, each of them leading to a horde of imponderables, human or non human, living and non living, both real as well as abstract.